Prince Yangyang

Duke Yangyang[4] (Korean양양공; Hanja襄陽公) or known as Marquess Deokyang[5] (Korean덕양후; Hanja德陽侯), personal name Wang Seo (Korean왕서; Hanja王恕) was a Korean Royal Prince as the second son of King Sinjong of Goryeo and Queen Seonjeong,[6] also the only younger brother of Huijong of Goryeo.[7] Yangyang would eventually became the 4th great-grandfather of Goryeo's last King, Gongyang.

Duke Yangyang
Prince of Goryeo
BornWang Seo (왕서, 王恕)
Kingdom of Goryeo
IssueWang Wi
Wang Byeong
Wang In
Wang Hui
Lady Wang
Regnal name
  • Marquess Deokyang (덕양후, 德陽侯; from 18 April 1200[1])[2]
  • Duke Yangyang (양양공, 襄陽公; from c.1200[3])
HouseHouse of Wang
FatherSinjong of Goryeo
MotherQueen Seonjeong
Prince Yangyang
Revised RomanizationYangyang gong
McCune–ReischauerYángyáng kong
Birth name
Revised RomanizationWang Seo
McCune–ReischauerWang Sŏ
Marquess Deokyang
(Korean first royal title)
Revised RomanizationDeokyang hu
McCune–ReischauerDŏkyáng hu

In January 1204, his father visited his manor, but died in there not long after that and after his older brother's ascension to the throne, Wang Seo formally became Duke Yangyang (양양공, 襄陽公). In December 1211, he was exiled along with his brother by Choe Chung-heon (최충헌) to Ganghwa Island. Wang Seo was expelled to Gyodong-hyeon (교동현, 喬桐縣; nowadays is Gyodong-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon-si).[8]


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  4. Wang Hui, Duke Yeongan (왕희 영안공; d. 1263)
  5. Lady Wang (부인 왕씨)[10][11]



Both of his first son and fourth son were had no any descendants, just his second son and third son whom had; they were:

From 2nd son, Wang-ByeongEdit

  • Susado Wang-Hu (수사도 왕후)
  • Wang-Yu (왕유 수사공)
  • Wang-Hui (왕희 수사공)

From 3rd son, Wang-InEdit

  • Wang-Jeong (왕정 수사공)
  • Wang-Yeong, Marquess Seowon, Duke Yeongheon (왕영 서원후 영헌공)[12] – wife: Lady Sunan of Byeonhan State of the Hwangbo clan (변한국순안비 황보씨)
    • Wang-Bun, Marquess Ikyang (왕분 익양후)[13] – wife: Lady Janggyeong of Jinhan State of the Miryang Bak clan (진한국장경비 밀양 박씨)
      • Wang-Yu, Marquess Sunhwa (왕유 순화후)[14] – wife: Lady Myeongye of Mahan State of the Icheon Sin clan (마한국명예비 이천 신씨)
        • Wang-Gyun, Internal Prince Jeongwon (왕균 정원부원군)[15]
        • Wang-Hyang, Internal Prince Hakseong (왕향 학성부원군)
          • Wang-Hwa, Prince Nampyeong (왕화 남평군)
          • Wang-Geo, Prince Yeongpyeong (왕거 영평군)
        • Wang-So, Internal Prince Ikwon (왕소 익원부원군)
          • Wang-Jin, Prince Yeongwon (왕진 영원군)
            • Wang-Gyeong (왕경)
            • Wang-Min (왕민)
        • Wang-Jeong, Internal Prince Pyeongan (왕정 평안부원군)
          • Wang-Jong, Prince Gyeongpyeong (왕종 경평군)
          • Wang-Hoe, Prince Bojeong (왕회 보정군)
          • Wang-Gyeong (왕경)
          • Wang-Gu (왕구)
      • Wang-Hui, Prince Boseong (왕희 보성군)
        • Wang-Yu, Grand Prince Gyeongchang (왕유 경창대군)
          • Wang-Jeong, Prince Sunseong (왕정 순성군)
          • Prince Yeongan (영안군)
          • Wang-Bak (왕박)
        • Wang-Hwan, Prince Yeongheung (왕환 영흥군)
          • Wang-San, Prince Sunpyeong (왕산 순평군)
          • Wang-Hyeong (왕형)
          • Wang-Geun (왕근)
      • Wang-Yeon, Prince Ikheung (왕연 익흥군)
        • Wang-Sin, Prince Bokan (왕신 복안군)
          • Wang-Si, Prince Jeongan (왕시 정안군)
            • Wang-Seon, Prince Bokgang (왕선 복강군)
            • Wang-Jin (왕진)
          • Wang-Bo, Prince Bokchang (왕보 복창군)
          • Wang-Ja, Prince Bokwon (왕자 복원군)
    • Wang-Jeon, Prince Seoheung (왕전 서흥군)
  • Susado Wang-Won (수사도 왕원)


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