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Military aircraft lists by nationEdit

Lists of military aviation unitsEdit

Royal Air Force
Aircraft Wings
Aircraft Squadrons
Aircraft Independent Flights
Heavy Conversion Units
Operational Conversion Units
Operational Training Units
RAF Regiment Wings
RAF Regiment Squadrons
Balloon Squadrons
Miscellaneous Wings

Lists of military ground commandsEdit

British Army lists
Commands and Army groups
Field armies in the First World War
Field armies in the Second World War
Corps in the First World War
Corps in the Second World War
Divisions in the First World War
Divisions in the Second World War
Brigades in the First World War
Brigades in the Second World War
Regiments of Cavalry
Royal Armoured Corps Regiments in Second World War
Royal Artillery Batteries
Regiments of Foot
Regiments in 1881
Territorial Force Units in 1908
Yeomanry Regiments converted to Royal Artillery
Regiments in 1962
Regiments in 1994
Regiments in 2008
Territorial Army units in 2012
List of British Army Reserve Units (2020)
Present-day Regiments
Nicknames of regiments

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