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List of places in England with counterintuitive pronunciations: A–L

This is a sublist of List of names in English with counterintuitive pronunciations.

Pronunciations for the following common suffixes are regular pronunciations, despite being counterintuitive at first glance:

Pronunciation of the following common prefix is variable depending on dialect:

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Map of counterintuitive places within LondonEdit

Colney COney Hatch
De Beauvoir BEAver Town (usu.)
Marylebone MARlyb'n (alt.)
Plaistow PLAHsto
Ruislip RYslip
Greenwich GRENidge
Southwark SU-ðərK
Vauxhall VOK-sawl
Dulwich DULLidge
Chiswick CHIZick
Isleworth Ayezəlworth
Counterintuitive pronunciations

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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. ^ Accordingly: Southwick, Hampshire - /ˈsʌðɪk/
    Anomalies: Southwick, West Sussex is pronounced /ˈsθwɪk/, like Painswick, Gloucestershire, Prestwick and Hardwick as well as Pickwick a former village in Wiltshire through which the novel The Pickwick Papers got its title, but these by population represent a very small minority.
  2. ^ This is doubly counter-intuitive not adopting the hard G that features in Gifford (the forename, surname and part of a more populous place name).
  3. ^ Also a surname.
  4. ^ cf. Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A., which is intuitive (/ˈbɛlɪŋhæm/
  5. ^ Also an area of Belfast, Northern Ireland, and see Belvoir Park Golf Club[5]
  6. ^ Mirrors British "clerk", which is also irregular.
  7. ^ The River Cam and sometimes Cambridge, Gloucestershire are pronounced with /kæm/; however, locals now pronounce the latter like the city.
  8. ^ cf. nearby intuitive Uckfield
  9. ^ Intuitive also heard, like Holborn, especially in relatively new residents.
  10. ^ The adjacent village, Harewood, is pronounced intuitively. The other main stately home of broad architectural and historical note with an unusual pronunciation is: Cliveden
  11. ^ cf. Islip, Oxfordshire identical but for the r with: Ruislip
  12. ^ cf. Launceston, Tasmania, pronounced /ˈlɒnsəstən/)
  13. ^ cf. Leominster, Massachusetts
  1. ^ e.g. City of Leicester which follows e.g. Towcester, Rocester and Alcester/ˈɒlstər/ or /ˈɔːlstər/
  2. ^ Well-known, large examples are Woolwich and West Bromwich cf. Nantwich and Droitwich Spa
  3. ^ e.g. Smethwick, Chiswick and Flitwick
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