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Welcome to the first Tree of Life Holi contest!

This contest is similar to Halloween contest and Decemberween contest, and will run from January 24 to March 10 for Holi. It would be fun to take over the DYKs for these holidays like we did for Hallowe'en. The scope is basically any article about organisms that are related to the holiday or that are colorful. Articles about phenomena such as luminescence or iridescence are also fair game. So are any South Asian wildlife preservations, legislation, or anything interesting like that.

Contest structureEdit

The Tree of Life Holi contest will run until 10 March 2019, with the winner announced the following week. All entrants will receive a barnstar, but the winner will receive a better barnstar.

The rules are a bit modified from Decemberween's contest, with a new system to put heavier weight on article improvement. Improving article class will be rewarded with points, with bigger improvements and higher classes rewarded more points. You can update classes of articles you improve, but please do so honestly.

  • You will also get 3 points for reviewing someone else's contest GA
  • There will also be a bonus system for page views
  • A new and improved system for DYK/GA/FA: for an article that passes DYK it's x1.5, for GA it's x2, and for FA it's x3, on top of the point values listed in the table below. Articles that are brought to GA and then nominated for DYK do not stack bonuses, the editor only receives the bonus for GA.
  • Every new image added to an article that did not have one is worth 1/2 point.
  • Every manual taxobox converted to an automated taxobox is also worth 1/2 point
  • If you collaborate with another editor for an article, you can each claim points

Points table
Ending class
None/Stub +1 +3 +6 +11 +26
Start/List +2 +5 +10 +25
C/CL +3 +8 +23
B/BL +5 +20
GA +15
Page view bonus
30 day views Bonus points
>500 1.1x
>1000 1.2x
>2000 1.3x
>3000 1.4x
>4000 1.5x
>5000 1.6x
Review process bonus
Type of review Bonus points
DYK 1.5x
GA 2x
FA 3x


If you would like to participate, please copy the blank table below into a new subsection of this section with your username as the title.

Article name Initial class Final class Page view bonus Review bonus DYK bonus Image bonus Taxobox bonus GA review bonus Total


Article name Initial class Final class Page view bonus Review bonus DYK bonus Image bonus Taxobox bonus GA review bonus Total
1 Pterobilin red
2 Phorcabilin red
3 Sarpedobilin red


Article name Initial class Final class Page view bonus Review bonus DYK bonus Image bonus Taxobox bonus GA review bonus Total
1 Psittacofulvin stub start 1
2 Rubia agostinhoi redlink stub 0.5 0.5
3 Eysenhardtia orthocarpa start start 0.5 0.5
4 Eysenhardtia texana stub stub 0.5 0.5
5 Indigofera rothii stub stub 0.5 0.5
6 Indigofera australis start start 0.5 0.5
7 Indigofera heterantha start start 0.5 0.5
8 Indigofera astragalina redlink stub 0.5 0.5 1
9 Indigofera sokotrana stub stub 0.5 0.5
10 Indigofera decora stub stub 0.5 0.5
Total 0.5 4.5 6


Article name Initial class Final class Page view bonus Review bonus DYK bonus Image bonus Taxobox bonus GA review bonus Total
1 Indigofera 0.5 0.5
2 Indigofera tinctoria 0.5 0.5
3 Indigofera suffruticosa 0.5 0.5
4 Erythrina variegata 0.5 0.5
5 Cassia fistula 0.5 0.5
6 Butea monosperma 0.5 0.5
7 Aegle marmelos 0.5 0.5
8 Psittacofulvin 0.5 0.5
9 Pterocarpus indicus 0.5 0.5
10 Eysenhardtia polystachya 0.5 0.5
Total 0.5 4.5 5

Festive taxa listEdit

Please add to this list, even if you don't enter the contest as it will be reused for future contests.

Article name (no redirects) Connection WikiProject(s) Class 30-day views Has pic?
Turmeric Gulal WikiProject Plants C 111,371 yes
Sandalwood Gulal WikiProject Plants C 27,148 yes
Radish Gulal WikiProject Plants GA 26,298 yes
Pomegranate Gulal WikiProject Plants C 91,516 yes
Conditiva Gulal WikiProject Plants red n/a
Chickpea Gulal WikiProject Plants C 57,211 yes
Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris Gulal WikiProject Plants red n/a
Vitis Gulal WikiProject Plants C 4,055 yes
Vitis vinifera Gulal WikiProject Plants C 8,836 yes
Tagetes Gulal WikiProject Plants C 20,197 yes
Rubia Gulal WikiProject Plants C 2,129 yes
Rubia tinctorum Gulal WikiProject Plants C 2,755 yes
Rubia peregrina Gulal WikiProject Plants Start 184 yes
Rubia cordifolia Gulal WikiProject Plants Start 2,742 yes
Phyllanthus emblica Gulal WikiProject Plants C 22,615 yes
Lawsonia inermis Gulal WikiProject Plants Start 5,260 yes
Jacaranda Gulal WikiProject Plants C 11,274 yes
Indigofera Gulal WikiProject Plants C 4,575 yes
Indigofera tinctoria Gulal WikiProject Plants Start 7,200 yes
Indigofera suffruticosa Gulal WikiProject Plants Start 973 yes
Hibiscus Gulal WikiProject Plants C 56,000 yes
Erythrina variegata Gulal WikiProject Plants Start 1,356 yes
Delonix regia Gulal WikiProject Plants C 14,313 yes
Crocus sativus Gulal WikiProject Plants C 6,866 yes
Chrysanthemum Gulal WikiProject Plants C 39,501 yes
Cassia fistula Gulal WikiProject Plants C 9,476 yes
Camellia sinensis Gulal WikiProject Plants C 26,071 yes
Butea monosperma Gulal WikiProject Plants C 6,904 yes
Bixa orellana Gulal WikiProject Plants C 5,587 yes
Azadirachta indica Gulal WikiProject Plants C 39,254 yes
Anamirta cocculus Gulal WikiProject Plants C 690 yes
Aegle marmelos Gulal WikiProject Plants C 12,534 yes
Argemone mexicana Holika Dahan WikiProject Plants Start 3,737 yes
Cannabis Holi WikiProject Cannabis C 69,886 yes
Buxa Tiger Reserve Holi WikiProject Cats Start 3,008 yes
Beetroot Gulal WikiProject Plants B 45,809 yes
Saffron Gulal WikiProject Plants B 87,487 yes
Asian elephant Elephant Festival WikiProject Mammals C 23,284 yes
Pterobilin blue WikiProject Lepidoptera red n/a
Phorcabilin blue WikiProject Lepidoptera red n/a
Sarpedobilin blue WikiProject Lepidoptera red n/a
Biological pigment pigment WikiProject Biology C 6587
Psittacofulvin yellow WikiProject Birds stub 167
Lignum nephriticum fluorescence WikiProject Plants C 429 yes
Pterocarpus indicus fluorescence WikiProject Plants start 4381 yes
Eysenhardtia polystachya fluorescence WikiProject Plants C 134 yes

Past contestsEdit