Strathaven (/ˈstrvən/ ; from Scottish Gaelic: Strath Aibhne [s̪t̪ɾah ˈajnə]) is a historic market town in South Lanarkshire, Scotland and is the largest settlement in Avondale. It is 7.5 kilometres (4+34 miles) south of Hamilton.[a] The Powmillon Burn runs through the town centre, and joins the Avon Water to the east of the town.

Strathaven is located in South Lanarkshire
Location within South Lanarkshire
Population8,090 (mid-2020 est.)[1]
• Edinburgh39 mi (63 km)
• London330 mi (531 km)
Council area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Postcode districtML10
Dialling code01357
UK Parliament
Scottish Parliament
List of places
55°40′37″N 4°03′54″W / 55.677°N 4.065°W / 55.677; -4.065

The current estimated population is 8,000. The town was granted a royal charter in 1450, making it a burgh of barony. The A71, which connects Edinburgh and Irvine, passes through the town.

History edit

The Town Mill and Miller's house
Strathaven Public Hall
Detail of the advertisement on the town mill

A Roman road passes close by, on the south side of the Avon Water; it led to the Roman fort at Loudoun Hill near Darvel.[2] The origins of Strathaven Castle are obscure, but it is believed to have been held by the Bairds until after the end of the Wars of Scottish Independence in 1357. It then passed to William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas in 1370.[3]

The settlement within the lands of Strathaven became a burgh of barony in 1450.[4] The centre of the town is occupied by the market square, formerly a grassed common, and still known as Common Green, or just 'The Green'. Linking the town and the castle is the old 'Boo Backit Brig' ('bow-backed bridge'), a small arched bridge.[5]

The Old Parish Church, with its landmark spire, was built in 1772, and was the place of worship of the Dukes of Hamilton, who had a section of the church reserved for them.[6]

The town played a significant part in the Radical War of 1820, when James Wilson led a band of radicals on a march to Glasgow, to join a rumoured general uprising, which never actually happened. Wilson was hanged for treason.[7]

Its most famous 'modern' resident was the singer, Sir Harry Lauder (1870–1950) whose mansion, Lauder Ha', or Hall, was just above the town on the road to Kilmarnock. Sir Harry spent the Second World War years there, and died in February 1950.[8]

Dungavel House on the outskirts of Strathaven was the place where German Deputy Führer, Rudolf Hess, originally intended to land on the evening of 10 May 1941 in a misguided attempt to seek peace talks with the Duke of Hamilton. However bad weather and poor navigation resulted in Hess having to land at Floors Farm in Eaglesham.[9]

In 2002, Strathaven was granted the title of Scotland's First Fairtrade Town[10] (jointly with Aberfeldy) under the leadership of Paulo Quadros, chair of the first Fairtrade group in Scotland.[10]

Governance edit

The town is part of the Avondale and Stonehouse ward of the South Lanarkshire council area. Before 1996, it was part of the Strathclyde region, with a district council in East Kilbride. Previous to that, it had been part of the Fourth landward district of the County of Lanark.[11]

As of 2021, it is in the East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow constituency of the UK Parliament, represented by the Conservative MP Lisa Cameron, and the Clydesdale constituency of the Scottish Parliament, represented by the SNP MSP Màiri McAllan.[12]

Long-established business edit

The town's longest established business is Gebbie & Wilson, Solicitors in the Common Green, which was founded in 1816.[13]

Landmarks edit

The major landmark in the town is Strathaven Castle.[14] Strathaven Public Hall was designed by Alexander Cullen and completed in 1896.[15]

Transport edit

The A71, which connects Edinburgh and Irvine passes through the town. The A723 links Strathaven to Hamilton and the A726 links it to East Kilbride, and further onto Glasgow. As part of South Lanarkshire, the town is in the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport area.[16]

Former railway stations edit

Strathaven North station in 1906

Strathaven had, at various times, three railway stations.

Strathaven Airfield edit

Strathaven Airfield is home to a microlight flying school, which operates both the traditional-style weightshift microlights and the light aircraft-style ones, and the new airfield manager's house was featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs in October 2013.[20] There are approximately 35 aircraft – both light aircraft and microlights – hangared at Strathaven in two modern purpose-built hangars. The airfield is also home to an annual local music festival, HangarFest. The airfield was set up on the old Couplaw Farm, which The Scottish Flying Club Ltd bought in May 1964. The club had begun flying in 1927 at the old Renfrew Airport[21] but was left homeless after Renfrew was nationalised in 1946. Strathaven Airfield was given to the RAF Benevolent Fund in 1974 and then sold privately in 2005. It has three grass runways, the main runway is oriented 09/27 (east-west) and is 530 m long (with a 100 m starter extension on 27 available on request). The airfield co-ordinates in the UK Air Pilot ENR 5.5-17 are: 554049N 0040654W.[22]

Education edit

There are 7 primary schools in and around Strathaven, Chapelton Primary School, Gilmourton Primary School, Kirklandpark Primary School, Sandford Primary School, St Patrick's Primary School and Wester Overton Primary School

Strathaven Academy is the town's only secondary school.

Religion edit

Strathaven contains six churches[23] including three Church of Scotland parishes: Avendale Old (built in 1772) linked with Drumclog Parish Church,[24] Strathaven Rankin linked with Chapelton Parish Church,[25] and East Parish Church (built in 1777) linked with Glassford Parish Church.[26]

The only Catholic Church in the town is St Patrick's Catholic Church (built in 1863).[27]

There is an active ecumenical body, consisting of six churches in the area (five within the town, one nearby), named "Hope Strathaven", which work together bringing a mix of community projects that reflect faith and service.[28]

Sport edit

Strathaven is home to several sports clubs, which include Strathaven Rugby Club which has a 3G, all-weather pitch.[29]

Culture edit

Strathaven Hotel houses a small seated venue holding acoustic music gigs under the title FRETS. Artists performing have included Arab Strap, Norman Blake and Euros Childs, Lloyd Cole, Altered Images, Robyn Hitchcock and Michael Head.

Notable people edit

Notes edit

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