Table Top pinnacle, Hermanus, South Africa
Table Top pinnacle, Hermanus, South Africa

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  • Classification: If relevant. May also be placed as a subheading of diagnosis
  • Signs and symptoms or Characteristics
  • Causes: Includes Risk factors, triggers, Genetics or genome, Virology (e.g., structure/morphology and replication).
  • Mechanism: For information about pathogenesis and pathophysiology.
  • Diagnosis: Includes characteristic biopsy findings and differential diagnosis.
  • Prevention or Screening (if the section only discusses secondary prevention it should follow the treatment section)
  • Treatment or Management: This might include any type of currently used treatment, such as diet, exercise, medication, palliative care, physical therapy, psychotherapy, self care, surgery, watchful waiting, and many other possibilities.
  • Outcomes or Prognosis. May also be labeled "Possible outcomes" or "Outlook".
  • Epidemiology: factors such as incidence, prevalence, age distribution, and sex ratio.
  • History: Early discoveries, historical figures, and outdated treatments (not patient history)
  • Society and culture: This might include social perceptions, cultural history, stigma, economics, religious aspects, awareness, legal issues, notable cases
  • Research directions: Include only if addressed by significant sources. See Trivia.
  • Special populations, such as Geriatrics or Pregnancy or Pediatrics
  • Other animals

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Marine protected areas of South Africa

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  • Wikitruth Through Wikiorder David A. Hoffman and Salil Mehra Emory Law Journal, Vol. 59, 2010, Temple University Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2009-17.
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