Deputy Chief of the General Staff (United Kingdom)

Deputy Chief of the General Staff (DCGS) is the title of the deputy to the Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army. From 1942 until 1968 the Deputy Chief was the third-ranking member of the General Staff, subordinate the Chief and Vice Chief. As of September 2015, the role of Deputy CGS is to be "responsible for representing the Army Top Level Budget (TLB) within Head Office and outwards to relevant TLBs and dependencies, provides oversight of the Army Operating Model and provides overall personnel policy direction as the Principal Personnel Officer (PPO)."[1]

Subordinate CommandsEdit

The commands under DCGS include:[2]

List of post-holdersEdit

Post-holders have been as follows:[3]

Deputy Chief of the Imperial General StaffEdit

Deputy Chief of the General StaffEdit


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