Arizona Colt

Arizona Colt (Italian: Il pistolero di Arizona), also known as The Man from Nowhere (Italian: L'uomo venuto dal nulla), is a 1966 technicolor Spaghetti Western directed by Michele Lupo and starring Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Corinne Marchand.

Arizona Colt
Italian theatrical release poster in 1966.
The Man from Nowhere
Directed byMichele Lupo
Screenplay byErnesto Gastaldi[1]
Story by
Produced byElio Scardamaglia
CinematographyGuglielmo Mancori[1]
Edited byAntonietta Zita[1]
Music byFrancesco De Masi[1]
  • Leone Film
  • Orphée Productions[1]
Distributed byInterfilm
Société Anonyme Universal-Film
Edko Films
G.G. Communications Inc.
Golden Era Film Distributors (GEF)
Phoenix Film
Release dates
  • 27 August 1966 (1966-08-27) (Italy)
  • 17 February 1971 (1971-02-17) (France)
Running time
118 minutes
  • Italy
  • France[2]


Looking to reinforce his gang Torrez Gordon Watch (Fernando Sancho) raids a jail at the Mexican border. All prisoners who refuse to become his new henchman are to be shot dead. Arizona Colt (Giuliano Gemma) eludes him, and makes it to a peaceful little town which named Blackstone Hill. Little does he know that Gordon plans to rob the bank. Watch has already brought a gang member in position to feel out how it can be done.

While the spy Clay (Giovanni Pazzafini) prepares the robbery, he hits on a young local woman named Dolores (Rosalba Neri). When she recognises him as a member of the very gang, he murders her. Following this crime the bank gets robbed. The father of Dolores recognises among the gangsters the murderer and hires Arizona Colt to bring the gangster to justice.


Filming locations by Almería and Cinecittà about summer 1965.



The Arizonal Colt or Il pistolero di Arizona (Francesco De Masi feat Raoul) is an original motion picture soundtrack : "He came out of nowhere, with no one beside him. He rode out of the sunrise all alone. A man out of nowhere, with no one to love him. His one faithful companion was his gun. No one could say, just where he came from. No one could say, where he was going. Was he a man without a heart, a man with a heart made of stone...".



Arizona Colt was released in Italy on 27 August 1966 in Italy and in France on 17 February 1971.[2][3]

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