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Five pillarsEdit

The fundamental principles of Wikipedia may be summarized in five "pillars":
  Wikipedia is an encyclopedia
Wikipedia combines many features of general and specialized encyclopedias, almanacs, and gazetteers. Wikipedia is not a soapbox, an advertising platform, a vanity press, an experiment in anarchy or democracy, an indiscriminate collection of information, or a web directory. It is not a dictionary, a newspaper, or a collection of source documents, although some of its fellow Wikimedia projects are.
  Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view
We strive for articles in an impartial tone that document and explain major points of view, giving due weight for their prominence. We avoid advocacy, and we characterize information and issues rather than debate them. In some areas there may be just one well-recognized point of view; in others, we describe multiple points of view, presenting each accurately and in context rather than as "the truth" or "the best view". All articles must strive for verifiable accuracy, citing reliable, authoritative sources, especially when the topic is controversial or is about a living person. Editors' personal experiences, interpretations, or opinions do not belong on Wikipedia.
  Wikipedia is free content that anyone can use, edit, and distribute
Since all editors freely license their work to the public, no editor owns an article and any contributions can and may be mercilessly edited and redistributed. Respect copyright laws, and never plagiarize from any sources. Borrowing non-free media is sometimes allowed as fair use, but strive to find free alternatives first.
  Wikipedia's editors should treat each other with respect and civility
Respect your fellow Wikipedians, even when you disagree. Apply Wikipedia etiquette, and do not engage in personal attacks. Seek consensus, avoid edit wars, and never disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point. Act in good faith, and assume good faith on the part of others. Be open and welcoming to newcomers. Should conflicts arise, discuss them calmly on the appropriate talk pages, follow dispute resolution procedures, and consider that there are 6,265,853 other articles on the English Wikipedia to improve and discuss.
  Wikipedia has no firm rules
Wikipedia has policies and guidelines, but they are not carved in stone; their content and interpretation can evolve over time. The principles and spirit matter more than literal wording, and sometimes improving Wikipedia requires making exceptions. Be bold, but not reckless, in updating articles. And do not agonize over making mistakes: (almost) every past version of a page is saved, so mistakes can be easily corrected.


I use a normal signature in Twinkle help or wikiloves but other than that I use a coloured one. Please always refer to me as he if you can.

My usernameEdit

I did not get my username from Copper-52 or anything else.

About meEdit

I am a Wikipedia extended confirmed user and watch edits from different tags. I use the “Random article” tool.


Cupper52 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log)


I first visited Wikipedia in late 2015 as an IP address and wanted to edit more. I was one of the people affected by the chlorine from the 2017 Birling Gap incident.


Check out my edits in Contributions.

My Wikipedia StoryEdit

As a new userEdit

I joined Wikipedia on 5 June 2020. On the same day, I made my first edit.

As a confirmed userEdit

A week after joining Wikipedia, I made my tenth edit, making me a confirmed user. Two days later, I made my twentieth edit. On the same day, I edited a semi-protected article for the first time. On June 22, 2020, I got my first message. It was from Mattythewhite, warning me that I didn’t provide a reliable source for the article Sergio Agüero. The next day, I edited a pending changes protected page for the first time. The article was Jonny Evans. Shortly afterwards, I had a warning of being blocked from editing because I wasn’t citing a reliable source on the article Roberto Firmino. On July 12 I made my 90th edit and two days later I made my 100th edit. Just over a month later, I made my 200th edit on the page Gargoyles (comics). On August 23, I was thanked for the first time, by BenMacDui. On August 28, I made my 300th edit on my user page. On 1 October I made my 400th edit on Ankara River.

As an extended confirmed userEdit

Just five days after making my 400th edit, I made my 500th edit on the page Talk:Central District (Lenjan County). On the same day, I edited an extended confirmed protected article for the first time, on Eniola Aluko. On 8 October I joined the Wikipedia Adventure. Click here to have a go. On the same day, I was thanked for the fifth time by Deepfriedokra. On 25 October I made my 1,000th edit on the page Recognition of same-sex unions in Estonia. Nine days later I was thanked for the tenth time by GeometryDashFan12. By 5 December I had created more than 100 global accounts. I enabled my Twinkle preferences on 23 December 2020. In the beginning of January the following year I made my 2000th edit on Jana Pérez reverting vandalism. On 30 January I installed HotCat. But the same day I got given a one-week block for making bad reverts on vandalism. I began to slow down and check when reverting vandalism after the block expired. On 8 February I made my 3,000th edit tagging the article Dowzariv.

Topics I editEdit

Most of the articles I edit are related to football. All of the pages I edited were either related to me or football until 2 July 2020.

Other editing sites I’m onEdit



Fact fileEdit

Occupation: Wikipedian | Messages: 5 | Autoconfirmed user | Favourite Wikipedians: Mattythewhite, GiantSnowman, Legacypac, JMHamo, Squared.Circle.Boxing, | Alerts: 1

Alternative accountsEdit

My IP addresses if I get logged out. User:Cupper52-2 my account alternative.


Notice:I need to update this some time soon. Over 70 edits Been on Wikipedia for around 2 months Edited 3 templates so far Created 7 pages so far (2 User, 2 User talk, 3 template talk)


My talk page My contributions My sandbox My uploads

Other stuffEdit

Favourite animals My football images

Articles started (undeleted articles)Edit

Big Boi (rapper) 2019 Champions League (Asia) 2020 Champions League Final

Draftspaces startedEdit

Draft:Wu Yize

Alternative awardsEdit

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