The Crown Equerry (left, on horseback) escorts The Queen when carriages are used in procession.

The Crown Equerry is the operational head of the Royal Mews of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. He is responsible for the provision of vehicular transport for the Sovereign, both cars and horse-drawn carriages. Train travel is arranged by the Royal Travel Office, which also co-ordinates air transport.

The position of Crown Equerry should not be confused with that of the Equerry: although both are nominally under the Master of the Horse, equerries are effectively independent, performing distinct tasks, and are personal assistants to the Sovereign and senior members of the Royal Family.

The Royal Mews DepartmentEdit

                                     Crown Equerry
                                   Superintendent of
                                    the Royal Mews
 |       |               |                |               |              |              |
 |   Veterinary   Horsebox Driver   Stud Groom of    Stud Groom of   Comptroller   Chief Clerk
 |    Surgeon       of Windsor      Hampton Court      Windsor        of Stores         |
 |                                                                       |            Deputy
 |                             ---------------------------------------------        Chief Clerk
 |                             |          |              |                 |            |
 |                         Storeman    Carriage     Daily Ladies     Daily Ladies   Assistant
 |                                    Restorers      of London        of Windsor   Chief Clerk
                 |                                                |
           Head Chauffeur                                  Head Coachman
                 |                                                |
        Deputy Head Chauffeur                           Deputy Head Coachman
                 |                                                |
          First Chauffeurs        -------------------------------------------------------
                 |                |          |             |                |           |
         Second Chauffeurs     Sergeant    Rough         Senior         Carriage     Yardmen
                               Farrier     Rider    Liveried Helpers    Cleaners                                                                 
                                                    Liveried Helpers

List of Crown EquerriesEdit

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