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This is the newsletter for WikiProject Tree of Life, including a roundup of recently-promoted content (FA/GA/DYK) and talk around the town. If you are interested in receiving such a newsletter, please add your name below.


TOLN teamEdit

All help is welcome to produce this community newsletter! I understand that Wikipedia editing is a volunteer activity by people with real lives, however, so don't feel that you need to commit to a lifetime of service. Feel free to come and go as ideas/the urge to copyedit strike you.

  • Enwebb—creator and benevolent dictator for now
  • SchreiberBike—copyeditor as time allows
  • starsandwhales—copyeditor and possibly writer (as time allows)

Current issue (August 2020)Edit

August 2020—Issue 016

Tree of Life

Welcome to the Tree of Life newsletter!
Newly recognized content

  Horseshoe bat by Enwebb
  Siamosaurus by PaleoGeekSquared
  Australopithecus sediba by Dunkleosteus77, reviewed by Jens Lallensack
  Homo habilis by Dunkleosteus77, reviewed by Enwebb
  Tatenectes by Slate Weasel, reviewed by FunkMonk

Newly nominated content

  Limusaurus by FunkMonk, Jens Lallensack and Lythronaxargestes
  List of descriptive plant epithets (I–Z) by Dank
  Forfarella by Super Dromaeosaurus
  Réunion swamphen by FunkMonk
  Scorpion by LittleJerry

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