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This page is a historic list of units in the United Kingdom Territorial Army as of 2012, prior to its disestablishment, and re-establishment as the Army Reserve, in 2014. [1]

Honourable Artillery CompanyEdit

Royal Armoured CorpsEdit

Royal ArtilleryEdit

Royal EngineersEdit

Royal Corps of SignalsEdit


Special Air ServiceEdit

Army Air CorpsEdit

  • 6 (Volunteer) Regiment AAC
  • 7 (Volunteer) Regiment AAC

The Royal Logistic CorpsEdit

Army Medical ServicesEdit

2 Medical Brigade Units:

  • 201 (Northern) Field Hospital
  • 202 (Midlands) Field Hospital
  • 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital
  • 204 (North Irish) Field Hospital
  • 205 (Scottish) Field Hospital
  • 207 (Manchester) Field Hospital
  • 208 (Liverpool) Field Hospital
  • 212 (Yorkshire) Field Hospital
  • 222 Field Hospital
  • 243 (Wessex) Field Hospital
  • 256 (City of London) Field Hospital
  • 306 Hospital Support Medical Regiment
  • 335 Medical Evacuation Regiment

Royal Electrical and Mechanical EngineersEdit

Adjutant General's CorpsEdit

  • Central Volunteer Headquarters Adjutant General's Corps
  • Army Legal Services
  • Educational and Training Support
  • Military Provost Staff
  • Military Provost Guard Service
  • Royal Military Police Special Investigation Branch
  • 4 Regiment, Royal Military Police
  • 5 Regiment, Royal Military Police

Intelligence CorpsEdit

  • 3 (Volunteer) Military Intelligence Battalion[4]
  • 5 (Volunteer) Military Intelligence Battalion[5]

Army Reserve bandsEdit

Army Reserve bands are not part of the Corps of Army Music. They are under the direct command of their parent corps or regiment.

There are currently 20 Army Reserve bands located across the UK with one in Gibraltar:[6]

Pipes and Drums

Officer Training CorpsEdit

Many British Universities also have Officer Training Corps units, which allow students to experience military life. University Officer Training Corps (UOTCs) still officially form part of the Army Reserve. However, the officer cadets fall into reserve category "B", meaning that they cannot be called up for service unless there is a national emergency.

In 2011, an MoD study recommended the downgrading of UOTCs to sub-units (commanded by a Major rather than a Lt Col) and the formation of 12 Officer Training Regiments comprising one or two OTC 'companies' and an TA (as it was then known) Officer Training Wing. The study also concluded that UOTC OCdts should not be attested or paid in their first year.[7]

  • Aberdeen UOTC
  • Birmingham UOTC
  • Bristol UOTC
  • Cambridge UOTC
  • East Midlands UOTC
  • City of Edinburgh UOTC
  • Exeter UOTC
  • Glasgow and Strathclyde UOTC
  • Leeds UOTC
  • Liverpool UOTC
  • Manchester & Salford UOTC
  • Northumbrian UOTC
  • Oxford UOTC
  • Queen's UOTC
  • Sheffield UOTC
  • Southampton UOTC
  • Tayforth UOTC
  • Wales UOTC
  • University of London OTC


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