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This project is divided into sub pages in order to keep discussions focused and on track.
Read the main page first, then join a discussion on the respective page.
Please do not start a new thread or a new sub page on something that is already under discussion - see the TOC on each talk page.

Welcome! Some Wikipedians have formed a task force to better organize discussions and make viable proposals for RfA reform. This project contains their suggestions, resources, and things to discuss. If you would like to be of active help, please join the task force page. Many pages, proposals and discussions fall under the scope of this project, and all that information may seem overwhelming. Don't be intimidated! It's all neatly organized in the pink box above.

  • The project has two major goals:
  1. Making RfA a more attractive proposition for experienced editors.
  2. Reducing the number of unlikely successful requests for adminship.
  • Anyone can comment on any of these proposals.
  • Please post comments at the related sub pages; please consider suggesting any major changes to this main page on its talk page.
  • Please keep your participation on topic—side-tracking or irrelevant comments may be struck or archived at the discretion of the task force.
  • If you join the task force, it is hoped you will moderate, motivate, and stimulate. It may take up some of your time, and it is highly recommended that you are familiar with the RfA process and have a working knowledge of core Wikipedia functions and policies.
  • The task force aims to achieve their resolutions with a minimum of background noise in a reasonable time. They will make their suggestions from a synthesis of the ideas that are being submitted. These will lead to reforms that can be proposed to the community.


  • Fairer questioning – eliminating patently irrelevant and trick questions.
  • Fairer voting – eliminating nonsense votes.
  • Fairer closing – easier for the 'crat to reach a decision.
  • More voter discipline – by calling on a more experienced electorate.
  • No more SNOW/NOTNOW applications.
  • Enables a possible lowering of the bar to 70–60% in place of the current 80–70%.

What this project is not aboutEdit

These items are not within the remit of the current project. They are, or have been, the subject of perennial discussions around Wikipedia, in particular at WT:RfA. To learn more, follow the links above to some of the more recent discussions, or use keywords in the WT:RfA archive search box.

Notes (desysopping)
  1. ^ CDA
  2. ^ Guide to CDA
  3. ^ CDA RfC
  4. ^ CDA userboxen
  5. ^ A standard recall (or Archive #213)
  6. ^ De-admining (or Archive #213)
  7. ^ Cirt desysopped - Confirms again that sanctions are fully operable, and demonstrates that admins - even respected and prolific contributors - can be demoted for any infractions of accepted behaviour.

RfA reform progressEdit

For a more comprehensive list of ideas conceived by this reform, please visit the Possible proposals page

This section details the progress which has been made since RfA reform 2011 started.

Changes to RfAEdit

(Since 11 July)

  • A warning now shows when you try to create a new RfA, as well as on transclusion, with suggested reading material and pointing out that users should not undertake an RfA lightly. See the edit notice and WP:Requests for adminship/New message for examples.
  • To encourage those editors who would make good admins but who are unwilling to put themselves forward, a new process has been created WP:Request an RfA nomination. The editors there are willing to review candidates, and either write an RfA nomination for them, or explain to why they believe the candidate is currently unsuitable.
  • Kudpung's very helpful essay, WP:Advice for RfA candidates, has been moved to Wikipedia space.

Proposals put forward to the communityEdit

None as yet

Firm proposalsEdit

  • Clerks - a proposal for a new role to oversee the RfA process, similar to Arbcom clerks.
  • Minimum requirement - a (perennial) proposal to put in a minimum requirement to apply for adminship.

Other proposalsEdit

(See What this project is not about)

Still at the drawing board, these proposals need more work before they are presented to the community:

Essential reading for task force membersEdit

Task forceEdit

This is a list of those who feel they can collaborate with each other to move this RfA reform project along. Just sign your name the normal way. No comments other than your signature are needed. Outside views are more than welcome on the various talk pages.

Kudpung (talk) • Pyfan (talk) • Swarm (talk) • Worm That Turned (talk)
The Coords keep the discussions tidy, on track, and on the right pages, and check for signatures and page links, and develop sub pages and templates as required, etc. They offer their own suggestions and opinions in the normal way. Italicized names are inactive or on an extended Wikibreak.


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  5. But I'm not sure if the above criteria are wrong to begin with... I think the whole notion has to be reworked. No more !voting.---Balloonman NO! I'm Spartacus! 05:15, 27 March 2011 (UTC) (retired from Wikipedia)
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  19. Keepscases (talk) 20:03, 15 April 2011 (UTC) (currently blocked unblocked for disruption at RfA)
  20. This seems to be a perennial discussion/project/proposal item, but I am always in favor of any improvements if possible. — Ched :  ?  07:57, 16 April 2011 (UTC)
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