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Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman is well known for his contribution to Unani medicine. He founded Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences in 2000. He has earlier served as Professor and chairman, Department of Ilmul Advia at the Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh, for over 40 years before retiring as Dean Faculty of Unani Medicine. Presently, he is serving AMU as "Honorary Treasurer".[1]

Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman
Hakim S. Zillur Rahman.jpg
Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman
Born (1940-07-01) 1 July 1940 (age 79)
Alma materAligarh Muslim University, Darul-uloom Nadwatul Ulama
Known forUnani medicine & History of medicine
Spouse(s)Ahmadi Begum
ChildrenSafia Akhtar, Syed Ziaur Rahman, Soofia Akhtar, Asifa Haneefa
Parent(s)Hakim Syed Fazlur Rahman
Haneefa Khatoon
RelativesHakim Syed Karam Husain (Grand father)

Author of 54 books and several papers on different aspects of Unani, he also owns one of the largest collection of books on Unani medicine.

The Government of India conferred him with Padma Shri award in 2006 for his contribution in the field of Unani Medicine.[2]


Early life and educationEdit

Rahman was born on 1 July 1940, at Bhopal, Bhopal State (now in Madhya Pradesh) in a family of learned scholars. His grandfather Hakim Syed Karam Husain, father Hakim Syed Fazlur Rahman and uncle Hakim Syed Atiqul Qadir were famous Unani Physicians of their times at Tijara / Bhopal. He is married to Ahmadi Begum and has four children: Safia Akhtar, Syed Ziaur Rahman, Soofia Akhtar and Asifa Haneefa.

Rahman received his early education from Darul-uloom Nadwatul Ulama at Lucknow and later studied at Tibbiya College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.


Rahman started his career from Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College, Aligarh Muslim University as Demonstrator in 1961 and then Lecturer from Jamia Tibbiya, Delhi, he was appointed reader in 1973 and professor in 1983. He remained Chairman of the Department of Ilmul Advia for 18 years and Dean of the Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University."[3][4]


His entire work concerns with history of medicine particularly of medieval medicine and medicine in medieval Islam. He is himself a diligent explorer of Unani medicine for old Arabic and Persian manuscripts.

Selected bibliographyEdit

Following is the list of important books that he authored:[5]

Significant contributionsEdit

  • By his personal efforts made the Department of Ilmul Advia, Ajmal Khan Tibbia College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh as a center of excellence. A new building of the department with all modern facilities in the laboratories was constructed under his able guidance and chairmanship. He raised both name and fame of this department at national and international level.
Foundation Stone, Ibn Sina Tibbiya College, Beenapara (Azamgarh)
  • He assisted in the establishment of Ibn Sina Tibbia College at Beenapara, Azamgarh of which he laid the foundation stone on 25 January 1981.
  • He established his personal library-cum-museum in 1960s, which became part of 'Shifa-al Mulk Hakim Abdul Latif Memorial Committee' in 1970. After the establishment of Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences[10] in 2000, this library (Hakim Zillur Rahman Library)[11] and museum (Hakim Karam Hussain Museum on History of Medicine & Science and Hakim Fazlur Rahman Museum on Arts, Culture & Orientalism) have now become a part of the academy. The library at present houses one of the most precious and valuable collection of 20,000 printed books, 500 manuscripts",[12][13] some rare books, microfilms, compact discs, a large number of periodicals and manuscript catalogues. Books in many languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sanskrit and English on a variety of subjects like History of Medicine and History of Science, Unani, Medieval medicine, Ilmul Advia (Pharmacology), Urdu Literature with special reference to Ghalib, Iqbal, Aligarh and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan are also extant in this library. In addition, there is a Publication Division under the Shifaul Mulk Hakim Abdul Latif Memorial Committee, Centre for Safety & Rational Use of Indian Systems of Medicine, Ibn Sina Shifakhana, AIDS Cell & Ghalib Study Centre.
  • He edited 'Al-Hikmat' (Monthly Unani Literary Magazine) from 1965 to 1970.

Awards and honoursEdit

Rahman was appointed honorary visiting professor at Hamdard University in 1997 and have further been awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters at a graduation ceremony in 2013.

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Further readingEdit

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