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Data Age was a California-based video game company that developed and published titles for the Atari 2600 platform in the mid-1980s. Among their more well-known titles were Journey Escape (a tie-in with the band Journey) and Frankenstein's Monster, both published in 1982.

Data Age
IndustryVideo games
FoundedApril 1982 (1982-04)
ProductsJourney Escape
Frankenstein's Monster


Data Age released fewer than a dozen games to mixed reception. Frankenstein's Monster has been cited as a standout among Atari 2600 games by several game reviewers,[1] while Sssnake and Warplock (both 1982) were included on a list of the ten worst games for the 2600.[2]Journey Escape also received poor reviews and weak sales, despite a $4.5 million marketing campaign, which combined with heavy licensing fees and helped lead to the company's failure.[3]

Other games released by Data Age include Airlock, Bermuda Triangle, featuring a title treatment and box cover illustration by Marc Ericksen,[citation needed] Bugs, and Encounter at L-5 (all 1982).[3] Secret Agent along with Mr. Bill's Neighborhood, Smokey Bear, and Mr. T, were also developed but all of them were unreleased and only the prototype of Secret Agent had been found.[4]


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