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Articles requested for more than a year is a WikiProject that works to address aged requests for articles listed at Wikipedia:Requested articles. The below red-linked articles is a compilation of articles that have been requested, but not created, prior to June 22, 2005. Articles requested for more than three years was used since the backlog for Articles requested for more than a year and more than two years is significant. A present goal for this project is to clear out all articles requested for more than three years.

How you can help create articles
  • If you don't know anything about the subject, do a search or look it up in a book!
  • Search Wikipedia to make sure an article on the subject doesn't already exist. If it does, make a redirect to it from the requested title.
  • Click on a red link, and start writing the article. At a minimum, we need a definition of the subject, so other people know what the article is supposed to be about and can then add more. If you can write a paragraph or more, that would be even better. Be sure to cite your sources, even if you don't have time to add formal formatting. To add a stub category, see Category:Stub categories.
  • Once the article has been created, its link here will turn blue (unless you are looking at a cached version of this page). Feel free to remove the blue links yourself.
  • Encourage others to help by putting the following in your edit summary when you create the article:
Long-standing article request fulfilled. [[WP:AR1|You can help!]]
Some requests cannot be filled because
  • The title is not NPOV
  • The article will never be longer than a dictionary definition
  • The subject is not encyclopedic

If a request makes it to this page, then it is very likely that there has been a long term indecision by several Wikipedians over what to do with the article request.

If you find a request that cannot be filled, consider editing an existing article with the topic, if appropriate, and then making the requested article as a redirect to that article. Alternatively, you might also create an entry on Wiktionary, if appropriate, and then making the requested article as a soft redirect to that Wiktionary entry. Determining whether a request can be filled may be a subjective decision. If you are unsure, post your thoughts next to the request to get a second opinion.

If you want to remove a red linked request from this page, please look over "What links here" for the requested article for other request locations and for red linked terms.

Helpful links

If you want to see what other Wikipedia articles link to a given article, click the red link on this page, then click "What links here" (in the lower "toolbox" on the left-hand side) on the page that asks you to create the article. Many worthy article suggestions will have no incoming links.

How this page is compiled
  • Manually: Wikipedia:Requested articles divides all requests into ten topic areas. The topic areas are listed on ten subpages of requested articles and the date of the article request is take as of the day it is posted to a topic subpage. For each of the ten topic areas, a date of update may be selected. For example, AR3 red linked articles as of June 22, 2005 for Applied arts and sciences requests may be viewed with this link: June 22, 2005. The red linked items then may be gathered as a first red linked items list and compared to the current Applied arts and sciences|Applied arts and sciences request page. Those items on the first red linked items list not on the current Applied arts and sciences article request page may be removed from the first red linked items list to create a second red linked items list. One way to compare the first red linked items list and Applied arts and sciences request page is to check the "What links here" for each request article. The second red linked items list may be posted to this page and the associated requests on the current Applied arts and sciences page removed (to prevent overlap in effort). This process may be repeated for each of the ten topic areas.

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Islam edit

Halif (related to [pre-Islamic?] tribes [1]) - Foroo-e-Din - Ma'zur - Mas'ala - Mawlaya - Mu'aamalaat - Musalli - Mushawarah - Sabirin - Suhuf - Tahur

Most of these terms should redirect to Glossary of Islam, though in a few cases their articles exist under other spellings/forms. Extensive redirect of most of the terms on 12th December 2010 and bluelinks removed. This list has been added to Talk:Glossary of Islam and Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Islam for additional assistance.

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