Spain at the UCI Road World Championships

Spain at the UCI Road World Championships is an overview of the Spanish results at the UCI Road World Championships. The Spanish competitors are selected by coaches of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation. Apart from cycling events at the four-yearly Summer Olympics, the only times that road cyclists appear in proper national selections (instead of in commercial cycling teams) of one or multiple athletes are the yearly UCI Road World Championships. Because of this, all Spanish national road cycling teams (either elite, amateur or younger teams) only compete as such during one day per year. The nation's first medal, a silver, was earned by Luciano Montero in the men's road race in 1935.

Spain at the
UCI Road World Championships
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List of medalistsEdit

This a list of all Spanish medals (including elite, amateur, under-23 and junior races). Since the 2012 UCI Road World Championships there is the men's and women's team time trial event for trade teams and these medals are included under the UCI registration country of the team. Note that in these events also foreign cyclists can belong to the "national" team.

Medal Championship Name Event
  Silver   1935 Floreffe   Luciano Montero (ESP) Men's road race
  Silver   1964 Sallanches   Spain
Ginés García
José Goyeneche
Ramón Sáez
Luis Santamarina
Men's 100km team mountains race
  Silver   1965 Lasarte-Oria   José Manuel Lasa (ESP) Men's amateur road race
  Silver   1965 Lasarte-Oria   Spain
Ventura Díaz
José Manuel López
José Manuel Lasa
Domingo Perurena
Men's team time trial
  Bronze   1967 Heerlen   Ramón Sáez (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   1971 Mendrisio   José Viejo (ESP) Men's amateur road race
  Bronze   1973 Barcelona   Luis Ocaña (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   1980 Sallanches   Juan Fernández (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   1987 Villach   Juan Fernández (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   1988 Ronse   Juan Fernández (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   1991 Stuttgart   Miguel Indurain (ESP) Men's road race
  Silver   1993 Oslo   Miguel Indurain (ESP) Men's road race
  Gold   1995 Duitama   Abraham Olano (ESP) Men's road race
  Gold   1995 Duitama   Miguel Indurain (ESP) Men's time trial
  Silver   1995 Duitama   Miguel Indurain (ESP) Men's road race
  Silver   1995 Duitama   Abraham Olano (ESP) Men's time trial
  Silver   1997 San Sebastián   Óscar Freire (ESP) Men's under-23 road race
  Bronze   1997 San Sebastián   Maria Cagigas (ESP) Women's junior time trial
  Gold   1998 Valkenburg   Abraham Olano (ESP) Men's time trial
  Silver   1998 Valkenburg   Melcior Mauri (ESP) Men's time trial
  Gold   1999 Treviso-Verona   Óscar Freire (ESP) Men's road race
  Gold   1999 Treviso-Verona   Iván Gutiérrez (ESP) Men's under-23 time trial
  Bronze   2000 Plouay   Óscar Freire (ESP) Men's road race
  Gold   2001 Lisbon   Óscar Freire (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   2001 Lisbon   Teodora Ruano (ESP) Women's time trial
  Silver   2002 Limburg   Francisco Gutiérrez (ESP) Men's under-23 road race
  Bronze   2002 Limburg   I. González de Galdeano (ESP) Men's time trial
  Bronze   2002 Limburg   Joane Somarriba (ESP) Women's road race
  Gold   2003 Hamilton   Igor Astarloa (ESP) Men's road race
  Gold   2003 Hamilton   Joane Somarriba (ESP) Women's time trial
  Silver   2003 Hamilton   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Men's road race
  Gold   2004 Verona   Óscar Freire (ESP) Men's road race
  Silver   2005 Madrid   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Men's road race
  Silver   2005 Madrid   Iván Gutiérrez (ESP) Men's time trial
  Silver   2005 Madrid   Joane Somarriba (ESP) Women's time trial
  Bronze   2006 Salzburg   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   2009 Mendrisio   Joaquim Rodríguez (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   2012 Valkenburg   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Men's road race
  Silver   2013 Tuscany   Joaquim Rodríguez (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   2013 Tuscany   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   2014 Ponferrada   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Men's road race
  Bronze   2015 Richmond Movistar Team
  Andrey Amador (CRC)
  Jonathan Castroviejo (ESP)
  Alex Dowsett (GBR)
  Ion Izagirre (ESP)
  Adriano Malori (ITA)
  Jasha Sütterlin (GER)
Men's team time trial
  Bronze   2016 Qatar   Jonathan Castroviejo (ESP) Men's time trial
  Gold   2018 Innsbruck   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Men's road race


Most successful Spanish competitorsEdit

The list don't include the men's amateur events

Name Medals Championships
Óscar Freire 3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze   1999 Treviso-VeronaMen's road race

  2001 LisbonMen's road race
  2004 VeronaMen's road race
  1997 San SebastiánMen's under-23 road race
  2000 PlouayMen's road race

Abraham Olano 2 gold, 1 silver, 0 bronze   1995 DuitamaMen's road race

  1998 ValkenburgMen's time trial
  1995 DuitamaMen's time trial

Alejandro Valverde 1 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze   2018 InnsbruckMen's road race

  2003 HamiltonMen's road race
  2005 MadridMen's road race
  2006 SalzburgMen's road race
  2012 ValkenburgMen's road race
  2013 TuscanyMen's road race
  2014 PonferradaMen's road race

Miguel Indurain 1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze   1995 DuitamaMen's time trial

  1993 OsloMen's road race
  1995 DuitamaMen's road race
  1991 SuttgartMen's road race

Joane Somarriba 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze   2003 HamiltonWomen's time trial

  2005 MadridWomen's time trial
  2002 LimburgWomen's road race

Medals by disciplineEdit

Updated after 2018 UCI Road World Championships

Event Gold Silver Bronze Total Rank
Men's (professional) road race 6 6 12 24
Men's time trial 2 3 2 7
Women's time trial 1 1 1 3
Men's under-23 road race 0 2 0 2
Men's team time trial 0 1 1 2
Men's amateur road race 0 1 1 2
Men's under-23 time trial 1 0 0 1
100 km mountains race 0 1 0 1
Women's road race 0 0 1 1
Women's junior time trial 0 0 1 1
Total 10 15 19 44


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