Warship (1973 TV series)

Warship is a British television drama series produced by the BBC and broadcast between 1973 and 1977. The series was set contemporaneously and depicted life on board the fictitious Royal Navy frigate HMS Hero. Four series were produced with 45 episodes made in total.

GenreAction/Drama series
Created byIan Mackintosh and Anthony Coburn
Written byIan Mackintosh and others
Directed byMichael E. Briant and others
Theme music composerAnthony Isaac
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languagesEnglish in Warship, Dutch in Alle hens aan dek
No. of series4
No. of episodes45
ProducerAnthony Coburn and Joe Waters
Running time50 minutes
Original networkBBC1
Original release7 June 1973 (1973-06-07) –
29 March 1977 (1977-03-29)

It was also subtitled into Dutch and broadcast in the Netherlands as Alle hens aan dek (All hands on deck) and it enjoyed popularity in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.


The episodes were written and filmed to reflect the reality of life in the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines in the 1970s. The primary focus for most stories was on the Captain and his fellow officers, but the series also featured life on the lower decks to portray episodes heavily featuring ratings. Episodes featured a variety of events at sea (the Cold War, smuggling, the evacuation of civilians from crisis-hit places, etc.), as well as the personal lives of officers and ratings and the impact their personal lives had on their professional lives and duties.


Over the course of the series HMS Hero's crew changes periodically. Only two officers, Kiley and Wakelin, remain with the ship for the whole series. The main characters in most episodes were the captain and his first lieutenant.

Hero's crewEdit


First LieutenantsEdit

  • David Savile as Lieutenant Commander Derek "Porky" Beaumont (series 1-3)
  • Robert Morris as Lieutenant Commander James Napier, GM (series 4)

Other officers

  • John Lee as Lieutenant Commander Bill Kiley, weapons and electrics officer
  • Graeme Eton as Lieutenant Montgomery Charles "Monty" Wakelin, supply officer
  • Norman Eshley as Lieutenant Bob Last, navigating officer (series 1-2)
  • Andrew Burt as Lieutenant Paul Peek, navigating officer (series 3-4)
  • Christopher Coll as Lieutenant Peter Boswall, flight commander (series 1)
  • James Leith as Lieutenant Roy Tagg, flight commander (series 3)
  • Richard Warwick as Lieutenant Parry (series 1)
  • Rex Robinson as Lieutenant Commander Jack Junnion, engineer officer (series 1)


  • Don Henderson as Master-at-Arms Frank Heron (series 1-3)
  • Frank Jarvis as Master-at-Arms Harry Burnett (series 3-4)
  • James Cosmo as Leading Regulator Pat Fuller
  • Nigel Humphreys as Leading Seaman Anderson
  • Steve Gardner as Able Seaman Billy Grogan
  • Colin Rix as Leading Medical Assistant Milner

Recurring charactersEdit

Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy co-operationEdit

HMS Phoebe, one of the frigates which was the fictional HMS Hero
Westland Wasp 471 - February 1973

The series enjoyed close collaboration between the Royal Navy and the BBC, and—unusually for a TV drama of the 1970s—looked like a documentary. Seven Leander-class frigates played the role of HMS Hero and for continuity, all were repainted with the pennant number F42 of HMS Phoebe, the main warship used for filming. The others were HMS Danae, HMS Dido, HMS Diomede, HMS Hermione, HMS Juno and HMS Jupiter.

HMAS Derwent, a River-class destroyer escort of the Royal Australian Navy, was also used as Hero for some scenes filmed in 1976 in Hong Kong and Singapore. This Australian link and Australian broadcasts of Warship influenced the production of the later and similar Australian Broadcasting Corporation series Patrol Boat.[1]

The crews of these frigates - and Derwent - were given Hero cap tallies for filming purposes, and their ships were given HMS Hero ships' badges, name plates and lifebuoys. Similarly, their Westland Wasp helicopters from the Fleet Air Arm's 829 Naval Air Squadron were all repainted with the identification HMS Hero, the code 471, and the nickname "The Fighting Forty-Two". Among the Wasps used for the fictional Hero Flight were serial numbers XT419 from HMS Phoebe's Flight, XV625, and XV626. (One of these Wasps, XV625 still painted with the 471 code, is preserved at HMS Sultan in the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School.) These measures, along with the use by all the frigates of the pennant number F42, had the unintended side effect of confusing Soviet spy ships.[citation needed]

Other Royal Navy warships used for the series included the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, the helicopter cruiser HMS Blake, the commando carrier HMS Bulwark and the submarine HMS Andrew. The Royal Marine Commandos took part in the series, as also did the Fleet Air Arm, the Royal Naval Reserve in the shape of the Ton-class minesweeper HMS Fittleton, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the shape of RFA Reliant and other ships, and the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service.

Fleet Air Arm squadrons embarked on HMS Ark Royal used for filming included the Buccaneer S 2s of 809 Naval Air Squadron and the Phantom FG 1s of 892 Naval Air Squadron. The Westland Wessex HU 5s of 845 Naval Air Squadron embarked on HMS Bulwark also featured in some episodes.

The series was also filmed ashore in, among other places, Gibraltar, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, north-east of Isfjellet in Loppa and Larvik in Norway, the Admiralty Experiment Works in Haslar, RNAS Predannack, Portland Harbour, Plymouth Dockyard, Portsmouth Dockyard and South Uist.

Theme musicEdit

The opening and closing music of the series were taken from a march called Warship, composed for the series by Anthony Isaac. The theme was played by the Band of the Royal Marines, Deal, conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Neville, MVO, FRAM, RM. (See links to files of opening and closing music below.)

The march is still played by Royal Marine bands and the Royal Australian Navy Band. The theme influenced the opening bars of a 2010 march, Scrap Iron Flotilla, composed by Leading Seaman Martyn Hancock of the Royal Australian Navy Band.[2]

Warship was chosen as one of the pieces performed to mark the 75th and 100th anniversaries of the founding of the Royal Australian Navy Band. Writing in the Centenary Concert Music Program in 2013, the Royal Australian Navy's then-Director of Music, Lieutenant Commander Paul Cottier, said that:

"Warship is a fine example of the influence television and film were having on the repertoire of military bands at that time, which were beginning to see a change in direction from military music and orchestral transcriptions to more popular and contemporary music."'[3]

Series creatorsEdit

The originator of the idea for the series and main script editor was a serving Royal Navy officer, Ian Mackintosh, who worked with BBC producer Anthony Coburn after Mackintosh originally approached the BBC in May 1971. Coburn had for some years wanted to produce a series "that would do for the Navy what Z-Cars had done for the Police". Apart from Mackintosh, other scriptwriters included Michael J. Bird, and the series was directed by Michael E. Briant among others. Mackintosh was seconded to the BBC for the series, and was awarded the MBE for his work on Warship in 1976.

Warship and Blue PeterEdit

In 1975 the BBC's children's television programme Blue Peter included a feature about the filming of Warship at Plymouth Dockyard aboard HMS Danae; the item was presented by Lesley Judd. The next year, future Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan played a major role in the episode "All of One Company". Six episodes of Warship were filmed aboard HMS Danae around that time.

Falkland Islands tensions depictedEdit

[original research?]

One 1977 episode, "A Matter of History", depicted a visit by HMS Hero to a fictional British Overseas Territory – Eddowes Island – at the time of its handover to an unnamed Latin American country. Eddowes is described as being 50 miles offshore, and the islanders are stated as being offered a choice between retaining British nationality and leaving, or staying and becoming citizens of the unnamed country. The tensions this caused amongst islanders, the ship's company – one of whom is described as having been born on Eddowes – and British and Eddowes government officials are depicted in a realistic way. There were very strong parallels with the contemporary Falkland Islands situation, and the episode foreshadowed the events that led to the Falklands War.

Much of the episode was filmed on Dartmoor, states the Michael J. Bird website (link below). During filming of this episode, series creator Ian Mackintosh received news that he had been awarded an MBE for his work on Warship.

Warship assessed in retrospectEdit

Writing in 2006, historian Professor S.P. MacKenzie judged that:

"Warship had succeeded where Making Waves failed because those involved – the multi-talented Ian Mackintosh above all – managed to create varied and interesting characters and plots in which RN frigates and other vessels served as useful backdrops for the action. Warship, in short, helped the Royal Navy through a combination of competent writing, acting and direction rather more than through using its equipment as a showcase. (...) Mackintosh and those around him knew how to draw in the viewer with stories that were both contemporary and interesting." (Broadcasting the New Navy: the BBC-TV Series Warship (1973–1977), p.119)[4]

"Making Waves" was a 2004 series made by ITV, and intended to be in the same vein as "Warship". It proved less successful, and only three episodes were shown out of the six that were made.

Products based on WarshipEdit


Ian Mackintosh wrote three books based on the series, which were simultaneously published in hardback and paperback. The books were:

  • Warship (published in 1973)
  • HMS Hero (published in 1976)
  • Holt RN (published in 1977) – same story as episode 4.01 "Wind Song"

Board gameEdit

Series creator Ian Mackintosh also devised a version of the board game Battleships, based on his experience of modern naval tactics and called Warship after the series. It was produced by Merit Toys in 1976, in association with the BBC.

Scale model kitEdit

Airfix sold its plastic 1/600 scale model kit of HMS Leander with the slogan "Featured as HMS Hero in the BBC TV series Warship".

Theme music singleEdit

Columbia Records released a 7-inch single (catalogue reference DB 8998) of the theme music (see above) in 1973. As in the TV series the theme was played by the Band of the Royal Marines, Deal, conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Neville, MVO, FRAM, RM.

Availability on DVDEdit

The first series of Warship was released on DVD in September 2014, with the second series being released 9 November 2015.

Episode listEdit

Series 1Edit

No.TitleWritten byOriginal air date
1–01"Hot Pursuit"Martin Worth7 June 1973 (1973-06-07)

HMS Hero is undergoing a self-maintenance period in Gibraltar after several months without a captain or first lieutenant. After the arrival of Lieutenant Commander Beaumont and Commander Nialls, a random incident with a crew member in a bar leads to a civilian ship suspected of gun running. When the ship leaves port with its cargo, HMS Hero takes pursuit and forces the ship to stop in international waters, where the doctrine of hot pursuit is explained to its crew.

Guest cast: Rex Robinson as Lieutenant-Commander Junnion, Christopher Coll as Lieutenant Boswall, Bruce Boa as McFie, Gaye Brown as Janet McFie, James Garbutt as Munro, Hugh Latimer as Rear Admiral Cardine, Brian Jameson as Leading Steward Brown, Jon Laurimore as Superintendent Bellamy, Mike Lewin as Sergeant Woods, Nicholas McArdle as O'Leary, Carlos Douglas as barman, Laurie Webb as customs officer, Roy Evans as Cook Meadows.
1–02"Nobody Said Frigate"Donald Bull14 June 1973 (1973-06-14)

Hero arriving at Malta is reassigned at short notice to pick up a defecting Russian diplomat from the North African coast. The risking of a frigate and its crew of over 200 causes questioning of the "request" down the line of command, with each man aware that his superior will abandon him if anything goes wrong. Although the foreign coast guard detects and responds to the intrusion with a surveillance helicopter and MTB, Hero collects the Russian and escapes without injury, although it turns out that he may be of little value. In the repercussions, a government official says "it was expected to be a simple submarine operation, nobody said frigate".

Guest cast: Christopher Coll as Lieutenant Boswall, Richard Marner as Trepanov, Peter Miles as Taliah, John Savident as Admiral Norris, Barrie Cookson as 'C', Donald Hewlett as Rear Admiral Mulliner, McDonald Hobley as Chief of the Defence Staff, Alec Wallis as Chief Petty Officer Bates, Ian Judge as Pettigrew, Robert Mill as Knox Palmer, Mark Elwes as naval liaison officer, Frank Jarvis as Chief Petty Officer Jones, Leo Dolan as docker, Leslie Southwick as Archibald, Nadim Sawalha as Arab pilot, Ahmed Osman as Arab operator one, Albert Moses as Arab operator two, Joanna Royce as Russian Secretary, Pat Gorman as ops room operator.
1–03"Off Caps"Manus Hardy21 June 1973 (1973-06-21)

Hero is assigned at short notice to take part in a naval exercise. Stores accountant Rabbits who had been planning to visit his pregnant wife but now can't leave the ship, receives a letter in which she says she is depressed and thinking of getting rid of the baby. Meanwhile, Marine Engineering Mechanic (stoker) Cutler and his chief Slater come into conflict, climaxing when Cutler lashes out and kicks Slater in the head. Rabbits sabotages a bearing in the ship's propulsion system with an oil dispersing agent, forcing Hero to withdraw to Gibraltar on one engine. At Cutler's on-board trial, he is accused of both assault and sabotage. However, evidence implicating Rabbits is found. Cutler is cleared of both charges and Rabbits is convicted instead.

Guest cast: Rex Robinson as Lieutenant-Commander Junnion, Christopher Coll as Lieutenant Boswall, Charles Bolton as Bunny, Brian Peck as Tolliday, Victor Winding as Slater, Andrew McCulloch as Cutler, Roger Tallon as Barnes, Stephen Stacey as Loftus, David Troughton as Doc Pitman, Mark Griffith as Blackie.
1–04"Funny, They All Say That"Ian Mackintosh28 June 1973 (1973-06-28)

Petty Officer Willows leaves the ship to sort out the debts run up by his oniomaniac wife. While at home, he is approached by a foreign agent who impersonates naval security, obtaining a confession for smuggling and then blackmailing him into becoming a spy. Back on the ship, he photographs documentation for a new submarine detection system. However, when Nialls finds out about his debts, he has him transferred off the ship and calls in the real naval security for further investigation.

Guest cast: Frederick Jaeger as Spooner, Tony Selby as PO WTR. Willows, Kara Wilson as Angela, Billy Hamon as WTR. Parkins, Sheila Beckett as Mrs. Willows, Leonard Kingston as Erwin.
1–05"The Drop"Robert Holmes5 July 1973 (1973-07-05)

With Hero at Malta, Chief petty officer Donovan, who previously had criminal dealings with a man named Spiro, goes ashore to recover his money which he had left in the hands of his girlfriend Gina. However Gina is now living with Spiro and between them they have disposed of it. Gina's death is faked and Donovan is threatened with being framed for the "murder" if he doesn't deliver an advanced electronic valve from Hero. He is caught with the valve while leaving the ship, but the British intelligence services want the delivery to go ahead in an attempt to capture a Soviet scientist. The scientist turns out to be a woman who has been socialising with the officers of Hero, but she evades capture.

Guest cast: Donald Hewlett as Rear Admiral Mulliner, Tony Steedman as Flynn, Rio Fanning as Chief Petty Officer Donovan, Alec Mango as Savona, Nicolette McKenzie as Vera Cesnik, Peter Birrel as Spiro, Mary Webster as Gina, Julian Curry as Lieutenant Commander Padden, Richard Aylen as Large, Terry Bale as C.P.O. Watson, David Purcell as Chief, Gino Melvazzi as Tony.
1–06"The Prize"Mervyn Haisman12 July 1973 (1973-07-12)

Hero encounters an abandoned freighter at sea off the regular shipping lanes. A boarding party searches the ship and discovers explosive charges set to go off, but as they leave the ship, AB Drew falls off a ladder below decks and suffers a potential back injury, making him difficult to move. Beaumont and Master-at-arms Heron defuse a plastic explosive, a limpet mine and a depth charge, the latter with the help of the appointed explosives expert Lieutenant Parry, who turns out to be terrified of the job. Hero takes the freighter in tow, which will allow the crew to share the salvage prize and thwart the presumed insurance fraud.

Guest cast: Richard Warwick as Lieutenant Parry, Dennis Blanch as AB Tom Drew, Steve Gardner as AB Billy Grogan, Karl Howman as AB Mick Turner, William Maxwell as AB Porky Walker, Paul Haley as LMA 'Doc' Peters.
1–07"Subsmash"Stuart Douglass19 July 1973 (1973-07-19)

Hero takes part in an exercise with the submarine HMS Omega. ABs Wallace and Pomeroy from Hero go aboard Omega as visitors. Omega attempts to hide from Hero by bottoming on the sea floor at 160 feet. However, it strikes a WW2 mine and its accommodation compartment is holed. Once the compartment is sealed off, Wallace and Pomeroy are trapped in the forward torpedo bay. With the sub unable to surface and the aft escape tower out of service, the only option for survival is for divers from Hero to repair the hole. Pomeroy panics and attempts to flood the torpedo bay and use the forward escape tower, an action that would doom the submarine's crew, but is physically restrained by Wallace. Once the hole has been patched, the submarine safely surfaces.

Guest cast: Richard Warwick as Lieutenant Parry, Christopher Coll as Lieutenant Boswall, Denis Lill as Lieutenant Commander Aubrey, Paul Chapman as Lieutenant Grieve, Anton Phillips as A. B. Wallace, Graham Simpson as A.B. Pomeroy, Colin McCormack as Petty Officer James, Robert Aldous as Chief Petty Officer HMS Omega, Russel Denton as A.B. Selby, Peter Winter as Navigating Officer, HMS Omega, Oliver Gilbert as Comms Rating, HMS Hero, Peter Messaline as E.R.A, HMS Omega, Kenneth Kennedy as Helmsman, HMS Omega, David Hayward as Afterplanesman, HMS Omega.
1–08"A Standing And Jumping War"John Wiles2 August 1973 (1973-08-02)

Hero arrives at Hafsidia, the capital of the Arabic-speaking state of Hafsidia. Its government has heard rumours that Britain is considering selling a frigate to Israel, and demands that Britain promise never to do such a thing, with a threat to seize Hero if a deadline is not met. When Nialls hears that Britain will reject the demand, he must arrange an escape, with the assistance of a British agent named Tashing. Replacement engine oil is floated across the harbour at night, 22 of Hero's sailors are rescued from detention onshore, and Hero evades guards on the wharf, artillery pieces, a mined boom across the harbour, a gunboat, and two approaching (presumably Russian) frigates. Lieutenant Parry is killed by a rifle shot from shore, but Hero heads for a liaison with her sister ship HMS Phoebe.

Guest cast: Richard Warwick as Lieutenant Parry, Rex Robinson as Lieutenant Commander Junnion, Anthony Ainley as Phillip Tashing, Angus Mackay as Colin Bennett, Patricia Prior as Diana Bennett, Arnold Diamond as Minister Aziz, Ronald Chenery as Captain Ferhat, Bob Babenia as carpet seller, Yakar Semach as gun boat captain, Leslie Tucker as newsreader, Yashar Adem as Arab officer.
1–09"Shoresides And Home"Alun Richards9 August 1973 (1973-08-09)

With Hero at Gibraltar, Master-at-Arms Frank Heron applies for extended service, but is shocked when it is rejected. He argues with his girlfriend Maura who is returning to England. Also in port is HMS Boadicea, commanded by Commander Murton, who Heron blames for putting a black mark on his record. At an on-shore party, Murton argues with his own girlfriend, Peggy Carter, who he wants to break up with. A drunk Heron arrives to confront Murton, but he is taken back to the ship. Murton and Nialls, drunk, make a bet of £500 over which ship can get back to England first. Nialls tells Heron to pull himself together. Murton sabotages Niall's chances by having him delayed at the base, but Nialls phones Peggy Carter, who arranges for her connections to send Boadicea on a bogus assignment, allowing Nialls to win the bet. Back in England, Heron is apparently marrying Maura.

Guest cast: Malcolm Terris as Commander Murton, Heather Canning as Maura, Patricia Mort as Peggy Carter, David Neal as Lieutenant Commander Hopwood, Forbes Collins as Master at Arms Wilson, Ron Pember as Adge, Richard Hampton as Flag Lieutenant, Terence Sewards as The Major, Peter Longbow as Fleet Operations Officer, Jonathan Gardner as Leading Writer, Maurice Quick as Flag Officer, Gibraltar.

Series 2Edit

No.TitleWritten byOriginal air date
2–01"The Raid"Allan Prior15 October 1974 (1974-10-15)

Hero is under battle conditions, after a hostile force has invaded northern Norway. On board is a squad of Royal Marine Commandos led by Lieutenant Palfrey, whose father was a highly decorated WWII general. Deployed from Hero to blow up an enemy radar station ashore, the squad is captured and Palfrey taken for questioning. He explodes when compared unfavourably to his famous father, breaks his interrogator's neck, and escapes into the countryside. The final minutes of the episode reveal that the entire scenario was a NATO training exercise, and Palfrey has killed a Norwegian Army officer - and now the Army, the police, and Commander Nialls have to find him.

Guest cast: Michael Cochrane as Lieutenant Palfrey, RM, David Sterne as Sergeant Watkins, Kenneth Scott as Corporal Blundell, Steve Gardner as Able Seaman Grogan, Frederick Treves as The Major, Geoffrey Toone as General Tiering
2–02"Without Just Cause"Allan Prior22 October 1974 (1974-10-22)

Lieutenant Palfrey escapes his pursuers and returns to Hero where he speaks with Nialls. Nialls persuades the Norwegians to allow him to be court-martialled in England. He pleads not guilty but is convicted of manslaughter, but after Nialls speaks as a character witness he is sentenced to only 18 months imprisonment and discharge from the service, but giving the Admiralty Board the option to remit the discharge and suspend the imprisonment.

Guest cast: Michael Cochrane as Lt. Palfrey R.M., Philip Bond as Commander Hilliard, Frank Duncan as Mr. Cook, Helen Lindsay as Angela Palfrey, Geoffrey Toone as General Tiering, Frederick Treves as The Major, David Sterne as Seargeant Watkins, Kenneth Scott as Corporal Blundell, Paul Williamson as Judge Advocate, Arnold Peters as President of the Court, David Goodland as Officer of the Court, Kenneth Shaw as The Norwegian A.D.C.
2–03"Who Run Across The Sea"Ian Mackintosh29 October 1974 (1974-10-29)

An Arab guerrilla unit hijacks a British fleet auxiliary armament stores ship in the North Atlantic, which is carrying Polaris nuclear warheads. Hero as the closest warship is sent to intervene. The hijackers refuse to stop the ship, threatening to kill the crew. When they refuse to negotiate, and even refuse orders from their own political leaders to surrender, Nialls is ordered to sink the ship. However, he first fires a few mortar bombs near the bow, and the hijackers finally agree to surrender.

Guest cast: Sean Lynch as Zardi, Kevin Stoney as Captain Ragg, Julian Holloway as Chief Officer O'Morra, Anne Raitt as Luna, David Ashley as Ahmed, John Savident as First Sea Lord, John Quarmby as Defence Secretary, Michael Langdon as Minister of State, Keith Smith as D.N.O.T.
2–04"The Immortal Memory"Ian Mackintosh5 November 1974 (1974-11-05)

Hero takes on a new deputy weapons and electrical officer, Sub Lieutenant Penn, who has recently graduated with a Navy-sponsored university science degree and has a five year work obligation. However, he has decided while at university as an anti-authoritarian that the military is obsolete and he wants to be a modern leader in business. He comes into conflict with Beaumont, who is a strong believer in all naval traditions. Nialls wants to make an effort to keep Penn in the service, since he represents a new generation of graduates with badly-needed modern skills such as electronics. However, the dispute between Penn and Beaumont is brought to a head at a commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar, held at sea at the place of battle. Nialls and Beaumont argue, and Nialls reluctantly grants Penn's desire to be recommended for release from service.

Guest cast: Struan Rodger as Sub Lieutenant Penn, Mary Tamm as Zimba, John Ringham as F.O. Gibraltar, Jon Croft as CPO Firth, Allan Travell as Quartermaster.
2–05"One of Those Days"Ian Mackintosh12 November 1974 (1974-11-12)

After 3 weeks in port and with a restless crew, Hero is delayed from departure for several hours, leading to events that would otherwise have been avoided. Leading regulator Fuller plays a cat-and-mouse game with Constable Munk, husband of the woman with whom he spent the night. A party of Sea Cadets runs wild on the ship. The head of the frigate squadron, Captain Calder (F), visits for lunch, along with the daughter of a stripper from a nightclub. Preventing unwanted encounters between the guests taxes Last and Beaumont.

Guest cast: Peter Cellier as Captain (F), Peter Davidson as Constable Munk, Seretta Wilson as Karen Halbert, John Colclough as Quartermaster, John Bowe as L/Std Jenkins, Eric Kent as Bosun's Mate.
2–06"The Man From The Sea"John Wiles19 November 1974 (1974-11-19)

Hero picks up survivors from a crashed Boeing 707 near St Kilda, Scotland. A doctor is landed on the ship and operates on one of the survivors, who must be taken to Stornoway as quickly as possible. However, another survivor is Lander alias Maritain, a Venezuelan revolutionary who suspects that the plane was bombed by the CIA. Two officials from the FCO are landed on the ship, but one turns out to be American. Nialls initially refuses an order from the MOD to stop the ship and allow Lander to be secretly removed, using the excuse that the patient must be dispatched to hospital. However, when the patient dies, he tests Lander and finds him unworthy of further protection.

Guest cast: Aharon Ipalé as Maritain, John Bowe as L/Std Jenkins, Simon Lack as Grey, Ed Bishop as Sanders, Gail Grainger as Heather Gardiner, Peter Cartwright as Sg. Lt. Commander Whittaker, Stephen Hubay as Ramos, Anthony Barnett as Std Selkirk.
2–07"Nothing To Starboard"Martin Worth26 November 1974 (1974-11-26)

When Beaumont is bringing Hero into Portsmouth, Nialls takes control at a critical moment, which for Beaumont continues a pattern where he isn't trusted by Nialls. He seriously considers taking a job he is offered to run a yacht chartering company, also in the hope that it would improve his chances with an ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Nialls visits his own girlfriend in Exeter, but she is unhappy with the part-time relationship. Back on the ship, Hero must complete a challenging replenishment at sea maneuver. Nialls, although suffering from gastric flu insists on doing it himself, but makes a mess of it and reluctantly hands control to Beaumont. Completing the operation perfectly, his confidence is restored and he tells Nialls that he will refuse the job offer. The two men hope for the best with their respective relationships.

Guest cast: Patrick Holt as Paul Danbury, Noel Johnson as Rear-Admiral Beaumont, Mary Hignett as Mrs. Beaumont, Jenny Hanley as Helen Danbury, Isla Blair as Sarah Foulkes, Neil Wilson as barman.
2–08"Distant Waters"Norman Ashby3 December 1974 (1974-12-03)

The crew of a British trawler, fed up with their skipper's erratic performance, confine him to his cabin and take over the boat. A loyal crew member sends a distress signal, and Hero on fishery protection duty investigates. The crew claim that they confined him for his own protection after he become drunk and violent. The skipper initially refuses to leave his cabin to meet a boarding party, using a handgun as a deterrent, but is eventually taken to Hero. A doctor diagnoses carcinoma of the stomach, giving him no more than three months to live, but he was already aware of the disease and was hoping to die at sea. After Nialls convinces him not to press charges for mutiny, he resumes command of the trawler.

Guest cast: Bernard Kay as Skipper Briggs, Tom Chadbon as Ron Walker, Thomas Heathcote as Norman King, Ian Liston as Harry Shotton, Christopher Blake as Surgeon Lt. Newcombe, James Walsh as Joe Carter, John Hartley as Stan Beaton.
2–09"Away Seaboat's Crew"John Armstrong10 December 1974 (1974-12-10)

Hero takes on two new sailors at Plymouth, O.S. Jones and L.S. Steele, and departs for an exercise in the Arctic. Steele quickly comes into conflict with AB Radcliffe, who had been a Petty Officer above Steele on a previous ship but has since been demoted. When Steele presses charges against Radcliff for refusing an order, Radcliffe threatens Steele. At night, Steele is alone writing a letter and goes on deck to fix a noisy tarp on a boat, but falls overboard. Nobody notices that he is missing until the next day, when Hero reverses course to search. Radcliff is under suspicion, although he notices the loose tarp and points it out to Nialls. After a day and night searching, with little hope that Steele would still be alive in the cold water, he is nevertheless rescued.

Guest cast: Peter Winter as Lieutenant Melville, Lewis Collins as L/Sea Steele, Antony Webb as AB Radcliffe, Robin Davies as Ord. Jones, Joe Dunlop as L/Sea Crimlisk, Ellis Jones as AB Richards.
2–10"Echo of Battle"Allan Prior17 December 1974 (1974-12-17)

Hero is instructed to pick up a German government minister, Lescher, who wishes to observe an exercise involving Hero and a German submarine. Nialls is mystified by the request, but when he discovers that Lescher is ex-navy, unwell, suffering nightmares and possibly suicidal, he requests Lescher's military service records from the MOD. These reveal that Lescher was a top U-boat captain, the sole survivor of his submarine when it was fired on by a British ship when trying to surrender. When the exercise takes place, Hero detects the submarine and fires mortars, and the submarine surfaces, during which time Lescher has become more and more panicked. He is taken to a cabin, and reveals to Nialls that the exercise was a close reenactment of his final submarine battle, and he was hoping it would help with his nightmares and flashbacks.

Guest cast: Richard Warner as Lescher, Geoffrey Russell as Williams, John Oxley as Wimmer/Wickert, David G. March as Muller, John Bowe as L Std Jenkins.

Series 3Edit

No.TitleWritten byOriginal air date
3–01"And Wings of Gold"Ian Mackintosh6 January 1976 (1976-01-06)

Hero receives a new commander Alan Glenn, a Phantom pilot, upsetting Beaumont who once again thinks that his navy career has stalled. They are called to an emergency: a Russian submarine is immobilized near Jan Mayen, an island in the Arctic Ocean, and Captain Herrick joins the ship. An expert on submarines, he is keen to obverve the Russian vessel, but he also has a history with Glenn, who he blames for the death of his brother in a Phantom accident. Herrick pushes Glenn to take Hero through a dangerous moving ice field to try reach the sub before a pair of Russian destroyers. Beaumont points out to Glenn that Herrick is also suffering as a relative underperformer in an illustrious naval family, with his brother the Second Sea Lord, and is looking for a chance for promotion. However, Hero must retreat in the face of terrible sea conditions, barely escaping the ice with only minor damage.

Guest cast: William Lucas as Captain Herrick, James Leith as Lieutenant Tagg, Marian Diamond as Surgeon Lt. (D) Sue Herrick, Paul Aston as Midshipman Vidler.
3–02"What Are Friends For?"Michael J. Bird13 January 1976 (1976-01-13)

Hero boards and searches the Appleton Lady, a boat suspected of drug smuggling, but nothing suspicious is found. However, Glenn observed them dumping items overboard and asks to speak to the captain, who is an old friend named Kenyon. Kenyon gives his word that they were not smuggling drugs, but only items such at watches. Glenn says he owes him a favour, and allows him to leave without reporting the dumped items. Some time later, Hero is asked again to find the boat, after it was seen picking up drugs near Scheveningen. Hero finds it once again, and this time uses the Wasp to net a discarded item before it sinks. Glenn again interviews Kenyon, and shows him the recovered heroin. Kenyon claims he needed the money for treatment for his sick child, but Glenn in disbelief has him detained. In court, Kenyon pleads guilty and doesn't mention the child, but Glenn visits Kenyon's wife and finds that the story was true and the child is dead, and that he hadn't mentioned it in court to keep the information from the child. Later, Glenn reveals to a friend that Kenyon had saved his navy career, by taking the blame for a prank gone wrong which both had organized.

Guest cast: Matthew Long as David Kenyon, Marian Diamond as Sue Herrick, Claire Nielson as Valerie Kenyon, Roy Boyd as Joe Murphy, John Barcroft

as Henderson, Stanley Platts as Crown Court Judge.
3–03"Knight Errant"Ben Bassett20 January 1976 (1976-01-20)

Hero finds a stationary yacht, the Knight Errant, west of the Azores. The lone yachtsman is acting erratically, using a chart from 1938 and having smashed his radio with an axe, and he refuses to give his name or accept any offer of assistance. Glenn is uncertain whether to intervene, and dislikes lone yachtsmen in general, but they are defended by Beaumont who is planning a solo voyage of his own. Glenn insists on the yachtsman joining him on Hero for lunch, and is informed by the MOD that he is a renowned sailor and former British Vice Admiral whose wife recently died. The yachtsman returns to his boat, but after some research, Glenn concludes that he is planning to kill himself at a location from his voyage of 1938, which he had described in a book. Glenn talks with the yachtsman on his boat, who reveals that he considers his whole life to be a fraud, and now that his wife is gone he is planning to disappear quietly without damaging the legend that had inspired so many. Glenn allows him to sail off.

Guest cast: Bernard Lee as the Yachtsman, Roger Tallon as Leading Steward Aitken.
3–04"They Also Serve"Ian Mackintosh27 January 1976 (1976-01-27)

Hero is undergoing maintenance, with Peek temporarily replacing Beaumont as second in command, and Glenn staying at the home of the port admiral Brinton. Peek's disdainful attitude towards dockworkers causes the foreman to warn him that there has been simmering industrial trouble and he should take care. Meanwhile, Glenn spends time with Brinton's wife Julia, with whom he had an affair ten years ago while Brinton was away. Julia is bored and interested in restarting the affair, which Glenn declines. Peek infuriates the dockworkers when he orders Fuller to tidy up some work in progress, and Hero is put on a blacklist preventing further work. Glenn is called back, but not before Brinton notices his intimacy with Julia, who admits to the previous affair. Glenn, back on the ship and ultimately responsible, needs Brinton's help to resolve the dispute, but is anxious that Brinton will instead destroy his career, while Peek is also expecting the worst. Ultimately, Brinton helps by sending Hero on a bogus urgent sailing to "save lives", allowing the dockworkers to resume work without losing face. Glenn tells Brinton that he won't take action against Peek, since promising careers should not be destroyed just because of one youthful mistake.

Guest cast: Richard Leech as Rear-Admiral Brinton, Suzan Farmer as Julia Brinton, Arthur White as Sam Malcolm, Sidney Kean as Lewis, Bill Treacher as Pat, Michael Stainton as Kendall.
3–05"Under the Surface"Gidley Wheeler3 February 1976 (1976-02-03)

Hero performs poorly in exercises with the submarine HMS Ovid. Beaumont blames Glenn, saying that the team always performed well under Nialls. Glenn invites the commander of Ovid to his cabin, who turns out to be a friend named Tremayne. They reminisce over naval school days, and Glenn is reminded that he gave "Porky" Beaumont his nickname, as a pun on "bore". Meanwhile, the rest of the officers hold a meeting to plan the next day's activities, leaving Peek annoyed with Beaumont for keeping him back from his latest girlfriend. Tremayne advises Glenn that Beaumont is right, and Glenn is a terrible anti-submarine captain, and he needs to learn to listen to his crew, particularly Beaumont who is an expert. Tremayne agrees to hold an extra day of exercises with Hero to help Glenn figure it out, although this annoys Beaumont and Peek whose planning for the next day was now discarded. During the exercise, Glenn has some success, with Tremayne giving him an easy start, and then invites Beaumont to show what he can do. Ovid tries to escape but makes a navigation error and heads for a dangerous bank. Beaumont realises what has happened and manages to prevent an accident. Tremayne is grateful, and Glenn gives the credit to Beaumont and Peek.

Guest cast: John Castle as Lieutenant-Commander Tremayne, Roger Tallon as Leading Steward Aitken, Paul Alexander as Lieutenant Ringshaw, Richard Adams as Plotter, Harry Waters as Tasi.
3–06"Rough Run Home"Jeremy Burnham10 February 1976 (1976-02-10)

Hero loses a popular crew member to acute peritonitis before he can be brought to shore, with the wasp pilot Roy Tagg declining fly in weather conditions outside the operating envelope. Many of the crew and officers think he should have risked it. Meanwhile, the brother-in-law of the dead man, Graham Firth, is working at the Admiralty Experiment Works on stabilization of Leander-class frigates, and has a maverick theory of using the rudders to do the job of the stabilizers. He believes that this could have prevented his brother's death, by providing a stable platform for wasp operations. After unauthorized tests on a model in a wave tank are successful, he convinces the head of research to perform a sea trial, and takes a team on board Hero. There is concern that the rudders weren't designed for stabilization and could be damaged. It is revealed that in a previous posting Tagg had been court-martialled for an accident when the wasp was used outside its operating envelope. Firth asks for filming of the trials from the wasp, but during the first run, Tagg reports strange vibrations and makes an emergency landing. The maintenance crew can't find any fault, putting Tagg under further pressure. After tension between Firth and Tagg, Tagg invites Firth to be the cameraman for the next run. The problem with the wasp reoccurs, and this time causes restriction on cyclic control movement. He makes a difficult emergency landing, with Hero operating on rudder stabilization, giving vindication to both Tagg and Firth.

Guest cast: James Leith as Lieutenant Tagg, Marian Diamond as Sue Herrick, Bob Mason as Graham Firth, Kevin Brennan as Edwards, Richard Grant as Clarke, Hugh Dickson as Barron, Edward Brooks as Chief Experimenter, David Kincaid as Haslam.
3–07"All of One Company"Gidley Wheeler17 February 1976 (1976-02-17)

Hero receives a young new sailor Dorrity, who is assigned to a mess deck with the unruly Grogan, along with L/Reg Fuller who is supposed to keep things under control. Taking part in a tedious ten day patrol in the Atlantic, Glenn encourages the organization of sports and games to keep up morale. Fuller teaches Dorrity the game of Uckers, but Dorrity is pranked into thinking that he needs special permission to smoke a pipe and makes an unnecessary application to Heron. In another prank, a call is made in the daily orders for a volunteer to be the splash target coxswain, this being a raft towed behind the ship for aircraft to bomb. To the amazement of all, Dorrity applies for the job, and is given lessons in the mess on riding the device. Dorrity briefly steers the ship, which is so unsteady that Glenn sends a reprimand. An event is held in the mess to present to Dorrity a cake with a figurine of a splash target rider, but Dorrity is nowhere to be found. The ship is searched, and the wasp scrambled, but ultimately Glenn spots him up the mast. He tells Dorrity that he needs to return to the mess deck, which he reluctantly does, where he is invited by Grogan to take his place in a game of Uckers.

Guest cast: Peter Duncan as Seaman Dorrity, Steve Gardner as Able Seaman Grogan, Roger Tallon as L Steward Aitken, George Sweeney as Able Seaman Smith, Duncan Faber as Able Seaman Jackson, Christopher Cregan as Able Seaman Edwards.
3–08"Quiet Run Ashore"Michael J. Bird24 February 1976 (1976-02-24)

When a crew member named Brewer is found dead on the minesweeper HMS Ferrington, a board of inquiry is held on Hero. Meanwhile, a detective is making enquiries about a missing teenage girl, Rita Kersey, who was friendly with Brewer. At the inquiry hearing, it appears that the death was a simple accident, where Brewer had been unsteady, perhaps drunk, and had fallen down a ladderwell, as witnessed by crew members Ellis and Lusher. Brewer had been out drinking in Folkestone with a friend Scobie. However, the next day, Kersey's body washes up on the beach, apparently murdered by suffocation, and her shoes are found on the Ferrington. Scobie eventually admits that Brewer had met her in Folkestone and offered her a trip home, hiding her on board, but had accidentally killed her while trying to keep her quiet. He asked Scobie to help throw the body overboard, but Scobie backed out, and after a struggle Brewer fell down the ladderwell. Ellis and Lusher had disposed of Kersey's body to avoid any trouble for the ship and its captain. The crew members are taken by the civil authorities, and Glenn informs the commander of Ferrington that he has been relieved of command, pointing out that he was responsible for everything that happened on the ship.

Guest cast: David Robb as Lieutenant Dean, John Duttine as Able Seaman Scobie, Eric Mason as CPO Lusher, Andy Mulligan as MEA(P) Ellis, Oliver Smith as L/Sea Brewer, Catherine Neilson as Rita Kersey, Leslie Schofield as Petty Officer Mills, Howard Southern as Detective Sergeant Maynard, Ian Kellgren as Lieutenant Kennedy, Warwick Evans as Sub. Lieutenant Weyland, Christopher Ravenscroft as Sg. Lieutenant Ansell, Alan Hockey as Councillor Acott, Brian Honeyball as Cook, Nigel Plaskitt as Steward.
3–09"The Ides of Mark"Ian Mackintosh2 March 1976 (1976-03-02)

Hero is preparing for an inspection, to be conducted by Admiral Staunton and staff officer operations Mark Nialls. Glenn and Nialls became enemies years ago when Glenn dissuaded a woman from marrying Nialls, and Glenn is expecting a difficult "evolutions", where the crew is tested with unconventional problems. While Hero's officers are trying to obtain information, Nialls drops false hints; that the Admiral drinks only "planters rocket", which he discovered in Bermuda; and that he desperately wants the autograph of Lily Bevis, an aging actress. MAA Harry Burnett, who has replaced Heron, is dispatched with Fuller to obtain the autograph. Meanwhile, Peek and Kiley attempt in vain to find the recipe for planters rocket. Attending a naval reception, Peek obtains a glass of the drink from the barman, who refuses to divulge the recipe. Kiley subsequently gives it to the captain of HMS Zephyr to keep him away from Diana, a girl Glenn is interested in: the captain collapses after drinking it. Glenn is misinformed about Diana by Nialls, and offers her dinner and drives her home, which turns out to be at Northwood, 80 miles away. After suffering mishaps he doesn't return to Hero for several hours, by which time Peek is unconscious after trying to recreate planters rocket. Burnett and Fuller also arrive back late, after Burnett has spent many hours playing games such as Battleships and Snakes and Ladders with Bevis, but having obtained the autograph. However, the next day, a ship is needed to respond to an emergency, and since Zephyr is out of action due to the incapacity of her captain, Hero is sent, cancelling the inspection.

Guest cast: Donald Hewlett as Read-Admiral Staunton, Joan Turner as Lily Bevis, Martin Read as Commander Creegan, Victoria Shellard as Diana, Dave Prowse as The Ape, Harry Landis as barman, Beryl Nesbitt as receptionist.
3–10"The Buccaneer"Arnold Yarrow9 March 1976 (1976-03-09)

Glenn's brother Edward (Eddy), a Buccaneer pilot in the Fleet Air Arm is facing a court-martial after he apparently ignored a direct order and made a low pass over a ship, narrowly avoiding a collision. He asks Glenn to represent him, but refuses to explain why he did it. In court, he pleads not guilty to the charges of dangerous flying and disobeying an order, but his case goes badly after his observer Frank Caban takes the stand and says that the order had been received clearly. During a recess, Glenn asks Eddy about a young woman who was observing in court, and he says it is Anneke, Frank's new wife, but he becomes agitated and seems to be in physical pain. Glenn talks with a doctor who says that it could have been caused by emotional stress from the court, but he wouldn't have suffered stress during routine flying. However, Glenn concludes correctly that Eddy was in love with Anneke, and that the emotional stress of flying with Frank caused him to faint during the flight. He admits to this in court, and is subsequently acquitted but directed to the medical board to resolve the stress issues.

Guest cast: Keith Varnier as Lieutenant Glenn, Michael Culver as Commander Cleveland, Christopher Strauli as Lieutenant Cavan, Lea Dregorn as Anna Cavan, Michael Sheard as Read-Admiral Chandy, John Line as Captain Redwell, Hugh Ross as Surgeon-Lieutenant Gladman, Robert East as Lieutenant-Commander Huffam, Arnold Peters as President of the Court, Richard Simpson as Judge Advocate, Nigel Crewe as Oficer of the Court.
3–11"Divert With Dispatch"Derek Ingrey16 March 1976 (1976-03-16)

The Royal Navy is searching for millionaire Andrew Denecot's yacht, which was last seen leaving Gibraltar with Denecot and his family. A possible sighting is reported by an RAF Nimrod near the Canary Islands, and Hero is sent to investigate. Beaumont remembers its captain, Tony Loader, as a "colourful character". On the yacht, Loader has hijacked the yacht with a crew of criminals and a young woman. Hero sails close to the yacht, confirming its identify, although it has a false name and flag, and is ordered to board it. However, Loader tells Glenn to withdraw, or the Denecot family will be killed. Glenn asks for proof that they are still alive, and is permitted to visit the yacht using the Wasp, and confirms that the woman is Denecot's daughter. Glenn returns to Hero and agrees to withdraw to 20 miles distance. Loader plans to abandon the yacht using small boats to reach the African coast. However, Hero is ordered to board it by force. Glenn deploys two Geminis, commanded by Beaumont and Peek, which drop a rope in front of the yacht to foul its screws, forcing it to stop. They then board it, capturing the crew without casualties. The full story is then revealed: the Denecots were in financial trouble, and intended fake their deaths in a yacht sinking, while absconding with a box of cash. However, Loader decided to take the cash for himself, and the daughter, in love with Loader, had joined the plan, not realising that her parents would be killed.

Guest cast: Philip Bond as Tony Loader, Elizabeth Cassidy as Bobbie, James Leith as Lieutenant Tagg, Mark Eden as Wing-Commander Blazey, Neville Jason as Commander Rockford, Michael Halsey as Belton, Keith Bell as Petrie.
3–12"Heart of Oak"Ian Mackintosh23 March 1976 (1976-03-23)

Fuller's wife Norma unexpectedly arrives in Portsmouth from Glasgow, threatening a divorce unless he leaves the navy. Meanwhile on Hero, Lt Monty Wakelin wants Chief (CPO) Cook Mantell reverted to petty officer, on account of poor work and excessive drinking. Beaumont agrees, but Glenn wants them to spend more time trying to improve him. When Norma insists that Fuller stay with her in a hotel instead of returning to Hero, Glenn goes ashore to try to convince her to find a compromise. She agrees to let Fuller return to Hero, as long as he is back by 4:30. Mantell, drinking heavily in anticipation of his forthcoming meeting with Glenn and presumed demotion, goes to a galley and starts a fryer, then passes out. A fire breaks out, and Fuller, leaving to meet Norma, hears the alarm and sees smoke. He returns and helps Peek drag Mantell out of the galley; they ask Mantell if anybody else is inside, and he responds "petty officer". Fuller goes back in to search, but Mantell is just talking about his new rank. Fuller is caught in an explosion. Glenn phones Norma at the hotel, but she has already left for home.

Guest cast: Jeannie McArthur as Norma Fuller, John Rhys-Davies as CPO Cook Mantell, Rio Fanning as CPO Cranfield, Bernard Martin as Policeman.
3–13"First Turn of the Screw"Ian Mackintosh30 March 1976 (1976-03-30)

Hero brings supplies to a scientific station at the usually unihabited island of North Krona in the Outer Hebrides (North Krona is an apparently fictional island located near Barra Head, named similarly to North Rona.) The station is officially meteorological, but Glenn informs his officers that it is actually monitoring Soviet nuclear submarines. When Glenn and Peek lead two boats ashore, they are given an unexpectedly frosty reception by the head of the station, Anvey, who wants the supplies left on the beach and for Hero to depart as soon as possible. Glenn knows one of the two women on the station, Katharina, but she avoids contact with him, as do the other man and woman. The 5th member of the station, Lovett, is not present. Glenn directs some low-key investigations, and discovers that Anvey doesn't appear to have the right age or description, and that the station staff appear to be covering up for the missing man. Katharina visits Hero and talks with Glenn about their former relationship, which Glenn had ended but is willing to resume, but she doesn't say what's happening at the station. Glenn notices something odd about Anvey's qualifications, and returns to the station with an armed party. They detain the station members and enter the research hut, where as Glenn had inferred, they are not monitoring submarines for the MOD, but conducting dangerous biological weapons research for an intelligence service. Anvey admits that he is actually Lovett, and Anvey had died a few weeks ago in an accident. Instead of reporting it and having the station shut down, they had stored the body in a freezer to continue research which was close to a major breakthrough. Katharina and Glenn speak again, but it appears that neither is willing to put a relationship ahead of their career. Glenn leaves the station staff on the island pending his report.

Guest cast: Frederick Jaeger as Anvey/Lovett, Caroline Mortimer as Katharina, Steve Gardner as AB Grogan, Nicholas McArdle as Baker, Shirley Cain as Edith.

Series 4Edit

No.TitleWritten byOriginal air date
4–01"Wind Song"Ian Mackintosh4 January 1977 (1977-01-04)

Hero is in Hong Kong and takes on a new first lieutenant, James Napier. Meanwhile, Zoe Carter, a freelance journalist, arrives at the ship and meets the captain Edward Holt, a former submarine commander who has replaced Glenn. She goes on board to interview Thomas Meryon, a British member of parliament, and an opponent of the military, who is staying on Hero to observe its activities first-hand. They discuss Christopher Panmuir, who is at Hong Kong with his sailboat Windsong, and intends to sail to the site of a forthcoming French atmosperic nuclear test as a protest. Carter brings Panmuir to meet Meryon, and Meryon is persuaded to hold a press conference on board Hero to denounce the test. Carter and Holt go out to dinner and discuss Meryon and Holt's ex-wife. At the press conference, Meryon denounces the test, and Carter asks if he will sail in Windsong: put on a spot, he agrees as long as Carter comes along to report it. Holt tries to stop her going, without success. Panmuir, Meryon and Carter sail on Windsong, and Hero follows to keep an eye on things. They reach the test area, but are ignored by the French. They sail into the restricted area, demanding that the test be cancelled. Holt activates anti-nuclear measures on Hero and waits outside the zone. Once the test takes place, Windsong requests rescue, and Hero responds, sailing through fallout. Carter is collected, but Panmuir and Meryon decide to sail further. Panmuir hopes to make a larger statement with his death, while Meryon is tired of being considered a phoney.

Guest cast: Clifford Rose as Meryon, David Bailie as Panmuir.
4–02"Singapore Incident"Ian Mackintosh11 January 1977 (1977-01-11)

At HMS Tamar in Hong Kong, Holt is introduced to Francis Corbin of the Foreign Office. Holt is told that an aircraft en route to Singapore has ditched near Vietnam, and Hero must sail urgently to recover a briefcase of extremely delicate papers. Holt protests that it would be very hard to find the wreck, and they should be looking for survivors, but he is instructed to find the papers and take them to the High Commissioner in Singapore. On Hero, Fuller is writing to his wife, who has just given birth to their first child. Hero sails to the reported crash location, and to their amazement the wreck is found immediately. Hans Anderson and Napier dive to the aircraft, easily recovering the briefcase, but find no bodies aboard. However, when a Russian "Bear" aircraft flies over, and a BBC broadcast describes the crash and Hero's role, the nature of the "secret" mission is questioned, and there is concern that the Singapore operation may be hazardous. Napier is tasked with the job, and decides to take Fuller on the grounds that he has been proven with his fire rescue, for which he received the George Medal (Napier also has a George Medal for a bomb disposal job). Napier and Fuller leave Hero, unarmed, and collect a rental car. They are immediately attacked, but manage to escape, and a car chase ensues. They leave the car at a rural village, from which they eventually make their way back to Hero, after being shot at. Corbin unexpectedly arrives on Hero, having flown from Hong Kong. Holt accuses him of setting up the operation to fail, and is angry that his crew members have been put at risk. Corbin says they did well, but is shocked when Holt tells him that the papers were safely returned to Hero. Holt asks him to apologize, which he does very reluctantly. Holt then admits that he had ordered Napier to dump the papers in the case of trouble, and thanks to his concern for Fuller's child, he had obeyed.

Guest cast: Peter Miles as Corbin, John Stone as Captain-in-Charge, David Howe as AB Wright, Ian McNiece as AB Clark.
4–03"Diplomatic Package"Ian Mackintosh18 January 1977 (1977-01-18)

Hero visits the (apparently fictional) island state of Locloon (sp?) on a visit intended to help the UK's chances of handling the exploitation of a newly discovered oil field. The officers (and Zoe Carter, looking for a story) attend a reception hosted by the influential but strict Zee Khay Lim, where Peek meets and quickly falls in love with Zee's daughter Akiko. Things aren't going well for British interests, with the unenthusiastic Consul Cobbold expecting the deal to go to the Americans, and Zee saying he's impressed only by honourable behaviour. There is tension between Holt and Napier when Holt thinks Napier is becoming romantically involved with Carter, and Carter becomes angry at Holt when she discovers his attitude. Peek wants to marry Akiko, and Akiko asks him to smuggle her on board Hero, since she has no way of escaping her father's influence and an unwanted arranged marriage. Peek discusses her with Holt, but Holt says they can't ignore local customs and cause a diplomatic incident. Peek asks Midshipman Vidler to tell Akiko that he was unable to meet with her as planned. Holt sends a gift to Carter as reconciliation. Hero leaves port, but Akiko is discovered in a spare cabin, having been brought aboard by Vidler after Akiko told him about her situation. Holt orders Hero back to Locloon, where she is returned to her father. Her father reveals that she had been lying all along: that she is younger than she had claimed, 16, has no marriage arranged, and was trying to reach an ensign from an American ship which had visited recently. Zee is grateful for her return and agrees to help the UK reach a deal on the oil.

Guest cast: Fiesta Mei-Ling as Akiko, Burt Kwouk as Zee Khay Lim, Paul Aston as Midshipman Vidler, Gerald Sim as Cobbold, Anthony Chinn as Chang.
4–04"Rendezvous"TBA25 January 1977 (1977-01-25)
4–05"Girl From The Sea"Michael J. Bird1 February 1977 (1977-02-01)
4–06"A Matter of History"Michael J. Bird8 February 1977 (1977-02-08)
4–07"Counter Charge"TBA17 February 1977 (1977-02-17)
4–08"Man in Reserve"TBA22 February 1977 (1977-02-22)
4–09"Fall From Grace"TBA1 March 1977 (1977-03-01)
4–10"Jack Fell Down"TBA8 March 1977 (1977-03-08)
A newly promoted officer from the ranks has to cope with his change in status and new relationships with officers and other ranks.
4–11"Robertson Crusoe"TBA15 March 1977 (1977-03-15)
4–12"Someone, Somewhere"TBA22 March 1977 (1977-03-22)
4–13"Operation Sting-Ray"TBA29 March 1977 (1977-03-29)

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