Princess Suheung

Princess Suheung (died after 1277) was a Goryeo Royal Princess as the only daughter of King Gojong and the younger sister of King Wonjong and King Yeongjong.[2] Through her mother, King Huijong was her maternal grandfather.[3] She later married Wang Jeon (왕전) and had two sons,[4] but he then died in 1256 and was honoured as Duke Sinyang (신양공).[5] Although her death date was unknown, but according to Choe Se-yeon (최세연)'s records, she was presumed to died after her grandnephew, Wang Jang appointed as the Crown Prince in 1277.[6]

Princess Suheung
Princess of Goryeo
Diedafter 1277
Kingdom of Goryeo
SpouseWang Jeon; seventh cousin
IssueWang Suk[1]
Wang Jing
HouseHouse of Wang (by birth and marriage)
FatherGojong of Goryeo
MotherQueen Anhye
Korean name
Revised RomanizationSuheung Gungju
McCune–ReischauerSuhŭng Gungju


  1. ^ He was born in 1238 and was famous for his integrity and honesty according to Goryeosa. He firstly married Princess Gyeongan and had a son, Wang Hyeon (왕현) while later remarried again with Princess Jeongnyeong but didn't have any issue. In 1295 (three years after his young brother's death), Wang Suk became a grand prince (대군, 大君) and Samsa (삼사, 三司) while later appointed as Samjungdaegwang (삼중대광, 三重大匡) and honoured as a great prince (부원대군, 府院大君) in 1310. Two years after this, Wang Suk was death at the age about 72.
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  6. ^ Choe was an eunuch during the reign of the Princess's nephew, King Chungnyeol who was said to had several ferocious dogs. Someday, one of them bit and eventually killed the Princess's female servant. Due to this, she asked Choe to not keep a ferocious dog again, but he said:
    "How long will Princess prevent me from owning a dog?"
    ("궁주께서는 앞으로 살 날이 얼마나 된다고 내가 개를 기르는 것을 못 하게 하십니까?")
    Which she then shed tears and mourned. Also, Choe was believed to commit many other crimes and then interrogated by her grandnephew, King Chungseon who was the crown prince at that time.
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