Salyan, Azerbaijan

Salyan (Azerbaijani: Salyan), is a city and the capital of the Salyan District of Azerbaijan.[1] The city of Salyan is industrialized and known for processing caviar.[2][3]

Salyan is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 39°35′42″N 48°58′45″E / 39.59500°N 48.97917°E / 39.59500; 48.97917Coordinates: 39°35′42″N 48°58′45″E / 39.59500°N 48.97917°E / 39.59500; 48.97917
Country Azerbaijan
 • Total36,100
Time zoneUTC+4 (AZT)


The city has been a continuous settlement of sal tribe, after whom the city named and occupied by Kura river.[4] Salyan was part of Quba Khanate during 1680 to 1782 and ruled by various khans.[5]

Throughout its history, Salyan has suffered from floods because of its proximity to the river and the relatively low elevation of most of the town.[6]



Administrative divisionsEdit

The municipality of Salyan consists of the city of Salyan. The mayor, presently Sevindik Hatamov, embodies the executive power of the city.[7]

List of City's mayorsEdit

Salyan KhanateEdit

  • (1729–1748) Hasanbay Khan[8]
  • (1748–1757) Ibrahim Khan Rudbary[8]
  • (1757–1768) Kalb Ali Khan[8]
  • (1768–1782) Qubad Khan[8]

Azerbaijani SSREdit

  • (1920) Yusif Gasimov[8]
  • (1961–1966) Huseyn Huseynov[8]

Azerbaijan RepublicEdit

  • (1993) A.Yusubov[8]
  • (1993–2004) Valihat Azizov[8]
  • (2004) Yusif Alakbarov[8]
  • (2004–2009) Rasim Bashirov[8]
  • (2009–2011) Aliagha Huseynov[8]
  • (2011–2016) Tahir Karimov[8]
  • (2016–present) Sevindik Hatamov[8]




Salyan was home to former football teams Plastik Salyan and Mughan. Mughan through its history played in the Azerbaijan Premier League.[9]


Public transportEdit

Salyan has a large urban transport system, mostly managed by the Ministry of Transportation.


Notable residentsEdit

Some of the city's many prestigious residents include: philosopher Ali bey Huseynzade, mathematician Vagif Guliyev, lieutenant general Rail Rzayev, poet Khalil Rza Uluturk and footballer Samadagha Shikhlarov.


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