For One Thousand Dollars Per Day

For One Thousand Dollars Per Day (Italian: Per mille dollari al giorno, Spanish: Por mil dólares al día, also known as Renegade Gunfighter) is a 1966 Italian-Spanish Spaghetti Western film directed by Silvio Amadio.[1][2] The title song ""My Gun is Fast" is performed by Bobby Solo.[1]

For One Thousand Dollars Per Day
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Directed bySilvio Amadio
Music byGino Peguri
CinematographyMario Pacheco
Release date


Zachary Hatcher aka Zachary Adams (Sept 7 1940) is an American-born actor and model, who within a week of his arrival in Italy in 1965, was spotted in a crowd by Nanni Loy while Anna Magnani was preparing for a scene in Made in Italy . He was signed to the William Morris Agency by David Niven Jr.. sent to Pietro Pascuttini for photographs and contracted for three films. His cinematographic debut was in the starring role of the 1966 Spanish-Italian co-production Mille Dollari al Giorno with Pier Angeli directed by Silvio Amadio, and released by Paramount Pictures as Renegade Gunfighter.

In his second film, this time as Zachary Adams he was “Gody” the “amoral sidekick” of Danielle Gaubert in Camille 2000 , based on the 1852 novel and play La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas, fils.

Adapted by Michael DeForrest and directed by Radley Metzger the film featured a drug use theme not present in the source story and set in modern Rome’s lavish and decadent society. It was considered pornographic when released in 1969.

”Erotic…Decadent!” - Playboy. “An eye dazzler…sex exciter!” - New York Post. “Roman pads filled with active swingers…the point here is passion and it is presented in the nude with great frequency!”. - The New York Times “Pretty much the whole Kama Sutra.” - Life Magazine.

Camille 2000 was re released on Blu-ray  In 2011 by Cult Classics

Segments of Per Mille Dollari al Giorno and Camille 2000 can be seen on Youtube.

With Camille running overtime, Hatcher started his third film (working title Checkmate) in the lead role about an escaped convict in chains, black hair and mustache in the mountains of Northern Italy, also with Silvio Amadio. When needed for Camille his hair was bleached back to blond and he was driven back to Rome. He fell in chains in the mountains, severely injuring his back, and, by then his scalp had wide cracks and his hair had pink cast in some scenes of Camille. He is noticeably absent from the BDSM Party Scene, (the most obvious for him to be in) after refusing to be filmed in a hot tub with a “boi”.

While recuperating he disappeared on an around-the-world-trip with legendary beauty and founder of the Clairol Company, Joan Bové, missing a screen test with Franco Zeffirelli for Lucentio in The Taming of the Shrew. Although he was screen tested later by De Laurentiis the part was given to Michael York. Hatcher and Bové’s love for each other lasted until her death in 2000(?).

From 1961 thru 1989 Hatcher owned a home at the intersection of Lookout Mountain Ave and Appian Way in Hollywood. This area was home to many actors and other artists especially in the music business. [3]


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