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A personal attack is something that is personal. It has to target "somebody" specific, and it has to target their identity. Jehochman[1]
Part of the problem is the perennial moronic view that someone who makes a lot of good edits should be allowed to get away with being uncivil and making numerous personal attacks, unlike new editors who should get blocked for far smaller numbers of uncivil comments. I have no idea why that view is so common, but it is, and it makes it virtually impossible to take any effective action against such editors. - JamesBWatson [2]
The Internet has been around for 25 years. Too many Wikipedia users don't know a world without it. The Internet has changed the ways society thinks, studies, and works. The Internet has done a lot of good and a lot of not so good. Wikipedia is a brilliant project. Ironically it depends on the Internet. - Kudpung
Pretty much every significant setback in Wikipedia's history can be traced directly to someone at the WMF who thinks they're being helpful trying to force their preferred change rather than just suggesting a broad direction and allowing the cats to herd themselves. The traditional ineptness of the WMF's senior management isn't a flaw, it's a feature. ‑ Iridescent

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Kudpung, Wikimania, Barbican, London 2014 Photo: JarrahTree
Kudpung is a 1940s native of Worcestershire, England. A retired university lecturer and published author, he is widely travelled and has lived abroad for over 45 years including stays of well over a decade in Germany, France, and Thailand where he now lives since 2000 (with several short periods in India). His interests are in linguistics, teaching methodology, fusion-jazz, and wine. He joined Wikipedia in 2006 and was made an administrator in March 2011. His focus is on reform of adminship and new page quality control systems. He creates and provides content mainly for articles on Malvern related settlements and Rhône Valley wines, while coordinating the WikiProject Worcestershire. He also maintains and coordinates the large WikiProject Schools and its associated articles, and occasionally does translations from other Wikipedias to English of important missing articles of all kinds. He is a former Editor-in-Chief of the Wikipedia newspaper The Signpost. He attended Wikimania, the annual Wikipedia international conference in 2012 (Washington D.C.) and meetups in New York, Wikimania 2013 (Hong Kong), Wikimania 2014 (London), and Wikimania 2016 (Esino Lario, Italy).

People often ask where the name Kudpung (IPA: /ˈkəd ˈpʌŋ/) comes from: 'While my house was being built in a small remote settlement near Udon in 2006, the local council was erecting a new village name sign on the road in front of my land. 'Kudpung' it said, and as I sat down to register a Wikipedia account a few moments later, it was the first word that came into my mind.'

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I began in 2005 by just looking stuff up and making occasional very minor corrections as an IP user. In 2006 I registered and and made every newbie booby in the book, but oddly nobody ever complained and I learned fast. We all work in our favourite areas and although I have created many articles and a Wikipedia project, I still do a lot of cleaning up of articles. I also work actively as a coord on projects such as the Schools, improving RfA, and contributing on Wikimedia to the development of new ways to welcome new users, patrol pages, and review articles at AfC.


I attended Wikimania 2012 in Washington DC and related events in New York, Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 in London, and Wikimania 2016 in Italy. I'm a member of the WMUK Chapter. Here in Thailand I occasionally give talks in schools and colleges about Wikipedia.


This was my 1,000th edit to the Editor Help Desk - my talk page is also always open to anyone wanting some direct help; I don't know the answers to everything, but I'll do my best. I was an OTRS agent for a while until I was kicked off it for lack of activity on it, ironically when I was in the middle of resolving a high profile biographical issue which turned out to be one of the biggest in OTRS history.


I vote on WP:RfA and on all other elections and I participate on most of the major discussions about policies and the way Wikipedia is run. I have launched several major RfC and closed many minor ones.
I sometimes work at ANI but it's really kettles and pots yelling at each other like the dead common characters across the cobbled streets of Corrie.

Wikipedia is not a social network

No, it's not, but Wikipedia is like a large office. There are clear Sociograms that crystallize out of the work here, and for those of us who work voluntarily day-in, day-out on WP, there's something nice about it. Unfortunately there are some regulars who do their best to piss people off - but you get them in every office too!

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Quality Control of New Articles - a Critical Process

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  • Notability & verifiability WP:42 [[WP:42]]
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