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Banana Island (Johor)

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Banana Island (Malay: Pulau Pisang) is a small island in Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia.

Banana Island
Native name:
Pulau Pisang
ڤولاو ڤيسڠ
Coordinates1°28′03″N 103°15′17″E / 1.46750°N 103.25472°E / 1.46750; 103.25472Coordinates: 1°28′03″N 103°15′17″E / 1.46750°N 103.25472°E / 1.46750; 103.25472
State Johor

The island, which is about 12 kilometres from the town of Pontian Kechil and 5 kilometres from Benut town, is the site of the Banana Island Lighthouse, a lighthouse guiding ships into the western entrance of the busy Singapore Strait. Singapore currently operates the lighthouse, and the country has publicly announced recognition that the island is Malaysian territory.[1]

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