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 This user has created 100 of Wikipedia's 5,877,983 articles.
 This user has written or expanded 40 articles featured in the Did You Know section on the Main Page.
 This user helped promote the article Move Like This to good article status.
 This user is an administrator on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
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I made my first edit to Wikipedia in 2006. Since then I have made around 28,000 edits, written over 100 articles, and contributed a few dozen "Did You Know?"s to the main page.

I currently serve as an administrator, a bureaucrat, and a global renamer.

My Wikipedia activities

I made the jump from "Wikipedia reader" to "Wikipedia editor" in March of 2006 when I saw a bit of vandalism and hit the edit button to fix it. Later that year I registered an account and wrote my first article.

I became an administrator in 2011, a bureaucrat in 2012 and a global renamer in 2014. If you need an account rename, I can help you out, although your best bet is to make a request at Wikipedia:Changing username, since it is available 24 hours a day and I am not.

For a while I ran a bot that did various cleanup and maintenance tasks, but it is no longer active. I have a tiny bit of experience with Lua coding (I've written a small module to format my list of favorite article creations and expansions) and hope to write more modules in the future.

In 2011 I wrote Move Like This, my first article to successfully complete the good article process. There are a few other articles I would love to promote to GA status sometime when time allows. I've also uploaded a few dozen images to Wikipedia and to Wikimedia Commons.

One of my areas of interest is expanding our music coverage. You can help too! There are plenty of notable songs that need articles.

A list of the other accounts I have used for editing (mostly for bot-testing purposes) can be found here. You can find my editing statistics here.

In real life

 This user is a video game designer.
 This user is an On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences contributor.
 This user's time zone is EST, where the time is currently 18:07, June 25, 2019 EDT [refresh].
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I am a software developer and retro game enthusiast; the Atari 2600 platform is a favorite of mine. I even wrote a game for the platform myself a few years ago. As a regular reader and big fan of The A.V. Club, seeing them say nice things about my game was a dream come true.

If you see any notable games that have red links in the List of Atari 2600 games, why not help out by creating an article for them? If they already have an article, you can help by expanding and improving them. Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Sources offers some good suggestions for digging up reliable sources.

Contacting me

😮I try to do the right thing. If I make a mistake, please let me know.

If you think I've made an error in editing or adminning, please let me know! It's quite possible you're right. Or if you just want to say "hello," that's OK too. Just click here to leave me a message on my talk page. I do not use any of the "real-time" Wikipedia platforms such as IRC, but I am available by email if you would prefer to contact me privately.

Some of the articles I've created or expanded

Music (general)

"The Most Unwanted Song"   "Leather and Lace" (song) ‹› "911 Is a Joke"   Ollie E. Brown   "Affair of the Heart" ‹› "I Still Can't Get Over Loving You" ‹› "Electric Boogaloo" (song) ‹› Paul DeVilliers   Leah Randi ‹› Robert Ponger ‹› "All I Need Is a Miracle" ‹› "Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)" ‹› "Taken In" ‹› "The Prisoner" (Howard Jones song) ‹› "Lift Me Up" (Howard Jones song) ‹› "I Need a Lover" ‹› "In the Dark" (Billy Squier song) ‹› "Everybody Wants You"   "I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)"   "Lonely Ol' Night"   George Green (songwriter) ‹› "Crumblin' Down"   "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A."   "Ship of Fools" (World Party song) ‹› "Girl Can't Help It" (song) ‹› Voices of Classic Rock ‹› "Lonely Is the Night" ‹› "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang"   Bad Lip Reading   "Slipping Away" (Dave Edmunds song) ‹› "The Honeythief" ‹› Bryan Loren   Ish Ledesma   "Whirly Girl" ‹› Carl Jah ‹› Re-Purpose


"Hold On" (Yes song) ‹› "It Can Happen" ‹› "Changes" (Yes song) ‹› "Cinema" (Yes song)   "Our Song" (Yes song) ‹› "Love Will Find a Way" (Yes song) ‹› "Lift Me Up" (Yes song)   "Make It Easy"   "Saving My Heart"   "The Calling" (Yes song)   "Walls" (Yes song) ‹› "Open Your Eyes" (Yes song)   Page of Life ‹› Fly from Here  

The Cars

"Good Times Roll"   "Stay the Night" (Benjamin Orr song) ‹› "Emotion in Motion" (song) ‹› "Tonight She Comes" ‹› "You Are the Girl"   "Funtime" (Iggy Pop song)   "The Little Black Egg"   "Cruiser" (song) ‹› Move Like This    "Blue Tip" ‹› Substitution Mass Confusion: A Tribute to The Cars ‹› The Cars North American Tour Spring 2011

Robert Plant

"Heaven Knows" (Robert Plant song) ‹› "Tall Cool One" (Robert Plant song) ‹› "Ship of Fools" (Robert Plant song) ‹› "Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes on You)" ‹› "Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night" ‹› "In the Mood" (Robert Plant song) ‹› "Little by Little" (Robert Plant song) ‹› "Other Arms" ‹› Phil Johnstone

Atari 2600

Atari 2600 homebrew   Duck Attack! ‹› Mangia   Halo 2600 ‹› Oystron   Medieval Mayhem   Warring Worms ‹› Surround (video game) ‹› Street Racer (1977 video game)   Up'n Down   Carla Meninsky ‹› Racing the Beam ‹› M Network   Tooth Protectors   Data Age ‹› Frankenstein's Monster (video game)

Other articles

Bolo (1982 video game)   The Vietnamization of New Jersey   Ascent of the A-Word   Sharesleuth  

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