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List of participants in the coronation procession of Elizabeth II

The procession for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was an element of the ceremony in which court, clerical, governmental, and parliamentary officials from around the Commonwealth of Nations moved in a set order of precedence through the streets of London, England, and into Westminster Abbey, where the coronation took place.


Office Person/Title
Chaplains The Very Reverend John Baillie (1886–1960)
The Reverend Thomas Malcolm Layng CBE MC (1892–1958)
The Reverend Canon L. M. Andrews CVO MBE MC
The Reverend Prebendary A. R. H. Grant CVO TD (died 1961)
The Reverend A. Nevile Davidson (1899–1976)
The Reverend Canon Henry Spencer Stephenson (1871–1957)
The Reverend Philip Thomas Byard Clayton CH MC (1885–1972)
The Reverend Canon C. E. Raven (1885–1964)
The Reverend Canon Guy Rogers MC (1876–1967)
Domestic chaplains The Reverend John Lamb MC
The Reverend Hector Anderson MVO
The Reverend Maurice Foxell MVO (1888–1981)
The Representatives of the Free Churches
Chairman of the Congregational Union of England and Wales Ebenezer Cunningham, Esq. (1881–1977)
Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Of England The Right Reverend Professor T. W. Manson (1893–1958)[1]
President of the Baptist Union The Reverend Henry Bonser (1884/5–1966)
The President of the Methodist Conference The Reverend Colin Roberts (1886–1975)
Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council The Reverend Hugh Martin (1890–1964)
The Representatives of the Church of Scotland
Ex-Moderator of the General Assembly (1948) The Very Reverend Alexander Macdonald
Ex-Moderator of the General Assembly (1946) The Very Reverend John McKenzie CIE
Moderator of the General Assembly The Right Reverend Professor James Pitt-Watson (1893–1962)
The Dean and Prebendaries of Westminster
Prebendaries Virger Mr. A. J. R. Greaves (1910–2000)[2]
The Cross of Westminster borne by The Reverend Christopher Hildyard (1901-1987) [3][4]
as deputy to the Minor Canon and Sacrist, Reverend Jocelyn H. T. Perkins CVO (1869-1962)[5]
The Reverend Canon Edward Carpenter (1910–1998)
Archdeacon The Venerable Adam Fox (1883–1977)
The Reverend Canon Charles Smyth (1903-1987) [6]
The Reverend Canon Stephen Marriott (1886–1964)
The Dean's Virger Mr. G. C. Drake MVO
Dean of Westminster The Very Reverend Alan Campbell Don KCVO (1885–1966)

Officers of the Orders of KnighthoodEdit

Office Person/Title
Heralds I
Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary Alexander Colin Cole, Esq. (1922–2001)
Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms Charles St Clair, Master of Sinclair (1914–2004)
Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms Robin de la Lanne-Mirrlees, Esq. (1925–2012)
Kintyre Pursuivant of Arms Captain Rupert Iain Kay (1919–1985)
Unicorn Pursuivant of Arms Lieut.-Colonel Gordon Dalyell of the Binns CIE (1887–1953)
Carrick Pursuivant of Arms James M. Grant, Esq. (1903–1981)
The Officers of the Order of Knighthood
The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
The Gentleman Usher of the Purple Rod Sir Ernest Arthur Gowers GBE (1880–1966)
The Secretary Sir Edward Bridges GCB GCVO MC (1892–1969)
The King of Arms Air Marshal Sir Charles Roderick Carr KBE CB DFC AFC (1891–1971)
The Royal Victorian Order
The Chaplain The Reverend Cyril Cresswell CVO (1890–1974)
The Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George
The Gentleman Usher of the Blue Rod Admiral Sir Alan Geoffrey Hotham CB (1876–1959)
The Registrar Sir Percivale Liesching KCB (1895–1973)
The King of Arms Sir (George) Nevile (Maltby) Bland KCMG KCVO (1886–1972)
The Secretary Sir Thomas Lloyd GCMG KCB (1896–1968)
The Prelate The Right Reverend Wilfred Marcus Askwith
Bishop of Blackburn (1890–1962)
The Most Honourable Order of the Bath
The deputy Secretary Brigadier Ivan de la Bere CVO CBE (1893–1970)
The Gentleman Usher of the Scarlet Rod Major-General Douglas Neil Wimberley CB DSO MC (1896–1983)
The Registrar and Secretary Air Vice-Marshal Sir Charles Alexander Holcombe Longcroft KCB CMG DSO AFC (1883–1958)
Bath King of Arms Air Chief Marshal Sir James Milne Robb GCB KBE DSO DFC AFC (1895–1968)
The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle
The Gentleman Usher of the Green Rod Colonel Sir Edward Daymonde Stevenson KCVO MC (1895–1958)
The Most Noble Order of the Garter
The Register Dean of Windsor, The Right Reverend Eric Knightley Chetwode Hamilton (1890–1962)
The Chancellor Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax KG OM GCSI GCIE TD (1881–1958)
his coronet carried by his page
Benedick Peake, Esq.
Heralds II
Marchmont Herald Lieut.-Colonel John William Balfour Paul DSO (1873–1957)
Rothesay Herald Lieut.-Colonel Harold Andrew Balvaird Lawson (1899–1985)
Albany Herald Major Charles Ian Fraser of Reelig (1903–1963)


Office Person/Title
The Standard of Ceylon
borne by Sir Edwin A. P. Wijeyeratne KBE (1889–1968)
The Standard of Pakistan
borne by Mirza Abol Hassan Ispahani (1902–1981)
The Standard of the Union of South Africa
borne by Dr. Albertus L. Geyer (1894–1969)
The Standard of New Zealand
borne by Sir Frederick Widdowson Doidge KCMG (1884–1954)
The Standard of the Commonwealth of Australia
borne by Sir Thomas Walter White KBE DFC VD (1888–1957)
The Standard of Canada
borne by Norman Alexander Robertson (1904–1968)
The Union Standard
borne by Captain John Lindley Marmion Dymoke (the Queen's Champion) (1926–2015)
The Standard of the Principality of Wales
borne by the William Ormsby-Gore, 4th Baron Harlech KG GCMG (1885–1964)
his coronet carried by his page
Julian Ormsby-Gore, Esq.[7] (1940–1974)[8]
Standards of the Quarterings of the Royal Arms
borne by William Sidney, 6th Baron De L'Isle and Dudley VC (1909–1991)
his coronet carried by his page
George Jeffreys, Esq. (1939–2010)[9][10]
Edward Stanley, 18th Earl of Derby MC (1918–1994)
his coronet carried by his page
Henry Milles-Lade, Viscount Throwley (1940–1996)
Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, 11th Earl of Dundee, Hereditary Royal Standard-Bearer for Scotland (1902–1983)
his coronet carried by his page
Christopher James Makins, Esq. (1942–2006)
The Royal Standard
borne by Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein KG GCB DSO (1887–1976)
his coronet carried by his page
Nicholas Wright, Esq.

Members of the Royal HouseholdEdit

Office Person/Title
Members of the Royal Household
The Vice-Chamberlain of the Household Sir Henry Gray Studholme (1899–1987)
The Treasurer of the Household Sir Cedric Drewe (1896–1971)[11]
The Comptroller of the Household Major Sir Roger John Edward Conant (1899–1973)
The Keeper of the Jewel House
bearing on a cushion
the Ring, the Armills, and the Sword for the Offering
Alexander Hardinge, 2nd Baron Hardinge of Penshurst GCB GCVO MC (1894–1960)
acting for Major-General Sir Hervey Degge Wilmot Sitwell CB MC (1896–1973)
Heralds III
Bluemantle Pursuivant James A. Frere, Esq. (1920–1994)
Rouge Croix Pursuivant John Riddell Bromhead Walker, Esq. MC (1913–1984)
The Knights of the Garter
appointed to hold the Canopy for the Queen's Anointing
Wentworth Beaumont, 2nd Viscount Allendale KG CB CBE MC (1890–1956)
his coronet carried by his page
George Andrew Beaumont (1938–1960)
Hugh Fortescue, 5th Earl Fortescue KG CB OBE MC (1888–1958)
his coronet carried by his page James Sherbrooke Waldegrave, Viscount Chewton (born 1940)
Gerald Wellesley, 7th Duke of Wellington KG (1885–1972)
his coronet carried by his page
Michael Thomas Jeremy Clyde, Esq. (born 1941)
William Arthur Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, 7th Duke of Portland KG (1893–1977)
his coronet carried by his page
Hon. Bruce Hacking (born 1940)
The Lord Chamberlain of the Household Lawrence Lumley, 11th Earl of Scarbrough KG GCSI GCIE TD (1896–1969)
his coronet carried by his page
David McEwen, Esq. (1938–1976)
The Lord Steward of the Household Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 14th Duke of Hamilton and 11th Duke of Brandon KT GCVO AFC (1903–1973)
his coronet carried by his page
Angus Alan Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, Marquess of Clydesdale (1938–2010)
The Lord Privy Seal The Right Hon. Henry Frederick Comfort Crookshank (1893–1961)

Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of NationsEdit

Archbishops and the Lord ChancellorEdit

Office Person/Title
The Cross of York borne by the Reverend T. W. I. Cleasby (1920–2009)
Archbishop of York The Most Reverend Cyril Forster Garbett (1875–1955)
attended by the Reverend Prebendary Philip William Wheeldon OBE (1913–1992)
The Lord High Chancellor Gavin Turnbull Simonds, 1st Baron Simonds (1881–1971)
attended by his Pursebearer, T. Cokayne, Esq.
his coronet carried by his page
Andrew Parker-Bowles, Esq. (born 1939)
The Cross of Canterbury borne by the Reverend John S. Long (1913–2008)
Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Reverend Geoffrey Francis Fisher (1887–1972)
attended by the Reverend Eric G. Jay (1907–1989)
and the Reverend Canon Ian Hugh White-Thomson (1905–1997)

Duke of EdinburghEdit

Office Person/Title
Heralds IV
Arundel Herald Extraordinary Dermot Michael Macgregor Morrah, Esq. (1896–1974)
Norfolk Herald Extraordinary H. S. London, Esq. (1884–1959)
Somerset Herald Michael Roger Trappes-Lomax, Esq. (1900–1972)
Lord Lyon King of Arms Sir Thomas Innes of Learney KCVO (1893–1971)
Windsor Herald Richard Preston Graham-Vivian, Esq. MC (1896–1979)
Harbinger of the Gentlemen at Arms Major-General Arthur Reginald Chater CB OBE DSO (1896–1979)
The Standard Bearer Major-General Maurice Anthony Wingfield CMG DSO (1883–1956)
Three Gentlemen-at-Arms
The Queen's Consort Admiral of the Fleet The Duke of Edinburgh KG KT GBE (born 1921)
his coronet carried by his page
Mr. Nigel Grier-Rees, Midshipman RN (1934/35–1973)[12]
Three Gentlemen-at-Arms
The Equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh Squadron-Leader Sir Beresford Peter Torrington Horsley AFC (1921–2001)
The Treasurer to the Duke of Edinburgh Lieut-General Sir Frederick Arthur Montague Browning KBE CB DSO (1896–1965)
The Private Secretary to the Duke of Edinburgh Lieut.-Commander John Michael Avison Parker MVO RN (1920–2002)
Serjeant-at-Arms Lieut.-Commander (S) Albert W. Stone MVO MSM RN
Serjeant-at-Arms George A. Titman, Esq. CBE MVO (1889–1980)
Heralds V
Richmond Herald Anthony R. Wagner, Esq. (1908–1995)
York Herald Aubrey John Toppin, Esq. MVO (1881–1969)
Chester Herald John Dunamace Heaton-Armstrong, Esq. MVO (1888–1967)
Lancaster Herald Archibald George Blomefield Russell, Esq. CVO (1879–1955)

Bearer of the RegaliaEdit

Office Person/Title
Saint Edward's Staff borne by James Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 3rd Earl of Ancaster TD (1907–1983)
his coronet carried by his page
George John Aird, Esq. (born 1940)
The Sceptre with the Cross borne by Marshal of the Royal Air Force Charles Frederick Algernon Portal, 1st Viscount Portal of Hungerford KG GCB OM DSO MC (1893–1971)
his coronet carried by his page
Winston Spencer-Churchill, Esq. (1940–2010)
a Golden Spur borne by Richard Francis Roger Yarde-Buller, 4th Baron Churston (1910–1991)
his coronet carried by his page
Hon. William Grosvenor (born 1942)[13]
a Golden Spur borne by Albert Edward Delaval Astley, 21st Baron Hastings (1882–1956)
his coronet carried by his page
Philip Gurdon, Esq. (born 1940)
The Sword of Temporal Justice, or Third Sword borne by Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 8th Duke of Buccleuch, 10th Duke of Queensberry KT GCVO (1894–1973)
his coronet carried by his page
Charles John Dawnay, Esq. (born 1938)[14]
Curtana borne by Hugh Percy, 10th Duke of Northumberland (1914–1988)
his coronet carried by his page
Edward Elwes, Esq.
The Sword of Spiritual Justice, or Second Sword borne by Alexander Frederic Douglas-Home, 14th Earl of Home (1903–1995)
his coronet carried by his page
David Alexander Cospatrick Douglas-Home, Lord Dunglass (born 1943)
Norroy and Ulster King of Arms Sir Gerald Woods Wollaston KCB KCVO (1874–1957)
Clarenceux King of Arms Sir Arthur William Steuart Cochrane KCVO (1872–1954)
The Lord Mayor of London
bearing the Crystal Sceptre
Sir Rupert de la Bère (1893–1978)
Garter Principal King of Arms Sir George Rothe Bellew CVO (1899–1993)
The Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod Lieut.-General Sir Brian Gwynne Horrocks KCB KBE DSO MC (1895–1985)
The Lord Great Chamberlain George Horatio Charles Cholmondeley, 5th Marquess of Cholmondeley (1883–1968)
his coronet carried by his page
Nicholas James Christopher Lowther, 2nd Viscount Ullswater (born 1942)
The Lord High Steward of Ireland John George Charles Henry Alton Alexander Chetwynd-Talbot, 21st Earl of Shrewsbury (1914–1980)
his coronet carried by his page
John Chetwynd-Talbot, Esq. (born 1941)[15]
The High Constable of Scotland Gilbert Allan Rowland Boyd, 6th Baron Kilmarnock MBE (1903–1975)
standing proxy for
Diana Hay, 23rd Countess of Erroll (1926–1978)
his coronet carried by his page
Robin Jordan Boyd (born 1941)
The Great Steward of Scotland David Alexander Robert Lindsay The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres GBE (1900–1975)
standing proxy for
The Duke of Rothesay (known outside Scotland as The Duke of Cornwall) (born 1948)
his coronet carried by his page
Thomas Richard Lindsay (born 1937)
The Earl Marshal Bernard Marmaduke Fitzalan-Howard, 16th Duke of Norfolk KG GCVO (1908–1975)
attended by his two pages
Duncan Henry Davidson, Esq. (born 1941)
Hon. James Reginald Drummond (born 1938)
The Sword of State borne by Robert Arthur James Gascoyne-Cecil, 5th Marquess of Salisbury KG (1893–1972)
his coronet carried by his page
William Hugh Amherst Cecil, Esq. (1940–2009)
The Lord High Constable of England Field Marshal Alan Francis Brooke, Viscount Alanbrooke KG GCB OM DSO (1883–1963)
attended by his two pages
Henry Neville Lindley Keswick, Esq. (born 1938)
Charles Anthony Selby McCreery, Esq. (born 1942)
Sceptre with the Dove borne by Frederick Charles Gordon-Lennox, Duke of Richmond and Gordon (1904–1989)
his coronet carried by his page
Simon Warley Frederick Benton Jones, Esq. (1941–2016)
St. Edward's Crown borne by the Lord High Steward
Admiral of the Fleet
Andrew Browne Cunningham Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope KT GCB OM DSO (1883–1963)
attended by his two pages
Julian Alexander Ludovic James, Esq. (born 1939)
Martin Brett, Esq.
The Orb borne by Field Marshal Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis KG GCB CSI DSO MC (1891–1969)
his coronet carried by his page
Hon. Brian James Alexander (born 1939)
The Paten borne by the Bishop of London, The Right Reverend
John William Charles Wand, (1885–1977)
The Bible borne by the Bishop of Norwich, The Right Reverend
Percy Mark Herbert (1885–1968)
The Chalice borne by the Bishop of Winchester, The Right Reverend
Alwyn Terrell Petre Williams (1888–1968)

The QueenEdit

Office Person/Title
The Clerk of the Cheque and Adjutant Lt.-Colonel Hon. Osbert Vesey CMG CBE (1884–1957)
Ten Gentleman-at-Arms
The Bishop of Bath and Wells The Right Reverend Harold William Bradfield (1898–1960)
The Queen
in Her Royal Robe of crimson Velvet, trimmed with Ermine and bordered with Gold Lace
Wearing the Collar of the Garter; on Her Head a Diadem of precious Stones
The Bishop of Durham The Right Reverend Arthur Michael Ramsey (1904–1988)
The Lieutenant Brigadier General Sir Harvey Kearsley KCVO CMG DSO (1880–1956)
Ten Gentleman-at-Arms
Her Majesty's Train borne by
The Mistress of the Robes
assisted by the Maids of Honour
Mary Cavendish, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (1895–1988)
Lady Jane Antonia Frances Vane-Tempest-Stewart (born 1932)
Lady Mary Baillie-Hamilton (born 1934)
Lady Anne Veronica Coke (born 1932)
Lady Nancy Jane Marie Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby (born 1934)
Lady Moyra Kathleen Hamilton (born 1930)
Lady Rosemary Mildred Spencer-Churchill (born 1929)
the coronet of the Mistress of the Robes carried by her page,
Peregrine Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington (born 1944)
The Groom of the Robes Captain Sir Harold Campbell KCVO DSO RN (1888–1969)
Ladies of the Bedchamber (Ann) Fortune FitzRoy, Countess of Euston (born 1920)
Elizabeth Mary Coke, Countess of Leicester (1912–1985)
Women of the Bedchamber Lady Alice Egerton (1923–1977)
Mrs. Alexander Abel Smith (Henriette Alice Cadogan) DCVO (1914–2005)
Lady Margaret Hay (Lady Margaret Katherine Seymour) (1918–1975)
Mrs. Andrew Elphinstone (Jean Frances Hambro) (1923–2017)
The Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom Admiral Sir Martin Eric Dunbar-Nasmith VC KCB (1883–1965)
The Master of the Horse Henry Hugh Arthur Somerset, 10th Duke of Beaufort KG GCVO (1900–1984)
his coronet carried by his page
Reuben Charles Harford, Esq.
The Gold-Stick-in-Waiting Major-General Sir Richard Granville Hylton Howard-Vyse KCMG DSO (1883–1962)
The Captain General of the Queen's Bodyguard for Scotland
(the Royal Company of Archers) and Gold Stick for Scotland
John James Hamilton Dalrymple, 12th Earl of Stair KT DSO (1879–1961)
his coronet carried by his page
Archibald George, Lord Montgomerie (1939–2018)
The Rear-Admiral of the United Kingdom Admiral Sir Percy Lockhart Harnam Noble GBE KCB CVO (1880–1955)
Lord in Waiting John Scott, 4th Earl of Eldon KCVO (1899–1976)
his coronet carried by his page
Simon Peter Scott (1939–2009)
The Captain of the Queen's Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard William Onslow, 6th Earl of Onslow MC TD (1913–1971)
his coronet carried by his page
Michael John Hare, Esq. (1938–2018)
The Keeper of Her Majesty's Privy Purse Charles George Vivian Tryon, 2nd Baron Tryon KCVO DSO (1906–1976)
his coronet carried by his page
Hon. Anthony Tryon (born 1940)
The Private Secretary to the Queen Alan Frederick "Tommy" Lascelles GCB GCVO CMG MC (1887–1981)
The Crown Equerry Colonel Sir Dermot McMorrough Kavanagh GCVO (1890–1958)
The Comptroller Lord Chamberlain's Office Lieut.-Colonel Sir Terence Nugent GCVO MC (1895–1973)
Equerries to the Queen Group Captain Peter Townsend CVO DSO DFC (1914–1995)
Major Sir Michael Edward Adeane KCVO CB (1910–1984)
Captain Edward John Spencer, Viscount Althorp (1924–1992)
Captain Patrick Terence William Span Plunket, 7th Baron Plunket (1923–1975)
his coronet carried by his page
Sheridan Frederick Terence Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 5th Marquess of Dufferin and Ava (1938–1988)
The Field-Officer-in-Brigade Waiting Colonel Thomas Foley Churchill Winnington MBE (1910–1999)
The Silver-Stick-in-Waiting Colonel Edward John Sutton Ward MVO MC (1909–1990)
The Clerk of the Cheque and Adjutant of the Yeomen of the Guard Lieut.-Colonel Ralph Charles Bingham DSO (1885–1977)
The Lieutenant of the Yeomen of the Guard Sir Allan Henry Shafto Adair, 6th Baronet CB DSO MC (1897–1988)
Twelve Yeomen of the Queen's Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard


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