List of ports of call of the British East India Company

The East Indiamen of the British East India Company (EIC) passed many places and stopped at many ports on their voyages from Britain to India and China in the 17th to 19th centuries, both on the way and as destinations. Some of these places were simply landmarks, but a number of the places were the locations of EIC factories, i.e., trading posts.

In many cases the spelling of the names of these locations has changed between then and now. One purpose of this list is to link, where possible, the names as given in ships' logs with the modern name. Names in italics represent cases where the modern and older name are different.










Unidentified locationsEdit

  • "Broken Ground" - a place or region between Bengal and Madras; possibly a section of the Hoogli between Ingeli and Barrabula
  • Capshee Bay
  • Caipang Bay
  • Cockelee
  • Doens (probably a typographical error for The Downs.)
  • Jangarall Creek, Calcutta
  • Hollis Bay (possibly a miss-transcription of Wallis Bay)
  • Lombon Strait (not Lombok Strait)
  • Monsourcottah – probably near Ganjam
  • Pulo Massey (or Pulo Masey) - possibly Sumbawa, in the Lesser Sunda Islands group.

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