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The Panasonic Q (also known as Q and GameQ) is a hybrid version of the GameCube with a DVD player manufactured by Panasonic in cooperation with Nintendo. The system was officially released only in Japan. A feature of its main competitors Xbox and PlayStation 2, the GameCube lacked commercial DVD movie playback functionality due to the use of the Nintendo optical discs format for games and the correspondingly small disc tray.

Panasonic Q
Panasonic Q.svg
The Panasonic Q shown with included controller.
Product familyGameCube
TypeVideo game console
DVD player
GenerationSixth generation era
Release date
  • JP: December 13, 2001
DiscontinuedDecember 2003 (2003-12)
MediaNintendo optical discs, DVD, CD (Audio CD, VCD, MP3 CD)
Operating systemDolphin OS/DVD Player OS
CPU486 MHz IBM Gekko
Memory24 MB
StorageGameCube Memory Card
GraphicsATI Flipper @ 162 MHz
InputRemote control
Controller inputGameCube controller
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The Q system was licensed by Nintendo and released on December 13, 2001 and was discontinued in December 2003.

Hardware and accessoriesEdit

The back of a Panasonic Q GameCube console.

Other features of the Q include a backlit LCD, a front-loading slot disc tray, an optical sound output supporting Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS, a separate subwoofer jack, and a stainless steel chassis.[1][2]

The Q comes with a grey, Panasonic-branded controller and a remote control. The Q is capable of installing all of the GameCube hardware upgrades; however, due to the legs on the bottom, it requires a special Panasonic Q Game Boy Player unit designed specifically for it.[1][2]


In December 2003, Panasonic announced that they had ceased production of the Q.[3] The Q was likely discontinued due to low sales.[3]

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