1902 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

World lightweight boxing champion Joe Gans

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College championship

Professional championships


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  • 10 March — foundation of Real Madrid as Madrid Fútbol Club

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VFL Premiership

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National championship


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Lineal world champions[4]

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  • No cricket is played in South Africa due to the Boer War.
  • Australia defeats England in The Ashes by 2 Tests to 1 after the first two Tests have been rained off. In one of the most famous Test series in history, the final three matches are full of drama with Victor Trumper scoring a century before lunch in the Third Test, Australia winning the Fourth Test by just 3 runs and England winning the Fifth Test by one wicket following a century in only 75 minutes by Gilbert Jessop.




South Africa

West Indies

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World Figure Skating Championships

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Major tournaments

Other tournaments

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Ice hockey edit

Stanley Cup

Motor racing edit

Paris-Vienna Trail

  • The Paris-Vienna Trail is run on 26–29 June over 990 km and won by Marcel Renault (France) driving a Renault in a time of 15:47:43. The race is in retrospect sometimes referred to as the VII Grand Prix de l'ACF.[6]

Gordon Bennett Cup

Circuit des Ardennes

  • The inaugural Circuit des Ardennes is run on 31 July 1902 in the vicinity of Bastogne. The total distance is 512.05 km (i.e., 85.34 km x 6 laps). The winner is Charles Jarrott (Great Britain), driving a Panhard-Levassor 70 hp in a time of 5:53:39.

Great Britain

  • The first motor race in Great Britain is held at Bexhill-on-Sea with more than 200 entries.[7]

Rowing edit

The Boat Race

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Rugby union edit

Home Nations Championship

Speed skating edit

Speed Skating World Championships

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Davis Cup

References edit

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