Tovuz, Azerbaijan

Coordinates: 40°59′32″N 45°37′44″E / 40.99222°N 45.62889°E / 40.99222; 45.62889

Tovuz (About this sound(listen)) is a city and the capital of the Tovuz District of Azerbaijan. It's famous for its wine-making and it also has several archaeological sites.

Tovuz, Heydar Aliyev Park
Tovuz, Heydar Aliyev Park
Tovuz is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 40°59′32″N 45°37′44″E / 40.99222°N 45.62889°E / 40.99222; 45.62889
Country Azerbaijan
422 m (1,385 ft)
 • Total13,699
Time zoneUTC+4 (AZT)
Area code(s)+994 231


Tovuz means peacock in the Azerbaijani language, and comes from Persian. Tavush is the modern name of the neighbouring Armenian city and region. The city itself, however, takes its name from an Oghuz tribe.[2]


The economy of Tovuz is partially agricultural, partially tourist-based, with some industries in operation.


The history of wine production in Tovuz seems to have begun before the 7th century and according to the archaeological findings, which included vessels for wine storage and remains of tartaric acid, proves that the winemaking was apparent in the Tovuz and Ganja region during early stages of social development.[3]

The winemaking industry was boosted in the city after German settlement. Led by Christopher Froer and Christian Gummel, many vineyards were established. Furthermore, Tovuz became famous for producing brandy, under the name cognac, which supplied the entire Russian market.[3]

In addition to German influence in the Caucasus, Russia also played a significant role in the development of winemaking, especially in the Tovuz region in the 19th century. Russian influence was also formative in the development and production of aromatic wines.[3]


The city has one professional football team competing in the top-flight of Azerbaijani football - Turan Tovuz, currently playing in the Azerbaijan Premier League.


The ancient village of Goytepe (Göy Tepe) is one of the largest archaeological monuments in Ganja – Gazakh region. It is located to the right of the Kura river, 10 km east of Tovuz. The site extends over 2ha, at a maximum altitude of c. 420m.

Starting in 2008, “Tovuz Archaeological expedition” is conducting new archaeological investigations at Goytepe, and also at the Mentesh tepe ancient settlement nearby. This is a joint investigation of archaeologists from Azerbaijan, Japan and France.

In this same area of Azerbaijan are also located the ancient sites of Shomu Tepe, Soyuq Bulaq, and Boyuk Kesik. Shulaveris Gora is just across the border in Georgia.

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