Princess Gyeongchang

Princess Gyeongchang of the Yu clan (Korean경창궁주 유씨; Hanja慶昌宮主 柳氏) was a Goryeo Royal family member as the maternal granddaughter of King Huijong who became Queen Consort as the second wife of her seventh cousin once removed, Wonjong of Goryeo[1] and following her maternal clan as a result.

Princess Gyeongchang
Crown Princess Consort of Goryeo
PredecessorCrown Princess Gim
SuccessorCrown Princess Wang
Queen Consort of Goryeo
PredecessorQueen Anhye
SuccessorQueen Jangmok
Diedafter 1277
Kingdom of Goryeo
(m. 1244; died 1274)
IssueMarquess Siyang
Marquess Sunan
Princess Gyeongan
Princess Hamnyeong
HouseHouse of Wang (by birth)
Yu clan (by marriage)
FatherWang Jeon, Duke Sinan
MotherPrincess Gasun

In 1244 (31st year reign of Gojong of Goryeo), she was chosen as her maternal first cousin, Crown Prince Wang Jeong's second Princess consort and then became his queen consort in 1260 alongside his eldest son, Wang Sim who formally became the Crown Prince.[2] In 1263, her son, Wang Jong was given title as "Marquess" and not long after that changed into "Duke". In 1271, Wang Sim married Kublai Khan's daughter, Qutugh Kelmysh and they were came back to Goryeo after Wonjong's death three years later. In the following year in 1277, Duke Sunan was ill and weak, then she sent a Monk to pray for his health, which they later deposed and reduced to commoner status by the new king after being accused of plotting to install her own son on the throne.[3] At this time, many said:

"Princess Gyeongchang and her son, Wang Jong cursed the King and prayed for her son to married the Princess and then become a King."
"경창궁주가 아들 왕종과 더불어 임금을 저주하며, 왕종으로 하여금 공주에게 장가들고 왕이 되도록 기도하였다".[4]

Gim Bang-gyeong (김방경, 金方慶), Heo Gong (허공, 許珙) and Jo In-gyu (조인규, 趙仁規) to question Gyeongchang and Sunan, but the King personally summoned Sunan for questioning, then exiled him, confiscated their houses and property, also their servants.[5]


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