Kürdəxanı (also, Kurdakhani) is a settlement and municipality in Sabunçu district of Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Kürdəxanı is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 40°32′54″N 49°55′19″E / 40.54833°N 49.92194°E / 40.54833; 49.92194Coordinates: 40°32′54″N 49°55′19″E / 40.54833°N 49.92194°E / 40.54833; 49.92194
Country Azerbaijan
 • Total27.3 km2 (10.5 sq mi)
 • Total6,600
Time zoneUTC+4 (AZT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (AZT)


Earliest settlements in Kyurdakhany are believed to be dated at least two millennia ago, which is supported by archeological artifacts. Historical monuments:

  • Sheykh Ali Shirvani khanqah and mosque - built in 1448
  • Haji Zeynal hamam - built in 17th century
  • Haji Jafargulu hamam - built in 16th century
  • Juma mosque - 14th century (rebuilt in 2007)

Kyurdakhany was one of settlements which were not affected by March Day events. Due to armed resistance with local qochu.


Kyurdakhany is located on northern side of Absheron peninsula, highest altitude above sea level, rich with salt lakes and mud volcanos. Municipality is divided into three quarters: Old quarter, New quarter and gardens.

Old quarterEdit

Old quarter is oldest part of Kyurdakhany. A local school, kindergarten, Juma mosque is located on this quarter.

New quarterEdit

New quarter is located on western side of municipality and mostly consists of post-Soviet houses on former sovkhoz lands. Inhabitants are mostly refugees from Karabakh as well as non-local population which came from nearby municipalities.


Locals have additional lands seaside, which are called "Ləhiş bağları" (Lahij gardens). A mosque exists in gardens quarter which was built by local inhabitants in the 19th century, besides a khanqah of an Ahi Brotherhood which was built in 1448.[2]

Famous peopleEdit


Several martyrs of the first Karabakh war were born in Kyurdakhany - Ilgar Guliyev (has a street named after him), Pasha Nazirov, Faiz Heydarov, Ilgar Zulfugarov (a street named after him), Natiq Babayev, Fikrat Babayev, Mubariz Mammadov.


Kyurdakhany has a relatively modern "Yamin Castle" (Azerbaijani: Yamin qalası), named after his builder Yamin who built this "castle" by his own hands during his madness.


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