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I'm a botanist/organismal biologist. I'm particularly interested in edible plants, and all the complications that arise with regards to both common names and scientific names for those. I fix various errors or unfortunate phrasings on Wikipedia (mostly in plant related articles) when I come across them, and try to contribute to articles related to my hobbies. Internet identities aren't necessarily unique or centralized; I am not the same person as the Twitter user who goes by Plantdrew.

I think my favorite article at present is Urena lobata. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Is it a profound statement about inclusionism/deletionism? Commentary on the (non)-value of stubs? Is it perhaps the most meta article on Wikipedia?

{{R from species to genus}}

Blobfish links:

  • [1]
  • [2]
  • [3]; sections 1, 5, 6 are a great model for an IPC section; funny though, people who actually write for pop culture audiences don't go the Wikipedia route of a random incomplete list of pop culture "mentions".

Bandersnatch. Well, it's pretty obvious how this IPC trainwreck happened. "I was just enjoying POP MEDIA FRANCHISE when it mentioned "bandersnatch". I kinda knew bandersnatch was an Alice in Wonderland thing, and was wondering whether there was some kinda canonical description of what exactly a bandersnatch was. Since there wasn't such a description, I added a mention of POP MEDIA FRANCHISE, so that other fans of POP MEDIA FRANCHISE will know that this is the best Wikipedia has to offer on the subject bandersnatches in POP MEDIA FRANCHISE." Bonus points for linking a redirectBandersnatch (POP MEDIA FRANCHISE) to [[List of creatures in POP MEDIA FRANCHISE]]? Bonus bonus points if that redirect link gets Wikipedia a more favorable search engine position than That's the Goodsprings problem.

Autotaxobox rank thoughts Genus should know to display all ranks up to family, and species all ranks to genus (but I don't see any way around specifying display parents for a monotypic genus using speciesbox). Family to order, order to class might be getting into some problems. Maybe a parameter for a "pseudorank"; e.g. Template:Taxonomy/Synapsida is a "pseudoclass" and display when nothing else is around class.

Edmund Gilbert Baker (Baker f.); not all IPNI abbreviations omit spaces. Any more out there?

Are mergansers ducks? Anatinae seems to be poorly defined. Cardinalidae includes tanagers, grosbeaks and bunting (bird). Tanager is treated as a taxon, the other two as common names. Emberizidae and bunting contradict each other.