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Maritime Transport
task force

Welcome to the Maritime Transport task force! We are a group of Wikipedia editors that work on topics related to maritime transport.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us on the task force discussion page or try the IRC channel (#wikipedia-en-transport) of the parent project.

What do we do?

Our goal is to build the foremost free-content encyclopedia of maritime transport in the English language by:

  • Creating, improving, and maintaining articles that describe all aspects of maritime transport;
  • Providing guidelines and recommendations for editors of maritime transport articles; and
  • Serving as the central point of discussion for all issues related to maritime transport in Wikipedia.

This task force began in January 2011 when WikiProject Maritime Trades (which dates back to 25 March 2007) and WikiProject Ports (which dates back to 28 April 2005) were combined and re-imagined as a Transport task force.

Maritime Transport
task force
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Getting started

This user is a member of the Maritime transport task force.

You can add this userbox to your user page by adding this code: {{User maritime transport}}. The task force maintains a list of other userboxes you may be interested in.

Tagging and assessment

To add an article to the task force, place the Transport Project Banner ({{WikiProject Transport}}) with the parameters |maritime=yes|maritime-importance= at the top of the article's talk page. Here is an example of using the banner on the talk page of related articles:

{{WikiProject Transport

For more information on tagging and assessing articles, see the assessment department. Project statistics are automatically updated every few days.

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What topics do we cover?

Any article that deals with the transportation of people or goods on the water, including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Shipboard operations
    • Safety and medical
      • Shipboard firefighting
      • Shipboard security
      • Aquatic survival
      • Shipboard medicine
  • Seamanship
  • Shipboard communications
    • Electronic communications
    • Visual signalling
  • Shiphandling
  • Marlinspike seamanship
  • Navigation
    • terrestrial
    • celestial
    • electronic
    • Nautical rules of the road
    • Marine meteorology
    • Bridge resource management
  • Marine engineering
  • Naval architecture
    • Ships stability
    • Ship's structure
  • Maritime business
    • Ship chartering
    • Shop brokerage
    • Marine insurance
    • Maritime law
    • Maritime laws treaties
  • Maritime history
    • Maritime exploration
    • Merchant ships, past and present
  • Marine transport infrastructure
    • Ports
    • Canals
  • Cargo-handling technology
    • Cranes
    • Intermodal containerization
    • Cargo pumps

Got a question, or don't see a topic mentioned here? Ask about it at the talk page.

What topics do we not cover

There is an obvious overlap between this project and WP:SHIPS, however neither project contains the other. Ships that are not involved with transportation per se are outside the scope of this project, probably most notably warships, which fall within WP:SHIPS and the Maritime warfare task force. The fishing industry is mostly covered by WP:FISHING.

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Who are we?

Please feel free to add yourself by clicking here. . You can indicate any areas of interest if you want.

  • User:mokpanu--Marine Engineer by profession. Present working as trainer and Marine Technical Consultant. Class One Marine Engineering certificate holder from Department of Transport, UK]]
  • zeetec4--Marine Engineer by profession and electronic engineer by hobby, Competent 4th Engineer, initial training from Pakistan Marine Academy, now a days sailing in Pakistan National Shipping Corporation
  • 93gregsonl2 In two years time will study Nautical Science at Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK. And one day become an officer of a Merchant Navy ship.
  • AFalk42 -- P/C Alexander Falk, JN - Marblehead Sail & Power Squadron
  • Altairisfar
  • Alphast
  • attilag -- international maritime regulation
  • Augusta2
  • Bine Mai
  • Camelbinky
  • Chongkian -- interested in ports of Taiwan
  • Coldupnorth - Former Merchant Navy Deck Officer
  • Djembayz -- Merchant sail, aaargh! Former sailor turned librarian, cataloger of maritime books. Need something from an old book? Leave a note on my talk page.
  • malmendras CMA student interested in Short Sea Shipping and 'America's Marine Highway'
  • Euryalus -- ports, commercial shipping, an emphasis on Australian and Asian maritime trades.
  • Fishdecoy 22:45, 31 March 2007 (UTC) -- (Former able seaman, run hard aground) Break bulk freighters, ocean towing, and a growing interest in the history of women at sea.Reply[reply]
  • frelke
  • Gaspode the Wonder Dog -- Isle of Wight ferries, paddle steamers.
  • HausTalk 00:53, 26 March 2007 (UTC) -- (Current 2nd Mate, Hawsepiper) Navigation and deck work, job descriptions, some history and union stuff.Reply[reply]
  • I am Dr. Drakken
  • Jimmec- maritime journalist
  • JLCousquer -- Merchant service ; supply ships ; offshore oil industry.
  • Jonas Poole-- Armchair whaling historian, with particular emphasis on whaling in Spitsbergen, Hershel Island, South Georgia, and the west coast of North America. I'm also interested in general maritime history, particularly exploration, tall ships, etc.
  • Keeganpatrao -- Second Mate (nautical) Interested in helping.
  • Kjet — Aspiring maritime historian (history student), mostly interested in history of passenger shipping companies from the 19th century onwards.
  • KubalaC-- 3/m
  • LeheckaG
  • Librarianofages -- Customs Broker + commercial shipping student.
  • Lovebus
  • Marinettewc-- Shipbuilding Electrical Engineer - Power Systems. Veteran of US Navy, EM1 (SS/SW/AW, nuclear propulsion. Currently working LCS at Marinette Marine.
  • Mbruce -- Shipping enthusiast, mainly interested in European type Car/Passenger Ferries and their companys.
  • Mehranwahid -- Captain (nautical) interested in helping where I can but still very rusty on Wikipedia editing procedures. 35 yrs sea service of which 20 yrs as Master.
  • mexaguil
  • Orniphobe (talk) 17:12, 24 May 2008 (UTC) -- Drillship Chief Mate and part-time Marine Inspector.Reply[reply]
  • PeregrineAY
  • Pesco 03:35, 31 March 2007 (UTC) -- (3rd Mate, Mass Maritime, now active duty USCG) Maritime academies, regulatory terms, etc.Reply[reply]
  • Renata
  • RICARDO Gomes de Paiva DE FARIA (Attorney & Counsellor at Law) 201005081743z Currently working at [1]
  • seatalker--Author, Dictionary of English Nautical Language, Served on MV Lulu, (engineer for DSRV Alvin), fascinated by the salty part of the English Language.
  • Simon Jackson Charts -- Retired Royal Navy Seaman Officer, currently Chart Agent & Bookseller, member of Royal Institute of Navigation.
  • SpigotMap -- Soviet Ships, Designs, and Wrecks
  • Trilliumz -- Sailing vessels, maritime history
  • Yosy - Merchant Navy Deck Officer
  • num1dgen - US Merchant Marine Engineering officer, Mass Maritime grad. Editing ship articles, maritime union articles and other maritime-related articles.
  • Peter (Southwood) (talk): 08:29, 31 March 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • jamiesonshoemaker -- Geomatics grad working in the AIS industry. Interested in commercial shipping and related maritime issues.
  • JarrahTree 07:54, 14 June 2015 (UTC) -- creator of Australian Maritime History project -Reply[reply]
  • MarlinespikeMate (talk) 04:36, 20 October 2015 (UTC) -- current swo, 3/m academy grad. Sailed on Ro/Ros, push boats, warships and training vessels. Hoping to contributeReply[reply]
  • DarkLight753 - No experience at sea. Above average knowledge on the Olympic-class ships and the history of White Star Line and Cunard. Also some interest in the history of Royal Navy ships and how they've evolved over the years.
  • Bishop of Ephesus Australian based DCV Engineer and Engineering student
  • Enmanuelgacc 14:00, 17 May 2023 (UTC) -- Sailor at Royal Caribbean International interested in Cruise shipsReply[reply]

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