Tennessee State Route 64

State Route 64 (SR 64) is an east–west state highway in Middle Tennessee. The 50.43-mile-long (81.16 km) route goes from the Lewisburg area to rural western Cannon County via Shelbyville and Beech Grove.

State Route 64 primary markerState Route 64 secondary marker

State Route 64
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length50.43 mi (81.16 km)
Major junctions
West end US 31A / SR 271 in Farmington
East end US 70S in Readyville
CountiesMarshall, Bedford, Coffee, Cannon
Highway system
US 64I-65

Route descriptionEdit

Marshall CountyEdit

SR 64 begins in the Marshall County community of Farmington, at an intersection with US 31A, SR 11, and SR 271.

Bedford CountyEdit

It then goes east and crosses into Bedford County, going through Bedford and farmland before intersecting and becoming concurrent with SR 130 and entering Shelbyville. In Shelbyville they intersect and become concurrent with US 231/SR 10/SR 82 and turn north. They then enter downtown and have an intersection with SR 387 (Lane Parkway), where US 231/SR 10 split and turn north, while SR 64/SR 130 turn east on SR 82. They then go around the east side of downtown before splitting, with SR 82 going south, SR 130 going southeast, and SR 64 going east. SR 64 then goes through some suburbs before coming to an intersection with US 41A/SR 16. A short distance later, it intersects SR 437 (Shelbyville Bypass). SR 64 then leaves Shelbyville and continues east. It then curves north to enter Wartrace, where it intersects with SR 269. It then curves east again and intersects SR 82 again before crossing into Coffee County and entering Beech Grove.[1]

Coffee CountyEdit

In Beech Grove, SR 64 has an interchange with I-24 at Exit 97. It then has an intersection with US 41/SR 2 before leaving Beech Grove. SR 64 then enters some mountains and becomes curvy before entering Cannon County.

Cannon CountyEdit

It then enters Bradyville and has a junction with SR 99 and turning north. SR 64 then enters Readyville to end at US 70S/SR 1.[1]

Major intersectionsEdit

MarshallFarmington0.000.00  US 31A (Nashville Highway/SR 11) – Lewisburg, Chapel Hill
  SR 271 south (Belfast–Farmington Road) – Belfast
Western terminus; northern terminus of SR 271
Bedford  SR 130 west – PetersburgWestern end of SR 130 overlap
Shelbyville  US 231 (S Cannon Boulevard/SR 10 south) – FayettevilleSouthern end of US 231/SR 10 overlap
  US 231 north (Lane Parkway/SR 387 north) – Murfreesboro
  US 231 Bus. north (N Cannon Boulevard/SR 10 north)
Northern end of US 231/SR 10 overlap; southern terminus of US 231 Business and unsigned SR 387
  SR 82 north (N Main Street)Western end of SR 82 ovelap
  SR 82 south (S Jefferson Street) – LynchburgEastern end of SR 82 overlap
  SR 130 east (Belmont Avenue) – TullahomaEastern end of SR 130 overlap
  US 41A (Madison Street/SR 16) – Eagleville, Tullahoma
  SR 437 (Shelbyville Bypass)
Wartrace  SR 269 west (Spring Street) – Bell BuckleWestern end of SR 269 overlap
  SR 269 east (Church Street) – NormandyEastern end of SR 269 overlap
  SR 82 south (Sawnee Webb Memorial Highway) – Bell BuckleNorthern terminus of SR 82
CoffeeBeech Grove  I-24 – Nashville, ChattanoogaI-24 Exit 97
  US 41 (SR 2) – Murfreesboro, Manchester
CannonBradyville  SR 99 west (Bradyville Pike) – MurfreesboroEastern terminus of SR 99
Readyville50.4381.16  US 70S (SR 1) – Murfreesboro, WoodburyEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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