U.S. Route 41 in Tennessee

U.S. Route 41 (US 41) is a United States Numbered Highway that runs from Miami, Florida, to Copper Harbor, Michigan. In Tennessee, the highway is paralleled by Interstate 24 all the way from Georgia to Kentucky, and I-24 has largely supplanted US-41 as a major highway, especially for large and heavy vehicles, such as tractor-trailer trucks and buses.

U.S. Route 41 marker

U.S. Route 41
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length193.23 mi (310.97 km)
ExistedNovember 11, 1926[1]–present
Major junctions
South end US 41 / US 76 at the Georgia state line in East Ridge
North end US 41 at Kentucky state line near Adams
CountiesHamilton, Marion, Grundy, Coffee, Rutherford, Davidson, Sumner, Robertson, Montgomery
Highway system
SR 40US 41A

Route descriptionEdit

US 41, joined by US 76, enters Tennessee east of I-75 on the outskirts of East Ridge. It is called "Ringgold Road" through East Ridge up to the Bachman Tunnel, where it enters Chattanooga. In Chattanooga, US 41 and US 76 becomes Westside Drive up to the intersection with Dodds Avenue, where for a short distance it is coexistent with Dodds Avenue. Then US 41 and US 76 becomes East Main Street in downtown Chattanooga up to the intersection with Broad Street (US 11 and US 64). At that point US 76 terminates, US 72 begins, and the now-conjoined US 41 and US 72 merges with US 11 and US 64, trekking southwestward around the base of Lookout Mountain into the Tiftonia community. Just west of Tiftonia, US 11 splits off, and it veers southwestward into Georgia. US 41, US 64, and US 72 take a westward path from Hamilton County into Marion County. US 41 breaks off from US 64 and US 72 at Jasper and joins with unsigned SR 150 before ascending the Cumberland Plateau. US 41 leaves SR 150 and joins with SR 56 at Tracy City and runs southwest into Monteagle.[2] In Monteagle, US 41 descends toward Manchester, with US 41A breaking off toward Franklin County, travelling through Winchester, Tullahoma, Shelbyville, and other small communities before becoming merging with US 31A and becoming Nolensville Pike in Nashville.

US 41A in Winchester

After reaching Monteagle, US 41, included as part of the older Dixie Highway, continues northwest into Pelham, in Grundy County, then runs closely parallel with I-24 into Coffee County, going through Hillsboro, Manchester (where the road is also named Hillsboro Blvd) and Beechgrove, before entering Rutherford County. From there, the highway continues diagonally through Murfreesboro (where the road is also named Broad St.), where the Dixie Highway joins up with US 70S. The Stones River National Battlefield is located very near US 41 and US 70S on the northwest side, standing as a monument of the Battle of Stones River which took place during the American Civil War. US 41/70S continues northwest through Smyrna, and LaVergne before reaching Davidson County. The road passes through Antioch, before reaching Nashville, where US 41 separates from US 70S. US 41 goes through Nashville as Murfreesboro Rd, then Dickerson Pike, and comes out on the northeast side of the city joined with US 31W. US 41 continues northeast through Goodlettsville before breaking away from US 31W. US 41 then goes northwest and continues on into Robertson County, going through Springfield before heading west/northwest to the Kentucky border. Just before reaching Kentucky, US 41 briefly runs through Montgomery County.[2]

Major intersectionsEdit

HamiltonEast Ridge0.000.00   US 41 south / US 76 east (SR 3 south) – DaltonContinuation into Georgia
  SR 8 westEastern terminus of SR 8; eastern end of SR 8 concurrency
  I-75 – Chattanooga, AtlantaExit 1 on I-75
East RidgeChattanooga lineBachman Tubes under Missionary Ridge
Chattanooga  I-24 west – Nashville, BirminghamWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; exit 181A on I-24
   US 11 south / US 64 west (East 23rd Street/SR 2 west)Southern end of US 11/US 64/SR 2 concurrency
   US 11 north / US 64 east (Dodds Avenue/SR 2 east)Northern end of US 11/US 64/SR 2 concurrency
  SR 17 north (Willow Street)Southern end of SR 17 concurrency
   SR 58 / SR 8 west (Market Street)Northern end of US 76/SR 8 concurrencies; western terminus of US 76
  US 72 west (Broad Street)Southern end of US 72 concurrency
   US 11 south / US 64 west (West 20th Street/SR 2 west)Southern end of US 11/US 64/SR 2 concurrency
  US 27 north (I-124 north/SR 27 west/SR 29 north) – Downtown, Red BankNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
  SR 17 south (Tennessee Avenue) – Incline, Rock CityNorthern end of SR 17 concurrency
  SR 148 south (Lookout Mountain Parkway) – Lookout Mountain
  SR 318 south (Old Wauhatchie Pike) – Lookout Mountain
  US 11 south (Birmingham Highway/SR 38 south)Northern end of US 11 concurrency; northern terminus of unsigned SR 38
  I-24 – Chattanooga, NashvilleExit 174 on I-24
MarionHaletown  SR 134 east (J.E. Clouse Highway) – WildwoodWestern terminus of SR 134
Marion Memorial Bridge over the Tennessee River
  SR 27 (Griffith Highway) – Powells CrossroadsSouth to I-24 Exit 158
Jasper   SR 28 south (SR 27 east) to I-24
   US 64 west (Main Street/SR 2 west/SR 27 west) / US 72 west – Kimball, South Pittsburg
Interchange; northern end of US 64/US 72/SR 2 concurrency; southern end of SR 28 concurrency
  SR 28 north – WhitwellNorthern end of SR 28 concurrency; southern terminus of unsigned SR 150; southern end of SR 150 concurrency
Betsy Pack Drive/Valley View Drive - Downtown, Sequatchieformer US 41/SR 150 (Betsy Pack Drive); former SR 28 (Valley View Drive)
GrundyTracy City  SR 56 north (Clair Street) – Coalmont, AltamontSouth end of unsigned SR 56 concurrency; northern end of unsigned SR 150 concurrency; western terminus of unsigned SR 150
MonteagleDixie Lee Avenue (SR 2 west)Southern end of unsigned SR 2 concurrency
  US 41A south (Main Street/SR 15 west/SR 56 south) – SewaneeNorthern end of unsigned SR 56 concurrency; southern terminus of US 41A; eastern terminus of unsigned SR 15
Pelham  SR 50 (Payne Cove Road) – Decherd, AltamontWest to I-24/US 64 Exit 127
CoffeeHillsboro  SR 127 (Winchester Highway) – Winchester, Viola
Manchester  I-24 – Chattanooga, NashvilleExit 114 on I-24
  SR 55 (McArthur Street/McMinnville Highway) – Lynchburg, McMinnville
  SR 53 north (Woodbury Highway) – WoodburySouthern terminus of SR 53
Busy Corner  I-24 – Chattanooga, NashvilleExit 105 on I-24
Beechgrove  SR 280 east (McBrides Branch Road)Western terminus of SR 280
   SR 64 (Beech Grove Road/Gossburg Road) – Shelbyville, Wartrace, Bradyville
RutherfordMurfreesboro  SR 99 east (Bradyville Pike) – BradyvilleSouthern end of SR 99 concurrency
  US 70S east (Mercury Boulevard/SR 1 east)Southern end of US 70S/SR 1 concurrency; western terminus of SR 2
  US 231 south (S Church Street/SR 10 south)Southern end of US 231/SR 10 concurrency
    US 231 north (Memorial Boulevard/SR 10 north) / SR 96 / SR 99 west (Old Fort Parkway) – Lebanon, TriuneNorthern end of US 231/SR 10/SR 99 concurrency
  SR 268 east (North Thompson Lane)Western terminus of SR 268
  I-840 – Knoxville, ChattanoogaExit 55 A/B on I-840
Smyrna  SR 102 (Lee Victory Parkway/Nissan Drive)Interchange
   SR 266 (Sam Ridley Parkway)Interchange; provides access to Smyrna Airport
DavidsonAntioch  SR 171 (Old Hickory Boulevard/Hobson Pike) – Mount Juliet
  SR 254 west (Bell Road) – BrentwoodEastern terminus of SR 254
Nashville   SR 255 (Donelson Pike) – Oak Hill, DonelsonProvides access to Nashville International Airport
  SR 155 (Briley Parkway)Exit 4; single-point urban interchange; beltway around Nashville
   I-24 / I-40 – Chattanooga, Nashville, KnoxvilleExit 52 on I-24; exit 213 on I-40 (westbound only)
    I-40 / US 31A south / US 41A south (2nd Avenue S/4th Avenue S/SR 11 south)Southern end of US 31A/US 41A/SR 11 concurrency from one-way pair; exit 210C on I-40
  US 31 south (8th Avenue S/SR 6 south)Southern end of US 31/SR 6 concurrency; traffic circle; northern terminus of US 31A
    US 70 / US 70S west / US 431 south (Broadway/SR 24/SR 1 west)Northern end of US 70S/SR 1 concurrency; southern end of US 431 concurrency
  US 41A north (Rosa L. Parks Boulevard/SR 12 north)Northern end of US 41A concurrency; southern terminus of unsigned SR 12
Victory Memorial Bridge over the Cumberland River
   US 31W north (Spring Street) / US 31E north (Ellington Parkway/SR 6 north) / South 5th Street/Main Street to   I-24Northern end of US 31 concurrency; US 31 splits into US 31E and US 31W; south end of US 31W concurrency; interchange
   To I-24 / I-65 / Spring Street
   US 431 north (West Trinity Lane/SR 65 north) to I-65Northern end of US 431 concurrency; southern terminus of unsigned SR 65
  I-65 – Nashville, LouisvilleSouthbound off-ramp from SR 155 off-ramp; exit 90A on I-65
  SR 155 (Briley Parkway)No eastbound on-ramp (must use northbound I-65 on-ramp); exit 16B
  SR 45 (Old Hickory Boulevard) – Whites Creek, Old Hickory, Madison
GoodlettsvilleRivergate Parkway east to   I-65Western terminus of Rivergate Parkway; provides access to Rivergate Mall
  SR 174 east (Long Hollow Pike)Western terminus of SR 174
Sumner  US 31W north (SR 41 north) – Millersville, White HouseNorthern end of US 31W concurrency; southern terminus of unsigned SR 41; trumpet interchange
No major junctions
RobertsonRidgetop   SR 257 (Greer Road/Woodruff Avenue) to I-65
Springfield  US 431 south (Tom Austin Highway/SR 65 south) – Whites CreekSouthern end of SR 431 concurrency
   SR 49 / SR 76 east (Fifth Avenue) – Pleasant View, Orlinda, White HouseSouthern end of SR 76 concurrency
  US 431 north (Memorial Boulevard/SR 65 north) – AdairvilleNorthern end of SR 431 concurrency
Adams  SR 76 west (South Church Street) – ClarksvilleNorthern end of SR 76 concurrency
Montgomery  US 41 north (State Street) – Guthrie, HopkinsvilleContinuation into Kentucky; northern terminus of unsigned SR 11
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

State Route 150Edit


State Route 150
LocationJasper-Tracy City
Length20.98 mi (33.76 km)

State Route 150 (SR 150) is a 20.98-mile-long (33.76 km) unsigned companion route for US 41 between Jasper and Tracy City. SR 150 was originally signed along its route while US 41 followed what is now I-24, and the original Dixie Highway, over Monteagle Mountain. When I-24 was routed over the mountain, TDOT rerouted US 41 over SR 150, and removed SR 150 signage at that time except for mile markers, which still remain to this day.[citation needed]


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