The Handsome, the Ugly, and the Stupid

Il bello, il brutto, il cretino, internationally known as The Handsome, the Ugly, and the Stupid is a 1967 Italian film directed by Giovanni Grimaldi. It is a spaghetti western parody of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.[1][2]

The Handsome, the Ugly, and the Stupid
(Il bello, il brutto, il cretino)
The Handsome, the Ugly, and the Stupid.jpg
Directed byGiovanni Grimaldi
Produced byGino Mordini
Written byGiovanni Grimaldi
StarringFranco Franchi & Ciccio Ingrassia and Mimmo Palmara
Music byLallo Gori
CinematographyAldo Giordani
Edited byRenato Cinquini
Release date
Running time
92 min

Plot summaryEdit

Bandits Franco and Ciccio, being unlucky in committing robberies, have an ingenious way to collect money: Ciccio is captured by the sheriffs' deputies, while Franco, enjoying the collected bounty, saves his friend just before he is hanged every time. But one day Franco is unable to save his friend, and he believes Ciccio lost forever. After getting drunk in a saloon, and also winning a lot of money playing poker, Franco magically meets Ciccio, who is not only not dead but also plans to take revenge on Franco. However, when he discovers with his friend the existence of a great treasure, buried out in the desert, the two renew their partnership.



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