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Welcome to WikiProject Viruses, This wikiproject has become inactive, and we are currently looking for new members to assist in restoring it, why not join us and add you name to our list of participants


  • The 2023 ICTV taxonomy was ratified in April 2024



This WikiProject aims to help organise and contribute to the growing collection of articles about biological viruses. This can be achieved by:

  • Using consistent nomenclature and orthography in naming viruses
  • Including taxoboxes on all virus articles
  • Adding information to existing articles
  • Validating information and seeking references
  • Placing articles in correct categories
  • Identifying articles in need of work
  • Organising information as clear and easy to read as possible



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1) I'm not a scientist, can I help?

Absolutely! If you have an artistic flair, you could clean up a messy page or create a new template. You could also help to proof-read edits to give scientists feedback on how easy their writing is to understand from a layman's point of view. You could tag messy articles for the project, identify new stubs or even just spread the word about this WikiProject!

2) How can I get involved?

If you feel like participating in this WikiProject, please sign your name over at the members page and check out the Open Tasks to be completed.

3) At what level is it worth having a separate Wikipedia article for a particular virus?

Simply put, any level you like. If we write individual articles for all the viruses known to man, it may take a while; However, if you feel like writing an article about some particularly obscure virus that most people have never even heard of, go for it! The more the merrier :-) As a general guideline though, combine several species or subspecies into a single article when there isn't enough text to make more than short, unsatisfying stubs otherwise. If the article grows large enough to deserve splitting, that can always be done later. It's always a good idea to avoid creating articles that are doomed to be stubs.

4) What about eradicated viruses?

Like smallpox? Sure, why not! There seems to be no reason to exclude any viruses as long as somebody's willing to write an article for it.


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Virus articles Trophy case
SARS 20 December 2004
HIV/AIDS 15 June 2006
Influenza 1 January 2007
Polio 22 August 2008
Macfarlane Burnet 6 January 2009
Virus 5 October 2009
Dengue fever 5 August 2011
RNA interference 25 November 2011
Rotavirus 7 April 2008
Social history of viruses 18 August 2013
Introduction to viruses 21 October 2012
27 March 2020

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June 14, 2024






Here is a list of Wikiproject Virus members, together with their comments. To join the group simply add yourself to the list of participants, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

User name Talk page Comments Joined
A.Ou Talk Interested in helping to expand on redlinks in List of viruses 23 January 2007
Ajpolino talk Broadly interested in microbiology 10 December 2015
Akifoss talk Broadly interested in virology, virus evolution, and virus taxonomy 06 February 2020
Anastronomer Talk 21 October 2012
Arboviral Talk I am an epidemiologist working on a range of arboviruses (viruses transmitted by insects and ticks). 08 May 2014
Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson Talk 17 October 2012
Arw36 Talk I am an ecology PhD student interested in adding information for notable wildlife viruses 3 June 2018
Aviationprojecthelper Talk I like learning about the different types of viruses and diseases. 6 December 2017
Avilaricardo Talk I am a bioinformatics programmer with an interest in viruses. 9 September 2020
Amy Talk Also geeky about medical science - future pharmaceutical student, with an interest in treatment of virii. I'm good at collating references, buzz me if you've got a task! 25 February 2010
bellamorbida Talk Medical coder, undergrad college student majoring in biology, general geek. Interested in viruses/bacteria in general and adding more ICD-9/10 codes to medical entries. 31 October 2007
bervin61 Talk Graduate student with interest in bioinformatics. Just started a job with interest in compiling data on viruses, so I'm working to fill in some gaps. Hoping to bring additional attention to the project from other academic sources. 17 February 2015
Bob the Wikipedian Talk I know nothing of viruses, but in an effort to rejuvenate the project, I'll see how well I can learn virus taxonomy and help begin structuring the automatic taxobox database for viruses 25 February 2011
Braindamaged Talk Molecular biologist, worked on influenza and ready to contribute here. 19 July 2007
ChyranandChloe Talk Reston ebolavirus is probably my FA; I'm interested in virology and epidemiology. Give me a list of articles to clean up and I'm there. 06 September 2008
Ciar Talk I'm really an immunologist and molecular biologist, but as my work drifts more and more into the world of viruses, I'm happy to help and learn here! 29 May 2007
ClockworkSoul Talk Trained as a molecular biologist and research pathologist with research interests in host-pathogen interactions, in particular papillomavirus-induced oncogenesis. 20 January 2009
Curt99 Talk environmental microbiologist primarily working on viruses in the ocean 15 April 2017
Daniel Mietchen Talk biophysicist interested in how open knowledge can help address viral epidemics 23 February 2016
David Ruben Talk General Practitioner - happy to help out with general (human) disease aspects of viruses, copyediting, cite.ref implementation and template coding etc 28 October 2006
Delyons13 Talk Virology PhD student. I have worked on Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis C virus, yellow fever virus, and human papillomavirus. 5 December 2016
DiverDave Talk Anesthesiologist with a background in virology, tropical medicine and biological warfare. 01 May 2010
Dubhslaine Talk Plant Virologist specializing in the characterization of new plant viruses.
DuncanMoore Talk BA in molecular and cellular biology, researched oncolytic herpesviruses 24 March 2011
Dutcherh Talk Interested in editing the page, Defective Interfering RNA for a course at the University of Michigan 16 October 2014
EarthRise33 Talk Biomedical microbiology student here, willing to do what's necessary. 19 June 2007
ELLIOTL_UAB Talk My research involves viral genomics and evolution. I also participate in establishing viral taxonomy. I am (slowly) trying to update entries that deal with virus classification. 23 July 2008
Enlil Ninlil Talk Hay why not, give me something to do and I will do my best. 7 June 2006
Eracathegreat Talk Graduate student in plant pathology interested in plant viruses and epidemiology. 05 December 2011
Espresso Addict Talk Knowledgeable on HIV & have access to virology texts 17 August 2006
Euclidjd Talk 08 December 2016
Francisco Martins Talk I am able to translate information from English to Portuguese and vice-versa. 10 February 2020
Freddy Rogan Ramirez Talk Experience in DOE analysis and able to translate from English to Spanish and Chinese and vice-versa 15 March 2020
Frazzydee Talk 19 March 2005
Gaharrison94 Talk I am a student of biology, and I have some training in microbiology and phytopathology. Hoping to help out where I can. 10 October 2014
Gorton k Talk 2nd year biochemistry and molecular biology, and cell and developmentlal biology student. Phage! I've done quite a lot to lambda... but it's ongoing. 15 February 2008
Graham Beards Talk I am a clinical virologist and have professional expertise with many human viruses. 13 October 2007
grapefruits14 Talk I am a research scientist with a PhD working with high pathogenic viruses and vaccine development. 03 January 2018
Hannes Röst Talk I am a biology student interested in viruses. I also write in the German Wikipedia. 3 November 2009
Harsh Baat Kijiye(Talk) Doing my Masters in Biotchnology. We don't have much on viruses, but happy to help! Besides, the whole idea of Reverse Transcriptase is the Uber-Coolest thing. 29 September 2012
Henipa Talk Canadian-American virologist. Hanta- and henipavirus biochemistry. 21 November 2020
HiMyNamesHello Talk 22 January 2022
HueMan1 Talk 6 March 2020
iTippy Talk I am a user who is involved in Internet Security. I am also in computer criminal law. 1 April 2009
Jarretinha Talk Ph. D. student working with genetics and dynamics of "simple" life forms, including viruses. 31 July 2007
Joelmills Talk I've been working for a few weeks on animal viruses. Glad to see this project has been reactivated. 13 June 2006
Joey Joel Talk I've been working for the Dutch National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO), department virology. 11 September 2014
juanTamad Talk Former medical journal editor, want to work on history of yellow fever first. 14 June 2015
Jumping cheese Talk I'm somewhat knowledgeable regarding viruses, but nowhere near an expert level. I'll work on tagging articles with this wikiproject. 10 December 2006
Keilana Talk Molecular biology/pre-med student with a newfound love of viruses. I like weird viruses. 20 October 2015
Kingdon Talk Dabble in virus articles here and there (especially plant viruses). 19 July 2009
Liam Skoda Talk Medical student, primarily interested in viruses that cause human disease, particularly lyssaviruses and filoviruses. 23 September 2007
LightandDark2000 🌀 User talk:LightandDark2000 Have an interest in viruses. I also have a background in the biological sciences. 1 December 2020
linkthewindow Talk High school student, general interest in this area and microbiology in general. Will help where I can 27 June 2008
MadScientistVX Talk Undergrad in Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Pre-Medicine; interested in helping out in any way. Starting by trying to fix red-links in List of viruses. 23 Feb 2007
Malke 2010 Talk Molecular virologist - special interest in hantaviruses 22 May 2013
ManVhv Talk Computer scientists with an interest in viruses. Specializing in amateur Herpesviridae systems biology. 3 Jun 2007
Marcosm13 Talk Interested in the mechanisms that allow viruses to implant their DNA/RNA. Also a member of Molecular & Cellular Biology wikiproject. 23 Apr 2009
MarcoTolo Talk Contributor to numerous virology-related articles - probably should have joined long ago. 24 Jul 2007
MatthewHebert Talk I am interested in viruses and want to help. 7 Nov 2010
Maxj27 Talk Geneticistinterested in contributing and expanding upon an article within the virus wikiproject. 28 Apr 2019
Maymers7 Talk I am interested in contributing and expanding upon an article within the virus wikiproject. 28 Jan 2016
Mikhail's Unieo Talk Interested in viruses ever since Coronavirus Pandemic Struck. 27 July 2020
Million Moments Talk Plant Pathologist 16 Jan 2007
Mjbailey Talk MD/PhD Student 13 Jan 2015
Mysteriumen Talk Student of Pharmacy 21 July 2016
mysteryman90 Talk Taking a biology class. Interested in posting new material being taught. 5 April 2007
Nandini Datta Talk I'm a Microbiology student having great interest and knowledge in viruses. 25 January 2019
OcciMoron Talk Undergraduate in both Biology and History, with a strong interest in infectious diseases and global health 15 August 2007
Orangemarlin Talk Last took a virology class in 1983. Just here to make sure that Homeopathy and urban myths don't show up in articles. 25 May 2007
orkoloko Talk Research scientist working on molecular evolution and phylogenetics of animals and pathogens. 27 July 2008
Pecors Talk Got interested in rabies and ended up here creating articles for rare viruses. 09 January 2022
PhD Dre Talk A panel board reviewer for the CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research), Institute of Infection and Immunity. 15 November 2007
Philippe Le Mercier Talk Research virologist working on making electronic reviews of all viral proteins, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, University of Geneva, Switzerland. 16 Janvier 2009
PrimordialTaco Talk 12 February 2019
PNSMurthy Talk I have an unhealthy addiction to deadly viruses. Am looking forward to expanding this field. 14th of July 2020
Random Nonsense Talk I'm a History undergrad with an interest in environmental history, and I thought I might be able to help out in that area. I'll be doing a I research project on rinderpest next year, so I look forward to adding to that article. 2 June 2007
RaptorChief Talk Looking forward to helping the virology WikiProject! 2 February 2018
Read-write-services Talk Hello, I am a writer and editor with a Diploma in Human Biology. I am interested in Marburg, Ebola and Hantavirus. I would be delighted to help with editing anything. 14 September 2006
RelentlessRouge Talk Hello, all. I am far from a Ph.D. or an M.D. but I will definitely attempt to help the virology part of Wikipedia. Cheers! 14 June 2006
Rich Farmbrough Talk I write virus stubs on Wikipedia..... 24 June 2014
Reza Rezaei Javan Talk Postgraduate student in Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses. 28 July 2014
Sapientia42 Talk 1 January 2015
SaritaMackita Talk I like science, but I studied foreign languages... I was originally appalled by the blatant inaccuracy of the Canine Distemper article. I've changed it some, but it still obviously needs a lot of work. Thought I'd also lend a hand with whatever! 18 March 2008
Schu1321 Talk MD/PhD Student at the University of Minnesota. Beginning 3rd year of program and working for a PhD in Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology. 06 October 2007
Scray Talk Most interested in virus evolution and viruses causing human disease. 04 April 2010
Seegene Talk Interested in viruses and their life cycle. BVSc in Veterinary medicine, M.Sc on Lyssavirus and PhD on Human Papillomavirus. 06 March 2014
Serephine Talk I look forward to cleaning up many of the virus articles ☺ I'm particularly interested in Ebola 13 June 2006
Several Times Talk I'm a grad student, especially interested in phages. 01 March 2012
Snellios Talk Biochemical virology, epidemiology, virus/host interaction. Medical student MB, Pathology BA 12 May 08
Shibbolethink Talk A first year graduate student studying for a PhD at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, completing lab rotations in the Department of Microbiology, specifically interested in the Universal Influenza Vaccine. Particularly interested in the Flu B HA. 10th December 2014
Spawn Man Talk Not a scientist, but will do his best!!! 2 November 2005
SpectraValor Talk Interested in RNA viruses, especially retroviruses. Although I have heard of DNA! 12 March 2012
Sperber Talk Hi there, I'm currently working on my PhD in Virology, and am looking forward to contribute (my special interest is Ebola virus, I work with it since four years) 11 July 2006
spilki Talk Veterinarian, MSc in Animal Virology, PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology; interested in animal viruses and general virology 19 July 2007
Stevia_badger Talk Undergraduate in both Cellular & Molecular Biology and Biochemistry departments. Happy to help where able. 13 May 2013
Sharma Talk I'm currently working on RNA viruses and am looking forward to contribute (my special interest is HCV virus 17 March 2009
TariStar Talk Wildlife Science/Zoology student, interest in Bearded Dragon, Working on Agamid Adenovirus 1 as of March 2008. 17 March 2008
Terrycojones Talk Working (computationally) on viruses at the University of Cambridge. Happily helping to clean up Wikipedia entries as I learn. 12 June 2013
The Martian-2000 Talk I am interested in everything about viruses 24 February 2011
Thomas888b Talk I am the current coordinator of WikiProject Viruses. I revived the project on 24/02/2011. 24 February 2011
Tim Vickers Talk Hi. I'm a molecular biologist and interested in virology. 10 January 2007
TokeTokensen Talk Molecular Biology Ph.D candidate, interested in Virology, made account specifically to join project. 29 May 2011
User:Tunafish12 (real) User talk:Tunafish12 (real) Viruses are cool. Mainly interested in ones that human pathogens. 6 March 2021
Tyciol Talk Hi, I'm a biology student and find viri' potential to help gene therapy appealing. 01 June 2008
Velayinosu Talk 12 May 2020
ViralQuest Talk I, too, am somewhat knowledgeable regarding viruses (primarily plant viruses), but hesitate to use "expert" in the same sentence. Happy to lend a hand in this Viruses WikiProject. 14 June 2007
Vokesk Talk MD student. 25 Aug 2015
walternmoss Talk Post-doc working on Eptstein-Barr virus non-coding RNAs. 16 November 2013
Watchingeye Talk Just about anything that gets my attention 12 September 2007
Webclouddat Talk Why am i doing this???? 14 August 2023
Wedian Talk Hi all. I'm a graduate student in microbiology. Hope to work with you as much as i can. 28 October 2006
wikiwiki1950 Talk I am a new user looking to join a random Wikiproject. If there are better options, tell me so. 24 November 2006
Xtothel Talk Scientist working on viruses 28 February 2013
Yash! Talk Interested in medical related topics. 31 January 2016
Yirch Talk Love writing species articles, specifying in bacteriophages! 08 July 2022
Zecrah Talk Biomedical science student aiming for an immunological/virological career 1 May 2015
খান আল নোমান Talk 06:09, 20 November 2014 (UTC)
-dero Talk Interested in COVID-19 and Other Virus. 8 July 2020




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