Princess Hyohoe

Princess Hyohoe (Hangul: 효회공주, Hanja: 孝懷公主; 1183 - 1199) or posthumously called Princess Heungdeok (Korean흥덕궁주; Hanja興德宮主) was a Korean Royal Princess and the oldest daughter of Sinjong of Goryeo[1] and Queen Seonjeong,[2] also the first little sister of Huijong of Goryeo.[3]

Princess Hyohoe
Princess Heungdeok
(흥덕궁주, 興德宮主)
Princess of Goryeo
PredecessorPrincess Suan
SuccessorPrincess Gyeongnyeong
Kingdom of Goryeo
Died1199 (aged about 17)
Kingdom of Goryeo
Wang Chun, Duke Hawon
(m. before 1199)
HouseHouse of Wang
FatherSinjong of Goryeo
MotherQueen Seonjeong

She later married Wang-Chun (왕춘) who was the descendant of Wang-Gi, Duke Pyeongyang (왕기 평양공), the son of Hyeonjong of Goryeo[4] and then given a title as Duke Hawon (하원공). However, she later died in 1199 when she was 17 years old.[5] Her death was make her parents very sad about this.[6][7] In the other hand, after her death, her husband, Wang-Chun was remarried again with Princess Suryeong (수령궁주), the only daughter of King Gangjong and Queen Sapyeong.[8]



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