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The 2019 IAAF World Rankings document the best performing athletes in the sport of athletics, per the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) individual athlete ranking system. It was the first year that the IAAF used the system. Individual athletes are assigned a points score best on an average of their best recent competition performances. The performance scoring is primarily based on the time or mark of the athlete, plus additional points for their placing within the competition, and some minor modifications based on the conditions.[1] The world rankings are updated each Wednesday.

2019 IAAF World Rankings
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As of 2 October 2019, the number one ranked male athlete is Noah Lyles with 1477 points,[2] and the number one ranked female athlete is Sifan Hassan with 1459 points.[3]

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IAAF World Rankings, as of 17 September 2019.[6]

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IAAF World Rankings

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