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The Belgian national basketball team (Dutch: Belgisch nationaal basketbalelftal, French: Équipe nationale Belge de basketball, German: Belgier Basketballnationalmannschaft) represents Belgium in international basketball tournaments. The supervising body is Basketball Belgium. The national team has qualified for the EuroBasket 13 times, having their best result at the EuroBasket 1947 when they finished 4th. Further, they entered the Summer Olympics on three occasions, in 1936, 1948, and 1952. Their best result there was 11th place at the 1948 Olympic Games, in London. Their qualification for the EuroBasket 2011, marked their first EuroBasket appearance since 1993. Though, the national team has yet to qualify for the FIBA World Cup.

Belgium Belgium
Belgian Lions logo.png
FIBA ranking39 Decrease 10 (16 September 2019)[1]
Joined FIBA1933
FIBA zoneFIBA Europe
National federationBasketball Belgium
CoachEddy Casteels
Olympic Games
FIBA World Cup

The team is nicknamed and also represents itself as Belgian Lions.


EuroBasket 1935Edit

The Belgian side came in sixth place at the first European Basketball Championship, the EuroBasket 1935 held by the International Basketball Federation's FIBA Europe continental federation. They lost to Spain in the preliminary round. In the 5th to 8th place classification match, the Belgians defeated Bulgaria to advance to the 5th/6th place final. There they were defeated by France, 49–30.

EuroBasket 1946Edit

The next European championship that Belgium contested was EuroBasket 1946. In the most competitive of the preliminary groups, Belgium lost close contests to Switzerland and eventual champions Czechoslovakia. Their third-place finish in the group relegated them to the 7th–10th place semifinals, where they defeated Poland handily. In the 7th/8th place final, the Belgians were victorious over Luxembourg to finish in 7th place.

EuroBasket 1947Edit

Belgium's third EuroBasket was at the EuroBasket 1947. The national team went 2–1 in the preliminary round, losing only to Egypt. Czechoslovakia gave Belgium their only loss in the semifinal round, as they went 2–1 again. This put Belgium in a rematch with Egypt, this time with the bronze medal on the line. Egypt won again, relegating Belgium to 4th place.

EuroBasket 1951Edit

EuroBasket 1951 was the next competition that Belgium contested. They defeated medal favorite (and in fact eventual silver medallists Czechoslovakia in the preliminary round on their way to winning the group with a 3–0 record. That record was reversed in the semifinal round, though, as Belgium lost all three of their games, by 10 points or fewer in each contest. Their losses continued as they dropped their classification 5th–8th place game to Italy. But Belgium did finish with a win over Greece, in the classification 7th/8th place final 39-28.

EuroBasket 1953Edit

Belgium competed again at EuroBasket 1953 in Moscow. Their preliminary round group included both the eventual gold medallist Soviet Union and runner-up Hungary. The national team lost to both but defeated Denmark to finish third place in the group with a 1–2 record. In a less competitive classification round pool, Belgium finished on top with a 3–1 record, losing only to Romania. They then won their 9th–12th place classification match, but lost to Bulgaria in their final game to finish in 10th place of the 17 team field.

EuroBasket 1957Edit

Four years later, Belgium competed at EuroBasket 1957 in Sofia. They lost all three of their preliminary games, taking fourth position in the group and being sent to the classification round. There, they again lost three games but this time it was out of seven games in the round instead of three. Their 4–3 record in the classification pool put them in 12th place overall.

EuroBasket 2011Edit

EuroBasket 2011 was the first appearance for the national team at the tournament in almost 20 years. It was a very forgettable performance by the Lions, as they lost all five games with their only competitive match coming against Bulgaria, where they lost 68-65.

EuroBasket 2013Edit

At the EuroBasket 2013 the national team looked to avenge their last EuroBasket performance with a better showing this go around. After losing an hard fought battle to the Ukraine in their first match. They rebounded quickly in the second game pulling off a stunner at the hands of Germany in overtime 77-73. It marked the first win for the Lions at the tournament since EuroBasket 1993. From there they went on to win one more match in the preliminary stage against Great Britain to finish with a 2-3 record, enough to qualify for the second round. There the national team ran into trouble against Euro heavyweights in Serbia, eventual runner-up in Lithuania and the eventual tournament champion France. The Lions could only squeeze out one victory in the round against Latvia, before being eliminated.

Global StageEdit

On several occasions, Belgium qualified for events where they competed at the global stage. Yet, the country's major performances there date back to the 1940s/1950s. The national team had its best performance at the 1948 Summer Olympics where they won 5 out of 8 games.

Competitive recordEdit


Current rosterEdit

Roster for the EuroBasket 2017.[2]

The following is the squad in the EuroBasket 2017.

Belgium men's national basketball team – EuroBasket 2017 roster
Players Coaches
Pos. No. Name Age – Date of birth Height Club Ctr.
PG 4 Lecomte, Manu 22 – (1995-08-16)16 August 1995 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Agua Caliente  
PG 5 van Rossom, Sam 31 – (1986-06-03)3 June 1986 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) Valencia  
PF 7 Hervelle, Axel 34 – (1983-05-02)2 May 1983 2.04 m (6 ft 8 in) Bilbao  
PF 8 Mwema, Jean-Marc 27 – (1989-12-05)5 December 1989 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in) Oostende  
SG 9 Tabu, Jonathan 31 – (1985-10-07)7 October 1985 1.84 m (6 ft 0 in) Bilbao  
PG 10 Serron, Quentin 27 – (1990-02-25)25 February 1990 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) Gravelines-Dunkerque  
F 12 Salumu, Jean 27 – (1990-07-26)26 July 1990 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in) Oostende  
PF 13 Gillet, Pierre-Antoine 26 – (1991-04-16)16 April 1991 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in) Oostende  
PF 14 de Zeeuw, Maxime 30 – (1987-04-26)26 April 1987 2.04 m (6 ft 8 in) Oldenburg  
C 16 Tumba, Kevin 26 – (1991-02-23)23 February 1991 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) Murcia  
C 19 Bako, Ismael 21 – (1995-10-10)10 October 1995 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in) Leuven Bears  
F 22 Kesteloot, Vincent 22 – (1995-03-23)23 March 1995 2.02 m (6 ft 8 in) Oostende  
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)
  • (C) Team captain
  • Club – describes last
    club before the tournament
  • Age – describes age
    on 31 August 2017

Depth ChartEdit

Pos. Starting 5 Bench 1 Bench 2
C Kevin Tumba Maxime De Zeeuw
PF Axel Hervelle Pierre-Antoine Gillet
SF Matt Lojeski Jean-Marc Mwema Wen Mukubu
SG Quentin Serron Jonathan Tabu Jean Salumu
PG Sam Van Rossom Lionel Bosco

Head coach positionEdit

Past rostersEdit

1935 EuroBasket: finished 6th among 10 teams

Robert Brouwer, Gaston de Houwer, Louis Levaux, Rene Demanck, Emile Laermans, Pierre van Basselaere, Gustave Vereecken

1936 Olympic Games: finished 19th among 21 teams

Robert Brouwer, Gustave Crabbe, Rene Demanck, Emile Laermans, Guillaume Merckx, Pierre van Basselaere, Gustave Vereecken, Raymond Gerard

1946 EuroBasket: finished 7th among 10 teams

Pierre van Basselaere, Louis Vandegoor, Armand van Wambeke, Henri Hollanders, Emile Kets, Marcel de Haeck, Auguste Wijns, Georges Baert, Augustin Bernaer, Henri Hermans, Ange Hollanders, Julien Meuris, Fernand Rossius, Henri Servaes (Coach: Raymond Briot)

1947 EuroBasket: finished 4th among 14 teams

Emile Kets, Georges Baert, Henri Hermans, Fernand Rossius, Joseph Pirard, Julien Meuris, Henri Coosemans, Guillaume van Damme, Henri Hollanders, Gustave Poppe, Ange Hollanders, Rene Steurbaut, Francois de Pauw, Armand van Wambeke (Coach: Raymond Briot)

1948 Olympic Games: finished 11th among 23 teams

Emile Kets, Henri Hollanders, Ange Hollanders, Gustave Poppe, Henri Hermans, Francois de Pauw, Julien Meuris, Rene Steurbaut, Armand van Wambeke, Augustin Bernaer, Henri Coosemans, Louis van de Goor, Georges Baert, Leon Lampo (Coach: Raymond Briot)

1951 EuroBasket: finished 7th among 17 teams

Jef Eygel, Emile Kets, Georges Baert, Henri Coosemans, Guy Gekiere, Desire Ligon, Francois Plas, Alex van Gils, Roger van Harck, Jean Crick, Francois de Pauw, Philippe Dewandelaer (Coach: Raymond Briot)

1952 Olympic Games: finished 18th among 23 teams

Jef Eygel, Henri Coosemans, Desire Ligon, Alex van Gils, Felix Roosemont, Julien Meuris, Henri Crick, Josef du Jardin, Johannes Ducheyne, Pierre van Huele, Jules Boes, Jan Ceulemans, Yves Delsarte

1953 EuroBasket: finished 10th among 17 teams

Georges Baert, Andre Vermeulen, Emile Kets, Henri Coosemans, Desire Ligon, Joseph Decombe, Felix Roosemont, Maurice Chavagne, Rene Steurbaut, Julien Meuris, Alex van Gils, Edouard Samson, Jean Nolis, Roger van Harck (Coach: Louis van Hof)

1957 EuroBasket: finished 12th among 16 teams

Eddy Terrace, John Loridon, Emile Martin, Charles Storme, Jean de Nayer, Elie Deweerdt, Charles Feyen, Albert van Mechelen, Alex van den Avondt, Lucien van Kersschaever, Georges de Meyer, Robert Jolijt

1959 EuroBasket: finished 7th among 17 teams

Jef Eygel, Jean Steveniers, John Loridon, Richard Wagner, Maurice Chavagne, Rene Aerts, Pierre van Huele, Francois de Pauw, Elie Deweerdt, Lucien van Kersschaever, Henry Raets, Lievin Vinck (Coach: Eddy Verswijvel)

1961 EuroBasket: finished 8th among 19 teams

Jef Eygel, John Loridon, Jean Steveniers, Rene Aerts, Henri Degraeve, Andre Desplats, Oscar Wauters, Joseph Serron, Alphonse Maes, Charles Feyen, Pierre van Huele, Guido Scholiers (Coach: Rene Mol)

1963 EuroBasket: finished 8th among 16 teams

Jef Eygel, John Loridon, Rene Aerts, Lucien Michelet, Willy Ivens, Camille Dierckx, Pierre Dewandeler, Lucien van Kersschaever, Pierre van Huele, Francois d’Hoir, Guido Scholiers, Francois Clement (Coach: Roger Staes)

1967 EuroBasket: finished 15th among 16 teams

Jef Eygel, Etienne Geerts, Rene Aerts, Lucien Michelet, John Loridon, Lucien van Kersschaever, Alfons Declerck, Willy Ivens, Robert van Herzele, Raoul Schoeters, Camille Dierckx, Willy d’Hondt (Coach: Rene Mol)

1977 EuroBasket: finished 8th among 12 teams

Etienne Geerts, Imre Nytrai, Olin "Corky" Bell, Rene van den Broeck, Christian Becknel, Roger Marien, Hector Vermeersch, Alain Stollenberg, Robert van Herzele, Jos Peeters, Francois Huysmans, Ive van Poppelen (Coach: Rene Mol)

1979 EuroBasket: finished 12th among 12 teams

Etienne Geerts, Imre Nytrai, Rik Samaey, Rene van den Broeck, Jean-Luc Selicky, Jos Peeters, Herman Reynders, Francois Huysmans, Etienne Bodson, Tony Van den Bosch, Alain Stollenberg, Ive van Poppelen (Coach: Rene Mol)

1993 EuroBasket: finished 12th among 16 teams

Eric Struelens, Rik Samaey, Ronny Bayer, Jacques Stas, Erik Cleymans, Marc Deheneffe, Daniel Goethals, Dimitri Lambrecht, Danny Herman, Herman Bruyninckx, Dirk Snyders, Ivan Verberckt (Coach: Tony Van den Bosch)

2011 EuroBasket: finished 23rd among 24 teams

Roel Moors, Sam Van Rossom, Christophe Beghin, Randy Oveneke, Jorn Steinbach, Jonathan Tabu, Dimitri Lauwers, Guy Muya, Marcus Faison, Maxime De Zeeuw, Tomas Van Den Spiegel, D.J. Mbenga (Coach: Eddy Casteels)

2013 EuroBasket: finished 10th among 24 teams

Roel Moors, Sam Van Rossom, Christophe Beghin, Axel Hervelle, Jean-Marc Mwema, Jonathan Tabu, Quentin Serron, Guy Muya, Wen Mukubu, Maxime De Zeeuw, Sacha Massot, Yannick Driesen (Coach: Eddy Casteels)

2015 EuroBasket: finished 13th among 24 teams

Lionel Bosco, Sam Van Rossom, Axel Hervelle, Jean-Marc Mwema, Jonathan Tabu, Quentin Serron, Wen Mukubu, Pierre-Antoine Gillet, Maxime de Zeeuw, Kevin Tumba, Jean Salumu, Matt Lojeski (Coach: Eddy Casteels)

2017 EuroBasket: finished 19th among 24 teams

Manu Lecomte, Sam van Rossom, Axel Hervelle, Jean-Marc Mwema, Jonathan Tabu, Quentin Serron, Jean Salumu, Pierre-Antoine Gillet, Maxime de Zeeuw, Kevin Tumba, Ismael Bako, Vincent Kesteloot (Coach: Eddy Casteels)



2015: KIPSTA


2015: Voo

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