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The Television stations task force, formerly WikiProject Television Stations, creates and maintains articles on linear television programming services, including broadcast stations and networks and pay TV channels. It is part of WikiProject Television.

About the project edit

Created as WikiProject Television Stations in 2004 and changed to a task force of WP:TV in 2020, this project aims to create well-sourced, comprehensive, high-quality information on broadcast and pay linear television services. Where most WP:TV task forces deal with content—television series and episodes—TVS deals with content delivery, the broadcasting industry, and how people consume television content (though not streaming services).

Tasks edit

  • Assess articles: As of February 2021, 70 percent of content pages in the project (excluding lists, categories, etc.) were not assessed for importance and 57 percent were not assessed for quality.
  • Add the project tagging template to talk pages: {{WikiProject Television|television-stations=yes}}
  • Fill remaining gaps in Class A and low-power station articles: Wikipedia:WikiProject Television/Television stations task force/Missing.
  • Improve articles by adding a relevant infobox if necessary, updating out-of-date pages and improving sourcing.
  • Keep lists up-to-date.

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Standards edit

The standards page includes total information on naming convention and notability guidelines, article structure, useful templates and categories, and more.

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Participants edit

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  • NECRAT (talk) Broadcast TV engineer with 14 yrs exp., very familiar with New England, and New York Television, good friends with WP:TV Stations member TripEricson
  • CHAK 001 (talk) - focus on mainly Monterey and SF Bay Area markets, as well as stations owned by Hearst Television from user's view; will also edit other stations if article needs verification (only if needed)
  • AMAPO (talk) - hobby DXer, focus on all Mexican television stations, Mexican broadcast networks and Texas border television stations.
  • TVtonightOKC (talk) - Focusing on television stations in the United States and Canada
  • Mythdon — with a particular focus on station articles within Illinois, Missouri, Iowa or Indiana among others
  • Mlaffs (talk) - Administrator, with a particular focus on gnomish clean-up tasks
  • BlueboyLI (talk) My focus is on improving station articles for the New York Metropolitan area as well as the Northeast area.
  • Mvcg66b3r (talk)
  • Scoty6776 - mainly HC2 Broadcasting and Indiana stations
  • LooneyTraceYT comment
  • Vulcan❯❯❯Sphere!

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