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Ebola virus
Ebola virus em.png
An electron micrograph of an Ebolavirus
Virus classification
Group V ((−)ssRNA)
Ivory Coast ebolavirus
Reston ebolavirus
Sudan ebolavirus
Zaire ebolavirus

Virus taxoboxesEdit

What are taxoboxes? As seen on the right, they are a small and unobtrusive way to give quick facts about viruses. They should be used in all virus articles in order to give some degree of uniformity, and as a way to give important information quickly and concisely. This reduces the need to sift through the entire text to find a simple fact.

Please note the following:

  • For a picture, it's usually a good idea to use a picture of the virus itself rather than a picture of the results it has. For example, a micrograph would typically be preferred over a picture of a diseased animal. A picture of the effects it has on people can go somewhere else in the article.
  • The colour of the taxobox must always be "violet", as this is the specific colour given to viruses as a Wikipedia standard.
  • Many viruses remain unclassified in terms of order, family or even genus. In this case, please put Unranked in place of where the taxonomic rank would go.
  • Because of the new version of taxobox, the colour attribute is no longer necessary for viruses, however it has not yet trickled down to Viroids.

The Wikicode is as follows:

| name = Ebola virus
| image = ebola virus em.png
| image_width = 150px
| image_caption = An [[electron microscope|electron micrograph]] of an ''Ebolavirus''
| virus_group = V
| ordo = ''[[Mononegavirales]]''
| familia = ''[[Filoviridae]]''
| genus = ''[[Ebolavirus]]''
| species = ''Ivory Coast ebolavirus''<br />''Reston ebolavirus''<br />''Sudan ebolavirus''<br />''Zaire ebolavirus''

Viroid taxoboxesEdit

Virus classification


The Wikicode is as follows:

{{Taxobox | color=violet 
| name = ''Pospiviroidae'' 
| virus_group = [[Viroid]]s 
| familia = '''''Pospiviroidae''''' 
| subdivision_ranks = Genera 
| subdivision = ''[[Pospiviroid]]''<br />''[[Hostuviroid]]'' 

Project templatesEdit

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