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This is a list of Spaghetti Western films, which includes Western films primarily produced and directed by Italian and other European production companies between 1919 and 1978. In the 1960s, the Spaghetti Western genre grew in popularity. Films, particularly those of the influential Dollars trilogy, spawned numerous films of the same ilk and often with similar titles, particularly from the mid to late 1960s and early 1970s.

Subsequent post-1978 films include: Comin' at Ya! (1981); Buddy Goes West (1981); Django 2: il grande ritorno (1987); Scalps (1987); White Apache (1987); Lucky Luke (1991); Troublemakers (1995); Sons of Trinity (1995); and Gunslinger's Revenge (1998). Italian Neo-Westerns were Man Hunt (1985) and They Call Me Renegade (1987). The comedy film, 800 Balas (2002), is set among former actors and stuntmen in Almería, Spain, where the majority of Spaghetti Westerns were filmed.


List by release dateEdit

Title and director Summary Released Notes
Riffle Bill, le roi de la prairie
Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset
French production. Silent Western in black-and-white. 5 episodes. 1908 (France)
Indian Vampire/La vampira indiana
Roberto Roberti
Italian production. Silent Western in black-and-white. 1919 (Italy)
Der Kaiser von Kalifornien/The Emperor of California
Luis Trenker
Nazi Germany production. Western in black-and-white. 1936 (Nazi Germany)
Girl of the Golden West/Una signora dell'Ovest
Carl Koch
Italian production. Western in black-and-white. 9 February 1942 (Italy) Based on an opera The Girl of the Golden West by Giacomo Puccini
Il fanciullo del West
Giorgio Ferroni
Italian production. Western comedy in black-and-white. 24 December 1942 (Italy)
Buffalo Bill a Roma
Giuseppe Accatino
Italian production in black-and-white. Set in Italy 1905. With Enzo Fiermonte as Buffalo Bill 21 January 1950 (Italy)
Io sono il capataz
Giorgio Simonelli
Italian production. Western comedy in black-and-white. 28 February 1951 (Italy)
Il bandolero stanco
Fernando Cerchio
Italian production. Western comedy in black-and-white. 14 November 1952 (Italy)
The Coyote/El Coyote
Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent/Fernando Soler
Mexican/Spanish production. Western in black-and-white. 5 May 1955 (Spanish) El Coyote film
Villi Pohjola
Aarne Tarkas
Finnish production. Western in black-and-white 30 September 1955 (Finland)
The Coyote's Justice/La Justicia del Coyote
Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent
Mexican/Spanish production. Western in black-and-white. It was a sequel to the 1955 film The Coyote. 8 March 1956 (Spanish) El Coyote film
The Sheriff/La sceriffa
Roberto Bianchi Montero (as R.M. White)
Italian production. Western comedy in black-and-white. A sheriff is killed and his widow (Tina Pica) takes up his job to find the killers. With Italian comedy star Ugo Tognazzi. 16 August 1959 (Italy)
Terror of Oklahoma/Il terrore dell'Oklahoma
Mario Amendola
Italian production. Western comedy in black-and-white. 30 October 1959 (Italy) The title is a hybrid between the original title of the movie The Oklahoma Kid and its rendering for the Italian audience, "Il terrore dell'Ovest".
Juanito/3 Kerle geh'n durch dick und dünn
Fernando Palacios
Spanish/Argentine/West German production. 16 March 1960 (West Germany)
Dollar of Fear/Un dollaro di fifa
Giorgio Simonelli
Italian production. Western comedy. 28 August 1960 (Italy)
Taste of Violence/Le goût de la violence/Haut für Haut/Febbre di rivolta
Robert Hossein
French/West German/Italian production in black-and-white. Perez (Robert Hossein) kidnaps the President's daughter (Giovanna Ralli) to trade her for imprisoned revolutionaries. 11 August 1961 (West Germany)
Savage Guns/Tierra brutal
Michael Carreras
United Kingdom/Spanish production. Gunfighter Steve Fallon (Richard Basehart) befriends pacifist farmer Summers (Don Taylor), who is threatened by big landowner Ortega (José Nieto) and his hired gun Danny (Alex Nicol). 1 November 1961 (Spain)
Dynamite Jack/Il terrore del Texas
Jean Bastia
French/Italian production. Western comedy featuring Fernandel. 3 November 1961 (France)
I magnifici tre
Giorgio Simonelli
Italian production. Western comedy featuring Walter Chiari, Ugo Tognazzi and Raimondo Vianello. 10 November 1961 (Italy)
Terrible Sheriff/Due contro tutti/El sheriff terrible
Alberto De Martino, Antonio Momplet
Italian/Spanish production. Western comedy featuring Walter Chiari. 4 December 1962 (Italy)
Treasure of the Silver Lake/Der Schatz im Silbersee/Blago u srebrnom jezeru
Harald Reinl
West German/Yugoslavian production. 14 December 1962 (West Germany) The first entry in the Winnetou series.
Torrejón City
León Klimovsky
Spanish production. 1962 (Spain)
Gold of the Wild North/Villin Pohjolan kulta
Aarne Tarkas
Finnish production. 1 February 1963 (Finland) Sequel to Villi Pohjola (1955)
Tres hombres buenos
Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent
Spanish/Italian production. Cesare Guzman (Geoffrey Horne) hunts the men who murdered his wife. He is joined by a Brazilian (Robert Hundar) and a boisterous Mexican (Fernando Sancho). 16 May 1963 (Italy)
Gunfight at Red Sands/Gringo/Duello nel Texas
Ricardo Blasco
Spanish/Italian production. Racism against Mexicans in the USA is a theme in this story of how Gringo (Richard Harrison) hunts down those responsible for killing his foster father. 19 September 1963 (Italy) Based on a short story by James Donald Prindle
The Pirates of the Mississippi/Die Flußpiraten vom Mississippi/Les pirates sur Mississippi/Agguato sul grande fiume
Jürgen Roland
West German/French/Italian production. Based on a novel by Friedrich Gerstäcker 18 October 1963 (West Germany)
Villin Pohjolan salattu laakso
Aarne Tarkas
Finnish production. 8 November 1963 (Finland) Sequel to Villi Pohjola (1955)
Heroes of the West/Gli eroi del West/Los héroes del Oeste
Italian/Spanish production. Western comedy featuring Walter Chiari and Raimondo Vianello. 11 December 1963 (Italy)
Apache Gold/Winnetou 1/La révolte des indiens Apache/La valle dei lunghi coltelli/Vinetu 1
Harald Reinl
West German/French/Italian/Yugoslavian production. Winnetou (Pierre Brice) and his blood brother Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) defend the Apache lands from gold hunters. 11 December 1963 (West Germany) Awards: Goldene Leinwand
Part of the Winnetou series.
Gunfight at High Noon/El sabor de la venganza/I tre spietati
Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent
Spanish/Italian production. Chris Walker (Robert Hundar) becomes an outlaw and his brother Jeff (Richard Harrison) a police commissioner in Vera Cruz. They confront each other over the fate of the man who murdered their father. 8 February 1964 (Italy)
Wild West Story
Börje Nyberg
Swedish production. Comedy Western featuring Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt. 15 February 1964 (Sweden)
The Last Ride to Santa Cruz/Der Letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz
Rolf Olsen
West German/Austrian production. 28 March 1964 (West Germany)
Gunfighters of Casa Grande/Los pistoleros de Casa Grande
Roy Rowland
USA/Spanish production. Bank robber Joe Daylight (Alex Nicol) acquires a Mexican hacienda and helps the other hacienda owners fight bandit El Rojo (Aldo Sambrell). Daylight's secret plan is to rustle their cattle himself, but he meets resistance among his own men, especially from "Traveller" (Jorge Mistral). 1 April 1964 (Spain)
Ride and Kill/Cavalca e uccidi/Brandy
José Luis Borau/Mario Caiano
Italian/Spanish production. An early spaghetti western comedy starring Alex Nicol as Brandy, a town drunk who is hired by corrupt officials to replace the local sheriff after he is killed by their hired gunman (Claudio Undari). 30 April 1964 (Italy) Awards: Winner of the "Antonio Barbero" Revelation Award at the 1965 Cinema Writers Circle Awards for Best Director (José Luis Borau)
Old Shatterhand/Les cavaliers rouges/La battaglia di Fort Apache/Old Seterhend
Hugo Fregonese
West German/French/Italian/Yugoslavian production. 30 April 1964 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
Man of the Cursed Valley/L'uomo della valle maledetta/El hombre del valle maldito
Siro Marcellini
Italian/Spanish production. 22 May 1964 (Italy)
Grand Canyon Massacre/Massacro al Grande Canyon
Albert Band/Sergio Corbucci
Italian production. Former sheriff Wes Evans (James Mitchum) gets reluctantly involved in a feud between two big ranchers. 25 May 1964 (Italy)
Cavalry Charge/La carga de la policia montada
Ramòn Torrado
Spanish production. 4 June 1964 (Spain)
Shots Ring Out!/Il vendicatore di Kansas City/Cuatro balazos
Agustin Navarro
Italian/Spanish production. Gunfighter Frank Dalton (Paul Piaget) and the sheriff (Fernando Casanova) seek the real culprit of a murder pinned on Dalton's sister. 29 June 1964 (Italy)
Relevo para un pistolero
Ramòn Torrado
Spanish production. 29 June 1964 (Spain)
Two Mafiamen in the Far West/Due mafiosi nel Far West/Los pistoleros de la muerte
Giorgio Simonelli
Italian/Spanish production. Comedy Western featuring Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. 30 June 1964 (Italy)
Billy the Kid/Fuera de la ley
León Klimovsky
Spanish production. 9 July 1964 (Spain)
Bullets Don't Argue/Le pistole non discutono/Las pistolas no discuten/Die letzten Zwei vom Rio Bravo
Mario Caiano
Italian/Spanish/West German production. Sheriff Pat Garrett (Rod Cameron) goes to Mexico to bring back two bank robbers and their loot. Returning through the desert, they are stalked by bandits. 21 August 1964 (Italy)
Black Angel of the Mississippi/¡Bienvenido, padre Murray!
Ramón Torrado
Spanish production. 24 August 1964 (Spain)
Lemonade Joe/Limonádový Joe aneb Koňská opera
Oldřich Lipský
Czech production. Comedy Western. 28 August 1964 (East Germany)
Freddy in the Wild West/The Sheriff Was a Lady/Freddy und das Lied der Prärie
Sobey Martin
West German/Yugoslavian production featuring the singer Freddy Quinn. 28 August 1964 (West Germany)
A Fistful of Dollars/Per un pugno di dollari/Por un puñado de dólares/Für eine Handvoll Dollar
Sergio Leone
Italian/Spanish/West German production. The Man With No Name, a mysterious drifter (Clint Eastwood) arrives in a small town controlled by two warring gangs of smugglers. He plays one side against the other to make money, but is found out when he helps the captive Marisol (Marianne Koch) and her victimized family to escape. 12 September 1964[1] (Italy) Awards: 1 Silver Ribbon for Best Score (Migliore Musica) by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists in 1968
Last of the Renegades/Winnetou 2/Le trésor des montagnes bleus/Giorni de fuco/Vinetu 2
Harald Reinl
West German/French/Italian/Yugoslavian production. 17 September 1964 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
Apache Fury/El hombre de la diligencia/La furia degli Apache
José María Elorrieta
Spanish/Italian production. 1 October 1964 (Italy)
Twins from Texas/I gemelli del Texas/Los gemelos de Texas
Spanish/Italian production. Western comedy featuring Walter Chiari and Raimondo Vianello. 8 October 1964 (Italy)
Two Gunmen/I due violenti/Los rurales de Texas
Primo Zeglio
Spanish/Italian production. 8 October 1964 (Italy)
Lost Treasure of the Incas/Sansone e il tesoro degli Incas/Samson und der Schatz der Inkas/Samson et le trésor des Incas
Piero Pierotti
Italian/West German/French production. A Westerner named Samson (Alan Steel) gets involved with an ancient tribe of Inca Indians hiding in a mountain. This story mixes elements of the Western and the Sword-and-sandal film genre. 15 October 1964 (Italy)
The Road to Fort Alamo/La strada per Fort Alamo/Arizona Bill
Mario Bava
Italian/French production. 24 October 1964 (Italy)
Last gun/Jim, il primo
Sergio Bergonzelli
Italian production. The gang of Jess Lindall (Livio Lorenzon) terrorizes a Western town while they plan an attack on a transport of gold. Former gunfighter Jim Hart (Cameron Mitchell), who lives incognito as a peaceful shopkeeper, repeatedly interferes with their plans. He gets some help from the gang member Guitar (Carl Möhner), who turns out to be his brother. 29 October 1964 (Italy)
The Seven from Texas/Antes llega la muerte/I sette del Texas
Joaquìn Luis Romero Marchent
Spanish/Italian production. 6 November 1964 (Italy)
Minnesota Clay/L'homme du Minnesota
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish/French production. Minnesota Clay (Cameron Mitchell), a gunfighter slowly losing his eyesight and serving a long sentence for a crime he didn't commit, escapes from prison. He returns to his hometown to find his daughter (Diana Martin), but gets involved in the fight between a Mexican bandit (Fernando Sancho) and the sheriff (George Riviere) who blackmails the citizens and also withheld information which could have proven Clay innocent. 12 November 1964 (Italy)
Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West/Buffalo Bill, l'eroe del Far West/Buffalo Bill, le héros du Far West/Das war Buffalo Bill
Mario Costa
Italian/French/West German production.
With Gordon Scott as Buffalo Bill
19 November 1964 (Italy)
Gunmen of Rio Grande/Sfida a Rio Bravo/Desafío en Rio Bravo/Duel à Rio Bravo
Tulio Demicheli
Italian/Spanish/French production.
With Guy Madison as Wyatt Earp
19 November 1964 (Italy)
Massacre at Marble City/Die Goldsucher von Arkansas/Alla conquista dell'Arkansas/Les chercheurs d'or de l'Arkansas
Paul Martin
West German/Italian/French production. Based on a novel by Friedrich Gerstäcker 20 November 1964 (West Germany)
Tomb of the Pistolero/La tumba del pistolero/Attento Gringo... ora si spara
Amando de Ossorio
Spanish production. 21 November 1964 (Spain)
Legend of a Gunfighter/Heiss weht der Wind/Mein Freund Shorty
Rolf Olsen
West German/Austrian production. 26 November 1964 (West Germany)
Damned Pistols of Dallas/Le maledette pistole di Dallas/Las malditas pistolas de Dallas/Les pistolets maudites de Dallas
José Maria Zabalza
Italian/Spanish/French production. 5 December 1964 (Italy)
Among Vultures/Unter Geiern/Là dove scende il sole/Parmi les vautours/Medu jastrebovima
Alfred Vohrer
West German/Italian/French/Yugoslavian production. 8 December 1964 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
Three Lead Dollars/Tre dollari di piombo/Tres dólares de plomo/Trois dollars de plomb
Pino Mercanti
Italian/Spanish/French production. 19 December 1964 (Italy)
Magnificent Brutes of the West/I magnifici Brutos del West/Los brutos en el Oeste/Les terreurs de l'Ouest
Marino Girolami
Italian/Spanish/French production. 23 December 1964 (Italy)
Bullet in the Flesh/Il piombo e la carne/El sendero del odio/Les sentiers de la haine
Marino Girolami
Italian/Spanish/French production. 30 December 1964 (Italy)
Okay sceriffo
Angio Zane
Italian production. 30 December 1964 (Italy)
Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace/Los Pistoleros de Arizona/5000 dollari sull'asso/Die Gejagten der Sierra Nevada
Alfonso Balcázar
Spanish/Italian/West German production. The gambler Jeff Clayton (Robert Woods) wins a deed to one half of a ranch also belonging to Helen (Maria Sebaldt) and her brother. With some help from outlaw Carrancho (Fernando Sancho), he fights off a crooked lawyer and a gunman. 31 December 1964 (Italy)
Heroes of Fort Worth/Gli eroi di Fort Worth/El séptimo de caballeria
Alberto De Martino
Italian/Spanish production. 11 January 1965 (Italy)
Seven Hours of Gunfire/Aventuras del Oeste/Sette ore di fuoco/Die letzte Kugel traf den Besten
Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish/West German production. 21 January 1965 (Italy)
Murieta/Joaquín Murrieta
George Sherman
Spanish production.
With Jeffrey Hunter as Joaquin Murrieta
1 February 1965 (Spain)
Die For a Dollar in Tucson/Per un dollaro, a Tuckson si muore/On meurt a Tuckson
Cesare Canevari
Italian/French/Yugoslavian production. 27 February 1965 (Italy)
Treasure of the Aztecs/Der Schatz der Azteken/I violenti di Rio Bravo/Les mercenaires du Rio Grande/Blago Acteka
Robert Siodmak
West German/Italian/French/Yugoslavian production based on a book by Karl May. 4 March 1965 (West Germany)
Oklahoma John/Il ranch degli spietati/Der Sheriff von Rio Rojo
Jaime Jesús Balcázar/Roberto Bianchi Montero
Italian/Spanish/West German production. 11 March 1965 (Italy)
Black Eagle of Santa Fe/Die Schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe/I gringos non perdonano/Les aigles noirs de Santa-Fe
Alberto Cardone/Ernst Hofbauer
West German/Italian/French production. 12 March 1965 (West Germany)
Man Called Gringo/Sie nannten ihn Gringo/La ley del forastero
Roy Rowland
West German/Spanish production. 19 March 1965 (West Germany)
For a Fist in the Eye/Per un pugno nell'occhio/Por un puñado de golpes
Michele Lupo
Italian/Spanish production. Italian Western comedy. 14 April 1965 (Italy)
The Last of the Mohicans/Der letzte Mohikaner/La valle della ombre rosse/El utimo mohicano
Harald Reinl
West German/Italian/Spanish production.
Based on The Last of the Mohicans but set more than 100 years later
17 April 1965 (West Germany)
Jesse James' Kid/Solo contro tutti/El hijo de Jesse James
Antonio del Amo
Italian/Spanish production.
With Robert Hundar as the son of Jesse James
23 April 1965 (Italy)
Bandits of the Rio Grande/Die Banditen vom Rio Grande
Helmuth M. Backhaus
West German production. 24 April 1965 (Italy)
A Pistol for Ringo/Una pistola per Ringo/Una pistola para Ringo
Duccio Tessari
Italian/Spanish production. When a Mexican bandit (Fernando Sancho) takes a local rancher and his family hostage after a bank robbery, a gunfighter (Giuliano Gemma) is released from prison to infiltrate the gang in exchange for his acquittal – and a percentage of the recovered loot. 12 May 1965 (Italy)
Shoot to Kill/Los cuateros
Ramón Torrado
Spanish production. 24 May 1965 (Spain)
Massacre at Fort Grant/Fuerte perdido
José María Elorrieta
Spanish production. 31 May 1965 (Spain)
Joe Dexter/Oeste Nevada Joe/La sfida degli implacabili
Ignacio F. Iquino
Spanish/Italian production. 4 June 1965 (Italy)
Stranger in Sacramento/Uno straniero a Sacramento
Sergio Bergonzelli
Italian production. Mike Jordan (Mickey Hargitay) must find those who killed his father and brothers and stole their cattle. He gets help from local woman Lisa (Florencia Silvero) and Chris (Enrico Bomba), a wanted horse thief. 15 June 1965 (Italy)
The Hell of Manitoba/A Place Called Glory/Die Hölle von Manitoba/Un lugar llamando "Glory"
Sheldon Reynolds
West German/Spanish production. 27 July 1965 (West Germany)
Blood for a Silver Dollar/Un dollaro bucato/Le dollar troué
Giorgio Ferroni
Italian/French production. Gary O'Hara (Giuliano Gemma) joins an outlaw gang in order to clear his dead brother's name. 8 August 1965 (Italy)
Two Sergeants of General Custer/I due sergenti del generale Custer/Dos rivales en Fuerte Álamo
Giorgio Simonelli
Italian/Spanish production. Comedy Western featuring Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. 13 August 1965 (Italy)
Son of a Gunfighter/El Hijo del Pistolero
Paul Landres
USA/Spanish production. 16 August 1965 (United Kingdom)
Colt is My Law/La Colt è la mia legge/La ley del Colt
Alfonso Brescia
Italian/Spanish production. 20 August 1965 (Italy)
L'ultimo dei Mohicani
Mateo Cano
Italian/Spanish production. 20 August 1965 (Italy)
The Oil Prince/Der Ölprinz/Kralj petroleja
Harald Philipp
West German/Yugoslavian production. 25 August 1965 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
Left Handed Johnny West/Johnny West il mancino/Johnny West/Les frères Dynamite
Gianfranco Parolini
Italian/Spanish/French production. 27 August 1965 (Italy)
Sheriff Won't Shoot/Lo sceriffo che non spara/El sheriff no dispara
José Luis Monter/Renato Polselli
Italian/Spanish production. 9 September 1965 (Italy)
Hands of a Gunfighter/Il destino di un pistolero/Ocaso de un pistolero
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. A gunfighter on the run abducts the child of a sheriff when his own child is killed. He raises the boy and eventually decides to return him, which leads to his own death. 12 September 1965 (Italy)
Duel at Sundown/Duell vor Sonnenuntergang/Sparate a vista su Killer Kid
Leopold Lahola
West German/Italian/Yugoslavian production. 17 September 1965 (West Germany)
Jessy Does Not Forgive... He Kills!/Sunscorched/Tierra de fuego/Land des Feuers
Jaime Jesús Balcázar
Spanish/West German production. 1 October 1965 (West Germany)
Colorado Charlie
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. 2 October 1965 (Italy)
The Desperado Trail/Winnetou 3/Vinetu 3
Harald Reinl
West German/Italian/Yugoslavian production. 14 October 1965 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
Man from Canyon City/l'uomo che viene da Canyon City/Que viva Carrancho
Alfonso Balcázar
Spanish/Italian production. Escaped convicts Carrancho (Fernando Sancho) and Red (Luis Dávila) find themselves helping enslaved Mexicans rebel against mine boss Morgan (Robert Woods). 15 October 1965 (Italy)
Carry On Cowboy
Gerald Thomas
United Kingdom production. 6 November 1965 (United Kingdom)
I tre del Colorado
Amando de Ossorio
Italian/Spanish production. 12 November 1965 (Italy)
100.000 dollari per Ringo/Centomilla dollari per Ringo/Sangre sobre Texas
Alberto De Martino
Italian/Spanish production. 18 November 1965 (Italy)
Man with the Golden Pistol/L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro/Doc, manos de plata
Alfonso Balcázar
Italian/Spanish production. The mayor of Valdosa orders the bandir Reyes (Fernando Sancho) to kill the new sheriff before he arrives. However, wanted gambler Doc (Carl Möhner) finds the body and assumes the sheriff's identity. Then a bounty hunter (Luis Dávila) on Doc's trail turns up. 3 December 1965 (Italy)
The Relentless Four/I quattro inesorabili
Primo Zeglio
Italian /Spanish production. Texas Ranger Adam West takes on four bounty hunters. 3 December 1965 (Italy)
Why go on killing?/Perché uccidi ancora?/¿Por qué seguir matando?
José Antonio de la Loma
Italian/Spanish production. 4 December 1965 (Italy)
The Return of Ringo/Il ritorno di Ringo/El retorno de Ringo
Duccio Tessari
Italian/Spanish production. On his return from the Civil War, Montgomery Brown (Giuliano Gemma) finds that the Fuentes gang of Mexicans has taken over the town and the gold mines. They have killed his father and their leader Paco (George Martin) is living in his house with his wife (Lorella De Luca). He enters town disguised as a Mexican and starts working for the undertaker (Pajarito). His plan of vengeance is complicated when he discovers that he has a daughter. May be inspired by the last song of Homer's Odyssey. 8 December 1965 (Italy)
In a Colt's Shadow/All'ombra di una colt/Plazo para morir
Giovanni Grimaldi
Italian/Spanish production. Steve Blain (Stephen Forsyth) confronts some local bosses, who bring in Duke (Conrado San Martín), who is his former gunplay teacher. 10 December 1965 (Italy)
Old Surehand/Old Surehand 1. Teil/Lavirint smrti
Alfred Vohrer
West German/Yugoslavian production. 14 December 1965 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
Viva Maria!
Louis Malle
Italian/French production. Long lost sisters Maria I (Brigitte Bardot) and Maria II (Jeanne Moreau) reunite during the Mexican Revolution and become involved in gathering intelligence for revolutionaries under the guise of circus and vaudevillan performers. 18 December 1965 (French)
For a Few Dollars More/Per qualche dollaro in più/La muerte tenía un precio/Für ein Paar Dollar mehr
Sergio Leone
Italian/Spanish/West German production. The Man With No Name (Clint Eastwood) and older bounty hunter Colonel Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef) reluctantly join forces against Mexican bandit Indio (Gian Maria Volonté) and his gang. 18 December 1965 (Italy)
Adiós gringo
Giorgio Stegani
Italian/Spanish/French production. Brent Landers (Giuliano Gemma) has to prove his innocence from charges of cattle rustling and murder. He also helps rape victim Lucy (Ida Galli). 22 December 1965 (Italy)
Django the Condemned/El proscrito del Rio Colorado
Maury Dexter
Spanish production. 22 December 1965 (Spain)
A Coffin for the Sheriff/Una bara per lo sceriffo/Una tumba para el sheriff
Mario Caiano
Italian/Spanish production. 23 December 1965 (Italy)
Gold Train/30 Winchester per El Diablo
Gianfranco Baldanello
Italian production. 23 December 1965 (Italy)
The Tramplers/Gli uomini dal passo pesante/Les Forcenés
Albert Band
Italian/French production. Lon Cordeen (Gordon Scott), a former Confederate soldier, returns home after the American Civil War and tries to help his family, particularly his father Temple Cordeen (Joseph Cotten) and his younger brother Hoby (James Mitchum) as they try to rebuild their lives. 31 December 1965 (Italy)
Count Bobby, the Terror of the Wild West/Graf Bobby, der Schrecken des wilden Westens
Paul Martin
Austrian/Yugoslavian production. Western comedy. 5 January 1966 (West Germany) Vehicle for singer Peter Alexander
Ringo's Big Night/La grande notte di Ringo/Trampa para un forajido
Mario Maffei
Italian/Spanish production. Famous gunfighter Jack Ballman (William Berger) is arrested for committing several hold-ups. Acting on information from a cell mate, he busts out and during one night manages to find the real culprits, hide the loot and return to his cell, where a surprise awaits him. 21 January 1966 (Italy)
Mutiny at Fort Sharp/Per un dollaro di gloria/El escuadrón de la muerte
Fernando Cerchio
Italian/Spanish production. 29 January 1966 (Italy)
Seven Guns for the MacGregors/7 pistole per i MacGregor/7 pistolas para los McGregor
Franco Giraldi
Italian/Spanish production. 2 February 1966 (Italy)
Giuseppe Vari
Italian production. 4 February 1966 (Italy)
The Sons of Great Bear/Die Söhne der großen Bärin
Josef Mach
East German/Yugoslavian production. 18 February 1966 (East Germany) East German Ostern
Four Dollars for Vengeance/Cuatro dólares de venganza/4 dollari di vendetta
Alfonso Balcázar/Jaime Jesús Balcázar
Spanish/Italian production. 5 March 1966 (Italy)
Dollar of Fire/Un dollaro di fuoco/Un dólar de fuego
Nick Nostro
Italian/Spanish production. 10 March 1966 (Italy)
Dollars for a Fast Gun/100.000 dollari per Lassiter/La muerte cumple condena
Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. 10 March 1966 (Italy)
Seven Dollars on the Red/Sette dollari sul rosso/Siete dòlares al rojo
Alberto Cardone
Italian/Spanish production. Bandit Sancho (Fernando Sancho) kills the wife of Johnny Ashley (Anthony Steffen), and abducts Johnny's son Jerry (Roberto Miali) to raise him as his own. Johnny's search for his son and his wife's killer ends in tragedy. 16 March 1966 (Italy)
Three bullets for Ringo/3 colpi di Winchester per Ringo
Emimmo Salvi
Italian production. 16 March 1966 (Italy)
For One Thousand Dollars Per Day/Per mille dollari al giorno/Por mil dólares al día
Silvio Amadio
Italian/Spanish production. A gunfighter (Mimmo Palmara) is hired to protect a powerful family who's been receiving anonymous threats. It turns out that he is an avenger and the threats are part of his plan. 17 March 1966 (Italy)
A Gunman called Nebraska/Ringo del Nebraska/Ringo de Nebraska
Antonio Román/Mario Bava
Italian/Spanish production. Nebraska Jim (Ken Clark) gets involved in what turns out to be a fight over hidden loot. 18 March 1966 (Italy)
Ruthless Colt of the Gringo/La spietata Colt del Gringo/la venganza de Clark Harrisson
José Luis Madrid
Italian/Spanish production. 25 March 1966 (Italy)
The Trap
Sidney Hayers
United Kingdom production. 1 April 1966 (United Kingdom)
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish production. Django (Franco Nero) arrives in a border town dragging a coffin behind him. He becomes involved in a feud between a white supremacist troop of ex-Confederates led by Jackson (Eduardo Fajardo) and a gang of Mexican ex-revolutionaries led by Hugo (José Bódalo). 6 April 1966 (Italy)
Seven Magnificent Guns/Le sette magnifiche pistole/Siete pistolas para Timothy
Romolo Guerrieri
Italian/Spanish production. 8 April 1966 (Italy)
Legacy of the Incas/Das Vermächtnis des Inka/Viva Gringo/El ultiomo rey de los incas/Zavetut na inkata Bulgaria
Georg Marischka
West German/Italian/Spanish/Bulgarian production based on a book by Karl May. 9 April 1966 (West Germany)
Kill Johnny Ringo/Uccidete Johnny Ringo
Gianfranco Baldanello
Italian production. Texas Ranger Johnny Ringo's (Brett Halsey) mission to stop a counterfeiting ring also involves him in a love drama. 6 May 1966 (Italy)
Who Killed Johnny R.?/Wer kennt Johnny R.?/La balada de Johnny Ringo
José Luis Madrid
West German/Spanish production. 19 May 1966 (West Germany)
Lanky Fellow/Per il gusto di uccidere/Cazador de recompensas
Tonino Valerii
Italian/Spanish production. Bounty hunter Lanky Fellow (Craig Hill) is hired to protect a shipment of gold from bandit Kennebeck (George Martin). 8 June 1966 (Italy)
Johnny Oro
Sergio Corbucci
Italian production. Bounty killer Johnny Oro (Mark Damon) reluctantly helps a local sheriff (Ettore Manni) defend his town against an alliance of Mexican bandits and Indians. Based on a story by Adriano Bolzoni and Franco Rossetti. 15 July 1966 (Italy)
Five Dollars for Ringo/5 dollari per Ringo/Cinco pistolas de Texas
Ignacio F. Iquino/Juan Xiol
Italian/Spanish production. 23 July 1966 (Italy)
Savage Pampas/Pampa Salvaje
Hugo Fregonese
USA/Spanish/Argentine production. 29 July 1966 (West Germany)
Seven Pistols for a Gringo/Sette pistole per el gringo/Rio Maldito
Juan Xiol
Italian/Spanish production. 6 August 1966 (Italy)
Tempo di massacro/Le colt cantarono la morte e fu... tempo di massacro
Lucio Fulci
AKA Massacre Time
Italian production. Tom Corbett (Franco Nero) is called home by a mysterious message and finds his home taken over by big landowner Scott (Giuseppe Addobbati) and his psychotic son Junior (Nino Castelnuovo). However, Tom's drunken brother Jeff (George Hilton) is anxious for him to leave immediately. 10 August 1966 (Italy)
Johnny Yuma
Romolo Guerrieri
Italian production. Samantha Felton (Rosalba Neri) and her brother (Luigi Vannucchi) kill her wealthy husband and plot the death of his nephew and heir to his fortune, gunfighter Johnny Yuma (Mark Damon). 11 August 1966 (Italy)
For a Few Dollars Less/Per qualche dollaro in meno
Mario Mattoli
Italian production. Western comedy. A spoof of Sergio Leone's For a Few Dollars More. 11 August 1966 (Italy)
Go With God, Gringo/Vajas con Dios, Gringo
Edoardo Mulargia
Italian production. 12 August 1966 (Italy)
Dynamite Jim/Dinamite Jim/Dinamita Jim
Alfonso Balcázar
Italian/Spanish production. A gambler (Luis Dávila) becomes involved in contention over a shipment of gold during the Civil War. 12 August 1966 (Italy)
Ringo and Gringo Against All/Ringo e Gringo contro tutti/Ringo y Gringo contra todos
Bruno Corbucci
Italian/Spanish production. Western comedy featuring Lando Buzzanca and Raimondo Vianello. 15 August 1966 (Italy)
Winnetou and the Crossbreed/Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi/Il giorno più lungo di Kansas City
Harald Philipp
West German/Italian/Yugoslavian production. 17 August 1966 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
Djurado/Jim Golden Poker
Giovanni Narzisi
Italian/Spanish production. 20 August 1966 (Italy)
Starblack/Django – schwarzer Gott des Todes
Giovanni Grimaldi
Italian/West German production. 25 August 1966 (Italy)
Yankee/El yankee
Tinto Brass
Italian/Spanish production. 25 August 1966 (Italy)
Ringo: Face of Revenge/Ringo: il volto della vendetta/Los cuatro salvajes
Mario Caiano
Italian/Spanish production. 26 August 1966 (Italy)
Arizona Colt/Il pistolero di Arizona
Michele Lupo
Italian/French production. Jane's (Corinne Marchand) sister is murdered by a man from the gang of Gordo Watch (Fernando Sancho). Jane hires bounty hunter Arizona Colt (Giuliano Gemma) to get the killer. Since she cannot afford the fee demanded by Arizona, she agrees to spend a night with him. 27 August 1966 (Italy)
Texas, Adios/Texas, addio
Ferdinando Baldi
Italian/Spanish production. Sheriff Burt Sullivan (Franco Nero) and his brother Jim (Alberto Dell'Acqua) find some surprises when they go to Mexico to bring back Cisco Delgado (José Suárez), the man who killed their father. 28 August 1966 (Italy)
El Rojo/Texas el Rojo
Leopoldo Savona
Italian/Spanish production. Donald Sorenson (Richard Harrison) one by one kills the respectable citizens responsible for the murder of his parents and brother. 1 September 1966 (Italy)
Few Dollars for Django/Pochi dollari per Django/Alambradas de violencia
León Klimovsky
Italian/Spanish production. Bounty killer Regan (Anthony Steffen) is sent to investigate whether the supposedly dead bank robber Jim Norton (Frank Wolff) is in fact living in Montana posing as his twin brother. Regan takes on the identity of a new sheriff that has been killed before arrival. Both men get involved in a struggle between farmers and cattle breeders. 9 September 1966 (Italy)
Hills Run Red/Un fiume di dollari
Carlo Lizzani
Italian production. Ex-convict Jerry Brewster (Thomas Hunter) seeks revenge upon his former partner Segal (Nando Gazzolo) and gets help from a stranger (Dan Duryea). 9 September 1966 (Italy)
Seven Vengeful Women/7 donne per una strage/Las siete magníficas/Frauen, die durch die Hölle gehen
Gianfranco Parolini, Sidney W. Pink, Rudolf Zehetgruber
Italian/Spanish/Austrian/Lichtenstein production. 26 September 1966 (Italy)
For a Few Extra Dollars/Per pochi dollari ancora/El hombre del Sur/Trois cavaliers pour fort Yuma
Giorgio Ferroni
Italian/Spanish/French production. Ex-Confederate soldier Gary Hammond (Giuliano Gemma) accepts a mission to stop his former comrades-in-arms from a suicide attack by disclosing the treason of their commander (Jacques Sernas). 7 October 1966 (Italy)
Two Thousand Dollars for Coyote/Dos mil dòlares por Coyote/Django... cacciatore di taglia
Leòn Klimovsky
Spanish production. 7 October 1966 (Spain)
Django Does Not Forgive/Mestizio
Julio Buchs
Spanish production. 7 October 1966 (Spain)
Five for Revenge/I cinque della vendetta/Los cinco de la venganza
Aldo Florio
Italian/Spanish production. A rancher is murdered and five of his friends, led by Tex (Guy Madison), help his widow get revenge on the killers, who are her cousins! 12 October 1966 (Italy)
Sugar Colt
Franco Giraldi
Italian/Spanish production. Rocco (Hunt Powers) – also called the man with two faces – goes to Snake Valley disguised as a doctor in order to investigate the disappearance of some soldiers. 12 October 1966 (Italy)
El Cisco
Sergio Bergonzelli
Italian production. Cisco (William Berger) is framed for a bank robbery. He escapes from his own hanging and goes to clear his name and find the real culprits, who turn out to be town boss Big Burt (Tom Felleghy) and the bandit Cascaron (George Wang). 13 October 1966 (Italy)
Thompson 1880
Guido Zurli
Italian/Spanish production. 13 October 1966 (Italy)
Django Shoots First/Django spara per primo
Alberto De Martino
Italian production. Glenn (Glenn Saxson) kills a bounty hunter who has killed his father, and then takes his father's body into town to collect the bounty. When he also claims his inheritance, he finds adversaries as well as assistants. 28 October 1966 (Italy)
Kill or Die/Uccidi o muori
Tanio Boccia
Italian production. Rancher Lisa Drummond (Elina De Witt) is threatened by a local boss and his mean sons. Fortunately (for her), her new farm hand turns out to be a notorious gunfighter (Robert Mark) hiding from his reputation under another name. 1 November 1966 (Italy)
The Ugly Ones/The bounty killer/El precio de un hombre
Eugenio Martín
Italian/Spanish production. Jose Gomez (Tomas Milian), a recently escaped outlaw, is tracked to his hometown by bounty hunter Luke Chilson (Richard Wyler). Unaware that Gomez has become a hardened criminal, Eden (Ilya Karin) and the other townspeople attempt to hide him from his pursuer. 4 November 1966 (Italy) Awards: 2nd place at the National Syndicate of Spectacle in 1966
Ramon the Mexican/Ramon il Messicano
Maurizio Pradeaux
Italian production. 13 November 1966 (Italy)
Navajo Joe/Un dollaro a testa/Joe, el implacable
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish production. After his tribe is massacred, a lone surviving Navajo (Burt Reynolds) pursues the outlaw gang responsible. 25 November 1966 (Italy)
Two Sons of Ringo/I due figli di Ringo
Giorgio Simonelli/Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian production. Comedy Western featuring Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. 7 December 1966 (Italy)
A Bullet for the General/Quién Sabe?
Damiano Damiani
Italian production. A mercenary (Lou Castel) is hired to infiltrate a group of Mexican revolutionaries and befriends one of the rebels, El Chucho (Gian Maria Volonté). 7 December 1966 (Italy)
Winnetou and Old Firehand/Thunder at the Border/Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand/Vinetu i Old Fajerhend
Alfred Vohrer
West German/Yugoslavian production. 13 December 1966 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
One Thousand Dollars on the Black/Mille dollari sul nero/Sartana
Alberto Cardone
Italian/West German production. Johnny Liston (Anthony Steffen) returns home after serving a prison sentence for a murder he didn't commit. His mother (Carla Calò) at first rejects him and favors his brother Sartana (Gianni Garko) whose gang terrorizes the town. 18 December 1966 (Italy)
My Name Is Pecos/Due once di piombo
Maurizio Lucidi
Italian production. 22 December 1966 (Italy)
Sheriff With the Gold/Uno sceriffo tutto d'oro
Osvaldo Civirani
Italian production. 22 December 1966 (Italy)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly/Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo
Sergio Leone
Italian Production. In the final installment of the Dollars trilogy, which takes place during the Civil War, the Man With No Name, here called Blondie (Clint Eastwood), becomes involved with bandit Tuco (Eli Wallach) and hired killer Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef) in a search for a stolen US Army gold shipment. The film features a brilliant climax with "the Trio." Of all the Spaghetti Western films, this one consistently receives the highest ratings. 23 December 1966 (Italy) Awards: 2nd place for Best Action Performance (Clint Eastwood) at the 1968 Laurel Awards.
A Stranger in Town/Un dollaro tra i denti
Luigi Vanzi
USA/Italian production. A gunfighter, known only as "The Stranger" (Tony Anthony), seeks revenge against the local crime boss who double-crossed him in a deal. 13 January 1967 (Italy)
Django, Kill... If You Live, Shoot!/Se sei vivo spara/Oro maldito
Giulio Questi
Italian/Spanish production. The Mexican gang of the halfbreed hero (Tomas Milian) and the Anglo gang of Oaks (Piero Lulli) hijack a gold transport. The Mexicans are then gunned down but two Indians help the hero to recover. He catches up and out-guns Oaks in a town where the citizens already have lynched Oak's men. The gold now becomes an object of contention between the hero, "substantial citizens" Templar (Milo Quesada) and Alderman (Paco Sanz) and rancher Zorro (Roberto Camardiel). 22 January 1967 (Italy)
The Hellbenders/I crudeli/Los despiadados
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish production. An ex-Confederate officer (Joseph Cotten) and his sons rob a gold transport in order to revive the Confederacy. They try to smuggle the loot through Union territory in a coffin and blackmail a gambler (Norma Bengell) to act as the widow. 2 February 1967 (Italy)
Clint the Stranger/Clint il solitario/Una tumba para Johnny Ringo/Tal der Hoffnung
Alfonso Balcázar
Italian/Spanish/West German production. 2 February 1967 (Italy)
Dynamite Joe/Joe l'implacabile/Dinamita Joe
Antonio Margheriti
Italian/Spanish production. 15 February 1967 (Italy)
Man and a Colt/Un uomo, una Colt/Un hombre y un Colt
Tulio Demicheli
Italian/Spanish production. 18 February 1967 (Italy)
Long Days of Vengeance/I lunghi giorni della vendetta/Los largos días de la venganza/Les long jours de la vengeance
Florestano Vancini
Italian/Spanish/French production. Ted Barnett (Giuliano Gemma) escapes from prison to prove his innocence, which entails a careful game of cunning. 23 February 1967 (Italy)
Fury of Johnny Kid/Dove si spara di più/La furia de Johnny Kid
Gianni Puccini
Italian/Spanish production. Johnny (Peter Lee Lawrence) and Giulietta (Cristina Galbó) fall in love, despite the fact that their families are deadly enemies. In the end, the couple leave together, while their families kill each other in a big showdown. An unknown man in a mask of death completes the massacre. Based on William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. 2 March 1967 (Italy)
Seven for Pancho Villa/Los 7 de Pancho Villa
José María Elorrieta
Spanish production. 2 March 1967 (Spain)
The Big Gundown/La resa dei conti/El halcón y la presa
Sergio Sollima
Italian/Spanish production. Jonathan Corbett (Lee Van Cleef), lawman and bounty hunter, chases Mexican bandit Cuchillo Sanchez (Tomas Milian) across the Mexican border, where some surprises await Corbett. 3 March 1967 (Italy)
Up the MacGregors!/7 donne per i MacGregor/7 mujeres para los Mac Gregors
Franco Giraldi
Italian/Spanish production. 3 March 1967 (Italy) Sequel to Seven Guns for the MacGregors
10.000 Dollars Blood Money/10.000 dollari per un massacro
Romolo Guerrieri
Italian production. Bounty Hunter Django (Gianni Garko) refuses to go after kidnapper Manuel Vasquez (Claudio Camaso) because the bounty offered is too low. Eventually he joins Vasquez in stage coach robbery, with tragic consequences. 3 March 1967 (Italy)
The Man Who Killed Billy the Kid/...e divenne il più spietato bandito del Sud/¡El hombre que mató a Billy el Niño!
Julio Buchs
Italian/Spanish production.
With Peter Lee Lawrence as Billy the Kid and Fausto Tozzi as Pat Garrett
9 March 1967 (Italy)
Carlo Lizzani
Italian/West German production. After surviving his family's massacre, a young boy (Lou Castel) is taken in and raised by a preacher. Years later, he comes face to face with the man that killed his family. 10 March 1967 (Italy)
Giorgio Ferroni
Italian production. Sheriff Gary Ryan (Giuliano Gemma) is unjustly accused of murder and must clear his name while being hunted as an outlaw. 22 March 1967 (Italy)
Cold killer/Uccideva a freddo
Guido Celano
Italian production. 23 March 1967 (Italy)
Kitosch, the Man Who Came From the North/Frontera al Sur/Kitosch, l'uomo che veniva dal Nord
José Luis Merino
Spanish/Italian production. 23 March 1967 (Italy)
Pecos Cleans Up/Pecos è qui: prega e muori
Maurizio Lucidi
Italian production. 23 March 1967 (Italy) Sequel to My Name Is Pecos.
Renegade Riders/Sette winchester per un massacro
Enzo G. Castellari
Italian production. Two bounty hunters (Edd Byrnes and Luisa Baratto) infiltrate a gang of Confederate renegades looking for a hidden war chest. 14 April 1967 (Italy)
Ballad of a Gunman/Ballata per un pistolero/Rocco – der Einzelgänger von Alamo
Alfio Caltabiano
Italian/West German production. 19 April 1967 (Italy)
Killer Caliber .32/Killer Calibro .32
Alfonso Brescia
Italian production. 20 April 1967 (Italy)
Wanted Johnny Texas
Emimmo Salvi
Italian production. 27 April 1967 (Italy)
Django Kills Softly/Bill il taciturno/Django, le taciturne
Massimo Pupillo
Italian/French production. 29 April 1967 (Italy)
Adios, Hombre
Mario Caiano
Italian/Spanish production. 29 April 1967 (Italy)
Son of Django/Il figlio di Django
Osvaldo Civirani
Italian production. 26 May 1967 (Italy)
Born to Kill/Nato per uccidere
Antonio Mollica
Italian production. 15 June 1967 (Italy)
Christmas Kid/Joe Navidad
Sidney W. Pink
USA/Spanish production. 1 July 1967 (USA)
Poker with Pistols/Un poker di pistole
Giuseppe Vari
Italian production. After losing his money at cards, Lucas (George Eastman) gets entangled in some schemes concerning counterfeit money. 7 July 1967 (Italy)
Death at Owell Rock/La morte non conta i dollari
Riccardo Freda
Italian production. Lawrence White (Stephen Forsyth) returns to his hometown and reopens the investigation into the murder of his father. Doc Lester (Nello Pazzafini), the one behind the murder, hires Boyd (Mark Damon) to stop White – with unexpected consequences. 21 July 1967 (Italy)
Magnificent Texan/Il magnifico Texano/Diez horcas para un pistolero
Luigi Capuano
Italian/Spanish production. 28 July 1967 (Italy)
Last of the Badmen/Il tempo degli avvoltoi
Nando Cicero
Italian production. Kitosch (George Hilton) is branded by his ranch boss (Eduardo Fajardo) after becoming too close with the latter's wife (Pamela Tudor). Kitosch escapes and joins up with gunfighter Tracy (Frank Wolff) but is eventually repelled by Tracy's violent methods. 2 August 1967 (Italy)
Edoardo Mulargia
Italian production. Cjamango (Sean Todd) has been robbed of a poker pot of gold and exploits the conflict between Don Pablo (Livio Lorenzon) and Tiger (Piero Lulli) in order to regain it. He gets some help from Clinton (Mickey Hargitay) who claims to be a whisky salesman. 9 August 1967 (Italy)
Days of violence/I giorni della violenza
Alfonso Brescia
Italian production. In the aftermath of the Civil War, Johs (Peter Lee Lawrence) seeks vengeance on Clifford (Luigi Vannucchi), who has killed his brother. 10 August 1967 (Italy)
The Last Killer/L'ultimo killer
Giuseppe Vari
Italian production. 10 August 1967 (Italy)
Rita of the West/Little Rita nel West
Ferdinando Baldi
Italian production. Protector of the West Little Rita (Rita Pavone) loves Black Star (Terence Hill), who is only out for gold. Several musical numbers included. 11 August 1967 (Italy)
The Handsome, the Ugly, and the Stupid/Il bello, il brutto, il cretino
Giovanni Grimaldi
Italian/West German production. Comedy Western featuring Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. 13 August 1967 (Italy)
Gentleman Killer/Gentleman Jo... uccidi/Gentleman Jo
Giorgio Stegani
Italian/Spanish production. 14 August 1967 (Italy)
God Does Not Pay on Saturday/Dio non paga il sabato/Il prezo del oro
Tanio Boccia
Italian/Spanish production. 15 August 1967 (Italy)
Death Walks in Laredo/Tre pistole contro Cesare
Enzo Peri
Italian production. A former sheriff (Thomas Hunter), a martial arts expert (James Shigeta) and a magician (Nadir Moretti) seek the inheritance of their common father. In the process, they must fight a local boss who imitates the lifestyle of Julius Caesar (Enrico Maria Salerno). 16 August 1967 (Italy)
The Stranger Returns/Un uomo, un cavallo, una pistola/Western Jack
Luigi Vanzi
Italian/West German/USA production. The mysterious gunfighter (Tony Anthony) and a local preacher (Marco Guglielmi) track down an outlaw gang that has robbed a stagecoach made of solid gold. 17 August 1967 (Italy)
Rick and John, Conquerors of the West/Ric e Gian alla conquista del West
Osvaldo Civirani
Italian production. 18 August 1967 (Italy)
Hate for Hate/Odio per odio
Domenico Paolella
Italian production. Miguel Mendez (Antonio Sabàto), who mines gold used by Coyote (Fernando Sancho) to buy peons free from their padrones so they can go back to Mexico, gets involved with bank robber Jeff (John Ireland). 19 August 1967 (Italy)
Two R-R-Ringos from Texas/Due Rrringos nel Texas
Marino Girolami
Italian production. Comedy Western featuring Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. 25 August 1967 (Italy)
Death Rides a Horse/Da uomo a uomo
Giulio Petroni
Italian production. Bill Meceita (John Phillip Law) tries to team up with an ex-outlaw (Lee Van Cleef) to go after the outlaws who murdered his family when he was a child. 31 August 1967 (Italy)
Rattler Kid/L'uomo venuto per uccidere/Un hombre vino a matar
León Klimovsky
Italian/Spanish production. 11 September 1967 (Italy)
Any Gun Can Play/Vado... l'ammazzo e torno
Enzo G. Castellari
Italian production. A bank employee (Edd Byrnes), a Mexican bandit (Gilbert Roland), a bounty hunter (George Hilton) and several other parties double-cross each other over a stolen shipment of gold. 26 September 1967 (Italy)
Two Crosses at Danger Pass/Due croci a Danger Pass/Dos cruces en Danger Pass
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. 28 September 1967 (Italy)
Killer Kid
Leopoldo Savona
Italian production. Posing as an outlaw, a US Army officer (Anthony Steffen) is sent to stop gun-running across the border. He gets involved with Mexican revolutionaries, especially Mercedes (Liz Barret). 30 September 1967 (Italy)
The Dirty Outlaws/El desperado
Franco Rossetti
Italian production. The outlaw Steve (Andrea Giordana) takes the uniform of a dead officer and pretends to be the returning son of a blind man. He helps an outlaw gang capture a money transport from the army and escapes with the loot, but is caught, beaten and left for dead. The bandits kill his "father" and rapes his love interest (Rosemary Dexter). He avenges their deeds with the help of a con-man (Aldo Berti) 30 September 1967 (Italy)
Bandidos/Crepa tu... che vivo io
Massimo Dallamano
Italian/Spanish production. During a train robbery, master gunfighter Richard Martin (Enrico Maria Salerno) has his hands destroyed in a gunfight with his former pupil Bill Cane (Venantino Venantini). To avenge himself on Kane, Martin trains a stranger called Ricky Shot (Terry Jenkins), but the latter has his own agenda. 15 October 1967 (Italy)
If One Is Born a Swine/Voltati... ti uccido/Winchester Bill
Alfonso Brescia
Italian/Spanish production. 21 October 1967 (Italy)
Lola Colt
Siro Marcellini
Italian production featuring Lola Falana. 22 October 1967 (Italy)
Halleluja for Django/La più grande rapina del West
Maurizio Lucidi
Italian production. The gang of Jarrett (Walter Barnes) robs a bank and then takes control of the small town of Poorlands, where they kill the sheriff. Jarrett's plans are secretly obstructed on the one hand by El Santo (Jack Betts), one of his own men, and on the other by Billy "Rhum" (George Hilton), the sheriff's brother, who seems to be locked up in the town jail. 28 October 1967 (Italy)
Buckaroo: The Winchester Does Not Forgive/Buckaroo
Adelchi Bianchi
Italian production. 28 October 1967 (Italy)
God Forgives... I Don't!/Dio perdona... io no!/Tú perdonas... yo no
Giuseppe Colizzi
Italian/Spanish production. Cat (Terence Hill) is looking for Bill San Antonio (Frank Wolff), who has disappeared with the loot from a train robbery, and is joined by the insurance agent Hutch (Bud Spencer). 31 October 1967 (Italy) The film is the first in a trilogy continued with Ace High and Boot Hill
Death Rides Along/Con lui cavalca la morte
Giuseppe Vari
Italian production. 11 November 1967 (Italy)
John the Bastard/Johnny il bastardo
Armando Crispino
Italian production. Based on the story of Don Juan. 16 November 1967 (Italy)
Bang Bang Kid
Luciano Lelli
Italian/Spanish production. 19 November 1967 (Italy)
Face to Face/Faccia a faccia/Cara a cara
Sergio Sollima
Italian/Spanish production. Brad Fletcher (Gian Maria Volonté), a history professor, joins a bandit gang led by Solomon Beauregard Bennett (Tomas Milian). 23 November 1967 (Italy)
Devil Was an Angel/Una Colt in pugno del diavolo
Sergio Bergonzelli
Italian production. 24 November 1967 (Italy)
Vengeance Is Mine/Per 100.000 dollari ti ammazzo
Giovanni Fago
Italian production. Bounty hunter Johnny Forest (Gianni Garko) arrests his half-brother Clint (Claudio Camaso) who earlier had shot their father and blamed Johnny. As the Confederate administration is falling apart, the bounty cannot be paid. Instead, Johnny joins Clint to search for a hidden treasure of gold, with tragic consequences. 30 November 1967 (Italy)
Don't Wait Django... Shoot!/Non aspettare Django, spara!
Edoardo Mulargia
Italian production. 2 December 1967 (Italy)
Red Blood, Yellow Gold/Professionisti per un massacro/Los profesionales de la muerte
Nando Cicero
Italian/Spanish production. Several parties fight and betray each other over a stolen transport of gold. 7 December 1967 (Italy)
Fifteen Scaffolds for the Killer/15 forche per un assassino/Quince horcas para un asesino
Nunzio Malasomma
Italian/Spanish production. 15 December 1967 (Italy)
Day of Anger/I giorni dell'ira/Der Tod ritt Dienstags
Tonino Valerii
Italian/West German production. A town outcast (Giuliano Gemma) wants to become the apprentice of the gunfighter Frank Talby (Lee Van Cleef). 19 December 1967 (Italy)
Man, Pride and Vengeance/L'uomo, l'orgoglio, la vendetta/Mit Django kam der Tod
Luigi Bazzoni
Italian/West German production. Based on the novella Carmen by Prosper Mérimée. 22 December 1967 (Italy)
Two faces of the Dollar/Le due face del dollaro/Poker d'as pour Django
Roberto Bianchi Montero
Italian/French production. 28 December 1967 (Italy)
Chingachgook, die große Schlange
Richard Groschopp
East German production. 29 December 1967 (East Germany) East German Ostern
Death Sentence/Sentenza di morte
Mario Lanfranchi
Italian production. 1 January 1968 (Italy)
Train for Durango/Un treno per Durango/Un tren para Durango
Mario Caiano
Italian/Spanish production. When bandits steal a safe full of gold, its key gets into the hands of small-time thieves Gringo (Anthony Steffen) and Lucas (Enrico Maria Salerno). They form a partnership with Brown (Mark Damon) and Helen (Dominique Boschero) to get their hands on the safe. 6 January 1968 (Italy)
If You Want to Live... Shoot!/Se vuoi vivere... spara!
Sergio Garrone
Italian production. The gold miner Johnny Dall (Ivan Rassimov) escapes a set up by Stack (Giovanni Cianfriglia), who distributes fake wanted posters for him, attracting the attention of bounty killer Donovan (Riccardo Garrone), while Johnny gets involved in a fight between a rancher and a city boss. 7 January 1968 (Italy)
I'll Sell My Skin Dearly/Vendo cara la pelle
Ettore Maria Fizzarotti
Italian production. 10 January 1968 (Italy)
Viva Django/Preparati la bara!
Ferdinando Baldi
Italian production. The wife of Django (Terence Hill) is killed when the transport of gold he's guarding is attacked by the men of his "friend" David Barry (Horst Frank). He becomes a hangman, who spares the lives of the condemned victims of Barry's conspiracies and organizes them into a band to help him disclose Barry. 27 January 1968 (Italy)
A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die/Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire
Franco Giraldi
USA/Italian production. Outlaw Clay McCord (Alex Cord) considers accepting an amnesty from the governor (Robert Ryan), but the amnesty is opposed both by the sheriff (Arthur Kennedy) and by outlaw leader Kraut (Mario Brega). 8 February 1968 (Italy)
Killer Adios/Killer, adiós/Winchester, uno entre mil
Primo Zeglio
Italian/Spanish production. 8 February 1968 (Italy)
The Ruthless Four/Ognuno per sé/Das Gold von Sam Cooper
Giorgio Capitani
Italian/West German production. Sam Cooper's (Van Heflin) partner tries to kill him over their gold strike, but Sam kills him instead. He sends for his former partner Manolo Sanchez (George Hilton) to work the mine. As the latter is joined by the sinister looking Brent The Blonde (Klaus Kinski), Sam brings in his former friend, later adversary, Mason (Gilbert Roland) for his protection. 9 February 1968 (Italy)
Ringo the Lone Rider/Ringo, il cavaliere solitario/Dos hombres van a morir
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. 15 February 1968 (Italy)
Gunman Sent by God/Il pistolero segnato da Dio
Giorgio Ferroni
Italian production. 29 February 1968 (Italy)
Gun Shy Piluk/Giurò... e li uccise ad uno ad uno
Guido Celano
Italian production. 7 March 1968 (Italy)
Saguaro/Sapevano solo uccidere
Tanio Boccia
Italian production. 10 March 1968 (Italy)
Pray To God and Dig Your Grave/Prega Dio... e scavati la fossa!
Edoardo Mulargia
Italian production. 14 March 1968 (Italy)
The Belle Starr Story/Il mio corpo per un poker
Lina Wertmüller/Piero Cristofani
Italian production. The outlaws Belle Starr (Elsa Martinelli) and Larry Blackie (George Eastman) have a relation of attraction mixed with competition. 15 March 1968 (Italy)
Johnny Hamlet/Quella sporcha storia nel West
Enzo G. Castellari
Italian production. When Johnny (Andrea Giordana) returns to his home Ranch Elsenor, he learns that his father is believed to have embezzled $300.000 before he was killed by the bandit Santana (Manuel Sarrano), who in his turn was killed by Johnny's uncle Clyde (Horst Frank). The latter has also married Johnny's mother (Françoise Prévost). Eventually Johnny finds out that the guilty party is Clyde, who has taken the money, and is in cahoots with Santana, who is still alive. 22 March 1968 (Italy) Based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Vengeance Is My Forgiveness/La vendetta è il mio perdono
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. 23 March 1968 (Italy)
A Stranger in Paso Bravo/Uno straniero a Paso Bravo/Los pistoleros de Paso Bravo
Salvatore Rosso
Italian/Spanish production. 23 March 1968 (Italy)
All out/Tutto per tutto/La hora del coraje
Umberto Lenzi
Italian/Spanish production. 27 March 1968 (Italy)
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!/Oggi a me... domani a te
Tonino Cervi
Italian production. On his release from prison, Bill Kiowa (Brett Halsey) gathers a group of gunfighters to avenge himself on bandit Elfego (Tatsuya Nakadai), who was the one who framed him and also killed his wife. 28 March 1968 (Italy)
Cowards Don't Pray/I vigliacchi non pregano/El vengador del Sur
Mario Siciliano
Italian/Spanish production. 2 April 1968 (Italy)
Rope For a Bastard/Una forca per un bastardo
Amasai Damiano
Italian production. 3 April 1968 (Italy)
A Long Ride from Hell/Vivo per la tua morte
Camillo Bazzoni
Italian production. 5 April 1968 (Italy)
Long Days of Hate/I lunghi giorni dell'odio
Gianfranco Baldanello
Italian production. 5 April 1968 (Italy)
Tequila Joe/...e venne il tempo di uccidere
Enzo Dell'Aquila
Italian production. 5 April 1968 (Italy)
Blood Calls to Blood/Sangue chiama sangue
Luigi Capuano
Italian production. 6 April 1968 (Italy)
Beyond the Law/Al di lá della legge/Die letzte Rechnung zahlst du selbst
Giorgio Stegani
Italian/West German production. Billy Joe Cudlip (Lee Van Cleef) becomes a sheriff in order to steal a silver shipment, but circumstances make him act his position. 10 April 1968 (Italy)
Vengeance/Joko – Invoca Dio... e muori/Fünf blutige Stricke
Antonio Margheriti
Italian/West German production. 19 April 1968 (Italy)
Garter Colt/Giarrettiera Colt
Gian Andrea Rocco
Italian production. 19 April 1968 (Italy)
God Made Them... I Kill Them/Dio li crea... io li ammazzo!
Paolo Bianchini
Italian Production. Elegantly dressed gunfighter Slim Corbett (Dean Reed) is hired by the city fathers to clear up a bank robbery. He is framed for a murder, but with the help of a local Mexican sidekick he is able to disclose that the sheriff and a rich landowner are the culprits. 29 April 1968 (Italy)
Ballad of a Bounty Hunter/Io non perdono... uccido/Fedra West
Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. Story is based on the Greek myth of Fedra. 5 May 1968 (Italy)
Stranger, Say Your Prayers/Straniero... fatti il segno della croce!
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 16 May 1968 (Italy)
A Hole in the Forehead/Un buco in fronte
Giuseppe Vari
Italian production. 25 May 1968 (Italy)
I Want Him dead/Lo voglio morto/Lo quiero muerto
Paolo Bianchini
Italian/Spanish production. 15 June 1968 (Italy)
Spur des Falken
Gottfried Kolditz
East German/Soviet Union production. 22 June 1968 (East Germany) East German Ostern
Man Called Amen/O tutto o niente
Guido Zurli
Italian production. 5 July 1968 (Italy)
Bury Them Deep/All'ultimo sangue
Paolo Moffa
Italian production. Army captain Norton (Craig Hill) helps outlaw El Chaleco (Ettore Manni) to escape from the gallows in order to enlist his help in finding bank robber Billy Gunn (Giovanni Cianfriglia). 18 July 1968 (Italy)
Hate Thy Neighbor/Odia il prossimo tuo
Ferdinando Baldi
Italian production. 26 July 1968 (Italy)
Man who Cried for Revenge/Il suo nome gridava vendetta
Mario Caiano
Italian production. Davy Flanagan (Anthony Steffen) has lost his memory during the Civil War. When he is accused of crimes committed during the war and finds his wife married to another man, he is offered help by Judge Kellogg (William Berger), but can Kellogg be trusted? 28 July 1968 (Italy)
Moment to Kill/Il momento di uccidere/Django – ein Sarg voll Blut
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian/West German production. Gunfighters Lord (George Hilton) and Bull (Walter Barnes) intervene to help a crippled young woman (Loni von Friedl) who is terrorized by an evil town boss out for a hidden fortune. But there is more to this than meets the eye! 4 August 1968 (Italy)
Revenge for Revenge/Vendetta per vendetta
Mario Colucci
Italian production. 10 August 1968 (Italy)
One Dollar Too Many/Vado, vedo e sparo/Llego, veo, disparo
Enzo G. Castellari
Italian/Spanish production. Gambler Clay (John Saxon), actor Kean (Frank Wolff), petty thief Moses (Antonio Sabàto) and others compete for the loot of a bank robbery. 12 August 1968 (Italy)
Uno dopo l'altro
Nick Nostro
Italian/Spanish production. 13 August 1968 (Italy)
May God Forgive You... But I Won't/Chiede perdono a Dio, non a me
Vincenzo Musolino
Italian production. 13 August 1968 (Italy)
If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death/ incontri Sartana, prega per la tua morte/Sartana – Bete um Deinen Tod
Gianfranco Parolini
Italian/West German production. An inordinate number of people are killed as two bankers, a Mexican landowner (Fernando Sancho), a vicious outlaw leader (William Berger) and other parties vie for an elusive shipment of gold. Finally, it falls into the hands of the mysterious Sartana (Gianni Garko). 14 August 1968 (Italy)
Domenico Paolella
Italian production. 14 August 1968 (Italy)
A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof/E per tetto un cielo di stelle
Giulio Petroni
Italian production. Harry (Mario Adorf) is a gullible gold miner who gets involved with Billy (Giuliano Gemma), a con man and a womaniser. They try several unsuccessful schemes to get rich. Billy turns out to be a famous gunfighter hunted by the vengeful Pratt (Federico Boido). 14 August 1968 (Italy)
Three Silver Dollars/...dai nemici mi guardo io!
Mario Amendola
Italian production. Hondo (Julián Mateos) is anxious for a partnership with Gringo (Charles Southwood), who compete with bandit leader El Condor (Mirko Ellis) for three coins that together disclose the location of a treasure. 16 August 1968 (Italy)
Dead For a Dollar/T'ammazzo! Raccomandati a Dio/Fidarsi è bene, sparare è meglio
Osvaldo Civirani
Italian production. 17 August 1968 (Italy)
One More to Hell/Uno di più all'inferno
Giovanni Fago
Italian production. 17 August 1968 (Italy)
Requiem for a Gringo/Requiem per un gringo/Réquiem para el gringo
José Luis Merino
Italian/Spanish production. Ross Logan (Lang Jeffries) sets out to avenge his brother, who was killed by the gang of Carranza (Fernando Sancho). Partly based on Masaki Kobayashi's film Harakiri. 23 August 1968 (Italy)
One Against One... No Mercy/Ad uno ad uno... spietatamento/Uno an uno, sin piedad
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. 24 August 1968 (Italy)
Pistol for a Hundred Coffins/Una pistola per cento bare/El sabor del odio
Umberto Lenzi
Italian/Spanish production. 24 August 1968 (Italy)
Wrath of God/L'ira di Dio/Hasta la última gota de sangre
Alberto Cardone
Italian/Spanish production. 24 August 1968 (Italy)
Run, Man, Run!/...corri uomo corri/Saludos hombre
Sergio Sollima
Italian/French production. In this sequel to The Big Gundown, Tomas Milian reprises his role as Mexican bandit Cuchillo Sanchez who competes with various gunfighters, mercenaries, bounty hunters and outlaws to find a fortune in gold once belonging to Mexican revolutionaries. 29 August 1968 (Italy)
Long Day of the Massacre/Il lungo giorno del massacro
Alberto Cardone
Italian production. 29 August 1968 (Italy)
Shoot, Gringo... Shoot!/Spara, Gringo, spara
Bruno Corbucci
Italian production. 31 August 1968 (Italy)
Cost of Dying/Quanto costa morire/Les colts brillent au soleil
Sergio Merolle
Italian/French production. 14 September 1968 (Italy)
Find a Place to Die/Joe... cercati un posto per morire!
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian production. An ex-Confederate soldier, Joe Collins (Jeffrey Hunter), finds redemption when he defends a woman (Pascale Petit) and her gold mine from a gang of outlaws. 21 September 1968 (Italy)
Shalako/Man nennt mich Shalako
Edward Dmytryk
United Kingdom/West German production. A hunting party of European aristocrats trespasses into Apache territory with dire consequences. Shalako (Sean Connery) has a hard time rescuing survivors but he does win the favor of a countess (Brigitte Bardot). 26 September 1968 (West Germany)
Ciccio Forgives, I Don't!/Ciccio perdona... Io no!
Marcello Ciorciolini
Italian production. 26 September 1968 (Italy) Italian Western comedy. The title is a paraphrase of God Forgives... I Don't!
Between God, the Devil and a Winchester/Anche nel west c'era una volta Dio/Entre Dìos y el diablo
Marino Girolami
Italian/Spanish production. 7 October 1968 (Italy)
Guns for San Sebastian/La Bataille de San Sebastian/I cannoni di San Sebastian/Los cañones de San Sebastián
Henri Verneuil
French/Italian/Mexican production. An outlaw (Anthony Quinn) seeking sanctuary is brought by a priest to the small village San Sebastian. When the priest is killed, the townspeople mistakenly believe that the outlaw is the priest. 18 October 1968 (Italy)
Secret of Captain O'Hara/El secreto del capitán O'Hara
Arturoo Ruiz Castillo
Spanish production. 22 October 1968 (Spain)
Black Jack/Un uomo per cinque vendette
Gianfranco Baldanello
Italian production. 24 October 1968 (Italy)
Sartana Does Not Forgive/Sartana non perdona/Sonora
Alfonso Balcázar
Italian/Spanish production. Bounty killer Sartana (George Martin) and bank robber José (Alfo Caltabiano) both seek vengeance on Slim Kovacs (Jack Elam), who hires another bounty killer (Gilbert Roland) to protect him. 25 October 1968 (Italy)
And Now... Make Your Peace with God/Ed ora... raccomanda l'anima a Dio!
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 26 October 1968 (Italy)
Ace High/I quattro dell'Ave Maria
Giuseppe Colizzi
Italian/USA production. Cacopoulos (Eli Wallach) robs Cat Stevens (Terence Hill) and Hutch Bessy (Bud Spencer). They catch up with him and agree to help him get revenge against his old partners who betrayed him. 31 October 1968 (Italy) This is a direct sequel to God Forgives... I Don't!.
The Great Silence/Il grande silenzio/Le grand silence
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/French production. A mute gunfighter (Jean-Louis Trintignant) faces a group of outlaws pursued by bounty killers while stranded in the Great Blizzard of 1899. 19 November 1968 (Italy)
If One Is Born a Swine... Kill Him/Carogne si nasce
Alfonso Brescia
Italian production. 21 November 1968 (Italy)
No Graves on Boot Hill/Tre croci per non morire
Sergio Garrone
Italian production. 23 November 1968 (Italy)
Cry for revenge/I morte non si contano/Quién grita venganza?
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. As bounty hunting partners Fred (Anthony Steffen) and Johnny (Mark Damon) try to make a living, they disturb the machinations of the local boss. 11 December 1968 (Italy)
The Valley of Death/Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten/L'uomo dal lungo fucile/Vinetu u dolini smrti
Harald Reinl
West German/Italian/Yugoslavian production. 12 December 1968 (West Germany) Part of the Winnetou series.
Gatling Gun/Quel caldo maledetto giorno di fuoco/La ametralladora
Paolo Bianchini
Italian/Spanish production. 13 December 1968 (Italy)
The Mercenary/Il mercenario/Salario para matar
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish production. A Polish mercenary (Franco Nero) and a Mexican insurgent (Tony Musante) enter into an unstable partnership during the Mexican Revolution. 20 December 1968 (Italy)
Chrysthemums for a Bunch of Swines/Cristantemi per un branco di carogne
Sergio Pastore
Italian production. 21 December 1968 (Italy)
Once Upon a Time in the West/C'era una volta il West
Sergio Leone
Italian/USA production. A drifter (Charles Bronson) with a score to settle and an outlaw (Jason Robards) join forces against a vicious gunman (Henry Fonda) hired by the railroad to run a woman (Claudia Cardinale) off her home. 21 December 1968 (Italy)
White Comanche/Comanche blanco
José Briz Méndez
Spanish production. Johnny Moon (William Shatner) is frequently mistaken for his twin brother, who leads Comanche raids. Johnny challenges him to a fight to the death and also gets involved in conflicts in a Western town. 23 December 1968 (Spain)
Love and Blood/Agapi kai aima
Nikos Foskolos
Greek production. 24 December 1968 (Greece)
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone/Ammazzali tutti e torna solo/Mátalos y vuelve
Enzo G. Castellari
Italian/ Spanish production. The Confederate army hires Clyde McKay (Chuck Connors) and his group of specialists, together with captain Lynch (Frank Wolff), to raid a Union fort where a treasure of gold is hidden. 31 December 1968 (Italy)
The Last of the Mohicans/Ultimul Mohican/Die Lederstrumpferzählungen: Der letzte Mohikaner
Jean Dréville/Pierre Gaspard-Huit/Sergiu Nicolaescu
Romanian/French/West German production. 31 December 1968 (Romania)
Cemetery Without Crosses/Une corde, un colt/Cimiteri senza croci
Robert Hossein
French/Italian production. 25 January 1969 (France)
Death on High Mountain
Fernando Cerchio
Italian/Spanish production. 25 January 1969 (Italy)
Tepepa/Tepepa... viva la revolución
Giulio Petroni
Italian/Spanish production. An English doctor (John Steiner) interferes in the struggle between Mexican guerrilla leader Tepapa (Tomas Milian) and the local chief of police Colonel Cascorro (Orson Welles). 31 January 1969 (Italy)
Shadow of Sartana... Shadow of your Death/Passa Sartana... è la'ombra della tua morte
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. The Randall brothers kill a judge by throwing a knife from a church tower and commit other hideous crimes. The authorities see no other solution but to send for Sartana (Jeff Cameron), who "only kills to protect from thieves, gunmen and murderers" which he does for the remainder of the movie. 15 February 1969 (Italy)
Tierra Brava/...e intorno a lui fu morte/Pagó cara su muerte
León Klimovsky
Italian/Spanish production. 5 March 1969 (Italy)
Law of Violence/Legge della violenza/Todos o ninguno
Gianni Crea
Italian/Spanish production. 14 March 1969 (Italy)
In the Name of the Father/I quattro del pater noster
Ruggero Deodato
Italian production. 3 April 1969 (Italy)
No Room to Die/Una lunga fila di croci
Sergio Garrone
Italian production. Bounty killers Brandon (Anthony Steffen) and "Preacher" (William Berger) become involved in human trafficking across the U.S.-Mexican border. 18 April 1969 (Italy)
Hate Is My God/L'odio è il mio dio/Il nero – Hass war sein Gebet
Claudio Gora
Italian/West German production. 23 May 1969 (West Germany)
Heads or Tails/Testa o croce
Piero Pierotti
Italian production. Shanda (Spela Rozin) is charged with murder, raped by lawmen and left to die in the desert. She is nursed to health by outlaw Black Talisman (John Ericson), who sets out to clear her name. 4 June 1969 (Italy)
vincenzo Musolini
Italian production. 13 June 1969 (Italy)
Quinto: Fighting Proud/Quinto: non ammazzare/El valor de un cobarde
León Klimovsky
Italian/Spanish production. 14 June 1969 (Italy)
Weiße Wölfe/Bijeli vukovi
Konrad Petzold/Boško Boškovič
East German/Yugoslavian production. 25 June 1969 (East Germany) East German Ostern
God Will Forgive My Pistol/Dio perdoni la mia pistola
Mario Gariazzo/Leopoldo Savona
Italian production. 7 August 1969 (Italy)
Twenty Thousand Dollars for Seven/20.000 dollari sporchi di sangue/Forajidos implacables
Alberto Cardone
Italian/Spanish production. 7 August 1969 (Italy)
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. 28 August 1969 (Italy)
Shoot Twice/Due volte Giuda/Dos veces Judas
Nando Cicero
Italian/Spanish production. 1 September 1969 (Italy)
Sundance and the Kid/Vivi o, preferibilmente, morti/Vivo o, preferiblimente, muertos
Duccio Tessari
Italian/Spanish production. City gambler Monty (Giuliano Gemma) and Wild West farmer Ted Mulligan (Nino Benvenuti) must live together for six months to gain an inheritance. How hard can it be? 17 September 1969 (Italy)
Sabata/Ehi amico... c'è Sabata, hai chiuso!
Gianfranco Parolini
Italian production. Sabata (Lee Van Cleef) kills seven men who have stolen $100,000 from a US Army safe. He returns the loot but proceeds to blackmail the instigators, landowner Stengel (Franco Ressel) and his associates. Gunfighter Banjo (William Berger) plays both sides. 16 September 1969 (Italy)
The Five Man Army/Un esercito di cinque uomini
Don Taylor
Italian production. A mercenary (Peter Graves) gathers a small group of bandits to rob a train carrying a large gold shipment being guarded by the Mexican Army. 16 October 1969 (Italy) Co-written by Dario Argento and Marc Richards.
The Forgotten Pistolero/Il pistolero dell'Ave Maria/Tierra de gigantes
Ferdinando Baldi
Italian/Spanish production. Sebastian (Leonard Mann) learns that he is the son of a Mexican officer who was murdered by his wife (Luciana Paluzzi) and her lover (Alberto de Mendoza). He returns to his place of birth and his sister (Pilar Velázquez) urges him to avenge himself. Based on the Greek myth of Orestes. 17 October 1969 (Italy)
Django the Bastard/Django il bastardo
Sergio Garrone
Italian production. After thirteen years, Django (Anthony Steffen) returns for vengeance against the three officers who betrayed his unit and caused its massacre during the Civil War. He puts crosses with each traitor's name on them in the middle of the street before killing them, and no one is sure whether Django is flesh and blood or an avenging spirit. 8 November 1969 (Italy)
Four Came to Kill Sartana/...e vennero in quattro per uccidere Sartana
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 9 November 1969 (Italy)
I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death/Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian production. Bounty killer Sartana (Gianni Garko) has a price put on his head when someone disguised as him leads a bank robbery. He sets out to find the real robbers, but must also fight off other bounty killers. 20 November 1969 (Italy)
The Specialist/Gli specialisti/Le spécialiste/Fahrt zur Hölle ihr Halunken
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/French/West German production. Renowned gunfighter Bret Dixon (Johnny Hallyday) returns to his hometown when his brother is killed by a lynch mob. 26 November 1969 (Italy)
A Bullet for Sandoval/Quei disperati che puzzano di sudore e di morte/Los desesperados
Julio Buchs
Italian/Spanish production. Army deserter John Warner (George Hilton) forms an outlaw band, and eventually gets even with landowner Sandoval (Ernest Borgnine), who is responsible for the death of Warner's child (with Sandoval's daughter). 26 November 1969 (Italy)
Twenty Thousand Dollars for Every Corpse/20.000 dòlares por un cadavers
José Maria Zabalza
Spanish production. 6 December 1969 (Spain)
The Price of Power/Il prezzo del potere/Muerte de un presidente
Tonino Valerii
Italian/Spanish production. In a story closely resembling the JFK assassination, Bill Willer (Giuliano Gemma) seeks evidence to bring to justice those who assassinated the president and who also killed Bill's father. He crosses paths with presidential aide MacDonald (Warren Vanders), who wants to use that evidence for political purposes. 18 December 1969 (Italy)
Boot Hill/La collina degli stivali
Giuseppe Colizzi
Italian production. Former partners Cat (Terence Hill) and Hutch (Bud Spencer) reunite and join with former gunfighter Thomas (Woody Strode) and his circus colleagues to help a mining community threatened by a mining boss and his hired guns. 20 December 1969 (Italy) This film is a direct sequel to Ace High
Night of the Serpent/La notte dei serpenti
Giulio Petroni
Italian production. 23 December 1969 (Italy)
El Puro/La taglia è tua... l'uomo l'ammazzo io/El Puro se sienta, espera y dispara
Edoardo Mulargia
Italian/Spanish production. 23 December 1969 (Italy)
Chuck Moll/Ciakmull, l'uomo della vendetta
Enzo Barboni
Italian production. Amnesiac Chuck Moll (Leonard Mann) escapes from an asylum and arrives to a town where everybody seems to be afraid of him. 11 March 1970 (Italy)
Challenge of the McKennas/La sfida dei MacKenna/Un dólar y una tumba
León Klimovsky
Italian/Spanish production. 21 March 1970 (Italy)
Shango/Shango la pistola infallibile
Edoardo Mulargia
Italian production. 21 March 1970 (Italy)
Paths of War/Franco e Ciccio sul sentiero di guerra
Aldo Grimaldi
Italian production. Comedy Western featuring Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. 26 March 1970 (Italy)
Twenty Paces to Death/Viente pasos para la muerte/Saranda
Manuel Esteba/Antonio Mollica
Spanish/Italian production. 9 April 1970 (Italy)
Tumba para un forajido
José Luis Madrid
Spanish production. 9 April 1970 (Italy)
Django Against Sartana/Django sfida Sartana
Pasquale Squitieri
Italian production. The innocent brother of Django (Tony Kendall) is lynched. At first Django suspects Sartana (George Ardisson), but after a fight they join forces to root out the real villain, a banker. 30 April 1970 (Italy)
And God Said to Cain/...e Dio disse a Caino.../Satan der Rache
Antonio Margheriti
Italian/West German production. Gary Hamilton (Klaus Kinski) takes revenge on the men that framed him. 5 May 1970 (Italy)
Awkward hands/Quando Satana impugnò la colt/Manos torpes
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. 18 May 1970 (Spain)
One Damned Day at Dawn… Django Meets Sartana!/Quel maledetto giorno d'inverno... Django e Sartana all'ultimo sangue
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. Sheriff Jack Rawls aka Sartana (Fabio Testi) and bounty hunter Django (Hunt Powers) have to work out some disagreements about how to fight the outlaw gangs in Black City. 25 June 1970 (Italy)
Fatal Error/Tödlicher Irrtum
Konrad Petzold
East German production. 3 July 1970 (East Germany) East German Ostern
Ringo, It's Massacre Time/Giunse Ringo e... fu tempo di massacro
Mario Pinzauti
Italian production. 2 August 1970 (Italy)
La diligencia de los condenados
Juan Bosch
Italian/Spanish production. The gang of Sartana (Fernando Sancho) holds some stage passengers prisoner at a relay station. They learn too late that the station master (Richard Harrison) is a former gunfighter. 6 August 1970 (Italy) Based on a novel by Lou Carrigan.
Sartana's Here... Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin/C'è Sartana... vendi la pistola e comprati la bara!
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian production. Bounty hunter Sartana (George Hilton) discovers that town boss Spencer (Piero Lulli) collects the miner's gold, and then stashes it away for himself and has bandits "rob" the transports. Several other parties are also interested in that gold, among them gunfighter Sorrow (Charles Southwood). 7 August 1970 (Italy)
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack
Mario Bava
Italian production. 13 August 1970 (Italy)
Arizona/Arizona si scatenò... e li fece fuori tutti/Arizona vuelve
Sergio Martino
Italian/Spanish production. 14 August 1970 (Italy)
Sartana in the Valley of Death/Sartana nella valle degli avvoltoi
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. Lee Calloway (William Berger) is a wanted man who springs three of the Craig brothers from jail to get 50% of their robbery loot. However, both parties have hidden agendas. 15 August 1970 (Italy)
Wind from the East/Le Vent d'est/Vento dell'Est/Ostwind
Jean-Luc Godard/Jean-Pierre Gorin
French/Italian/West German production. 19 August 1970 (France)
Tough Guys of the Prairie/Præriens skrappe drenge
Carl Ottosen
Danish production. Featuring Danish comedian Dirch Passer. 31 August 1970 (Denmark) Followed by Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie.
Rebels of Arizona/Adiós Cjamango!/Los Rebeldes de Arizona
José Maria Zabalza
Italian/Spanish production. 7 September 1970 (Italy)
Un par de asesinos
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. There is actually no character called Sartana in this story of several parties fighting, and dying, over robbery loot. At the end, the sole survivors Santana (Gianni Garko), Marco (William Bogart) and Maria (Maria Silva) live together in a cave. 11 September 1970 (Italy)
Rough Justice/La belva
Mario Costa
Italian production. 12 September 1970 (Italy)
Viva Sabata/Arriva Sabata!/Reza por tu alma... y muere
Tulio Demicheli
Italian/Spanish production. Several parties vie for the loot of a bank robbery. 12 September 1970 (Italy)
More Dollars for the MacGregors/Ancora dollari per i McGregor/La muerte busca un hombre
José Luis Merino
Italian/Spanish production. 27 September 1970 (Italy)
Adiós, Sabata/Indio Black, sai che ti dico… sei un gran figlio di…
Gianfranco Parolini
Italian production. Sabata (Yul Brynner) (called "Indio Black" in the Italian version) helps Mexican revolutionaries steal a wagon load of gold. 30 September 1970 (Italy)
Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay/Buon funerale, amigos!... paga Sartana/Buen funeral, amigos... paga Sartana
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian/Spanish production. A prospector is murdered and Sartana (Gianni Garko), who witnessed the murder and killed the killers, protects his niece and heir (Daniela Giordano) from those that want to take advantage of her ... or so it seems! 8 October 1970 (Italy)
Chapaqua's Gold/L'oro dei bravados/Chapagua
Giancarlo Romitelli
Italian/French production. 8 October 1970 (Italy)
Twilight Avengers/I vendicatori dell'Ave Maria
Bitto Albertini
Italian production. 15 October 1970 (Italy)
Deadlock/Duello a tre
Roland Klick
West German production. A man called 'Kid' (Marquard Bohm) wanders through the desert exhausted, he carries a suitcase. His arm is bleeding from a gunshot. Finally passing out from the heat and blood loss, he lays prone until Charles Dump (Mario Adorf), a loner living in the shell of an abandoned mining camp, finds him passed out in the middle of nowhere. Dump checks the man's luggage and finds it filled with millions of dollars... (also Anthony Dawson, Mascha Rabben, Betty Segal). 15 October 1970 (West Germany) shot in Negev Desert, Israel
Cesare Canevari
Italian/Spanish production. Some outlaws hang around in a ghost town. Then arrives a stranger (Lou Castel) armed with boomerangs. 22 October 1970 (Italy)
A Man Called Sledge/Sledge
Vic Morrow
Italian production. Outlaw Luther Sledge (James Garner) is enlisted to steal a gold shipment held in a prison. 14 November 1970 (Italy)
Django and Sartana Are Coming... It's the End/Arrivano Django e Sartana... è la fine
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. Robber Burt Kelly (Gordon Mitchell) holds a young girl hostage, while he stays in a shack in the wilderness playing cards with his own mirror image. Bounty killer Django (Chet Davies) and independent crime-fighter Sartana (Hunt Powers) both go after him and take turns saving each other's lives. In the end, Sartana leaves all the bodies to Django to collect for bounty. 20 November 1970 (Italy)
Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse/Inginocchiati straniero... I cadaveri non fanno ombra!
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 27 November 1970 (Italy)
Wanted Sabata
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. 1 December 1970 (Italy)
Trinity Sees Red/La collera del vento/Venganza Sangrienta
Mario Camus
Italian/Spanish production. Hired by land owners to kill a labor organizer during a strike among agricultural workers, Marco (Terence Hill) begins to question his mission. The story takes place in an unspecified Spanish-speaking country. None of the characters is called Trinity. 4 December 1970 (Italy).
The Deserter/La spina dorsale del diavolo/Davolja kicma
Burt Kennedy/Niksa Fulgosi
USA/Italian/Yugoslavian production. Army deserter Kaleb (Bekim Fehmiu) is set to train and lead an ad hoc group of military specialists on an irregular raid against an Apache camp across the Mexican border. 4 December 1970 (Italy/Yugoslavia )
A Man Called Apocalypse Joe/Un uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe/Apocalipsis Joe
Leopoldo Savona
Italian/Spanish production. Joe Clifford (Anthony Steffen), a traveling actor and part-time hired gunman, inherits a gold mine from his uncle. 4 December 1970 (Italy)
Compañeros/Vamos a matar, compañeros/Los compañeros/Zwei Compañeros
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish/West German production. Arms dealer Yolaf Peterson (Franco Nero) and a Mexican bandit-revolutionary (Tomas Milian) are forced into partnership to free an idealistic revolutionary leader who knows the combination to a safe. They are hunted by Peterson's former business partner (Jack Palance). 18 December 1970 (Italy)
Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death/Ehi amigo... sei morto!
Paolo Bianchini
Italian production. 20 December 1970 (Italy)
They Call Me Trinity/Lo chiamavano Trinità
Enzo Barboni
Italian production. A very influential comedy-western, where an outlaw (Bud Spencer) masquerading as a sheriff finds his plans upset by the arrival of his brother (Terence Hill), a wandering drifter. Followed by Trinity Is Still My Name. 22 December 1970 (Italy)
Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming/Una nuvola di polvere... Un grido di morte... Arriva Sartana/Llega Sartana
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian/Spanish production. During a shoot-out, a large sum of gold disappears and is hidden somewhere in the town of Mansfield. In the hunt for this treasure, many people kill each other, and the last man standing is Sartana (Gianni Garko). 24 December 1970 (Italy)
Reverend's Colt/Reverendo Colt
León Klimovsky
Italian/Spanish production. 24 December 1970 (Italy)
Plomo sobre Dallas
José Maria Zabalza
Spanish production. 24 December 1970 (Spain)
Kill Django... Kill First/Uccidi Django... uccidi per primo!!!
Sergio Garrone
Italian production. 5 February 1971 (Italy)
Brother Outlaw/Rimase uno solo e fu la morte per tutti
Edoardo Mulargia
Italian production. 19 February 1971 (Italy)
Judge Roy Bean/Le juge/All'ovest di Sacramento
Jean Girault/Federico Chentrens
French/Italian production. 3 March 1971 (France)
Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die/Arriva Durango, paga o muori
Roberto Bianchi Montero
Italian production. 5 March 1971 (Italy)
Bastard, Go and Kill/Bastardo... Vamos a matar
Gino Mangini
Italian production. 6 March 1971 (Italy)
The Last Traitor/Il tredicesimo è sempre Giuda
Giuseppe Vari
Italian production. 12 March 1971 (Italy)
Finders killers/Se t'incontro t'ammazzo
Gianni Crea
Italian production. Jack Forest (Donal O'Brien) is out to get the men who killed his father. Those men – a banker, a sheriff and a saloon owner – employ gunfighter Chris (Gordon Mitchell) to protect them. Bad move, as he turns out to be Jack's brother. 27 March 1971 (Italy)
A Barrel Full of Dollars/Per una bara piena di dollari
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 1 April 1971 (Italy)
Dig Your Grave Friend... Sabata's Coming/Sei già cadavere Amigo... ti cerca Garringo/¡Abre tu fosa, amigo, llega Sabata!
Juan Bosch
Italian/Spanish production. A young man (Richard Harrison) decides to avenge the death of his father at the hands of a local land baron. Enlisting the aid of a notorious, yet good-natured, bandit (Fernando Sancho), they are faced with the land baron's hired gun, Sabata. 2 April 1971 (Italy)
They Call Me Hallelujah/Testa t'ammazzo, croce... sei morto. Mi chiamano Alleluja
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian production. During the struggle against Maximilian I of Mexico, several parties vie for an elusive shipment of diamonds. 8 April 1971 (Italy)
A Fistful of Death/Giù la testa... hombre!
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 17 April 1971 (Italy)
Even Django Has His Price/Anche per Django le carogne hanno un prezzo
Luigi Batzella
Italian production. When his fiancée is abducted during a bank robbery, Django (Jeff Cameron) goes after the Cortez Brothers who are hiding in a fortified cavern. He is aided by a fellow gunfighter (Gengher Gatti) and a bank employee (John Desmont) to help rescue his girl and recover the money. 8 May 1971 (Italy)
His Name Was King/Lo chiamavano King
Giancarlo Romitelli
Italian production. The bounty killer "King" Marley (Richard Harrison) kills one of the wanted Benson brothers. In retaliation, King's brother is killed and his sister-in-law is raped. King's vengeance eventually involves sheriff Foster (Klaus Kinski) and government agent Collins (Luciano Pigozzi). 18 May 1971 (Italy)
Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity/I quattro pistoleri di Santa Trinità
Giorgio Cristallini
Italian production. 29 May 1971 (Italy)
Terrible Day of the Big Gundown/Quel maledetto giorno della resa dei conti
Sergio Garrone
Italian production. 26 June 1971 (Italy)
Konrad Petzold
East German/Bulgarian/Cuban production. 26 June 1971 (East Germany) East German Ostern
Gunman of 100 Crosses/Una pistola per cento croci
Carlo Croccolo
Italian production. 3 July 1971 (Italy)
And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave/I corvi ti scaveranno la fossa/Los buitres cavarán tu fosa
Juan Bosch
Italian/Spanish production. Wells Fargo police officer Jeff Sullivan (Craig Hill) plans to get robber Glenn Kovacs (Frank Braña) by using Glenn's half-brother (Angel Aranda). Carranza (Fernando Sancho), another Wells Fargo man, tries to beat him to it. 11 August 1971 (Italy)
Vengeance Is a Dish Served Cold/La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo
Pasquale Squitieri
Italian production. Jim Bridger (Leonard Mann) kills Indians to avenge his family. When he learns that the real culprit is Judge Perkins (Ivan Rassimov) he joins Perkin's organization in order to destroy him. 13 August 1971 (Italy)
Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead/Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo
Giuseppe Vari
Italian production. John Webb (Paolo Casella) is employed by Dan Hogan (Klaus Kinski) and his gang to help them escape to Mexico with their robbery loot. Webb – whose father has been killed by Hogan – hides the loot and makes the gang members kill each other. 13 August 1971 (Italy)
Dead Men Ride/Anda, muchacho, spara!/El sol bajo la tierra
Aldo Florio
Italian/Spanish production. Roy Greenford (Fabio Testi) joins the gang of banker Redfield (Eduardo Fajardo) and kills them all to get their gold. In the end he returns the gold to the Mexican miners that it originally belonged to. 16 August 1971 (Italy)
Django Story/Giù le mani... carogna!
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 21 August 1971 (Italy)
The Unhanged/Hirttämättömät
Spede Pasanen/Vesa-Matti Loiri
Finnish production. Comedy Western. 27 August 1971 (Finland)
Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie/Guld til præriens skrappe drenge
Finn Karlsson
Danish production. Featuring Danish comedian Dirch Passer. 30 August 1971 (Denmark) Sequel to Tough Guys of the Prairie.
Return of Sabata/È tornato Sabata... hai chiuso un'altra volta/Le retour de Sabata/Sabata kehrt zurück
Gianfranco Parolini
Italian/French/West German production. With the unreliable help from saloon owner Clyde (Reiner Schöne), Sabata (Lee van Cleef) blackmails the mayor of Hobsonville (Giampiero Albertini) for dealing in counterfeit money. 3 September 1971 (Italy)
The Arizona Kid/I fratelli di Arizona
Luciano B. Carlos
Italian/Filipino production. Western comedy featuring the Filipino comedian Chiquito. Also starring Gordon Mitchell and Mamie Van Doren. 5 September 1971 (Philippines)
Let's Go and Kill Sartana/Vamos a matar Sartana
Mario Pinzauti
Italian production. 6 September 1971 (Italy)
Drummer of Vengeance/Il giorno del giudizio
Mario Gariazzo
Italian production. An avenger (Ty Hardin) seeks out the malefactors and confronts them with a toy drummer before killing them. 9 September 1971 (Italy)
Red Sun/Sole rosso/Soleil Rouge
Terence Young
Italian/French production. Bounty hunter Link Stuart (Charles Bronson) and samurai Kuroda Jubei (Toshiro Mifune) pursue Gauche (Alain Delon) who has stolen an ancient sword being intended as a gift to U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant. 15 September 1971 (France)
The Price of Death/Il venditore di morte
Lorenzo Gicca Palli
Italian production. A gunfighter (Gianni Garko) is hired to prove the innocence of outlaw Chester Conway (Klaus Kinski), who is to hang for a murder. 17 September 1971 (Italy)
They Call Him Cemetery/Gli fumavano le Colt... lo chiamavano Camposanto
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian production. Ranchers are terrorised by a gang of extortionists led by a masked man. Camposanto (Gianni Garko) and Duke (William Berger), two gunfighters who respect each other, find themselves on opposing sides in the conflict. 23 September 1971 (Italy)
Viva! Django/W Django!
Edoardo Mulargia
Italian production. With the help of a horse thief (Stelio Candelli), Django (Anthony Steffen) tracks down and kills one by one the men who murdered his wife. 29 September 1971 (Italy)
Il lungo giorno della violenza/El Bandido Malpelo
Giuseppe Maria Scotese
Italian/Spanish production. 9 October 1971 (Italy)
Trinity Is Still My Name/...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità
Enzo Barboni
Italian production. Sequel to They Call Me Trinity. The brothers Trinity (Terence Hill) and Bambino (Bud Spencer) make a promise to their dying father to become successful outlaws. However, they are distracted into helping a farmer family that they had previously tried to hold up. 21 October 1971 (Italy) Awards: Goldene Leinwand in 1973
Duck, You Sucker/A Fistful of Dynamite/Giù la testa
Sergio Leone
Italian production. An Irish revolutionary (James Coburn) and a Mexican bandit (Rod Steiger) cross paths during the Mexican Revolution. 29 October 1971 (Italy)
Hannie Caulder
Burt Kennedy
United Kingdom production. 8 November 1971 (United Kingdom)
Ferdinando Baldi
USA/Italian production. A gunfighter known as the Blindman (Tony Anthony) and others are hired to escort fifty mail order brides to a mining camp. His partners instead sell the women to a Mexican bandit, and the Blindman goes into Mexico after them. 11 November 1971 (Italy)
Savage Guns/Era Sam Wallach... lo chiamavano "Così sia"
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. After his brother is killed after witnessing the murder of a tavern owner, Sam Wallach (Robert Woods) goes after the bandit leader responsible. 11 November 1971 (Italy)
Paid in Blood/Quelle sporche anime dannate
Luigi Batzella
Italian production. 14 November 1971 (Italy)
My Name is Mallory... M Means Death/Il mio nome é Mallory, "M" come morte
Mario Moroni
Italian production. 18 November 1971 (Italy)
His Name was Pot... But They Called Him Allegria/Il suo nome era Pot... ma... lo chiamavano Allegria
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 26 November 1971 (Italy)
And His Name Was Holy Ghost/...e lo chiamarono Spirito Santo
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. 26 November 1971 (Italy)
Black Killer
Carlo Croccolo
Italian production. Sheriff Bud Collins (Fred Robsahm) and lawyer James Webb (Klaus Kinski) cooperate to rid the town of the O'Hara brothers. However, they also have a secret agreement. 27 November 1971 (Italy)
Acquasanta Joe
Mario Gariazzo
Italian production. Bounty hunter Acquasanta Joe (Lincoln Tate) vies for the reward for outlaw gang leader Donovan (Ty Hardin) – and for his woman (Silvia Monelli). 11 December 1971 (Italy)
Four Rode Out/Cuatro cabalgaron
John Peyser
USA/Spanish production. 11 December 1971 (Spain)
The Legend of Frenchie King/Les Pétroleuses/Le pistolere/Las petroleras/Frenchie King
Guy Casaril (uncredited)
French/Italian/Spanish/United Kingdom production. Two women, Louise (Brigitte Bardot) and Marie Sarrazin (Claudia Cardinale) fight over the deed to an oil ranch. 16 December 1971 (France)
Un dólar para Sartana
León Klimovsky
Italian/Spanish production. 17 December 1971 (Italy)
Sheriff of Rock Springs/Lo sceriffo di Rocksprings
Mario Sabatini
Italian production. 17 December 1971 (Italy)
My Colt, Not Yours/La mia Colt ti cerca... 4 ceri ti aspettano/Un Colt por 4 cirius
Ignacio F. Iquino
Italian/Spanish production. 18 December 1971 (Spain)
Long Live Your Death/Viva la muerte... tua!/¡Viva la muerte... tuya!/Zwei tolle Compañeros
Duccio Tessari
Italian/Spanish/West German production. Con artist Orlowsky (Franco Nero) and bandit Lozoya (Eli Wallace) want to lay their hands on a treasure, while the journalist Mary (Lynn Redgrave) wants to get the revolution going. 22 December 1971 (Italy)
Bad Man's River/E continuavano a fregarsi il milione di dollari/El hombre de Río Malo/Les quatro mercenaires d'El Paso
Eugenio Martín
Italian/Spanish/French production. 23 December 1971 (Italy)
A Girl is a Gun/Une aventure de Billy le Kid
Luc Moullet
French production. 27 December 1971 Never released in France, but shown abroad in an English-dubbed version.
Requiem for a Bounty Hunter/Lo ammazzó come un cane... ma lui rideva ancora
Angelo Pannacciò
Italian production. Rancher Nick Barton (Michael Forrest) enlists the help of Whistler (Ray O'Conner), a silent bounty hunter, to go after the outlaw gang who murdered his family. 2 January 1972 (Italy)
Vente a ligar al Oeste
Pedro Lazaga
Spanish production. 24 January 1972 (Spain)
Ben and Charlie/Amico, stammi lontano almeno un palmo
Michele Lupo
Italian production. Ben Bellew (Giuliano Gemma) and Charlie Logan (George Eastman), a pair of small-time thieves, match wits with a Pinkerton detective (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart). 4 February 1972 (Italy)
Great Treasure Hunt/Monta in sella, figlio di.../Repóker de bribones
Tonino Ricci
Italian/Spanish production. 7 February 1972 (Italy)
Thunder Over El Paso/I senza Dio/Yo los mato, tú cobras la recompensa
Roberto Bianchi Montero
Italian/Spanish production. The bounty hunter Minnesota (Cristea Avram) and the wanted "El Santo" (Antonio Sabàto, Sr.) – "he likes to send people to paradise" – join forces to share $400.000 in gold ingots taken by the bank robber Corbancho (José Jaspe). However, they both have hidden agendas. 27 February 1972 (Italy)
You Are a Traitor And I'll Kill You/Una cuerda al amanecer/Sei una carogna... e l'ammazzo!
Manuel Esteba
Spanish/Italian production. 4 March 1972 (Italy)
Gunman Called Dakota/Un uomo chiamato Dakota
Mario Sabatini
Italian production. 5 March 1972 (Italy)
Boldest Job in the West/El más fabuloso golpe del Far-West/Hold-up à Sun-Valley
José Antonio de la Loma
Italian/Spanish/French production. 6 March 1972 (Spain)
Beyond the Frontiers of Hate/Al di là dell'odio
Alessandro Santini
Italian production. 19 March 1972 (Italy)
His Name Was Holy Ghost/Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato... parola di Spirito Santo/Y le llamban El Halcón
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian/Spanish production. Spirito Santo (Gianni Garko) wins half of a Mexican goldmine but must lend support to a revolution in order to get to the gold. 30 March 1972 (Italy)
It Can Be Done Amigo/Si può fare... amigo/En el oeste se puede hacer... amigo/Amigo!... Mon colt a deux mots à te dire
Maurizio Lucidi
Italian/Spanish/French production. Hiram Coburn (Bud Spencer) helps a child (Renato Cestiè) reclaim his rightful inheritance, which turns out to be on top of an oil well. 31 March 1972 (Italy)
Chato's Land
Michael Winner
United Kingdom production. 1 April 1972 (United Kingdom)
Django... Adios!/Seminò morte... lo chiamavano il castigo di Dio
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. Django (Brad Harris) is helped by a Mexican revolutionary (José Torres) to prove his innocence from a bank robbery. 2 April 1972 (Italy) The last of Roberto Mauri's series of Spaghetti westerns.
Kill the Poker Player/Hai sbagliato... dovevi uccidermi subito!
Mario Bianchi
Italian/Spanish production. 9 April 1972 (Italy)
Your Jinxed, Friend, You've Met Sacramento/Sei iellato amigo, hai incontrato scramento
Girogio Cristallini
Italian production. 13 April 1972 (Italy)
Prey of Vultures/La preda e l'avvoltoio/Un dólar de recompensa
Rafael Romero Marchent
Italian/Spanish production. 24 April 1972 (Italy)
Jesse and Lester, Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity/Jesse & Lester: due fratelli in un posto chiamato Trinità
Renzo Genta
Italian production. The brothers Jesse (Richard Harrison) and Lester (Donal O'Brien) disagree on how to use the elusive yield from their inherited gold mine. Lester wants to build a church while Jesse wants to build a brothel. 27 April 1972 (Italy)
Return of the Holy Ghost/Banda alla tua pelle Spirito Santo!
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. 7 May 1972 (Italy)
Joe Dakota/Spara Joe... e così sia!
Emilio Miraglia
Italian/Spanish production. 10 May 1972 (Italy)
Magnificent West/Il magnifico West
Gianni Crea
Italian production. 27 May 1972 (Italy)
Trinity and Sartana Are Coming/Trinità e Sartana figli di...
Mario Siciliano
Italian production. Horse thief Trinity (Harry Baird) and gun-fighter Sartana (Robert Widmark) attempt some robberies, which bring them into brawls with the men of local boss Burton (Stelio Candelli). Trinity gives away the booty to beautiful farmer girl Martha (Daniela Giordani). 30 May 1972 (Italy)
Pistol Packin' Preacher/Posate le pistole, reverendo
Leopoldo Savona
Italian production. 3 June 1972 (Italy)
Watch Out Gringo! Sabata Will Return/¡Judas... toma tus monedas!/Attento gringo... è tornato Sabata!
Alfonso Balcázar/Pedro Luis Ramirez
Spanish/Italian production. 4 June 1972 (Italy)
God in heaven... Arizona on Earth/Dio in cielo... Arizona in terra/Una bala marcada
Juan Bosch
Italian/Spanish production. 26 June 1972 (Spain)
Hans Kratzert
East German production. 1 July 1972 (East Germany) East German Ostern
Cut-Throats Nine/Condenados a vivir
Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent
Spanish production. US Cavalrymen are killed while escorting group of convicts to prison. The survivors, Sergeant Brown (Robert Hundar) and his daughter (Emma Cohen), are forced to escort the prisoners across the Rocky Mountains by foot. 10 July 1972 (Spain)
Two Sons of Trinity/I due figli di Trinità
Osvaldo Civirani
Italian production. Comedy Western featuring Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. 26 July 1972 (Italy)
J & S: Criminal Story of an Outlaw Couple/La banda J.S.: cronaca criminale del Far West/Los hijos del dìa y de la noche/Die rote Sonne der Rache
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish/West German production. Relations shift between outlaw Jed (Tomas Milian) and his girlfriend Sonny (Susan George) as they roam the West, pursued by lawman Franciscus (Telly Savalas). 11 August 1972 (Italy)
My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow/Domani passo a salutare la tua vedova... parola di Epidemia/Tu fosa será exacta... amigo
Juan Bosch
Italian/Spanish production. 11 August 1972 (Italy)
Man Called Amen/Così sia
Alfio Caltabiano
Italian production. 11 August 1972 (Italy)
They Call Him Veritas/Lo chiamavano Veritá
Luigi Perelli
Italian production. 11 August 1972 (Italy)
Too Much Gold for One Gringo/Lo credevano uno stinco di santo/La caza del oro
Juan Bosch
Italian/Spanish production. Several outlaws await the release from prison of Carver (Manuel Guitiàn), an elderly prospector who is believed to have hidden 28 sacks of gold 20 years earlier. Trash (Anthony Steffen) and Josè (Daniel Martín) escape with the somewhat unwilling Carver to recover the gold. However, other parties, like the bandit Firmin Rojas (Fernando Sancho), have the same idea. 19 August 1972 (Italy)
The West Is Tough, Amigo... Alleluja's Here/Il West ti va stretto, amico... è arrivato Alleluja/Beichtet, Freunde, Halleluja kommt/Le far west est trop petit pour toi, mon ami: Alleluja est arrivé
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian/West German/French production. An Indian statue of political value in the Mexican Revolution is sought by Hallelujah (George Hilton), Drake (Paolo Gozlino) and his gang, the thief Fleurette (Agata Flori) and her Scotsman partner Archie (Lincoln Tate) and others. 30 August 1972 (Italy)
Panhandle Calibre 38/Padella calibro 38/...e alla fine lo chiamarono Jerusalem l'implacabile
Toni Secchi
Italian production. 1 September 1972 (Italy)
Deadly Trackers/La lunga cavalcata della vendetta
Tanio Boccia
Italian production. 4 September 1972 (Italy)
Miss Dynamite/Tutti fratelli nel West... per parte di padre/Todos hermanos... en el Oeste
Sergio Grieco
Italian/Spanish/West German production. 7 September 1972 (Italy)
Man of the East/...e poi lo chiarono il Magnifico/El magnifico
Enzo Barboni
Italian/French/Yugoslavian production. English gentleman Sir Thomas Fitzpatrick Phillip Moore (Terence Hill) travels to the American frontier according to the last wishes of his late father. The members of his father's outlaw gang – Bull Schmidt (Gregory Walcott), Holy Joe (Harry Carey, Jr.) and Monkey Smith (Dominic Barto) – attempt to teach Moore to become a "real man". The free spirited young man is soon forced to defend himself against local gunman Morton Clayton (Riccardo Pizzuti) who becomes jealous over the developing romance with a local rancher's daughter, Candida Austin (Yanti Somer). 9 September 1972 (Italy)
Cry of the Black Wolves/Der Schrei der schwarzen Wölfe
Harald Reinl
West German production. 4 October 1972 (West Germany) Based on a novel by Jack London.
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die/Una ragione per vivere e una per morire/Un razón para vivir y una para morir/Une raison per vivre, une raison pour mourir/Sie verkaufen den Tod
Tonino Valerii
Italian/Spanish/French/West German production. During the American Civil War an ex-colonel (James Coburn) is given a handful of war criminals otherwise condemned to die by hanging to get back the fort he once surrendered. 27 October 1972 (Italy)
Gunmen and the Holy Ghost/Spirito Santo e le 5 magnifiche canaglie
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. Army lt. Robert Donovan, also called the Holy Ghost (Vassili Karis) is sent on a mission to recover missing gold. Among others, he confronts a strange gang of outlaws. 29 October 1972 (Italy)
Life's Tough, Eh Providence?/La vita a volte è molto dura, vero Provvidenza?/On m'appelle Providence/Providenza-Mausefalle für zwei schräge Vögel
Giulio Petroni
Italian/French/West German production. Bounty hunter ProvvidenzaTomas Milian collects bounty over and over again for Hurricane Kid (Gregg Palmer) because each time he helps him escape and then catches him again. This neat arrangement is complicated by a sheriff issuing counterfeit money, a band of drunken -Confederate renegades and a mercenary saloon girl (Janet Ågren). 29 October 1972 (Italy)
Pancho Villa/El desafio de Pancho Villa
Eugenio Martín
Spanish/United Kingdom/USA production. After being double-crossed in an arms deal the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa (Telly Savalas), together with arms dealer Scotty (Clint Walker), raid a US Army weapons depot in retaliation. 31 October 1972 (West Germany)
Go Away! Trinity Has Arrived in Eldorado/Scansati... a Trinità arriva Eldorado
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. The con man Carter (Stan Cooper) teams up with a dancer (Daniela Giordano) against a group of bandits, the Pistoleros. 12 November 1972 (Italy) Sometimes accredited as the first film directed by former cinematographer Joe D'Amato. The soundtrack is composed by Giancarlo Chiaramello.
God Is My Colt .45/La colt era il suo Dio/Nur Gott war sein Colt
Luigi Batzella
Italian/West German production. US Army Captain Mike Jackson (Jeff Cameron) returns to his home town, which is troubled by lawlessness, to investigate the disappearance of a fellow officer – with unexpected results. 18 November 1972 (Italy)
Sting of the West/Te Deum/Tedeum
Enzo G. Castellari
Italian/Spanish production. The con man Tedeum (Giancarlo Prete) gets into a lot of trouble when he inherits a mine. 5 December 1972 (Italy)
The Return of Clint the Stranger/Il ritorno di Clint il solitario/El retorno de Clint el solitario/Ein einsamer kehrt zurück
Alfonso Balcázar
Italian/Spanish/West German production. Set five years after the 1967 film Clint the Stranger, Clint Murrayson (George Martin) returns to his hometown to find it overrun with bandits terrorizing local farmers. Klaus Kinski also appears as a bounty hunter seeking to collect the reward for Murrayson's capture. 14 December 1972 (Italy)
What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution?/Che c'entriamo noi con la rivoluzione?/¡Qué nos importa la revolución!
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish production. Two Italians, a priest (Paolo Villaggio) and a stage actor (Vittorio Gassman), get accidentally involved in the Mexican Revolution. 19 December 1972 (Italy)
Halleluja and Sartana Strikes again/Alleluja e Sartana figli di... Dio/100 Fäuste und ein Vaterunser
Mario Siciliano
Italian/West German production. In this slapstick comedy, conmen Alleluja (Ron Ely) and Sartana (Robert Widmark) pose as priests to swindle money collected for building a church from a beautiful widow (Uschi Glas). 22 December 1972 (Italy)
Now They Call Him Sacramento/I bandoleros della dodicesima ora/Les llamaban Calamidad
Alfonso Balcázar
Italian/Spanish production. Three outlaws (Michael Forest, Fernando Bilbao, Paolo Gozlino) inadvertently help a local banker planning to evict farmers, by robbing a train carrying their mortgage payments to the bank. 23 December 1972 (Italy)
Bounty Hunter in Trinity/Un bounty killer a Trinità
Oscar Santaniello
Italian production. The townspeople of Trinity hire a bounty hunter (Jeff Cameron) to protect them from local bandits. 23 December 1972 (Italy)
Animal Called Man/Un animale chiamato uomo
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. The thief and fast gun Bill (Vassili Karis) and his strong but slow partner John (Omero Capanna) make unsuccessful efforts to join the outlaw organization of Forester (Craig Hill). Bill gets patched up by Yvette (Gillian Bray), a doctor working as a dancer. 23 December 1972 (Italy)
Storm Rider/Il grande duello/Drei Vaterunser für vier halunken/Le Grand Duel
Giancarlo Santi
Italian/West German/French production. Philipp Wermeer (Peter O'Brien) has escaped from prison after being framed for the murder of Saxon. He pursued by bounty hunters led by the relentless Hole (Antonio Casale) but is joined by a former sheriff (Lee Van Cleef), who eventually discloses the real assassin, which leads to a confrontation with Saxon's three sons. 24 December 1972 (West Germany) Also known as The Grand Duel.
My Name Is Shanghai Joe/Il mio nome è Shanghai Joe
Mario Caiano
Italian production. During his travels in the American West, recently arrived Chinese immigrant Shanghai Joe (Chen Lee) encounters Texan rancher Stanley Spencer (Piero Lulli) who has been enslaving Mexican peasants from across the border. After setting free a group of them, a price is put on his head and he is forced to face Scalper Jack (Klaus Kinski), Pedro The Cannibal (Robert Hundar) and other notorious killers. 28 December 1972 (Italy)
The Call of the Wild/Ruf der Wildnis/La selva blanca/Il richiamo della foresta/L'appel de la forêt
Ken Annakin
United Kingdom/West German/Spanish/Italian/French production. 29 December 1972 (West Germany) Based on a novel by Jack London.
The Headless Rider /Vsadnik bez golovy
Vladimir Vajnshtok
Soviet Union/Cuban production. 30 December 1972 (Soviet Union) Based on a novel by Thomas Mayne Reid.
Colt in the hand of the Devil/Una Colt in mano del diavolo
Gianfranco Baldanello
Italian production. 5 January 1973 (Italy)
Fat Brothers of Trinity/Ninguno de los tres llamaba Trinidad
Pedro Luis Ramirez
Spanish production. 10 January 1973 (Italy)
Fabulous Trinity/Los fabulosos de Trinidad/Alla larga amigos, oggi ho il grilletto facile...
Ignacio F. Iquino
Spanish/Italian production. 4 February 1973 (Italy)
Anything for a Friend/Amico mio frega tu... che frego io!
Demofilo Fidani
Italian production. 18 February 1973 (Italy)
Those Dirty Dogs/Campa carogna... la taglia cresce/Los quatro de Fort Apache
Giuseppe Rosati
Italian/Spanish production. The Muslim bounty hunter Coran (Gianni Garko) and three Army men led by Chadwell (Stephen Boyd) must work together to find a bandit (Simón Andreu) who has hijacked an arms shipment and kidnapped a woman. 1 March 1973 (Italy)
Halleluja to Vera Cruz/Partirono preti, tornarono... curati
Stelvio Massi
Italian production. 2 March 1973 (Italy)
Dust in the Sun/Dans la poussière du soleil
Richard Balducci
French/Spanish production. Joe Bradford (Bob Cunningham) has his brother whipped to death and marries his widow (Maria Schell). Hawk (Daniel Beretta), the son of the victim, pretends to be deaf mute and mentally disturbed. Based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet. 28 March 1973 (France)
Los Amigos
Paolo Cavara
Italian production. "Deaf" Smith (Anthony Quinn), who is a deaf mute, and his partner Johnny Ears (Franco Nero) are sent by Texas president Sam Houston to stop general Morton (Franco Graziosi) who plots against the annexation of Texas by the USA. 29 March 1973 (Italy)
Charley One-Eye
Don Chaffey
USA/United Kingdom production. 18 April 1973
Man Called Invincible/Lo chiamavano Tresette... giocava sempre col morto
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian production. When Tresette (George Hilton) helps sheriff Bambi (Cris Huerta) deliver a shipment of gold they are jailed because it is fake. He also has to face the gunfighter Twinkletoes (Alfio Caltabiano). 3 May 1973 (Italy)
And They Smelled the Strange, Exciting, Dangerous Scent of Dollars/Sentivano uno strano, eccitante, pericoloso puzzo di dollari
Italo Alfaro
Italian production. 4 May 1973 (Italy)
Brothers Blue/Blu Gang ...E vissero per sempre felici e ammazzati
Luigi Bazzoni
Italian/French production. 10 May 1973 (Italy/France)
Tequila!/Uno, dos, tres... dispara otra vez
Tulio Demicheli
Italian/Spanish production. The wanted gunfighter Shoshena (Anthony Steffen) takes on as a partner a bum (Roberto Camardiel), because he is mistaken for a dreaded bounty hunter. They interfere in a fight between some farmers and the landowner Di Kovan (Eduardo Fajardo) – as a part of Shoshena's plan to steal his money. 25 May 1973 (Italy)
Far West
Jacques Brel
French/Belgian production. 31 May 1973 (France)
Executioner of God/Il giustiziere di Dio
Franco Lattanzi
Italian production. 2 June 1973 (Italy)
Karate, Fists and Beans/Storia di karatè, pugni e fagioli/Siete contra todos
Tonino Ricci
Italian/Spanish production. Down-on-their-luck highway robbers Sam (Dean Reed) and Buddy (Chris Huerta) join with a bank robber posing as a prior and some counterfeit artists in order to swindle a bandit (Fernando Sancho). In the ensuing brawl they are saved by a Japanese chef (Iwao Yoshioka) who is a master at karate. 14 June 1973 (Italy)
Gottfried Kolditz
East German production. 29 June 1973 (East Germany) East German Ostern
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow/...e il terzo giorno arrivò il Corvo
Gianni Crea
Italian production. 21 July 1973 (Italy)
The Man Called Noon/Lo chiamavano Mezzogiorno/Un hombre llamado Noon
Peter Collinson
United Kingdom/Italian/Spanish production. 11 August 1973 (Italy)
Three Supermen of the West/...e cosi divennero i tre supermen del West/Los tres superhombres en el Oeste
Anthony Blond, Italo Martinenghi
Italian/Spanish production. 28 August 1973 (Italy)
Yankee Dudler/Verflucht, dies Amerika/La banda de Jaider
Volker Vogeler
West German/Spanish production. 7 September 1973 (West Germany)
Chino/Valdez, il mezzosangue/Caballos salvajes
John Sturges
Italian/Spanish/French production. 14 September 1973 (Italy)
The Three Musketeers of the West/Tutti per uno... botte per tutti
Bruno Corbucci
Italian production. 28 September 1973 (Italy)
Hell Hounds of Alaska/Die Blutigen Geier von Alaska/Krvavi jastrebovi Aljaske
Harald Reinl
West German/Yugoslavian production. 16 October 1973 (West Germany)
Once Upon a Time in the Wild, Wild West/C'era una volta questo pazzo, pazzo West
Franscesco Degli Espinosa
Italian production. 17 October 1973 (Italy)
Here We Go Again, Eh Providence?/Ci risiamo, vero Provvidenza?/El bruto, el listo y el capitán
Alberto De Martino
Italian/Spanish/French production. The bounty hunter Provvidenza (Tomas Milian) gets involved with a lady who turns out to be the daughter of a Chinese con man. 8 November 1973 (Italy) Sequel to Life's Tough, Eh Providence?.
Scalawag/Un magnifico ceffo di galera/Protuva
Kirk Douglas
USA/Italian/Yugoslavian production. 14 November 1973 (USA)
My Name Is Nobody/Il mio nome è Nessuno/Mon nom est Personne/Mein Name ist Nobody
Tonino Valerii
Sergio Leone (uncredited)
Italian/French/West German production. Aging gunfighter Jack Beauregard (Henry Fonda), is followed by a happy-go-lucky drifter (Terence Hill) whose desire to have his boyhood hero go out "in a blaze of glory" has him arrange Beauregard to face a 150-man outlaw gang known as "The Wild Bunch". 13 December 1973 (West Germany) Awards: Goldene Leinwand in 1974
They Called Him Trinity/Allegri becchini... arriva Trinità!
Ferdinando Merighi
Italian production. 19 December 1973 (Italy)
White Fang/Zanna Bianca/Colmillo Blanco/Croc-blanc
Lucio Fulci
Italian/Spanish/French production. 21 December 1973 (Italy) The first entry in the White Fang cycle. Based on a story by Jack London.
Ay, Ay, Sheriff
Rolf Olsen
West German production. 24 December 1973 (Italy)
Bad Kids of the West/Kid, il monello del West
Tonino Ricci
Italian production. Children Western starring Andrea Balestri. 24 December 1973 (Italy) Won the Giffoni Film Festival as the best adaptation in 1976.
They Still Call Me Amen/Mamma mia è arrivato Così Sia
Alfio Caltabiano
Italian production. 24 December 1973 (Italy) Sequel to Man Called Amen
Fasthand is Still My Name/Mi chiamavano "Requiescat"... ma avevano sbagliato/Mano rápida
Mario Bianchi
Italian/Spanish production. US Army Captain Jeff Madison (Alan Steel) is tortured and his comrades in arms massacred. He seeks vengeance together with the Indian woman Swana (Celine Bessy). 24 December 1973 (Italy)
For a Book of Dollars/Più forte sorelle
Mario Bianchi
Italian/Spanish production. 26 December 1973 (Italy)
Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West/Long hu zheng xi/Kung fu nel pazzo West
Man Yi Yang
Hong Kong/Italian production. 28 December 1973 (Italy)
Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre/Sei bounty killers per una strage
Franco Lattanzi
Italian production. 28 December 1973 (Italy)
Seven Nuns in Kansas City/Sette monache a Kansas City
Marcello Zeani
Italian production. 28 December 1973 (Italy)
Tschetan, der Indianerjunge
Hark Bohm
West German production. 29 December 1973 (West Germany)
Don't Touch the White Woman!/Touche pas la femme blanche/Non toccare la donna bianca
Marco Ferreri
French/Italian production. 23 January 1974 (France) Political farce that enacts the Battle of the Little Bighorn in Parisian settings.
Court Martial/Corte marziale
Roberto Mauri
Italian production. 12 February 1974 (Italy)
The Crazy Bunch/Di Tresette ce n'è uno, tutti gli altri son nessuno
Giuliano Carnimeo
Italian production. Tresette (George Hilton) sneaks into an insane asylum to find a man who holds the key to a fortune in gold. 27 April 1974 (Italy) Sequel to Man Named Invincible.
I figli di Zanna Bianca
Maurizio Pradeaux
Italian production. 16 May 1974 (Italy) Part of the White Fang cycle.
Gottfried Kolditz
East German/Romanian/Soviet Union production. 16 May 1974 (East Germany) East German Ostern
Long Ride to Eden/Ein langer Ritt nach Eden
Günter Hendel
West German production. 2 August 1974 (West Germany)
Whisky and Ghosts/Whisky e fantasmi/Fantasma en el oeste
Antonio Margheriti
Italian/Spanish production. Napoleone B. Higgins (Tom Scott), a traveling snake-oil salesman on the run from Mexican bandits, encounters the ghosts of Davy Crockett, Pecos Bill and Johnny Appleseed. 10 August 1974 (Italy/Spain)
Ten White Men and One Little Indian/Dieci bianchi uccisi da un piccolo indiano/Venganza Apache
Gianfranco Baldanello
Italian/Spanish production. Ringo (Fabio Testi) encounters an Indian hunting the ten men who burned his village and killed the inhabitants. 18 August 1974 (Italy)
Ferdinando Baldi
Italian production. A comedy-western influenced by the popular Trinity-series, mismatched gunrunners Len (Paul Smith) and Coby (Antonio Cantafora) challenge a rival smuggler (Horst Frank) in a hunt for $500,000 reward. 13 September 1974 (Italy) The success of the film spawned a sequel, The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby.
Patience Has a Limit, We Don't/La pazienza ha un limite... noi no!/¡Caray qué palizaz!
Armando Morandi
Italian/Spanish production. 27 September 1974 (Italy)
Challenge to White Fang/Il ritorno di Zanna Bianca/Die Teufelsschlucht der wilden Wölfe/Le retour de Buck le loup
Lucio Fulci
Italian/West German/French production. 25 October 1974 (Italy) Sequel to White Fang
The Stranger and the Gunfighter/La dove non batte il sole/El Kárate, el colt y el impostor/Long hu zou tian ya
Antonio Margheriti
USA/Italian/Spanish/Hong Kong production. A Chinese martial arts instructor(Lieh Lo) must bring back a hidden treasure for reasons of family honor. He enlists a gunfighter/thief (Lee Van Cleef) to help him. They encounter some opposition. 19 November 1974 (Spain)
Kit & Co.
Konrad Petzold
East German/Soviet Union production. 15 December 1974 (East Germany)
Convoy of Women/Convoi des femmes
Pierre Chevalier
French/Italian production. 16 December 1974 Sexploitation Western.
Gunfight at OQ Corral/Règlement de comptes à O.Q. Corral
Jean-Marie Pallardy
French production. 22 December 1974 (France) Sexploitation Western.
In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Colt/In nome del padre, del figlio e della Colt/La máscare de cuero
Mario Bianchi
Italian/Spanish production. 14 January 1975 (Italy)
The White, the Yellow, and the Black/Il bianco, il giallo, il nero/El blanco, el amarillo y el negro/Le blanc, le jaune et le noir
Sergio Corbucci
Italian/Spanish/French production. Sheriff Edward "Black Jack" Gideon (Eli Wallach) is paired with a clumsy but well-meaning samurai (Tomas Milian) and a wanted outlaw (Giuliano Gemma) to recover a captured Japanese show pony from a group of US Army deserters. 17 January 1975 (Italy)
White Fang to the Rescue/Zanna Bianca alla riscossa
Tonino Ricci
Italian production. A prospector (Maurizio Merli) goes after the local crime boss (Jack Palance) seeking to avenge his mining partner. 4 February 1975 (Italy) Part of the White Fang cycle.
Carambola's Philosophy: In the Right Pocket/Carambola filotto... tutti in buca
Ferdinando Baldi
Italian production. 22 February 1975 (Italy)
Return of Shanghai Joe/Che botte, ragazzi!/Zwei durch dick und dünn
Bitto Albertini
Italian/West German production. Kung fu fighter Shanghai Joe (Cheen Lie) and medicine show man Bill Cannon (Tommy Polgár) help each other fight the rancher Barnes (Klaus Kinski). 28 February 1975 (Italy)
Cry of the Wolf/Il richiamo del lupo/La llamada del lobo
Gianfranco Baldanello
Italian/Spanish production. 13 March 1975 (Italy) Based on a novel by Jack London.
Ten Killers Came From Afar/Il mio nome é Scopone e faccio sempre cappotto/Dallas
Juan Bosch
Italian/Spanish production. 24 March 1975 (Spain)
Seven Savage Men/I sette del gruppo selvaggio
Gianni Crea
Italian production. 29 March 1975 (Italy)
Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar/Prima ti suono e poi ti sparo/Johnny, lad' mal die Gitarre durch/Der kleine Schwarze mit dem rotten Hut
Franz Antel
Italian/West German/Austrian production. 4 April 1975 (Austria)
Red Coat/Giubbe rosse
Joe D'Amato
Italian production. Bill Cormack (Fabio Testi), a Canadian Mountie, chases a wanted outlaw and fugitive Cariboo (Guido Mannari) across the Canadian Rockies. 24 April 1975
Girls of the Golden Saloon/Les Filles du Golden Saloon
Gilbert Roussel
French/Belgian production. 23 May 1975 (France) Sexploitation Western.
Valley of the Dancing Widows/Das Tal der tanzenden Witwen/El valle de las viudas
Volker Vogeler
West German/Spanish production. 23 May 1975 (West Germany)
Dead Man's Trail/I död mans spår
Mats Helge
Swedish production. 2 June 1975 (Sweden)
The Silent Stranger/Lo straniero di silenzio
Luigi Vanzi
USA production. The Stranger (Tony Anthony) finds himself between two warring families in Japan. 20 June 1975 Filmed in 1968 not released until 1975 due to a dispute between Allan Klien and MGM.
Blood Brothers/Blutsbrüder
Werner W. Wallroth
East German production. 26 June 1975 (East Germany) East German Ostern
Four of the Apocalypse/I quatro dell'Apocalisse
Lucio Fulci
Italian production. Stubby Preston (Fabio Testi), a gambler and conman, leads a group of misfits (Lynne Frederick, Harry Baird and Michael J. Pollard) through the Utah Territory while pursued by the Mexican bandit Chaco (Tomas Milian). 12 August 1975 (Italy)
White Fang and the Gold Diggers/La spacconata
Alfonso Brescia
Italian production. 16 August 1975 (Italy) Part of the White Fang cycle.
Cipolla Colt/El cibollero/Zwiebel-Jack räumt auf
Enzo G. Castellari
Italian/Spanish/West German production. 25 August 1975 (Italy)
Tiger From the River Kwai/La tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai
Franco Lattanzi
Italian production. 23 September 1975 (Italy)
Take a Hard Ride/La parola di un fuorilegge... è legge
Antonio Margheriti
Italian/USA production. A lone cowboy and trail boss (Jim Brown) is pursued by a bounty hunter (Lee Van Cleef) after he is entrusted with a small fortune by his employer. He also encounters a gambler (Fred Williamson), a half-breed Indian (Jim Kelly) and a woman (Catherine Spaak) who also attempt to con him out of the money. 10 October 1975 (Italy)
Young Guns Go West/L'ostaggio
Luigi Valanzano
Italian production. 2 December 1975 (Italy)
A Genius, Two Partners and an Idiot/Un genio, due compari, un pollo/Un génie, deux associés, une cloche/Nobody ist der Grösste
Damiano Damiani
Sergio Leone (uncredited)
Italian/French/West German production. Conman Joe Thanks (Terence Hill) joins forces with Bill Locomotiva (Robert Charlebois) and Lucy (Miou-Miou) to steal $300,000 from Major Cabot (Patrick McGoohan), a corrupt U.S. Army officer. 19 December 1975 (Italy) Awards: Goldene Leinwand in 1978
White Fang and the Hunter/Zanna Bianca e il cacciatore solitario
Alfonso Brescia
Italian production. 31 December 1975 (Italy) Part of the White Fang cycle.
If You Shoot... You Live!/Si quieres vivir... dispara
José María Elorrieta
Spanish production. 1975 (Spain)
Get Mean
Ferdinando Baldi
USA production. A nameless gunfighter known as The Stranger (Tony Anthony) is hired to safely escort a princess (Diana Lorys) across Spain. 1 May 1976 (USA)
Montana Trap/Potato Fritz
Peter Schamoni
West German production. 6 May 1976 (West Germany)
Keoma/Keoma il vendicatore
Enzo G. Castellari
Italian production. Returning to his home following the end of the American Civil War, Keoma (Franco Nero) finds the bordertown under the control of an outlaw gang led by ex-Confederate soldier Caldwell (Donald O'Brien) as well as Keoma's three half-brothers. Attempting to free the town from Caldwell's gang, Keoma joins with his father's former ranch hand to run Caldwell and his brothers out of town. 25 November 1976 (Italy) Widely considered to be one of the last great spaghetti westerns produced by an Italian studio, the film was later honored at the Venice Film Festival on 31 August 2007.
Apache Woman/Una donna chiamata Apache
Giorgio Mariuzzo
Italian production. A US Cavalry officer (Al Cliver) rescues an Apache woman (Yara Kewa) from gun runner Honest Jeremy (Corrado Olmi) and his gang. 10 December 1976 (Italy)
Walter Beck
East German production. 14 December 1976 (East Germany) East German Ostern
God's Gun/Diamante lobo/Ekdach haelohim
Gianfranco Parolini
Italian/Israelian production. A gunfighter (Lee Van Cleef) returns to avenge the death of his twin brother, a local priest, as well as to protect a mother (Sybil Danning) and son (Leif Garrett) from local outlaw Sam Clayton (Jack Palance). 20 December 1976 (Italy)
Macho Killers/El Macho
Marcello Andrei
Italian production. The gambler El Macho (Carlos Monzón) is hired by the sheriff and a banker to infiltrate the outlaw gang of Duke (George Hilton). 12 May 1977 (Italy)
California/Lo chiamavano California
Michele Lupo
Italian/Spanish production. Michael "California" Random (Giuliano Gemma) is forced to become an outlaw after being released from a prisoner-of-war camp at the end of the American Civil War. 16 July 1977 (Italy)
Sergio Martino
Italian production. A machete-wielding bounty hunter (Maurizio Merli) on the trail of outlaw Burt Craven (Donald O'Brien) is hired by the owner of a local silver mine to find his missing daughter Debra (Sonja Jeannine). 13 August 1977 (Italy)
Welcome to Blood City
Peter Sasdy
United Kingdom/Canadian production. 23 August 1977 (Canada)
Another Man, Another Chance/Un autre homme, une autre chance
Claude Lelouch
USA/French production. 28 September 1977 (France)
Armed and Dangerous/Vooruzhyon i ochen opasen
Vladimir Vajnshtok
Soviet Union/Czechoslovakian/Romanian production. 1977 (Soviet Union) Based on short stories by Bret Harte
The Prophet, the Gold and the Transylvanians/Profetul, aurul şi ardelenii
Dan Pița
Romanian production. 1977 (Romania)
Silver Saddle/Sella d'argento
Lucio Fulci
Italian production. Bounty hunter Roy Blood (Giuliano Gemma) becomes involved in a plot to kidnap the nephew of the land baron who had his father killed when he was a boy. 20 April 1978 (Italy)
Lost Gold of the Incas/Das Verschollene Inka-Gold/L'or des Incas/Omul de aur
Wolfgang Staudte
West German/French/Romanian production. 6 May 1978 (West Germany)
Claus Dobberke
East German production. 30 June 1978 (East Germany) East German Ostern
China 9, Liberty 37/Clayton Drumm
Monte Hellman
Italian/Spanish production. A gunfighter (Fabio Testi) sentenced to hang is allowed to go free in exchange for agreeing to murder local rancher Matthew Sebanek (Warren Oates). However, unable to go through with the arrangement, he instead goes on the run. Joined later by Matthew's wife Catherine (Jenny Agutter), he is chased down by her husband along with his former employers. 4 August 1978 (Italy)
Red Harvest/La notte rossa del Falco/La ciudad maldita
Juan Bosch
Italian/Spanish production. 29 November 1978 (Italy) Based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett
Eagle's Wing
Anthony Harvey
United Kingdom production. 23 November 1978 (Finland)
White Fang and the Great Kid/Zanna Bianca e il grande Kid
Vito Bruschini
Italian production. 15 December 1978 (Italy) Part of the White Fang cycle.

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  1. ^ Before the premiere in a big cinema in Rome, there was an earlier opening on 27 August in a smaller cinema in Florence, see Frayling, Christopher: Sergio Leone: Something to Do with Death (London: Faber, 2000) pp. 161, 163. On the other hand, the date of the Italian censorship visa for the film is 1 September 1964.

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