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List of senior officers of the British Army

Captains-General of the British Army, 1707–1809Edit

Commanders-in-Chief of the Forces, 1660–1904Edit

Chiefs of the General Staff, 1904–1909Edit

Chiefs of the Imperial General Staff 1909–1964Edit

Chiefs of the General Staff, 1964–Edit

Vice Chiefs of the Imperial General StaffEdit

The Vice Chiefs were as follows:[1]

Deputy Chiefs of the Imperial General StaffEdit

Assistant Chiefs of the General StaffEdit

Adjutant-general to the Forces / Commander Home CommandEdit

See article on Adjutant-General to the Forces (Commander Home Command since 2016).

Quartermaster-General to the Forces / Chief of Materiel (Land)Edit

Master-General of the Ordnance, 1415-2013Edit

Commander-in-Chief, UK Land Forces/UK Land Command/Land ForcesEdit

See article on Commander-in-Chief, Land Forces (Commander since 2011, Commander Field Army since 2016)

(Deputy) Commander(-in-Chief), UK Land Forces/Field ArmyEdit

Director Engagement and Communications (D E&C)Edit

Commander of Regional Forces, 2002-2009Edit

See article on Commander Regional Forces

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