List of Vanity Fair (British magazine) caricatures (1880–1884)

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The following is from a list of caricatures published 1880–1884 by the British magazine Vanity Fair (1868–1914).

Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1880-01-03 Mr Henry Savile The Turf Spy M 0213 Henry Savile, Vanity Fair, 1880-01-03.jpg
1880-01-10 Mr Samuel Ward Uncle Sam Spy M 0214 Samuel Ward Vanity Fair 10 January 1880.jpg
1880-01-17 Capt Lord EF Gifford VC VC Spy S 320 Edric Frederick Gifford, Vanity Fair, 1880-01-17.jpg
1880-01-24 M E Zola French Realism T M 0215 Émile François Zola, Vanity Fair, 1880-01-24.jpg
1880-01-31 Sir Roger William Henry Palmer Bt Roger Spy M 0216 Roger William Henry Palmer Vanity Fair 1880-01-31.jpg
1880-02-07 Vice-Adm Sir Reginald John Macdonald KCSI Rim Spy M 0217 Reginald John Macdonald, Vanity Fair, 1880-02-07.jpg
1880-02-14 Col Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge Kingscote MP The Court Spy S 321 Robert NF Kingscote, Vanity Fair, 1880-02-14.jpg
1880-02-21 Mr ME Whitley MP Liverpool Spy S 322 Edward Whitley, Vanity Fair, 1880-02-21.jpg
1880-02-28 Commander Lord Ramsay RN Liverpool Spy M 0218 John WM Ramsay, Vanity Fair, 1880-02-28.jpg
1880-03-06 Col James Keith Fraser Keith Spy M 0219 James Keith Fraser, Vanity Fair, 1880-03-06.jpg
1880-03-13 Mr EG Clarke MP Southwark Spy S 323 Edward George Clarke, Vanity Fair, 1880-03-13.jpg
1880-03-20 Mr Markham Spofforth He invented the Conservative Working Man Ape M 0220 Markham Spofforth, Vanity Fair, 1880-03-20.jpg
1880-03-27 Lord Inverurie Candidate for Chelsea Spy M 0221 Algernon Keith-Falconer, Vanity Fair, 1880-03-27.jpg
1880-04-03 Lord Headley a loyal Irishman Ape M 0222 Charles Allanson-Winn, Vanity Fair, 1880-04-03.jpg
1880-04-10 Gen Sir FS Roberts KCB Bobs WGR M 0223 Frederick Sleigh Roberts, Vanity Fair, 1880-04-10.jpg
1880-04-17 Mr George Burrow Gregory MP East Sussex Spy S 324 George Burrow Gregory, Vanity Fair, 1880-04-17.jpg
1880-04-24 Lt-Col Henry Stracy Henry Ape M 0224 Henry Stracy, Vanity Fair, 1880-04-24.jpg
1880-05-01 M JLE Meissonier a great French painter T M 0225 Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier, Vanity Fair, 1880-05-01.jpg
1880-05-08 Lord Ardilaun a practical patriot Spy S 325 Arthur Edward Guinness, Vanity Fair, 1880-05-08.jpg
1880-05-15 Mr Henry Calcraft Board of Trade Spy M 0226 Henry Calcraft, Vanity Fair, 1880-05-15.jpg
1880-05-22 Baron H de Worms MP Intelligent Toryism Ape S 326 Henry de Worms, Vanity Fair, 1880-05-22.jpg
1880-05-29 The Rt Hon DR Plunket MP hereditary eloquence Ape S 327 David Plunket Vanity Fair 29 May 1880.jpg
1880-06-05 Sir WAG Gordon-Cumming Bt Bill Ape M 0227 William Gordon-Cumming Vanity Fair 5 June 1880.jpg
1880-06-12 Mr C Bradlaugh MP Iconoclast Spy S 328 Charles Bradlaugh, Vanity Fair, 1880-06-12.jpg
1880-06-19 Mr F Greenwood He created The Pall Mall Gazette Ape M 0228 Frederick Greenwood Vanity Fair 1880-06-19.jpg
1880-06-26 The Rt Hon Sir AB Paget KCB Promotion by marriage T S 329 Augustuspagetspycartoon.jpg
1880-07-03 Viscount Folkestone MP South Wilts Ape S 330 William Pleydell-Bouverie, Vanity Fair, 1880-07-03.jpg
1880-07-06 The Treasury Bench Babble, Birth and Brummagem T SS; Gladstone, Hartington and Chamberlain The Treasury Bench Vanity Fair 6 July 1880.jpg
1880-07-10 Lord RH Spencer-Churchill MP a younger Son Spy S 331 Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill, Vanity Fair, 1880-07-10.jpg
1880-07-17 The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot the premier Earl Spy S 332 Earl of Shrewsbury Vanity Fair 17 July 1880.jpg
1880-07-24 Col Lewis Guy Phillips Order at Wimbledon Ape M 0229 Lewis Guy Phillips Vanity Fair 24 July 1880.jpg
1880-07-31 Mr JE Gorst MP Tory organisation Spy S 333 John Eldon Gorst, Vanity Fair, 1880-07-31.jpg
1880-08-07 Mr MJ Guest MP Monty Spy S 334 Montague John Guest, Vanity Fair, 1880-08-07.jpg
1880-08-14 Sir CJ Forbes Bt of Newe Ape M 0230 Charles John Forbes, Vanity Fair, 1880-08-14.jpg
1880-08-21 Mr JR Lowell Hosea Biglow T S 335 James Russell Lowell, 1880.jpg
1880-08-28 Mr FH O'Cahan O'Donnell MP Roman Catholic Home-Rule T S 336 Frank Hugh O'Donnell, Vanity Fair, 1880-08-28.jpg
1880-09-04 Mr Henry Richard MP Peace Spy S 337 Henry Richard, Vanity Fair, 1880-09-04.jpg
1880-09-11 Mr CS Parnell MP Anti Rent T S 338 Charles Stewart Parnell, Vanity Fair, 1880-09-11.jpg
1880-09-18 The Marquis of Anglesey the head of the Pagets Ape S 339 Henry Paget, Vanity Fair, 1880-09-18.jpg
1880-09-25 Mr LH Courtney MP Proper self-sufficiency T S 340 Leonard Henry Courtney, Vanity Fair, 1880-09-25.jpg
1880-10-02 The Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham Youth Spy S 341 Earl of Winchilsea Vanity Fair 2 October 1880.jpg
1880-10-09 The Marquis of Ailesbury Three Dowagers T S 342 Marquess of Ailesbury Vanity Fair 9 October 1880.JPG
1880-10-16 Sir JG Tollemache-Sinclair Bt MP A Poet Ape S 343 John Sinclair Vanity Fair 16 October 1880.jpg
1880-10-23 D O'Donoghue MP The O'Donoghue Spy S 344 Daniel O'Donoghue Vanity Fair 23 October 1880.jpg
1880-10-30 The Hon PS Wyndham MP Æsthetics Spy S 345 Percy Scawen Wyndham, Vanity Fair, 1880-10-30.jpg
1880-11-06 Sir H Bessemer CE Steel Spy M 0231 Henry Bessemer02.jpg
1880-11-13 Viscount Lymington MP Young Oxford Spy S 346 Newton Wallop, Vanity Fair, 1880-11-13.jpg
1880-11-20 M EFV About French fiction T M 0232 Edmond About Vanity Fair 20 November 1880.jpg
1880-11-27 Capt John Bastard Horses Spy M 0233 John Bastard, Vanity Fair, 1880-11-27.jpg
1880-12-01 Spencer-Churchill, Balfour, Drummond-Wolff and Gorst The Fourth Party Spy WS The Fourth Party Vanity Fair 1 December 1880.jpg
1880-12-04 M JBL Say President No. 3 Ape S 347 Jean-Baptiste Léon Say, Vanity Fair, 1880-12-04.jpg
1880-12-11 Alderman Sir RW Carden Kt MP City justice Spy S 348 Robert Carden 11 December 1880.jpg
1880-12-18 Mr WJE Wilson MRCS the Obelisk Spy M 0234 Erasmus Wilson Vanity Fair 18 December 1880.jpg
1880-12-25 M V Sardou Ficelle Dramatique T M 0235 Victorien Sardou, Vanity Fair, 1880-12-25.jpg
1881-01-01 The Marquis Conyngham Mount Spy S 349 George Conyngham, Vanity Fair, 1881-01-01.jpg
1881-01-08 Mr FC Burnand Punch Ape M 0236 VPBurnand.jpg
1881-01-15 Sir R Temple Bt GSCI CIE Burra Dick Spy S 350 Sir Richard Temple Vanity Fair 15 January 1881.jpg
1881-01-22 Mr JE Boehm ARA the Queen's Sculptor Spy M 0237 Joseph Edgar Boehm, Vanity Fair, 1881-01-22.jpg
1881-01-29 Mr CC Boycott Boycott Spy M 0238 Charles Cunningham Boycott (Vanity Fair).jpg
1881-02-05 Sir BE Cunard Bt MFH A Cunarder Spy M 0239 Sir Bache Cunard Vanity Fair 5 February 1881.JPG
1881-02-12 Mr JM Howard QC Energetic Toryism Spy M 0240 John Morgan Howard, Vanity Fair, 1881-02-12.jpg
1881-02-19 Lt-Col CG Gordon CB RE The ever victorious army Ape M 0241 Charles George Gordon, Vanity Fair, 1881-02-19.jpg
1881-02-26 The Earl of Kenmare PC MP The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 351 Earl of Kenmare Vanity Fair 26 February 1881.jpg
1881-03-05 The Marquis of Hamilton MP Hamlie Spy S 352 2 Duke of Abercorn.png
1881-03-12 Mr WLAB Burdett-Coutts The Baroness husband Spy M 0242 William LAB Burdett-Coutts, Vanity Fair, 1881-03-12.jpg
1881-03-19 Sir Farrer Herschell QC MP the Solicitor-General Spy S 353 Farrer Herschell, Vanity Fair, 1881-03-19.jpg
1881-03-26 The Rt Rev JC Ryle DD Liverpool Ape S 354 John Charles Ryle Vanity Fair 26 March 1881.jpg
1881-04-02 Lord Waveney Suffolk Spy S 355 Robert Adair Vanity Fair 2 April 1881.jpg
1881-04-09 The Marquis of Exeter a real English gentleman Ape S 356 3rd Marquess of Exeter.png
1881-04-16 Earl Nelson the noblest of English names Spy S 357 Horatio Nelson, 3rd Earl Nelson Vanity Fair 16 April 1881.jpg
1881-04-23 The Earl of Lucan Balaklava Ape S 358 3rd Earl of Lucan.png
1881-04-30 Lord Tollemache Cheshire Spy S 359 Lord Tollemache Vanity Fair 1881-04-30.jpg
1881-05-07 HH Isma'il Pasha GCB GCSI The ex-Khedive T S 360 Ismail Pacha.jpg
1881-05-14 Sir Philip Rose Bt Lord Beaconsfield's friend Spy M 0243 Philip Rose, Vanity Fair, 1881-05-14.jpg
1881-05-21 Mr WS Gilbert Patience Spy M 0244 WSGilbert by Spy.jpg
1881-05-28 Mr FJ Archer the favourite Jockey Spy M 0245 Frederick J. Archer, Vanity Fair, 1881-05-28.jpg
1881-06-04 Earl Cadogan Chelsea and the Colonies Spy S 361 Earl Cadogan Vanity Fair 1881-06-04.jpg
1881-06-11 Lord Ribblesdale Mufti Spy S 362 Lord Ribblesdale Vanity Fair 11 June 1881.jpg
1881-06-18 The Marquis of Blandford B T M 0246 Marquis of Blandford Vanity Fair 18 June 1881.jpg
1881-06-25 Alderman Robert Nicholas Fowler MP the City T S 363 Robert Nicholas Fowler Vanity Fair 25 June 1881.jpg
1881-07-02 Mr Charles Cox CB Colonial Spy M 0247 Charles Cox, Vanity Fair, 1881-07-02.jpg
1881-07-05 Her Majesty's Opposition Birth, Behaviour and Business T SS; Lord JJ Manners, Sir SH Northcote, and Sir RA Cross Her Majesty's Opposition Vanity Fair 5 July 1881.JPG
1881-07-09 Col Henry P Ewart CB Croppy T M 0248 Henry Ewart Vanity Fair 9 July 1881.jpg
1881-07-16 Lord Harris Kent Spy S 364 Lord Harris Vanity Fair.jpg
1881-07-23 Sir M White Ridley Bt MP Ex-official Ape S 365 Matthew White Ridley Vanity Fair 23 July 1881.jpg
1881-07-30 Lord Aveland A great officer of State Spy S 366 Gilbert Henry Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, Vanity Fair, 1881-07-30.jpg
1881-08-06 The Earl of Clonmell Earlie Ape S 367 Earl of Clonmell Vanity Fair 6 August 1881.jpg
1881-08-13 The Earl of Coventry Covey Ape S 368 9th Earl of Coventry.png
1881-08-20 The Hon Alexander Grantham Yorke Alick Spy M 0249 Alexander Grantham Yorke Vanity Fair 20 August 1881.jpg
1881-08-27 The Rt Hon Earl Percy MP Northumberland T S 369 Earl Percy Vanity Fair 27 August 1881.jpg
1881-09-03 Gen Lord Chelmsford Isandula Spy S 370 Lord Chelmsford Vanity Fair 3 September 1881.jpg
1881-09-10 Mr J Walter MP The Times Spy S 371 John Walter, Vanity Fair, 1881-09-10.jpg
1881-09-17 The Earl Fortescue Sanitas T S 372 Earl Fortescue Vanity Fair 17 September 1881.jpg
1881-09-24 Lord HJ Montagu-Douglas-Scott MP South Hants T S 373 Henry John Douglas-Scott-Montagu Vanity Fair 24 September 1881.jpg
1881-10-01 The Duke of Norfolk Our little Duke Spy S 374 15th Duke of Norfolk.png
1881-10-08 Mr William McArthur MP The Lord Mayor Spy S 375 William McArthur, Vanity Fair, 1881-10-08.jpg
1881-10-15 Lord Rendlesham MP Property in Suffolk T S 376 Lord Rendlesham Vanity Fair 15 October 1881.JPG
1881-10-22 The Earl of Macclesfield A coachman Spy S 377 Earl of Macclesfield Vanity Fair 22 October 1881.jpg
1881-10-29 The Hon W Lowther MP Westmorland Spy S 378 William Lowther Vanity Fair 29 October 1881.jpg
1881-11-05 Sir R Knightley Bt MP a fine old Tory Spy S 379 Rainald Knightley Vanity Fair 5 November 1881.jpg
1881-11-12 The Earl of Rosslyn The Kirk of Scotland T S 380 Earl of Rosslyn Vanity Fair 12 November 1881.JPG
1881-11-19 The Rt Hon Lord Blackburn a lord of appeal Spy S 381 Colin Blackburn, Vanity Fair, 1881-11-19.jpg
1881-11-26 Viscount Hawarden hereditary whip T S 382 Viscount Hawarden Vanity Fair 26 November 1881.jpg
1881-12-03 Mr Mordaunt Fenwick-Bisset MP The General Spy S 383 Mordaunt Fenwick-Bisset Vanity Fair 3 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-07 CS Parnell and John Dillon Force no Remedy Furniss WS Force No Remedy Vanity Fair 7 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-07 WE Gladstone and C Bradlaugh The Gladstone Memorial WS The Gladstone Memorial Vanity Fair 7 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-10 The Hon Charles Robert Spencer MP Bradlaugh's Baby Spy S 384 Charles Robert Spencer Vanity Fair 10 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-17 The Earl of Leven And Melville amiability Spy S 385 Earl of Leven and Melville Vanity Fair 17 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-24 Vice-Adm Sir JE Commerell KCB A Jingo T M 0250 John Edmund Commerell Vanity Fair 24 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-31 The Hon Algernon William Fulke-Greville Racing & Politics Spy M 0251 Algernon William Fulke Greville Vanity Fair 31 December 1881.JPG
1882-01-07 Lord Crewe Lay Episcopacy Spy S 386 Hungerford Crewe Vanity Fair 7 January 1882.jpg
1882-01-14 Samuel Smiles LLD Self-help Spy M 0252 Samuel Smiles Vanity Fair 14 January 1882.jpg
1882-01-21 Daniel Cooper Sydney Spy M 0253 Daniel Cooper Vanity Fair 1882-01-21.jpg
1882-01-28 Sir T Bateson Bt MP Landed Estates in Ireland Spy S 387 Thomas Bateson Vanity Fair 1882-01-28.jpg
1882-02-04 Lord Robartes Cornwall Spy S 388 Lord Robartes Vanity Fair 4 February 1882.JPG
1882-02-11 Mr WH Gladstone MP His father's son Spy S 389 William Henry Gladstone, Vanity Fair, 1882-02-11.jpg
1882-02-18 John Holms MP Military changes Spy S 390 John Holms Vanity Fair 18 February 1882.jpg
1882-02-25 Earl of Munster Brighton Spy S 391 Earl of Munster 25 February 1882.jpg
1882-03-04 Lord Haldon Torquay Spy S 392 Lord Haldon Vanity Fair 1882-03-04.jpg
1882-03-11 Sampson Samuel Lloyd Fair Trade Spy M 0254; Chairman, Lloyds Bank Sampson Lloyd Vanity Fair 1882-03-11.jpg
1882-03-18 The Duke of Montrose Scotland and Racing Spy S 393 Duke of Montrose Vanity Fair 1882-03-18.jpg
1882-03-25 Lord Penrhyn Slate Spy S 394 Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant, Vanity Fair, 1882-03-25.jpg
1882-04-01 George Errington MP the Vatican T S 395 George Errington, Vanity Fair, 1882-04-01.jpg
1882-04-08 The Rt Hon Sir JR Mowbray MP Committee of Selection Spy S 396 John Mowbray Vanity Fair 1882-04-08.jpg
1882-04-15 Arthur Loftus Tottenham MP Lofty Spy S 397 Arthur Loftus Tottenham Vanity Fair 1882-04-15.jpg
1882-04-22 Viscount Mandeville Kim Spy M 0255 Viscount Mandeville Vanity Fair 1882-04-22.jpg
1882-04-29 The Hon Thomas Charles Bruce MP Portsmouth Spy S 398 Thomas Charles Bruce, Vanity Fair, 1882-04-29.jpg
1882-05-06 HJ Gladstone Young hopeful Spy S 399 Herbert John Gladstone, Vanity Fair, 1882-05-06.jpg
1882-05-13 Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn MP a wet Quaker Spy S 400 Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn Vanity Fair 13 May 1882.jpg
1882-05-20 The Earl of Selkirk Created in 1646 Spy S 401 Earl of Selkirk Vanity Fair 1882-05-20.jpg
1882-05-27 WEH Lecky the eighteenth century Spy M 0256 William Edward Hartpole Lecky, Vanity Fair, 1882-05-27.jpg
1882-06-03 The Duke of Portland the Young Duke Spy S 402 William JACJ Cavendish-Bentinck, Vanity Fair, 1882-06-03.jpg
1882-06-10 Montagu David Scott MP East Sussex Spy S 403 Montagu David Scott Vanity Fair 1882-06-10.jpg
1882-06-17 Mr John Anstruther-Thomson Fife Spy M 0257; Deputy Lieutenant of Fife John Anstruther-Thomson Vanity Fair 17 June 1882.jpg
1882-06-24 Capt Arthur Gooch Goochie Spy M 0258 Arthur Gooch Vanity Fair 1882-06-24.jpg
1882-07-01 Lord Henniker MP a man of business T S 404 John Henniker-Major Vanity Fair 1 July 1882.jpg
1882-07-05 The Lords Northbrook, Granville, Selbourne and Salisbury Purse, Pussy, Piety and Prevarication T SS Northbrook Granville Selbourne Salisbury Vanity Fair 5 July 1882.jpg
1882-07-08 Sir J Bennet Lawes Bt Agricultural Science T M 0259 John Bennet Lawes.jpg
1882-07-15 Sir Harry Verney Bt MP Bucks Spy S 405 Harry Verney Vanity Fair 15 July 1882.jpg
1882-07-22 The Earl of Ilchester Fifth Earl Spy S 406 Earl of Ilchester Vanity Fair 22 July 1882.JPG
1882-07-29 Sir Alexander Milne Bt Admiral of the Fleet T M 0260 Alexander Milne Vanity Fair 29 July 1882.JPG
1882-08-05 Frederick Barne the Jockey Club Spy M 0261 Frederick Barne Vanity Fair 1882-08-05.jpg
1882-08-12 The Hon BEB FitzPatrick MP Barnie Spy S 407 Bernard FitzPatrick Vanity Fair 1882-08-12.jpg
1882-08-19 Cyril Flower MP The Senator T S 408 Cyril Flower, Vanity Fair, 1882-08-19.jpg
1882-08-26 Cetewayo Restored Spy So 16 Cetshwayo kaMpande, Vanity Fair, 1882-08-26.jpg
1882-09-02 George Fordham The Demon Spy M 0262 George Fordham Vanity Fair 2 September 1882.jpg
1882-09-09 Lord Walsingham a Naturalist T S 409 Lord Walsingham Vanity Fair 1882-09-09.jpg
1882-09-16 Rt Hon Lord CW Brudenell-Bruce MP Marlborough Spy S 410 Charles Brudenell-Bruce Vanity Fair 16 September 1882.jpg
1882-09-23 Lord Wimbourne Tennis T S 411 Lord Wimborne Vanity Fair 23 September 1882.JPG
1882-09-30 The Hon Sir Adolphus Frederick Octavius Liddell QC Dodo Spy M 0263 Adolphus Frederick Octavius Liddell, Vanity Fair, 1882-09-30.jpg
1882-10-07 Col John J Macdonnell Mac Spy M 0264 Colonel John J Macdonnell Vanity Fair 1882-10-07.jpg
1882-10-14 John Henry Puleston MP Devonport Spy S 412 John Henry Puleston Vanity Fair 1882-10-14.jpg
1882-10-21 Mr E Ashmead-Bartlett MP The Patriotic League Spy S 413 Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett Vanity Fair 1882-10-21.jpg
1882-10-28 Mr G Armitstead MP Dundee Spy S 414 George Armitstead Vanity Fair 1882-10-28.jpg
1882-11-04 Sir John Whitaker Ellis The Lord Mayor Spy M 0265 John Whitaker Ellis Vanity Fair 4 November 1882.jpg
1882-11-11 Mr Henry Edwards MP Weymouth Spy S 415 Henry Edwards, Vanity Fair, 1882-11-11.jpg
1882-11-18 HH The Maharajah Duleep Singh GCSI The Maharajah Spy M 0266 Duleep Singh Vanity Fair 18 November 1882.jpg
1882-11-25 Gen William Booth the Salvation Army Spy M 0267 William Booth Vanity Fair 25 November 1882.jpg
1882-12-02 Lord Foley a liberal Peer Spy S 416 Lord Foley Vanity Fair 2 December 1882.jpg
1882-12-05 HRH The Princess of Wales HRH The Princess of Wales Chartran WS Princess of Wales Vanity Fair 5 December 1882.jpg
1882-12-09 Sir Daniel Gooch Bt MP the Great Western Spy S 417 Daniel Gooch.png
1882-12-16 Mr DL Boucicault the Sensation Drama Spy M 0268 Dionysius Lardner Boursiquot, Vanity Fair, 1882-12-16.jpg
1882-12-23 Col The Hon Charles Hugh Lindsay MP Army, Court and Volunteers Spy M 0269 Charles Hugh Lindsay, Vanity Fair, 1882-12-23.jpg
1882-12-30 Mr WH Mallock Is life worth living? Spy M 0270 William Hurrell Mallock Vanity Fair 1882-12-30.jpg
1883-01-06 Ahmed Arabi Ahmed Arabi the Egyptian FV M 0271 Ahmed Arabi 6 January 1883.jpg
1883-01-13 Sir John Bennett Clocks Spy M 0272 Sir John Bennett Vanity Fair 13 January 1883.jpg
1883-01-20 HH Tewfik Pasha The Khedive FV M 0273; he holds the badge of the Order of Osmania Tewfik Pasha Vanity Fair 20 January 1883.jpg
1883-01-27 Viscount Baring Winchester Spy S 418 Francis George Baring, Vanity Fair, 1883-01-27.jpg
1883-02-03 Sir C Lindsay Bt The Grosvenor Gallery Jopling M 0274 Coutts Lindsay, Vanity Fair, 1883-02-03.jpg
1883-02-10 Capt Henry Montague Hozier Lloyds Jopling M 0275; Secretary of Lloyd's and father of Clementine Churchill Henry Montague Hozier Vanity Fair 1883-02-10.jpg
1883-02-17 Her Grace the Duchess Dowager of Cleveland Her Grace the Duchess Dowager of Cleveland Chartran L 01 Duchess Dowager of Cleveland Vanity Fair 17 February 1883.jpg
1883-02-24 Sir HA Hoare Bt reformed Radical Spy M 0276 Henry Ainslie Hoare Vanity Fair 24 February 1883.jpg
1883-03-03 Mr RA Proctor BA FRAS Astronomy Spy M 0277 Richard Proctor Vanity Fair 3 March 1883.jpg
1883-03-10 Maj-Gen ES Burnaby MP a Crimean hero T S 419 Edwyn Sherard Burnaby Vanity Fair 10 March 1883.jpg
1883-03-17 The Rt Hon Gen Sir HF Ponsonby KCB The Privy Purse T M 0278 Henry Ponsonby Vanity Fair 1883-03-17.jpg
1883-03-24 Mr WT Marriott MP QC Brighton T S 420 William Thackeray Marriott, Vanity Fair, 1883-03-24.jpg
1883-03-31 Sir Charles James Freake Bt an eminent builder T M 0279 Charles James Freake Vanity Fair 31 March 1883.jpg
1883-04-07 Sir Julian Pauncefote KCMG CB The Foreign Office T M 0280 Julian Pauncefote, Vanity Fair, 1883-04-07.jpg
1883-04-14 Charles Baring an old Coldstreamer T M 0281 Charles Baring, Vanity Fair, 1883-04-14.jpg
1883-04-21 Lt-Col Ralph Vivian Ralph T M 0282 Ralph Vivian Vanity Fair 21 April 1883.jpg
1883-04-28 Rear-Adm Sir AH Hoskins KCB Naval Reserves Spy M 0283 Hileyhoskins.jpg
1883-05-05 Mr Charles Russell QC MP a splendid advocate VER S 421 Charles Russell Vanity Fair 5 May 1883.jpg
1883-05-12 Mr Charles Bennet Lawes Athlete and Sculptor VER M 0284 Lawes CB Vanity Fair 1883-05-12.jpg
1883-05-19 Lord Gerald FitzGerald a Wandering Minstrel Spy M 0285; son of the Duke of Leinster Gerald FitzGerald, Vanity Fair, 1883-05-19.jpg
1883-05-26 Mr RE Webster QC Law and conscience VER M 0286 Richard Webster Vanity Fair 26 May 1883.jpg
1883-06-02 Mr Thomas Thornhill MP Tom VER S 422 Thomas Thornhill, Vanity Fair, 1883-06-02.jpg
1883-06-09 Mr CC Tennant MP Glasgow VER S 423 Charles Tennant Vanity Fair 1883-06-09.jpg
1883-06-16 Mr RW Duff MP Fetteresso VER S 424 Robert William Duff, Vanity Fair, 1883-06-16.jpg
1883-06-23 Sir EAH Lechmere Bt MP St John of Jerusalem T S 425 Edmund Anthony Harley Lechmere, Vanity Fair, 1883-06-23.jpg
1883-06-30 Capt William George Middleton Bay T M 0287 William George Middleton Vanity Fair 30 June 1883.jpg
1883-07-07 The Hon Charles Spencer Bateman-Hanbury-Kincaid-Lennox MP Charlie Spy M 0288 Charles Bateman-Hanbury-Kincaid-Lennox Vanity Fair 1883-07-07.jpg
1883-07-14 Gen The Earl of Albemarle Waterloo T S 426 George Keppel, Vanity Fair, 1883-07-14.jpg
1883-07-21 Lord Gardner Fox hunting Spy S 427 Lord Gardner Vanity Fair 21 July 1883.jpg
1883-07-28 Mr John Hinde Palmer QC MP Lincoln Spy S 428 John Hinde Palmer, Vanity Fair, 1883-07-28.jpg
1883-08-04 The Earl of Leicester KG Agriculture Spy S 429 Thomas Coke, 2nd Earl of Leicester of Holkham.png
1883-08-11 The Earl of Rocksavage Rock Spy M 0289 William HH Cholmondeley, Vanity Fair, 1883-08-11.jpg
1883-08-18 The Earl of Onslow a Parliamentary Title Spy S 430 4th Earl of Onslow.png
1883-08-25 Gen The Hon St George Gerald Foley The friend of Pelissier Spy M 0290; son of Baron Foley St. George Gerald Foley, Vanity Fair, 1883-08-25.jpg
1883-09-01 The Marchioness of Waterford The Marchioness of Waterford Chartran L 02; daughter of the Duke of Beaufort Marchioness of Waterford Vanity Fair 1 September 1883.jpg
1883-09-08 The Earl of Mount Cashell Ninety-one Spy S 431 Stephen Moore, Vanity Fair, 1883-09-08.jpg
1883-09-15 Lord Digby Lord Leicester's nephew Spy S 432 Lord Digby Vanity Fair 1883-09-15.jpg
1883-09-22 The Earl of Stair KT White Dal Spy S 433 Earl of Stair Vanity Fair 1883-09-22.jpg
1883-09-29 The Earl of Seafield Sheep Spy S 434 Ian Charles Ogilvy-Grant, Vanity Fair, 1883-09-29.jpg
1883-10-06 Gladys, Countess of Lonsdale Gladys, Countess of Lonsdale Chartran L 03 Constance Gladys Herbert Vanity Fair 6 October 1883.jpg
1883-10-13 Mr CC Cotes MP a Liberal Whip Spy S 435 Charles Cecil Cotes Vanity Fair 1883-10-13.jpg
1883-10-20 Mr Henry Reginald Corbet of Adderley Hall Born in the Scarlet Spy M 0291 Henry Reginald Corbet, Vanity Fair, 1883-10-20.jpg
1883-10-27 Maj Viscount Downe Smartness Spy S 436 Hugh Dawnay, 8th Viscount Downe.jpg
1883-11-03 The Baroness Burdett-Coutts The Baroness Burdett-Coutts T L 04 Baroness Burdett-Coutts Vanity Fair 3 November 1883.jpg
1883-11-10 The Earl of Westmorland the affable Earl Spy S 437 Francis William Henry Fane, Vanity Fair, 1883-11-10.jpg
1883-11-17 The Hon AEM Ashley MP Palmerston's Secretary Spy S 438 Evelyn Melbourne Ashley, Vanity Fair, 1883-11-17.jpg
1883-11-24 The Earl of Milltown a persevering politician Spy S 439 Earl of Milltown Vanity Fair 24 November 1883.jpg
1883-11-27 The Cabinet Council, 1883 The Gladstone Cabinet T WS; Gladstone, Selborne, Granville, Derby, Spencer, Kimberley, Northbrook, Hartington, Carlingford, Harcourt, Childers, Dodson, Chamberlain, Dilke The Cabinet Council, 1883. (BM 1925,0701.129).jpg
1883-12-01 The Countess of Dalhousie The Countess of Dalhousie T L 05 Countess of Dalhousie Vanity Fair 1 December 1883.jpg
1883-12-08 Mr William Torrens McCullagh Torrens MP Finsbury Spy S 440 William Torrens McCullagh Torrens, Vanity Fair, 1883-12-08.jpg
1883-12-15 Mr Richard Quain MD FRS Lord Beaconsfield's Physician Spy M 0292 Sir Richard Quain.jpg
1883-12-22 Mr CEH Vincent Criminal Investigation Spy M 0293 Howard Vincent, Vanity Fair, 1883-12-22.jpg
1883-12-29 Lt-Col The Hon Henry Townshend Forester The Lad Spy M 0294; son of Baron Forester Henry Townshend Forester Vanity Fair 1883-12-29.jpg
1884-01-05 The Lady Florence Dixie The Lady Florence Dixie T L 06 +Lady Florence Dixie Vanity Fair.jpg
1884-01-12 Sir EB Malet KCB Justice! Justice! Justice! Spy M 0295 Sir Edward Malet.jpg
1884-01-19 Mr Seymour Portman Horse-race management Spy M 0296 Seymour Portman Vanity Fair 19 January 1884.jpg
1884-01-26 Mr H Herkomer ARA Painter, Sculptor, Blacksmith &c FG M 0297 Hubert von Herkomer Vanity Fair 26 January 1884.jpg
1884-02-02 Lady Holland The Lady Holland T L 07; daughter of the Earl of Coventry Lady Holland Vanity Fair 2 February 1884.jpg
1884-02-09 Sir Charles Lennox Wyke KCB GCMG the Baron Ape M 0298 Charles Lennox Wyke Vanity Fair 9 February 1884.jpg
1884-02-16 Capt Conway Seymour Despatches Spy M 0299 Conway Seymour Vanity Fair 16 February 1884.jpg
1884-02-23 Mr Arthur Coventry The Baby Spy M 0300 Arthur Coventry, Vanity Fair, 1884-02-23.jpg
1884-03-01 The Marchioness of Tweedale The Marchioness of Tweedale T L 08 Marchioness of Tweeddale Vanity Fair 1 March 1884.jpg
1884-03-08 Lord Cardross Horsey Spy M 0301 Lord Cardross Vanity Fair 8 March 1884.jpg
1884-03-15 The Hon Henry Robert Brand MP Ordnance Spy S 441 Henry Brand Vanity Fair 15 March 1884.jpg
1884-03-22 Lord Haldon a legislator Spy S 442 Lord Haldon Vanity Fair 22 March 1884.jpg
1884-03-29 Mr JE Thorold Rogers MP a professor Spy S 443 James Edwin Thorold Rogers - Caricature.jpg
1884-04-05 Elizabeth the Empress of Austria HIM the Empress of Austria Grimm L 09 Elizabeth of Austrua Habit.jpg
1884-04-12 Lt-Gen GWA Higginson CB a good soldier Spy M 0302 George WA Higginson, Vanity Fair, 1884-04-12.jpg
1884-04-19 The Rev Joseph Parker Congregational Union? Ape M 0303 Joseph Parker, Vanity Fair, 1884-04-19.jpg
1884-04-26 Mr Carl Haag The glorious East Go M 0304 Carl Haag Vanity Fair 26 April 1884.jpg
1884-05-03 Mrs Georgina Weldon Mrs Weldon Spy L 10 Georgina-weldon-1884-spy.jpg
1884-05-10 Mr CN Warton MP Hear! Hear!! Hear!!! Hear!!!! Ape S 444 Charles Warton Vanity Fair 10 May 1884.jpg
1884-05-17 The Hon Frederick Stephen Archibald Hanbury-Tracy MP gentle and liberal Spy S 445 Frederick Hanbury-Tracy Vanity Fair 17 May 1884.jpg
1884-05-24 Mr O Wilde Oscar Ape M 0305 Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) from Vanity Fair Issue 812, April 1884..jpg
1884-05-31 Mr AC de Rothschild Alfred Spy M 0306 Alfred de Rothschild.png
1884-06-07 HRH The Princess Royal The Princess Royal Nemo L 11 Victoria, Princess Royal Vanity Fair 7 June 1884.jpg
1884-06-14 The Duke of Northumberland the House of Percy Spy S 446 6th Duke of Northumberland.png
1884-06-21 Mr Donald Currie KCMG MP the Knight of the Cruise of Mr Gladstone Ape S 447 Donald Currie Vanity Fair 21 June 1884.jpg
1884-06-28 Sir John William Ramsden Bt MP Huddersfield Spy S 448 John Ramsden 28 June 1884.jpg
1884-07-05 Vice-Adm HSH Count Gleichen The Queen's nephew Go P 08 Count Gleichen.jpg
1884-07-12 Mr John Coupland the Quorn Ape M 0307 John Coupland, Vanity Fair, 1884-07-12.jpg
1884-07-19 Mr William Cornwallis Cartwright MP Oxfordshire Spy S 449 William Cornwallis Cartwright Vanity Fair 19 July 1884.jpg
1884-07-26 Sir WG Stirling Bt two-and-eighty Spy M 0308 Walter George Stirling Vanity Fair 26 July 1884.jpg
1884-08-02 Mr John Slagg MP Manchester Ape S 450 John Slagg MP Vanity Fair 2 August 1884.png
1884-08-09 Mr Henry Broadhurst MP the working-man Member Spy S 451 Henry Broadhurst Vanity Fair 9 August 1884.jpg
1884-08-16 Police Inspector Ebenezer Denning Parliamentary Police Ape M 0309 Ebenezer Denning Vanity Fair 16 August 1884.JPG
1884-08-23 FM Count von Moltke Modern Strategy Go M 0310 Helmuth von Moltke Vanity Fair 23 August 1884.jpg
1884-08-30 The Hon George Charles Brodrick MA Merton College Spy M 0311 George Charles Brodrick.jpg
1884-09-06 Sir John Christopher Willoughby Bt high prices Spy M 0312 John Christopher Willoughby Vanity Fair 6 September 1884.jpg
1884-09-13 Mr GJ Bonnor Australian cricket Ape M 0313 George Bonnor Vanity Fair 13 September 1884.jpg
1884-09-20 The Hon Alfred Lyttelton English cricket Ape M 0314 Alfred Lyttelton, Vanity Fair, 1884-09-20.jpg
1884-09-27 HRH The Duc D'Aumale The Orleans Family Nemo P 09 Henri d'Orléans Vanity Fair 27 September 1884.jpg
1884-10-04 The Rt Hon John Jellibrand Hubbard MP old Mother Hubbard Spy S 452 John Jellibrand Hubbard Vanity Fair 4 October 1884.jpg
1884-10-11 HIM Alexander III of Russia my august master Nemo So 17 Alexander III, Vanity Fair, 1884-10-11.jpg
1884-10-18 Mr CM Palmer MP Shipping Ape S 453 Charles Mark Palmer, Vanity Fair, 1884-10-18.jpg
1884-10-25 Mr WG George The Champion of champions Ape M 0315 Walter Goodall George, Vanity Fair, 1884-10-25.jpg
1884-11-01 Thomas Firr the huntsman Spy M 0316 Thomas Firr Vanity Fair 1 November 1884.jpg
1884-11-08 Mr F Winn Knight CB MP has sat for three and forty years Spy S 454 Frederick Winn Knight, Vanity Fair, 1884-11-08.jpg
1884-11-15 Mr JG Bennett New York Herald Nemo M 0317 James Gordon Bennett Vanity Fair 15 November 1884.jpg
1884-11-22 Sir Thomas Chambers QC MP The deceased wife's sister Spy S 455 Sir Thomas Chambers Vanity Fair 22 November 1884.jpg
1884-11-29 Mr Henry Hansard Hansard Ape M 0318 Henry Hansard 29 November 1884.jpg
1884-12-06 Capt Arthur Smith Doggie Ape M 0319 Arthur Smith Vanity Fair 6 December 1884.jpg
1884-12-13 Mr Leopold de Rothschild Racing and Sporting Spy M 0320 Leopold de Rothschild.png
1884-12-20 The Dean of Lichfield Convocation Spy M 0321 Edward Bickersteth, Vanity Fair, 1884-12-20.jpg
1884-12-27 M NK de Giers The Russian Foreign Office Nemo S 456 Nikolay Karlovich Girs Vanity Fair 27 December 1884.JPG

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