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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict detailed map is located in Azerbaijan
Hold cursor over location to display name; click to go to sources &/or status description (if available, the cursor will show as Pointing hand cursor vector.svg; if not, it will show as Cursor.svg).

Dot green 0d0.svg Azerbaijan ; Location dot red.svg Armenia & Artsakh ; 80x80-red-lime-anim.gif Contested ; Map-ctl2-red+lime.svg Truce ; Location dot blue.svg Russian peacekeepers
Map-circle-black.svg Inner controls, outer sieges (or strong enemy pressure); Map-arcNE-black.svg Enemy pressure from one side; Small icon within a larger icon: The situation in individual neighbourhood/district

Fighter-jet-black-icon.svg Airport/Air base; Helicopter-black-icon.svg Heliport/Helicopter base; Abm-black-icon.png Military base; Map-peak-black.svg Strategic hill; Gota07.svg Oil/gas; Icon NuclearPowerPlant-black.svg Industrial complex; Mountain pass 12x12 n.svg Border Post; Anchor pictogram.svg Major port or naval base; Arch dam 12x12 w.svg Dam; 4x4dot-black.svg Rural presence
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