Get Mean

Get Mean, also known as Beat a Dead Horse, Vengeance of the Barbarians and The Stranger Gets Mean, is a 1975 Italian-American Spaghetti Western fantasy comedy film directed by Ferdinando Baldi and starring Tony Anthony, Lloyd Battista, Raf Baldassarre, Diana Lorys and Mirta Miller. It is the final sequel to A Stranger in Town, with Anthony reprising the role of "The Stranger."

Get Mean
Directed byFerdinando Baldi
Produced byTony Anthony
Screenplay byWolfe Lowenthal
Lloyd Battista
Story byTony Anthony
StarringTony Anthony
Lloyd Battista
Music byFranco Bixio
Fabio Frizzi
Vince Tempera
CinematographyMario Perino
Edited byToni Manfredi
Strange Films
Distributed byCee Note
Release date
21 December 1975
Running time
90 minutes
United States

The film was released to little acclaim and never received a physical release on the home video market until 2015, when it was released by Blue Underground on remastered Blu-ray and DVD.[1]


The film begins as the Stranger is dragged into a ghost town by his horse, who dies upon entering the town. In the town is a gypsy fortune teller and a princess who offers the Stranger $50,000 to return her to Spain where her nation is being attacked by Viking type Barbarians and the Moors. The Stranger is denied his $50,000 but finds out about a lost treasure that he wants for himself.



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