Queen Gongye

Queen Gongye (7 September 1109 – 1183) (공예왕후 임씨) was the wife and queen consort of King Injong of Goryeo the 17th monarch of the Goryeo Dynasty. She was mother of three sons who became kings of Goryeo, Uijong, Myeongjong and Sinjong. She was of the Jangheung Im clan.

Queen Gongye
Queen Consort of Goryeo
Tenure1126 – 1146
PredecessorDeposed Princess Yeondeok
Deposed Princess Bokchang
SuccessorQueen Janggyeong
Queen Mother of Goryeo
Reign1146 – 1183
PredecessorQueen Myeongui
SuccessorQueen Seonjeong
Born7 September 1109
Jangheung, Kingdom of Goryeo
Died1183 (1184) (aged 73)
Kaesong, Kingdom of Goryeo
SpouseKing Injong of Goryeo
IssueKing Uijong of Goryeo
Prince Daeryeong
King Myeongjong of Goryeo
Prince Wongyeong
King Sinjong of Goryeo
Princess Seunggyeong
Princess Deoknyeong
Princess Changrak
Princess Yeonghwa
HouseJangheung Im


She was born on 7 September 1109, in the Dangdong village in Jangheung County. When she was 15 years old, she promised to marry with Kim Ji-gyu's son, Kim Ji-hyo. A fortune teller said that the girl was destined to become a queen. In 1126 she married with Injong of Goryeo and became Queen Consort.

After the death of her husband, her son, Uijong of Goryeo became king and she became Queen Mother. Uijong also was often drunk, further angering the warriors but in the autumn of 1170, after constant discriminations, the rage of the military officials burst and, started a military revolt, murdering the civil officials, deposing King Uijong, and appointing a new king in his place.

After that, Myeongjong of Goryeo, her third son became king. Although she intended that Injong's second son should succeed at throne, he was assassinated because Jeong Jung-bu feared that he might become a threat to him in the future. Myeongjong was a weak king, because the true rulers were the military leaders. Queen Gongye died in 1183.


  • Father: Im Won-hu (1089 – 1156) (임원후)
    • Grandfather: Im Ui (임의)
  • Husband: King Injong of Goryeo (29 October 1109 – 10 April 1146) (고려 인종)
    • Son: King Uijong of Goryeo (23 May 1127 – 7 November 1173) (고려 의종)
      • Daughter-in-law: Queen Janggyeong of the Kim clan (장경왕후 김씨)
      • Daughter-in-law: Queen Jangseon of the Jiksan Choi clan (장선왕후 최씨)
    • Son: Wang Gyeong, Prince Daeryeong (1130 – ?) (왕경 대령후)
    • Son: King Myeongjong of Goryeo (8 November 1131 – 3 December 1202) (고려 명종)
      • Daughter-in-law: Queen Uijeong of the Kaesong Wang clan (의정왕후 왕씨)
    • Son: Prince Wongyeong (? – 1183) (원경국사)
    • Son: King Sinjong of Goryeo (11 August 1144 – 15 February 1204) (고려 신종)
      • Daughter-in-law: Queen Seonjeong of the Kaesong Wang clan (? – 1222) (선정왕후 왕씨)
    • Daughter: Princess Seunggyeong (? – 1158) (승경궁주)
      • Son-in-law: Wang Yeong, Prince Gonghwa (1126 – 10 October 1186) (왕영 공화백)
    • Daughter: Princess Deoknyeong (? – 13 August 1192) (덕녕궁주)
      • Son-in-law: Wang Gam, Prince Gangyang (왕감 강양공)
    • Daughter: Princess Changrak (? – 27 January 1216) (창락궁주)
      • Son-in-law: Wang Seong, Prince Shinan (? – 1178) (왕성 신안후)
    • Daughter: Princess Yeonghwa (1141 – 1208) (영화궁주)
      • Son-in-law: Wang Gong, Prince Soseong (왕공 소성후)

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Preceded by
Deposed Princess Yeondeok
Deposed Princess Bokchang
Queen consort of Korea
1126 – 1146
Succeeded by
Queen Janggyeong