Tenali is a city in Guntur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a municipality and the headquarters of Tenali mandal and Tenali revenue division.[5] The city is renowned for art, cultural, drama and hence, it is often referred with the nickname as Andhra Paris.[6] It is one of the twelve urban local bodies in Andhra Pradesh Capital Region[7] and the twelfth most populous city in the state with a population of 199345 As of 2011 population. Tenali City is also part of Andhrapradesh Capital Region (APCRDA).Tenali Ramakrishna, one of the eight poets and jester of Maharaja Krishnadevaraya, hails from Tenali.

Martyrs' Memorial located at Ranaranga chowk in Tenali
Martyrs' Memorial located at Ranaranga chowk in Tenali
Etymology: Teravali
Andhra Paris
Tenali is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 16°14′20″N 80°38′42″E / 16.239°N 80.645°E / 16.239; 80.645Coordinates: 16°14′20″N 80°38′42″E / 16.239°N 80.645°E / 16.239; 80.645
StateAndhra Pradesh
Incorporated (town)1909
Incorporated (city)2011
 • TypeMayor-council
 • BodyTenali Municipality
 • Municipal CommissionerVenkata Krishna
 • MLAAnnabathuni Siva Kumar
 • MPGalla Jayadev
 • Total29.56 km2 (11.41 sq mi)
Elevation13 m (43 ft)
 • Total164,937
 • Rank14th (in state)
 • Density224,569/km2 (581,630/sq mi)
 • Households
 • Literates194,618
 • Literacy rate87.75%
 • OfficialTelugu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
5222xx, 522217,522211 ,522307
Telephone code+91–863, 086xx
Vehicle registrationAP


The word Tenali is derived from Teravali.[5]

Three Canals of the Krishna River Flow through Tenali City making it a part of Rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh Resembling The City Paris where three Canals pass through the city. Hence Tenali is Affectionately called and has a Nickname of "Andhra Paris". In 2011 The City limits were expanded to many kilometers and expansion includes the villages like Angalakuduru ,nandivelugu ,kolakaluru ,pinapadu ,Burripalem


The Andhra–Satavahana dynasty ruled the region around the present city from 225 B.C. to 225 A.D.. The relics found in the excavations around Tenali reveal the existence of Jainism and Buddhism.[5] One such example is the inscriptions in Ramalingeswara temple, dating back to the 16th century AD.[8]


A pond at Pinapadu area of Tenali

Tenali is situated at 16°14′20″N 80°38′42″E / 16.239°N 80.645°E / 16.239; 80.645, on the southern deltaic region of Krishna river.[3] The city is spread over an area of 29.56 km2 (11.41 sq mi).[2] It lies at an average altitude of 13 metres (43 ft) above mean sea level. It is also Called as City without a National Highway.The East canal, the Nizampatnam canal and the West canal flow through the city, which originates from Krishna River.[9] The region around the city forms a part of Western Delta System of Krishna river.[10][11] The area is covered by Alluvium and the main soil varieties are Red and Black.[3]


Tenali has a tropical wet and dry climate (Köppen Aw). The average annual temperatures range from a high of 33.3 °C (91.9 °F) to a low of 24.2 °C (75.6 °F). May is the hottest and December is the coolest months of the year.[12] The city receives maximum rainfall due to the onset of southwest monsoon season from June to October.[3] The annual precipitation averages 1,017 millimetres (40 in) with the month of August being the highest with 202 millimetres (8 in) and January being the lowest with 1 millimetre (0 in).[12]


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religion not stated)
Tenali population 
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As of 2011 census of India, there were 43,593 households with a population of 164,937. It comprises 81,427 males, 83,510 females and 14,340 children (age group of 0–6 years). The average literacy rate stands at 82.75% with 124,618 literates, of which males are 164,467 and females are 160,151. There are a total of 60,756 workers and 6,238 non–workers.[4] The number of households in 74 slums (37 notified and 7 non–notified) were 18,958 and the total slum population was 75,831.[13]:11,23

Language and religionEdit

Telugu is the most spoken language with a total of 142,085 native speakers, followed by 19,923 Urdu speakers. A significant minority speak Hindi, Marathi and Bengali.[14] The religious population constitute 138,156 Hindus (83.76%), 21,619 Muslims (13.11%), 3,206 Christians (1.94%) and 1,355 (0.82%) not stating any religion.[15]

Government and politicsEdit

Civic administrationEdit

Tenali municipal office

The Tenali Municipality is the seat of local government and the Tenali municipal council is the legislative body.[1] It was constituted in 1909 and is classified as a special grade municipality. The jurisdiction of the civic body is spread over an area of 16.63 km2 (6.42 sq mi).[2] It has a total of 70 election wards: 27 unreserved and 43 reserved. The wards are reserved 4 for SCs, 12 for STs and 24 for BCs.[16] Each ward is represented by a ward member and the wards committee is headed by a Chairperson.[17] The present municipal commissioner of the city is Venkata Krishna.[18] The municipality of the city has received several awards, such as Green Leaf Awards 2015 for Best Decentralised Solid Waste Management[19] and Green City of the country for waste segregation management.[20]

The city is represented by Tenali Assembly constituency in the state legislative assembly.[21] The assembly segment forms a part of Guntur Lok Sabha constituency, which represents the lower house of Indian Parliament.[22]

Public utilitiesEdit

Solid waste management park in the outskirts of Tenali

The municipality oversees civic needs, such as water supply, sewerage, roads, and parks, and is included in the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation.[23] The city residents rely on borewells, overhead reservoirs, and a filtration plant for daily water needs, which mainly draws water from the Krishna river of Prakasam Barrage.[24][25] The city municipality implements two-bin garbage collection, sanitation campaigns like Mana Tenali – It’s people’s creation for hygiene of the people,[26] ban on plastic bags etc.[27]


Kotha Raghuramaiah Agricultural Market Yard, Tenali

Tenali thrives on trade and agriculture.[28] Irrigation in the Western Delta, the region in which the city lies, is supported by water from the Krishna river.[29] Paddy is the major crop cultivated, producing on an average of 22–24 bags per acre.[11] Major crops include black gram, maize, and jowar.[30] The Tenali Agriculture Marketyard is used for trading and exporting agricultural products.[31]

The city being a part of the capital region, is recognized as one of the future growth centers.[32][33] It also a part of the Tenali-Ponnur growth corridor.[34]


Tenali Ramakrishna statue near Municipal office
Satyanarayana UDA lake park at Chinnaravuru, Tenali

The city is most notable for drama, fine arts, literature and poetry. The iconic Martyr's Memorial at Ranarang Chowk denotes the impact of the city on the Indian freedom struggle during the Quit India Movement.[35]

Drama and literature

The city has been the host for events such as the formation of the 1929 Andhra Nataka Kala Parishad, the Kanyasulkam play, and cultural fests.[35][36] Tenali Ramakrishna, one of the eight poets in the court of Sri Krishna Devaraya, hails from Tenali.[5] In the area of modern literature are contributors such as Chakrapani, Gudipati Venkata Chalam, Kodavatiganti Kutumbarao, Tripuraneni Ramaswamy. Furthermore, Nethi Parameswara Sarma wrote the book Nurella Tenali Rangastala Charitra, which translates to 100 years of theater in Tenali.[35][36]


Many artists who hail from Tenali and the nearby villages have contributed a major share to the Telugu film industry, such as AVS, Govindarajula Subba Rao (the first Telugu cinema hero), Krishna, Gummadi Venkateswara Rao, Jamuna, Kanchanamala (the first Telugu cinema heroine), Kongara Jaggayya, Prabha, Savitri, Sharada, Siva Parvati and Divya Vani.


There are various religious worship centers in the city, such as the Vaikuntapuram Venkateswara temple and the Iglesia Ni Cristo church. The notable Satyanarayana UDA Lake Park (or Chinaravuru park), named after former municipal chairman Ravi Satyanarayana, is maintained by VGTMUDA (now APCRDA).[37]


Tenali bus station
Tenali railway station main entrance

Tenali has a total road length of 410.00 km (254.76 mi).[38] Guntur, Mangalagiri, Burripalem and Ponnur roads are the arterial roads for road connectivity to the city. The city has one of the Largest railway station That is well connected to Biggest Major cities like Guntur, Visakhapatnam,Vijayawada,Hyderabad, Chennai.As it is a Junction railway station the trains are more frequent to any of the cities.[39] The road towards Guntur connects with State Highway 48 at Narakodur. The Tenali-Mangalagiri road, the Tenali-Narakodur road, and theTenali-Chandole road are a part of the core road network of the district, which connects the city with Mangalagiri, Narakodur and Chandole respectively.[40][41]

Bus and rail transport are the major modes of public transport for inter district and inter state commuting.[42] The bus transport is provided by Tenali bus station, owned and operated by Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.[43] The station is also equipped with a bus depot for storage and maintenance of buses.[44][45] It operates bus services to nearby and intrastate destinations.[46][47]Tenali Junction provides rail connectivity to the city and is classified as an A–category station in the Vijayawada railway division of South Central Railway zone. It is an important junction station on the line between the Howrah–Chennai and the New Delhi–Chennai sections, which also connects the Tenali-Repalle branch line and the Guntur-Tenali section.[48]


Kendriya Vidyalaya school in Tenali

The primary and secondary school education is imparted by government, aided, and private schools, under the School Education Department of the state.[49][50] As per the school information report for the academic year 2015–16, there are a total of 71 schools, comprising 26 private schools, 44 municipal schools, and 1 other type of school.[51] The total number of students enrolled in primary, upper primary and high schools of the city is 11,544.[52]

Adarsh Public School,[53] Sharon Talent School[54] St. John's Public School,[55] Kendriya Vidyalaya,[56] and Westberry School[57] are some of the public and private schools under CBSE and state boards. Yalavarthy Veda Pathashala, one of the oldest vedic schools founded in 1894, is located in Gandhi Nagar area of the city.[58]

There are 20 private aided junior colleges, such as the Taluk Junior college, the JMJ college for Women, the VSR and NVR college, and the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Memorial Junior college. Additionally, fourteen unaided junior colleges provide undergraduate education.[59] The JMJ college for women and the VSR and NVR college are the two autonomous colleges under Acharya Nagarjuna University.[60] There are colleges for different fields of study, such as nursing,[61] Government Industrial Training Institute, and other institutes for vocational courses.[62][63]


The city has an Indoor sports complex for Badminton, Tennis and Volleyball at the Chenchupet area.[64] Sports personalities from the city include National Challengers Championship winner and chess master S. Ravi Teja[65] and weightlifter Sai Revathi Ghattamaneni, a gold medalist at Senior Nationals in 63-kg category.[66]

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