National freeway 5

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National freeway 5 is a freeway in Taiwan, which begins in Taipei City at Nangang Junction on National freeway 3 and ends in Su-ao, Yilan on Masai Road. Although it was called the Beiyi Freeway (Chinese abbreviation for Taipei to Yilan) prior to its final completion in June 2006, the official name is the Chiang Wei-shui Memorial Freeway, after the early twentieth century Taiwanese political activist and Yilan native Chiang Wei-shui.[1]


National freeway 5
Chiang Wei-shui Memorial Freeway
Route information
Maintained by Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau
Length54.3 km (33.7 mi)
Existed16 June 2006–present
CountiesTaipei, Yilan
Highway system
Highway system in Taiwan
Nat 4Nat 6

Major cities along the routeEdit

Intersections with other freeways and expresswaysEdit


The lanes in each direction are listed below.

  • 2 lanes:
    • Nangang Junction – Su-ao Interchange

Traffic rulesEdit

The speed limit in the Hsuehshan Tunnel section is 90 km/h.

The separation distance is 50 m.

Toll StationsEdit

Only a toll station named and located in Touchung, Yilan is now active. Other toll stations on interchanges are not working until fare changed to based on mileages.

As of July 2008, Toucheng Toll Station has started ETC service.

Exit listEdit

Taipei CityNangang0.00.00Nangang System  Nat 3 – Xizhi, Muzha, Xindian
New Taipei CityShiding4.02.54Shiding   Cty 106 / Cty 106B – Shiding, ShenkengShiding Service Area is accessed off CR 106B
New Taipei City,
Yilan County
Hsuehshan Tunnel
YilanToucheng29.718.530Toucheng   Prov 2G / Prov 9 – Toucheng, Jiaoxi
38Yilan     Cty 191A to Prov 7 / Cty 191 / Cty 192 – Zhuangwei, Yilan
47Luodong   Cty 191A to Cty 196 – Wujie, Luodong
Su'ao54.333.754Su'ao   To Prov 2 / Prov 9 – Su'ao, Dongshan
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


The section between Toucheng Township and Su'ao Township of Yilan County was completed in January 2006.

Xueshan Tunnel between Pinglin, Taipei and Toucheng, Yilan is 12.9 km long. It is the fifth longest road tunnel in the world.

Extension to Hualian City is planned, but the construction is suspended due to environmental concerns.

Pinglin IC located in Taipei water preservation area, is temporarily opened before the Syueshan Tunnel completed. It will not open to public due to environmental protection issues. The water on the freeway is collected by the water processing plant to prevent polluting the preservation area.

Su-Hua FreewayEdit

Su-Hua Freeway (蘇花高速公路) is a future freeway project executed by Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau. It will be constructed between Su-ao, Yilan and Ji-an, Hualien. It may cost over 100 billion New Taiwan dollars to build. Due to environmental protection issues, this project is temporarily suspended. The next item will be Hua-dong Freeway and South Link Freeway.

A re-alignment of Su-Hua HighwayEdit

In 2008, a realignment of the Su-Hua Highway was suggested, which was named "Suhuati." It would be between Nan-ao, Yilan and Heping, Hualien, and would cost approximately NT$30 billion to build.

In 2010, the project was renamed to Suhuagai. The project was intended to improve dangerous sections between Suao and Chongde; the MOTC said it will start construction in 2011.[1]


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